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tl.S" DeFrrtfil*trt of llomrhnd


D(l :(lsllt

June 15,2$17

-\tllih40RA\DltM FOR:

David Y. Aguilar
Ar;ling Commissionrr, U.$. Customs iu:d florder Protestiun

Alejandro Mayr:rkas
I)irector= I-r.S. Citizenship


lmmigratiern Scrvices

John l{orton
flircctor, 1.1-S. Immigratinn and Customs Enlirrcemcnt


Janet )rlagrlitanu


Who Came to

IJiscretion *'ith Respect to Individuals

States as Childrcn

By this nrcrnorandum, I am scrting forth lrorv. in the excrcise of our prosccutarial discretion, thr:
Depaflmcnt af Homeland Sc{.rurifi,' {Df lS) shoukl enfirrcc rhc l{ation's immigration lau.s againsr
certain y$ung people who were brnught to this country a^s *hildren and knux unly this cou$u)' il,i
home, As a gcni,'ral mafier. thesc individua;s lacked thi: intent to violate the larr.and our ongoing
rcvierv of penrling rr:rnor.,al cases is alreadl' offerilg administratir'c closure to man). of them.
Httrvevcr, additional mcas$rcs are nacersariv Io rnsur* that aur cnfofi.:emeni resourscs are not
experidcd on thcse low prioritS eases but ale inslead apprrrpriatel.r' focuscd ern pcople who mcct
our *nforcemcnt priorities,

citeria should be satislied hefcrrc an irrlividual is considcred I'sr a:r cxercisc

proseculoriai discrcrian purstulnt to this memnrandum:
The I'ollowing



carne to the ( lnited States undcr ihe age i:f sixtccn;

has conlinuously'rcsideri in lhe Lnitud States lor a lcast tive p.ears preceding the date o1
this tnernorandwn and is prcsi.'nt in the Unitrd Statcs on the date af this nnemorandum;
is currntly in school, has graduated *om high schaol, has obtainerl a gencral educarion
rieveloprncnt cefiifrcate, or is an lronorablS.'dir*charged vetcran of the Coast Cuard or
Armed Forces of rhe Lnired {itates;
has nol been convi*r:d of a felonl'' oIfense, a significa.nt misderncanor ollbnse- multiple
rnisdemcar:or r:llenses, or otherwise p(]ses a thrcat tu national securit-v.. ur puhlic salet,v:
is nc1 above the agc

of thirr,v.


Our Nstion's immigration iarvs must he enfarccd in a shong and sensible rnanfler. 'Ihey
are not
designcd to be blindly enftrrced without consideration given tc thc individunl
circumstances of
each case' Nor we they designed ls rcmove productive your,g pcaplc to
countries q,h*re tlrc.v
may not havr lived or cYen speak the language- lndced, nrany of rt use young prcople
alrc;xJy contributed to our ct)un-rv- in signiticant ways. tsrosecutorial discretiin,
which is use{, in
so many $ther areas, is csprciall;* justitied hcre_

As pafi ofthis cxcrcisc of prcsecutcrial discrEtiun, the atror.e criteria are 1o be con:-iCercd
whcther or nol an indivitiual is alrcady in removal proceedings or subjcct ro a tinaj order of
rcmoval. No indiviiiual should recu'ive delbred action undei this n:cmorand.rm unless they first
pa-ss a l:ackground check :uril requests fbr relief prrsuant Io this memorandum
arc to bc decided
on a case hy casc hasis. DHS oarmot provide ary assurance that relief u.i1l be grantcr3 in all

I . With respect ta individuais who are encounteral by tJ.S. Immigration and Customs
l']nforccnrenl (lCir t, U.S" Customs and tsorder l]rotection
u-S. Citizcnship and
lmmigration Sen ices (US CIS):

With rcspcct to individuals *'hn mest l-irc ahuve crireria, fCE and CBp should
irnmediatell' exercise their discretion, on m individual basis" in onier to prevent iow
prioriry intlividuals lrom bcing placcd inlo removal proceedings u..**,**d fnrm rhc




USCIS is instructed to implement this mcmorandurn consi*rent

regarding the issuance of narices fo appear.

witt ils cxisting

2' With rcslxct ta inditiduals who are iq rernoyalpreiceedings but not }et suhject
of removal, iuril who meet the above crGria:



to a frnai i:rdcr

ICE should excrcise prosccutorial discretion" on an individuai basis, fbr intiividuals q,lro
rneet thc above criteria hl defening acti*n for a period of-tna
).ars, sudcct tn renewal,
in order tn prevenl l*vu prinril-r,. individuals frim being removed jrom thi lJnited Statcs.
ICE is instrucled to usc its Office olthe Public Advocarc to permit individuals u.ho
believe the.v meet t}te abnve crilcria ta itientifr thcrnselves rhrough a clcar errC cfficienl


ICE is dirccted ttl bcgin in:plementing this pruccss wirhin 60 days oIt"he daa.e $lthis
ICF. is also instructed ta imrnediatcly begin the process of tlcfcring action ngainst
individuals'*'ho meet tJre al'nve oriteria whosc cases haye alreadl.. heen idcntlficd tir'ough
the ongoing revicw of pending carses befirre thc Hxscutive Ollice itrr Immigration

3' With rcspcct ta thc i-ndividuals

*'ho are nat currenlly in removal irrrrccedings and. meet the

above criteria, and pa;s a trackgyound check:

USCLT should establish a clcar and ellicient proccsri for exercising prr:securorial
discretion, on an individual basis, by defering action against individuals whu rneet thc


atsve r:riteria and arc at leasr I5 i..eax_ukJ, lir a yrericct uf two

)ieani, subjccr ts renewal,
in order lo preYcnt low priority inAvi*uats fl"*;*irt phced inro rcmoval pracoedings
or rernovcd Ilom the Unitcd States.
The USCIS process shall also bc availahlc ta individual.s subjcct to a tinal ordcr
remor,al r*gudless of tlrcir agc.
USCIS is drected ro bcgin implementing this process u'ithin 60 days rf rhc date ofthi.s

For individuals ra,ho arc granted deferrcd action by rirher lCli or L;SCIS, USCTS shall accepr
applicaticns to dcie:mine rvhcth*r these indir.iduals qualily fbr w,ork aulhorization during diis

pcnod of dcfcrrcd action.


hi.s memurancium confers na suh.srantive right, immigration status or pathway

to citizen.ship.
Only thc Congres.s, acting through its legislative authority, uan confer these ri[h*. tt remains lbr
thc cxccutit'e branch, howevr, to srt farth policy for tlrc cxercise of discrcriun rvithin the
lrarnework of the existing law. I have done so hcrc.