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Conquest SL


Lighter and more compact than our

standard Conquest, Conquest SL
retains the key capabilities
including Power Cable Detector
(PCD) and Drill Locator.

w 15" LCD screen

w wireless remote

Conquest l Conquest SL

Designed for non-destructive inspection of concrete, Conquest

uses radio waves and electromagnetic signals to detect structures in
concrete. Results are provided on site, in real time.
Non-metallic conduits l Multiple targets l Closely spaced conduits

Both Conquest and Conquest SL configurations include:


simple, powerful embedded software

advanced signal processing
extensive self-training available
single axle odometer wheel optimized for smooth and
rough surfaces

Reliable locating
Rebar l Conduits l Post-tension cables l Power cables l Voids l Deterioration
Rapid scanning generates 2D and 3D imaging on-site, using the advanced data processing software embedded in the system.
Results immediately assist with engineering and construction decisions. Record and export data for advanced analysis and report

Line Scanning for reconnaissance surveys

Grid Scanning for detailed mapping

Power Cable Detector (PCD)

Drill Locator

Visualization Software

The PCD enhances traditional GPR

concrete imaging, increasing safety by
mapping the magnetic fields created by
current flowing in electrical wiring.

Locate the safest site to cut or drill.

Slice down through different depths of
a specific area to determine the best
location to cut without harming
existing structures or utilities.

ConquestView generates depth

slices and cross-sectional images
of concrete structures on a PC.
Conquest data can be reprocessed,
printed and archived.

Reduce risk & cost

Cutting and Coring
One hit while cutting or coring can
result in project delays, loss of potential
jobs, and much more. Conquest reduces
the chance of hitting post-tension
cables, gas lines, high voltage lines, or

Structure Assessment
Retrofitting or renovating an existing
structure? How confident are you that
you know the existing construction?
New designs depend on knowledge of
the existing structure. Use Conquest
to confirm records, construction
practices, and identify critical variations.

Structural Integrity
Identify voids below the slab to
enable repair by drilling and injecting
low-strength grout.
Detect areas of potential corrosion
and delamination in concrete slabs.

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