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Pakistan gets $336m in Coalition Support Fund, foreign reserves clumb to

a) The United States has given Pakistan $336 million as a part of the Coalition
Support Fund which was set up in 2001, to combat Taliban insurgency in
b) State Bank of Pakistan has announced that the amount has pushed the
foreign exchange reserves upwards to a new high of $19 billion.
c) Pakistan is set to receive a total of $1.5 billion for the current fiscal year
ending in 2016; this was the first payment of that amount.
Gunmen who carried out Indias Punjab attack were Muslim: police
a) A 12-hour battle was fought near the Pakistan border in Indian Punjab which
led to the death of ten people.
b) The militants, initially thought to be Sikh separatists were believed to be
Muslim, as declared by the Punjab police chief.
c) Although not confirmed, some police sources believe the assailants were of
Pakistani nationality who entered India two days prior to the attack.
Lashkar-i-Jhangvi chief Malik Ishaq, two sons killed in Muzaffargarh
a) The chief of the banned sectarian outfit, Lashkar-i-Jhangvi, Malik Ishaq and
his two sons, Usman and Haq Nawaz were killed as a result of exchange of
fire with policemen.
b) The attack was launched by militants in hopes of releasing Ishaq from
personnel of the Counter Terrorism Department who were escorting the chief
to Shahwala to aid police in recovering weapons and explosives.
c) Malik Ishaq has been responsible for multiple attacks and has been believed
to be the mastermind behind the 2009 attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team.
Afghan govt, Taliban resume peace talks in Murree on Friday
a) Senior government officials have disclosed that representatives from
Afghanistan government and Taliban will meet in Murree in hopes of
solidifying peace talks and end the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan.
b) This will be the second round of talks in less than a month; the first talks were
held on July 7 and are being termed as the Murree Peace Process.
c) Members from the Pakistan government believe that the level of delegation is
likely to remain the same although requests by the Afghan government were
made to the Taliban to include more senior members in the delegation.
Sikh resurgence likely, RAW tells Indian Government
a) In light of the cross fire on the Indian Punjab border, RAW has warned the
Indian government (PMOs office) about Sikh resurgence across the globe.

b) The report highlighted meetings and rallies held by separatists in Germany,

UK, France, US, Malaysia and Pakistan.
c) There is widespread belief that BKI and Khalistan Liberation Force (KLF), both
banned in India, are trying to regroup with the help of ISI in Pakistan.
Mullah Omar died in Karachi in April 2013: Afghan govt
a) Amid rumors, initially brought to light by BBC, the Afghanistan Government
confirmed that Mullah Omar died in a Karachi hospital in 2013.
b) Some Afghan Taliban, however, refute the reports of the death and insist the
leader is very much alive.
c) Other members of the Afghan Taliban acknowledge the leaders death and
are speculating the successor, although there are no clear contenders for the