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KOTRA 자료 10-010

Living in Korea Q&A

Hot line Living Services

Private Secretary Korean Language

Service School

Orange Line (No.3) Yangjae Station (Exit #7) Buses bound to Seongnam
Take any of the buses listed below (bound to Seongnam) Blue Bus: 140, 407, 408, 440, 462, 470, 471
Get off at Nonghyup Hanaro Mart (Invest Korea Plaza is located Green Bus: 4432
across the Hyundai/Kia Motors building.)
Business Services

Te l: (82) 1600-7119
Fax: (82-2) 3497-1611
Operation Hours: Mon ~ Fri 9:00-18:00 (Lunch time: 12:00~13:00)
Hotline: Mon ~ Fri 18:00-24:00
Available Languages: English, Japanese, Korean
Investor Support Center (ISC)

The Investor Support Center (ISC), established by KOTRA in October 2006, is

ISC consultants will accompany foreign staff and provide one-day, on-site
dedicated to providing foreign investors and their families with business and living
services for settling any problems caused by cultural differences or
support to facilitate successful establishment and settlement in Korea.
communication difficulties.
Private •Qualifications: Foreign (potential) investors and their families
The information provided by the ISC can be obtained in English or Japanese by
•Applications: For reservations, please call 1 week in advance. (Tel. 1600-7119)
visiting us or calling us at 1600-7119, or by going online to Secretary
•Required Documents: An alien registration card or a photocopy of
Service passport, a foreign investment report for potential investors
Foreign investors who visit the ISC can receive the Center’s full range of assistance
•Language: English or Japanese
with government administrative services ranging from registration of incorporation to
•Available Areas: Seoul and part of Gyeonggi province
visa processes.
•Cost: Free (except fees and travel expenses, if any)

< ISC Services > KOTRA offers executives of foreign-invested companies and their families the
opportunity to study the Korean language.
•Eligibility: Foreign investors, expatriate employees and their families
Services Details Korean •Level: Elementary and intermediate levels
Language •Class: Twice a week 10:00 ~11:30 AM, and at 07:00 ~ 08:30 PM
We are offering far-reaching information to promote your convenient life in
Korea. Call us whenever you need help. School •Tuition: Free
•Housing: Real estate agencies for foreign customers •Location: Invest Korea Plaza(IKP)
•Education: Lists of foreign schools/nurseries •Documents: A copy of alien registration card and certificate of employment
•Transportation: Information concerning fares for public transportation, •Inquiries: ISC (1600-7119),
highways, international driver’s licenses, etc. An emergency hotline service is open from 6PM to 12AM and provides
•Healthcare: International clinics prompt assistance to investors after normal business hours.
•Shopping: Guide to product purchasing, store locations and on-line Hot line
•Operation Hours: Mon to Fri 18:00~24:00
shopping •Tel: 1600-7119
•Reservations: Reservation services for those who are not familiar with the
Korean language Tel: (82) 1600-7119 Fax: (82-2) 3497-1611
Operation Hours: Mon ~ Fri 9:00-18:00 (Lunch time: 12:00~13:00)
Dispatched governmental officials give prompt and accurate solutions to any
Hotline: Mon ~ Fri 18:00-24:00
problems that may arise.
Available Languages: English, Japanese, Korean
•Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) procedures
Business •Supreme Court: Consultation on incorporation registration
Services •Immigration: Change in visa status, extension of period of stay, alien
registration, visa consultation, etc. (for those with D-8, F-3, or F-1 visas only)
•National Tax Service: Consultation on business registration and taxes
•Korea Customs Service: Consultation on matters regarding customs

3 4

1. Types of Visas
2. Alien Registration
3. Change Status of Stay
4. Change / Add work location
5. Reporting changes of particulars of
Alien Registration card
6. Re-entry Permit & Methods

1. Types of Visas 3. Change Status of Stay

Diplomacy/Official •Applicant
Diplomacy (A-1), Official Mission(A-2), Conventions/Agreements (A-3)
Business Status Foreigners must receive permission to change the of status of their stay if they want to
Temporary Journalism(C-1), Short Term Business(C-2),
participate in new activities which is not relevant or permitted for current status
Non-profit &
Short-term stay Visa Temporary Visit(C-3) •How to apply
Present the required documents to the local immigration office (may be applied by a
Short term employment(C-4), Professor(E-1), Foreign Language person in question or an appointed agent)
Instructor(E-2), Research(E-3), Technology Transfer(E-4), Professional •Submitted documents
Employment Visa Employment(E-5), Arts&Performances(E-6), Special Occupation(E-7), Application of permission for change of status, passport, alien registration card,
Non-professional Employment(E-9), Vessel Crew(E-10), Working attached document per status
Holiday(H-1) •Fee
KRW 50,000
Cultural Arts(D-1), Study Abroad(D-2), Industrial Training(D-3), General
Training(D-4), Journalism(D-5), Religious Affairs(D-6), Supervisory Intra-

Long-term stay Visa

Company Transfer(D-7), Corporate Investment(D-8), Trade 4. Change / Add work location
Management(D-9), Job seeking(D-10), Family Visitation(F-1),
Residential(F-2), Dependent Family(F-3), Permanent Residence(F-5), •Applicant
Miscellaneous(G-1) Any change or addition to a foreigner’s workplace must be reviewed and granted in
advance by the local Immigration
•Registration due
2. Alien Registration Before adding or changing place of employment
•How to apply
•Applicant Present the required documents to the local immigration office (may be applied by a
Foreigners intending to stay in Korea for more than 90 days after entry person in question or an appointed agent)
•Registration due •Submitted documents
Foreigners intending to stay for more than 90 days in Korea after entry Application of permission for changing/ adding place of employment, passport, alien
➞ within 90 days of entry registration card, attached document per status
Foreigners granted appropriate status or permission for a status change •Fee
➞ Immediately after being notified of the new status. KRW 60,000
•How to apply
At the immigration Office or branch office under relevant jurisdictions
•Submitted documents
Application, passport, 1 color photo (3x4 cm) attached documents per status of stay
•Fee KRW 10,000

6 7

5. Reporting changes of particulars of Alien Registration Card I’d like to change my visa status from C-2 to D-8. What kinds of
Q1 documents do I have to prepare to do so?
If any of the following happens to registered foreigners, the changes to the registration A. If you are a C-2 visa holder or a national of a country that signed visa waiver
details must be reported to the local Immigration Office within 14 days from its occurrence. agreements with Korea, you can apply for permission to change the status of
•Changes that must be reflected on Alien Registration Card your stay to D-8. The required documents are as follows:
- Name, sex, date of birth or nationality
- Passport number, date of issuance or expiration date ▶ Individual company :
- Details of the organization (including name changes) that Cultural Arts (D-1), Overseas Passport, a photo (size 3.5Cm×4.5Cm), alien registration card (if you have),
Study (D-2), General Training (D-4) status holders belong to application form, a copy of registration certificate of foreign invested enterprise
- Details of the organizations (including name changes) that Journalism (D-5), religious (issued by a bank which handles foreign exchange), document proving sales
Affairs (D-6), Supervisory Intra-company Transfer (D-7), corporate investment (D-8), results (one among certificate of tax payments, report of export-import,
Trade Management (D-9) status holders belong to confirmation of export-import result, etc.), a copy of business registration, fee
•How to report (revenue stamp 50,000won, but who entered without visa or who aren’t
Report to the local Immigration office with the necessary documents. It may be made registered yet should pay 10,000won additionally)
in person, or through an appointed agent. ▶ Incorporated Company :
•Required documents Passport, a photo (size 3.5Cm×4.5Cm), alien registration card (if you have),
Passport and alien registration card, application form of report on changes of application form, a copy of registration certificate of foreign invested enterprise
particulars of alien registration card (issued by a bank which handles foreign exchange), document proving sales
•Notes results (one among certificate of tax payments, report of export-import,
If a registered foreigner does not report the aforementioned changes to the details of confirmation of export-import result, etc.), certificate of individual tax payments
the alien registration card within 14 days of the change, he/she will be considered to be (withholding slip of earned income), a copy of business registration, a certified
in breach of Immigration Act Article 35, and will be fined accordingly. copy of corporate registration, dispatch order or certificate of employment, fee
(revenue stamp 50,000won, but who entered without visa or who aren’t
6. Re-entry Permit & Methods registered yet should pay 10,000won additionally)

Registered foreigners seeking to stay for more than 91 days, who want to depart and
re-enter within the permitted period of stay
Single - Good for a single entry, valid for up to one year.
Multiple - Good for multiple entries, valid for up to two years.
•Required Documents
Passport and alien registration card, application form
•Fee Single- KRW 30,000, Multiple- KRW 50,000

8 9

Which documents are required to apply for a visa for the family I’m currently pregnant and when my baby is born, I will have to apply
Q2 members (F-3) of a foreigner with an investor’s visa (D-8)? Q5 for a baby’s visa and an alien registration card. How can I do this?

A. Foreign investors (D-8 visa holder)’ family can apply for F-3 visa. You can apply for A. When a baby is born, you need to apply for an F-3 visa within 30 days of its date of
this at embassies and legations abroad. Otherwise you can also apply for this at birth. However, I understand that it will take some time to report and register the
Korea Investor Support Center or the local immigration office. baby’s birth in your home country and obtain the baby’s passport. Therefore, you
- F-3 visa applicant: D-8 visa holder’s spouse or children under 20 only need to take the receipt issued by your country’s consulate when you applied
- Required documents: application (1 per person), 1 photo (3X4 cm) (1 per person), for your baby’s passport. When you apply for the baby’s visa at your nearest
passport, documentary evidence of family relationship to the D-8 visa holder, a immigration center, you bring that receipt with one passport photo of your baby. If
copy of front and back of the spouse’(D-8 visa holder) alien registration card you don’t apply for a baby’s visa within 30 days, you will be fined.

Q3 What kind of documents do I need to extend my investor’s visa (D-8)? Q6 I’ve lost my alien registration card. How can I get a new one issued?
A. ▶ Individual company : A. You must first report the lost registration card to your local police station. Then bring the
application form, passport, alien registration card, certificate of FDI company lost report issued by the police station together with 1 passport photo and a completed
registration, certificate of business registration, certificate of tax payment, application form to the nearest immigration office and apply in person. (Holders of
certificate of value added tax, certificate of export report, tax invoice corporate investor visas (D-8), their family member (F-3) and their servants (F-1) may
▶ Incorporated company : come to the Investor Support Center located on the 2nd floor of the Invest Korea Plaza,
application form, passport, alien registration card, certificate of FDI company whereupon a new alien registration card should be issued within the same day)
registration, certificate of business registration, dispatch order or assignment
letter, certificate of corporate registration, statement of profit and loss, certificate
of tax payment for individual or tax withholding receipt, certificate of tax payment Q7 Where can I get a Certificate of Alien Registration?
for incorporation
A. The certificate of alien registration can be issued at the local immigration offices in
Mokdong, Sejongno, the Samsung Station Korea City Air Terminal branch or at the
I am currently working in Korea on an H-2 visa. Can I start my own City Hall branch (only for D-8 visa holders)
Q4 business?

A. A Chinese national with the H-2 visa needs to file for Foreign Direct Investment to Q8 What address do I need to use for the Alien Registration Card?
start and run a legitimate business in Korea. After completing all the necessary
measures for the investment, file for authorization of a change of alien status with the A. You need to use the address of your current residence. If you have applied for the
Korea Immigration Service. A Chinese national of Korean descent can also apply for alien registration card with the company address because you are yet to establish a
the F-4 (Foreigner with Korean decent) visa instead of the D-8 (corporate investment) place of residence, you need to report the change within 14 days of the move. Failure
visa. to do so may be punished with a fine.

10 11

1. Rental Types
2. Foreign Neighborhoods in Seoul
3. Realtor’s Offices Serving Foreign Patrons
4. Real Estate Agency Service Rate

1. Rental Types •Chinese Town 2 (China Street : In front of the Chinese

Embassy in Myeong-dong, Jung-gu)
Contract A cultural district has formed along the Chinese commercial belt
Type Deposit Rent Deposit Return Note
surrounding Hanseong Chinese Elementary School in front of the Chinese Embassy.
Method of rental
The rise of Yanbian Street and Korean-Chinese Town has cut down the number of
30~50% of the 2 Upon expiration unique to Korea
Jeonse X patrons of stores in the area. However, it has been transformed into a street of Chinese
housing price years of the contract (Applied to
culture where Korean people can experience foreign culture in the heart of downtown
Equivalent to 1~3 Upon expiration
Wolse Monthly
1~2 years’ rent years of the contract
Lump-sum Frequently used •French Town (Seorae Town : Bangbae-dong & Banpo-4-dong, Seocho-gu)
1~3 payment for the by foreigners A residential and commercial district has formed around the French school. The Gu
Kkalse X X office has provided French residents and businesses in the area with various cultural
years entire contract
term events and administrative support services, including a language support service.

•Japanese Town (Little Tokyo : Ichon-1(il)-dong, Yongsan-gu)

Seoul’s oldest residential area for foreigners, Japanese Town consists of education
2. Foreign Neighborhoods in Seoul facilities including kindergartens, religious facilities, and businesses. Japanese can be
used in almost all the facilities in the area, where a wide variety of services for
•Korean-Chinese Town (Yanbian Street : Garibong-dong, Guro-gu) Japanese patrons are available.
There are large communities of Korean-Chinese people in Guro-dong and Garibong-
dong. Along the 500m-long alley, many of them run their own shops and businesses, •Mongolian Town (Mongol Tower : Beolumulgil Road, Gwanhui-dong,
and they use both Chinese and Korean. Dongdaemun-gu)
It is also known as the“Mongolian Island in Seoul.”Visitors are unlikely to hear Korean
•Muslim Town (Islamic Mosque : Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu) spoken inside Mongol Tower, where Mongolian people from the Seoul Area gather to
Foreign Muslims gather around the neighborhood at the weekend, starting on Friday share information every weekend.
afternoon when the Islamic worship ceremony begins. Naturally, a Muslim commercial
area has formed in the neighborhood. •Italian Town (Club Italia : Francisco Cathedral, Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu)
There are relatively few foreign residents in the area, but they have formed a tight-knit
•Chinese Town 1 (Little China Town : Yeonhui-dong, Seodaemun-gu; community around their religion to form this cultural town. The cathedral and its
Yeonnam-dong, Mapo-gu) kindergarten organize various cultural events through joint efforts with the Italian
A Chinese residential district has formed around Hanseong Chinese Middle and High Cultural Center every Sunday.
Schools in Yeonhui-dong, Seodaemun-gu. A Chinese commercial area characterized
by countless Chinese restaurants has formed in the neighborhood.

14 15

•Filipino Town (Sunday Market : In front of Hyehwadong Cathedral, •Luxury Residences

Hyehwa-dong, Jongno-gu)
“Little Manila”is created in front of Hyehwadong Cathedral every Sunday. Highly Categories Transaction amount Rate (%)
religious vendors come to the area in trucks to sell special products sought by the To be determined between
Sale of residence at
Filipino community. Sale/Exchange client and agent within statutory
more than 600 million
commission limit of 0.9%
(Source: Seoul Policy Focus, Seoul Development Institute) To be determined between
Lease and transactions Lease of residence at
client and agent within statutory
other than sale/exchange more than 300 million
commission limit of 0.8%
3. Realtor’s Offices Serving Foreign Patrons

Realtor’s offices have been designated by the Seoul Metropolitan Government to •Buildings other than residences
service foreign patrons.
Categories Transaction amount Rate (%)
(* Refer to the“List of Realtor’s Offices Serving Foreign Patrons”on Page 78)
Set by the agent within statutory
Sale/Exchange/Lease No set standards
commission limit of 0.9%
4. Real Estate Agency Service Rate
※ Commission rate by principle is calculated by multiplying the transaction amount and
•General Residences the commission rate. However, the commission cannot exceed the statutory limit, in
Categories Transaction amount Rate (%) Limit (won) Notes case of residences.

Less than 50 million 0.6 250,000

More than 50 million, 0.5 800,000
Sale/Exchange less than 200 million
More than 200 million, 0.4 - Transaction amount
less than 600 million multiplied by rate
Less than 50 million 0.5 200,000
Lease and More than 50 million, 0.4 300,000
less than 100 million
other than
More than 100 million, 0.3 - Transaction amount
less than 300 million multiplied by rate

16 17

Can I get a list of residential hotels, and can I make a reservation What process does a foreigner have to go through to purchase
Q1 through the Investor Support Center? Q3 land in Korea, and how can one access related information?

A. You can get a discount if you make a reservation with a residential hotel A. There are different processes that a foreigner has to go through to purchase
through the ISC. Rates differ by season, and you can get a good deal through land in Korea depending on the purpose of purchase, residential status, and
the hotel reservation website ( or entity status (individual vs. corporation).
during the non-peak season.
(* the List of Residence Hotel giving discount rates page 77) Foreign Corporation :
Foreign investment reporting and registration → Real estate purchase
contract finalization and related payment settlement → Land purchase
Is there a lodging facility where I can experience the traditional reporting → Real estate registration
Q2 Korean architecture in short-term stay? How much is the rate per Foreign Resident :
one night and can the employees speak English? Real estate purchase contract finalization and related payment settlement →
Land purchase reporting → Real estate registration
A. Traditional Korean style Guest houses are clustered in the Central Seoul area like Non-residential Foreigner :
Jongno and Insa-dong. Usually, the staff there can speak English, Japanese or Real estate purchase contract finalization → Real estate purchase reporting
Chinese. Each guest house differs in the rate and capacity so it’d be better to check → Related payment settlement → Land purchase reporting → Real estate
and reserve in advance. registration number request filing → Real estate registration
Permanent Resident :
Name Inquiries Meal Rates (won)
Real estate purchase contract finalization and related payment settlement →
Friends House Breakfast Dormitory(per 1): 25,000 Real estate registration number request filing → Real estate registration
02-3673-1515 Ondol(per1):35,000
Rak-Ko-Jae Breakfast, Dinner A room for 2: 250,000 Refer to [Library → Foreign Investment Guide (Land Purchase by a Foreigner
02-742-3410~1(KOR) (p107)] on Invest Korea website ( or the Real Estate
010-5286-1855(ENG) Purchase Guide for Foreigners for details.
Bukchon Breakfast 40,000~100.000
Guesthouse 02-743-8530
Tea Breakfast 50,000~160,000
Guesthouse 02-3675-9877
Seoul N/A 35,000~200,000
Guesthouse 02-745-0057
Sophia Breakfast 35,000~70,000
Guesthouse 02-720-5467

18 19

I’d like to lease an officetel through a real estate agent. What is the
Q4 appropriate commission for the real estate agent? The security deposit
is 10 million Korean won and the monthly rent is 500,000 Korean won.

A. In general, the commission for real estate agent is calculated as follows:

{Monthly rent x 100 + security deposit} x 0.5~0.7%. So in case of KRW 10
million security deposit with a monthly rent of KRW 500,000, average
commission fee is between KRW 300,000~420,000: {500,000 x 100 +
10,000,000} x 0.5% ~ 0.7%

I would like to rent a place in Dongbu Ichon-dong using the Wolse

Q5 system. Is there any information on rents for reference purposes?

A. Wolse rent differs by area, contract time, property condition, and furnishing status,
and reference rent information is not available. However, Wolse rent is determined
based on a property’s value, so you can refer to the real market value of the property
(limited to apartment buildings) through the Ministry of Land, Transport, and Maritime
Affairs’ website ( to check if the rent demanded is at an
appropriate level.
I have leased an apartment for KRW 10 million security deposit
with a rent of KRW 600,000 per month but due to my personal 1. Bus
Q6 financial conditions, I will not be able to pay rent for few months 2. Subway
remaining in my lease term. In such case, will I still be able to get
3. Taxi
my security deposit back?
4. Train
A. if you cannot pay the rent until the end of the lease term, the rent will be deducted 5. Transfer System
from the security deposit until the lease termination date upon termination, you will
6. Driver’s license
be returned with the balance of the security deposit but may also be asked to leave
the premises.


1. Bus 2. Subway

•Type •Fare
Base Fare : (Within 10km) KRW900
Blue Buses connect downtown areas with the outskirts and sub- Additional Rate : (10km~40km) : KRW100 per additional 5km
central areas of Seoul. (Beyond 40km) : KRW100 per additional 10km
Lines : 9 subway lines are in operation throughout Seoul City (
Green Buses connect subway stations and Blue Bus stations.

Red Buses connect key cities in Gyeonggi-do with Seoul Station and 3. Taxi
downtown and sub-central areas of Seoul.
•Regular Taxi
Yellow Buses circulate via the downtown or sub-central areas of Seoul. Base Fare : KRW2,400 (Within 2km)
Town Buses are mini buses that connect apartment complexes or other small town Additional Rate : KRW100 per 35 seconds / KRW100 per additional 144m
areas with subway stations. Night Owl Premium : 20% premium between 12:00AM and 04:00AM

•Fare •Premium Taxi

Base Fare : (Within 10km) KRW900 Base Fare : KRW4,500 (Within 3km)
Seoul : Blue / Green Bus (KRW900), Red Bus (KRW1,700), Yellow Bus (KRW700), Additional Rate : KRW200 per 39 seconds / KRW200 per additional 164m
Town Bus (KRW600)
Gyeonggi : General Bus / City Bus (KRW900), Premium Bus (KRW1,500), Express •Foreigner-exclusive Taxi
Premium Bus (KRW1,700) Town Bus (KRW600) - Medium-size Taxi
Incheon : Blue / In-city Premium Bus (KRW900), Express Blue Bus (KRW950), Green Base Fare : KRW2,880 (Within 2km)
Bus (KRW600), Inter-city Premium Bus (KRW1,700), Airport Premium / Red Bus Additional Rate : KRW120 per 35 seconds / KRW120 per additional 144m
(KRW2,200) - Premium (Large-size) Taxi
Transfer Rate : Base Fare + KRW100 per additional 5km Base Fare : KRW4,500 (Within 3km)
Additional Rate : KRW200 per 39 seconds / KRW200 per additional 164m
* Adult rates ; 20% discount for middle and high school students ; 50% discount for (Fares can also be calculated by zones and by lump-sum hire agreements for
elementary school students foreigner-exclusive taxis.)
Reservation & Information : 1644-2255
Website :

22 23

4. Train 6. Driver’s license

There are four different classes of train - Nuri, Mugunghwa, Saemaul, •Exchange foreign license into Korean license
and KTX - which travel at different speeds and offer varying
degrees of facility convenience. Item Details
Trains leave from Seoul Station or Yongsan Station
1. Foreign driver’s license (on exchange, you must surrender your license,
(Gyeongbu Line : Seoul Station / Honam Line : Yongsan Station).
which can be returned when you leave Korea if you bring your passport
Main Office : 1544-7788+7 (English service) and airline ticket)
Website : → ENGLISH 2. Embassy certificate
Required 3. Translated and notarized copy (the issued date & valid period must be
documents written on the translated copy)
5. Transfer System * Translated and notarized copy is exempted for the license written in English
4. Passport
Seoul Metropolitan Government runs an integrated fare system with discounts for transfer 5. Alien registration card
between different modes of public transportation. Individuals pay the one-time base fare 6. Three photos (3cm x 4cm)
of KRW900 (KRW1,000 when using cash) when transferring between buses (inc. Town
Buses) and/or the subway within a certain distance and an additional rate of KRW100 per 1. The applicant must be a normal resident in Korea. (visitor without ARC
every additional 5km. cannot exchange licenses)
2. Applying by proxy is not allowed.
* Maximum of 4 transfers allowed (5 rides in total) 3. The license must be a full license. (temporary, provisional, probationary,
- Transfer only valid within 30 minutes of tapping out (Within 1 hour between 21:00 permit, certificate, or motorcycle license cannot be exchanged)
and 07:00) 4. If the license is not issued from one’s home country, the applicant
- Transfer is not valid between two of the same buses or at the same subway station. should prove that he/she has resided in that country for more than
- A fine will be imposed if the card is not tapped both when getting on and off the 90days.
vehicle. * For example, Canadian with US license must prove that he/she has resided
in US for more than 90 days through official letter from school or company
(1-time use : Base Fare + KRW700 (Maximum additional rate)
Transfer use : First Base Fare + Base Fare for the transfer line)
Fee Physical exam (5,000won), License(6,000won)

24 25

•International Driver’s License Q1 Where can I refill my T-money Card?

A driver’s license, issued by countries of Geneva Conventions or Vienna Conventions,
is allowed to drive in Korea within 1 year after entry. A. T-money card can be refilled at any of the stands near bus stations that bear
the T-money card logo stickers, as well as at convenient stores or at the
•Korean License Acquisition ticket sales office of any subway station in Seoul. In addition, the T-money
- Procedures : card can be refilled at the automated transportation card refill machines
Traffic Safety Education (3 hrs) > Physical Test > Knowledge Test > Course Test> located in every subway station and at some of the bank ATMs (Post Office,
Road Course Test > License issue Shinhan Bank, and Jeju Bank). The T-money card can be refilled in
- Documents : increments of KRW 1,000 up to a maximum of KRW 500,000.
Knowledge Test - Application, 2 x 3cm sized photo x 3, computer testing pen, Alien
Registration Card
Course Registration - Application, alien registration card Q2 How can I use a Foreigner-exclusive Taxi?
Road Test Application - Application, alien registration card, certification for more than
10 hours of driving practice (application form backside) A. You can make a reservation for a foreigner-exclusive taxi by phone at 1644-2255 or
License Issue - Final qualified application form, qualification letter, photo through the website ( Even if you have not made a
- Fees(KRW) : reservation, if a vehicle is available, you will get immediate access. Services are
Traffic safety education (12,000), physical exam fee (5,000), knowledge test available in Korean, English, Japanese, and Chinese, and payments can be made by
registration (6,000), course registration(15,000), practice permit issue (3,000), road credit card, cash, or T-money card. You can travel to Gwacheon, Seongnam,
driving practice (21,000), license issue (6,000) Hanam, Guri, Euijeongbu, Yangju, Ilsan, Gimpo, Incheon, Bucheon, and
- Available languages for knowledge test : Gwangmyeong, as well as inside Seoul. Rates are calculated by meter, zone
Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Thai. (Incheon International Airport Seoul), or lump-sum hire agreement.

•Driver’s License Agency :

Q3 Can I use the subway or buses without a T-money Card?
A. Yes. The rates are KRW1,000 for a regular bus, KRW2,000 for an inter-city bus, and
KRW700 for a town bus. You can also use the subway after buying a disposable card at
the station. There are no station masters selling tickets in Seoul anymore. Instead, you will
have to use an automated ticket machine. A deposit of KRW500 is collected with a
purchase and returned at your destination for the purpose of recycling. You can easily
buy a disposable card by following the instructions on the screen. A T-money card offers
a discount and a free transfer service for the use of public transportation in Seoul.

26 27

I want to travel to an area outside Seoul, but there are so many I’d like to rent a car one-way from Seoul to Yeosu. Do rental car
Q4 terminals in Seoul. How are the terminals different from one companies permit one-way rentals? If they do, could you please
Q7 provide me with the contact information of a few rental car
companies that provide a one- way rental service?
A. Each terminal runs buses to and from different parts of Korea, including
Gyeonggi, Gangwon, Chungcheong, Gyeongsan, and Jeolla-do. Hours of A. One-way rental service is possible. However, in the case of one-way rentals,
operation and intervals differ by terminal, so you need to select the one most a company employee must pick up the vehicle at your final destination, so
suited to your schedule. there will be an additional cost. For details about the additional cost and
other information, please address your inquiry directly to one of the following
Name Website Contact rental car companies.
Dong Seoul Terminal 1688-5979
SangBong Bus Terminal 02-490-7751 Kumho Rean-A-Car : Tel. 1588-1230 /
Seoul Express Bus Terminal 02-535-4151 Aju-Avis Rent-a-Car : Tel. 1544-1600 /
Central City 02-6282-0600 Korea Express : Tel. 1577-0050 /
Nambu Terminal 02-521-8550

What documents does a foreigner have to prepare to change a

Q5 foreign country’s driver’s license to a Korean driver’s license?

A. You can change your original driver’s license to Korean one after testing the
written exam and physical test. If your country is participant of Geneva
conventions, the written exam is waived. What you need to bring is as
follows: foreign driver’s license, embassy certificate, translated and notarized
copy, passport, alien registration card, three photos (3cm by 4cm). It costs
you a total of 11,000 won: Physical exam (5,000won), License(6,000won).

What does a foreigner need to renew his/her Korean driver’s

Q6 license?

A. A foreigner needs to take his/her original driver’s license, 1 passport photo,

the fee of KRW 6,000, alien registration card, and passport to the local
Driver’s License Examination Center.

28 29

1. Opening a Bank Account
2. Debit Card/ Credit Card
3. Credit card Membership Approval
Standards for Major Credit Card
Companies / Banks (Foreign Residents)

1. Opening a Bank Account 3. Credit card Membership Approval Standards for Major Credit
Card Companies/ Banks (Foreign Residents)
Visit a bank in person equipped with your passport or alien registration card
Document requirements differ by bank : contact the bank of your choice before Company Info. Membership Approval Standards Document Requirement
your visit.
KEB Credit Card - Employed in Korea (Full-time employee of * Document for verification of financial institutes, stock market listed or nationality 1 from alien
Tel. 1544-3500 foreign-audited companies, or better certified) registration card / residence
2. Debit Card / Credit Card (From Overseas: - Embassy employees or employees of a registration certification /
82-1544-3500 Korean or foreign government agency) government-issued certification
82-2-2003-3500 - Individuals with deposit collateral (Minimum of
•Debit Card (Koreans call this“Check Card”) KRW1.2 million) * Credit card membership can
- Property tax payment record of KRW100,000 be approved with minimum
Card provided with a bank account which can be used like a credit card within the
or above for the most recent year deposit collateral of KRW1.2
amount of the account balance. - P3 or above or PB client (bank transaction million with the Korea Exchange
It can be used both as an ATM card and a debit card. record of 3 months or more) Bank.
It can be used at any stores that are members of the credit card company. Woori Card Membership for a foreigner can be approved Alien registration card or
It is issued when opening a bank account. only in the presence of a co-signer. passport
1588-5000 (#7 eng) Proof of Income
080-365-5000 Proof of Employment
•Credit Card
Foreigners without a bank transaction record in Korea can face difficulties in opening a Samsung Card - Government employees or employees of a Alien registration card or
large conglomerate company passport
credit card account. - Property tax payment record of KRW100,000 Proof of Income
Executives of a foreign company : a card will be issued after making a deposit 02-2000-8438 or above Proof of Employment
equivalent to the credit limit (family cards can be issued, too.)
Shinhan Card - Full-time employees of one of the Fortune 500 Alien registration card or
Basic documents required : membership application, alien registration card, proof of companies Passport
employment or proof of income. - Full-time employees of the primary/secondary Proof of Income
Membership approval standards and documentary requirements differ by credit card 1544-7000 banking industry Proof of Employment
- Lawyer/tax accountant/ accountant/patent
companies. lawyer
- Director or above of an association/foundation
- Shinhan Bank customers with the“Best”
rating or higher

Citi Card 1+ year remaining for the time of stay Alien registration card or
- Annual income of KRW70 million or higher passport - Real estate property Proof of Income
2004-1004 - KRW50 million or more in the most recent 3 Proof of Employment
(82-2-2004-1004) months on a Citi Bank account

32 33

I want to use electronic transfer service for paying utility bills. How Q4 Is there a separate Online Banking Service for foreigners?
Q1 can I apply for?
A. Major Korean banks provide their online banking services in many languages,
A. You can apply for the electronic transfer service at your bank. Applying by including English, Chinese, and Japanese. SC First Bank and KEB also run
proxy is not allowed because this service goes through personal certificate separate websites for foreign residents in Korea.

Q5 Can I use a Korean bank’s internet banking service outside Korea?

Can I use a foreign credit card/debit card issued from the home
Q2 country to withdraw money from an ATM in Korea?
A. If you save the Identity Certificate in a portable storage device such as a USB, then
yes you can. Or you could have the Identity Certificate reissued to the computer you
A. It cannot be used at any ATMs, but via global ATMs, providing cash services for are using in a foreign country. The reissuing process is as follow: visit your Korean
foreign-issued credit cards. Global ATMs can be found in major cities in Korea, but bank’s website Identity Certificate Center Identity Certificate Reissue
you are advised to check with your bank/credit card company to see if your card
can be used to access cash services overseas before coming to Korea.
- Find MasterCard Global ATM : Q6 Can I make a wire transfer without a bank account in Korea? Cardholder Services ATM Locations Korea Republic of
- Find Visa Global ATM : A. You can make a wire transfer from any Korean bank even without a bank account in Korea. You need to have your destination bank name, account number, and the
money for the transfer ready. If you have a bank account in Korea, you can also
make a wire transfer at an ATM or via online banking, which charge a lower service
Q3 How is the bank check for KRW 100,000 different from cash? fee. The transfer limit differs based on the attachment of a certifying document
attachment, so contact the bank of your choice for details.
A. In Korea, bank checks can be used as cash, but the user must write his/her alien
registration number and contact information on the back of the check. Some small
stores may not accept the checks because they do not have the change, so it would
be a good idea to have some cash at hand. Bank checks for KRW 100,000 can be
cashed at the issuing bank without any fee, but when cashing a check at a bank
other than the issuing bank, there will be a small handling fee. In addition, please
note that if the check is deposited at a bank other than the issuing bank, it will take
one day for it to clear, so you will not be able to immediately withdraw cash against
such a deposit and it cannot be used to make purchases with a check-card.

34 35

Q7 What are the hours of operation for banks/ ATMs in Korea?

A. Most banks in Korea are open between 9AM and 4PM, Monday through Friday.
Some KEB branches are open in the evening hours and on Sundays for foreign
residents in Korea, and the Incheon International Airport Branch is open 365 days a
year. Most of the time, however, ATM services are available between 8:30AM and
10PM, but some banks have an extended service hour until midnight. Some KEB
and SC First Bank ATMs provide a service 24 hours a day.

- KEB Operation Hour & Branch Search Main Menu About KEB Branches Specialized Domestic

1. Medical Service System in Korea
2. Useful Information


1. Medical Service System in Korea •Council for Korea Medicine Overseas Promotion
This private organization was established to promote and
Medical centers are divided into three groups according to their size and the number of market Korea’s medical services to patients overseas
specialty practices. Phone : 02)2194-7429
Website :
•Comprehensive diagnosis of the early symptoms of an illness Language : English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Russian
Primary Institute
•District Medical Centers, Medical Center Branches, Dispensaries
•4+ specialty practices and at least one corresponding specialized doctor •Korean Hospital Association - Medical Institutions & Location Information
per practice System
Secondary Institute The online service helps foreigners to find medical institutes that can meet their needs
•Hospitals providing in- and out-patient treatment services with 30~500
beds conveniently and in a timely manner.
Phone : 02)705-9200
•Specialty practices in all areas and at least one corresponding
Tertiary Institute specialized doctor per practice
Website :
•Medical center or university hospital with 500 + beds Language : English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese

※ You need to get a doctor’s note from a primary and/or secondary institute to seek treatment at a
•Japanese Medical Village (Medical Center for Japanese in Korea)
tertiary institute. You cannot enjoy Medical Insurance benefits otherwise (not applicable for foreigners).
The website has information on Korean hospitals with Japanese nurses and members
※ ERs can be found in secondary and tertiary institutes.
of staff to help Japanese in Korea to enjoy a convenient hospital service.
Website :
Language : Japanese
2. Useful Information

•Emergency Medical Information Center

There are 12 Emergency Medical Information Centers, each of which is linked to the
emergency medical service system in the corresponding region. in Korea.
Phone : 1339
Website :
Language : English, Korean, Japanese, etc.

38 39

Is a free interpretation service available for foreigners at any Q3 There are many postnatal care centers in Korea. What do they do?
Q1 hospitals in Korea?
A. Traditionally, a woman’s mother provided postnatal care for her daughter. But
A. The Medical Center in Gangbuk-gu, Seoul, provides a free interpretation as the number of professional women has increased over the years and the
service to help foreigners benefit from medical services through the Medical size of families decreased, postnatal care centers have been established to
Centers and other medical institutes in the area. The free interpretation provide the newborn and new mothers with the necessary care. Mothers and
service is available at the Gu Medical Center, hospitals, healthcare clinics, newborn babies usually spend two nights at a hospital after labor, and are
oriental medical centers, pharmacies, and ophthalmologist’s offices in the moved to a post-natal care center for two weeks. Prices and facilities vary by
area in 7 languages - English, Japanese, Chinese, French, Spanish, German, center, so you are advised to compare different centers to find one that best
and Russian. Dial 02-983-7117 and follow the instructions to select the fit your needs.
language of your choice. The service is available between 7AM and 10PM on
weekdays and between 8AM and 6PM on Saturdays, Sundays, and official
holidays. Q4 Is a postnatal care / babysitter service available?
The KOTRA Investor Support Center provides Staff Companion Service for
foreigners planning a hospital visit. The service is available in English and A. Seoul YWCA runs a postnatal care service program. It costs approximately
Japanese, free of charge. You need to make an appointment over the phone KRW110,000, and you can sign up for 2, 3, or 4 weeks. The YWCA’s babysitter
(1600-7119) at least one week in advance. service is available on a weekly basis Monday through Friday or on a monthly basis;
it cannot be used for selected days, i.e. for just 2 days a week. The weekly service
for one child on five weekdays, between 9AM and 6PM, costs approximately
Are there hospitals or clinics offering medical consultation in KRW900,000 per month.
Q2 English? Contact : 02-3705-6013~6
Website :
A. International Clinics
Service areas : General medicine including family medicine Psychiatric services,
internal medicine, etc Is there any oriental herbal medicine clinic that can speak foreign
Contact : 02-790-0857~9
Q5 languages?
Working hours : Mon ~ Fri 9:00AM~6:00PM / SAT 9:00AM~3:00PM
(lunch time: 12 Noon to 2 PM) A. Name Address Contact Language
Address : 737-37, Hannam Bldg 5F, Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
Jaseng Hospital 635 Shinsa-dong, 02)3218-2167, 2105 (ENG) E, J
Website :
of Oriental Medicne Kangnam-gu, Seoul 02)3218-2106, 2169 (JPN)
Dongsuh Oriental 194-37 Yeonhee-dong, 02)320-7807~8 (Eng) E, J, C
Medical Center Seoudaemoon-gu, Seoul 02)320-7895 (JPN,CHN)

40 41

1. Foreign Schools in Korea
2. Korean Language School
3. Library
4. Childcare

1. Foreign Schools in Korea •Entrance Procedure

•Current Status of Foreign Schools Consultation on Site

As of 2008 September, a total of 46 foreign schools are in Korea.
(Source : the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology)
Prepare the documents
Required documents: Application, 3 color photos. a copy of passport (both parents
Schools by Area and student), document proving residence in foreign country for at least 1,095 days (3
17 years), copies of report cards from schools attended over the past two years ( if in any
13 language other than English, translation is required), one of the official test score
(IOWA, CAT, SSAT, Stanford, STAR, PSAT, ACER, Terra Nova etc), two full pages of
7 original written work (in English) from recent school assignments with teacher or
5 principal verification signature, medical forms, letter of recommendation from the
2 1 1 current teacher
Seoul Gyeonggi Busan Daegu Daejeon Incheon Others

Paying the application fee (KRW 500,000)

50% of the fee would be returned if the student is rejected
Schools by Founder
Entrance Exam
English Command Test (Listening, Vocabulary, Reading and writing, and Oral Test),
2 2 3

Anglo-American Chinese Japanes French Others Evaluation

•Foreign School List(Refer to Page 92) Admission

(*the procedures and qualification may depend on each school.)
•General Requirements
- Foreign citizen/Denizenship, foreign residence of at least 3 years,
or either/both parents are foreigners

44 45

2. Korean Language School 4. Childcare

Name Subject Schedule Inquiry •Applicant requirement

Children between the ages of 0~6, prior to entering elementary school.
Free KOTRA Foreign investors’ 2 classes per week 1600-7119
and their families (Mon·Wed/Thu·Thu)
Morning 10~11:30 am
Evening 7~8:30 pm
6 days, for more than 12 hours on weekdays (Mon. ~ Fri. : 12 hours / Sat. : 8 hours)
Seoul Global Foreigners living 2 classes per week 02-1688-0120
Center in Seoul Morning 10: 30~ Noon
•Childcare Information Websites
Evening 7 ~8:30 pm
Kindergarten Facility Information Center (
Korea Foundation Foreigners living 1 class per week 02-2151-6500
For information on childcare facilities such as kindergartens, nursery schools, day care
Cultural Center in Korea (select one among Mon
centers, and children’s art schools
·Wed·Fri) Evening7~9 pm
Central Childcare Information Center (
Charged Seoul Japan Club SJC members 02-739-6962
For childcare-related information and local kindergarten information linked to the Local
Incheon Center Foreigners living 2 classes per week 032-451-1805
Childcare Information Center
for International in Incheon
Cooperation &

3. Library

Name Inquiry Website

Public National Library of Korea 02-535-4142
National Assembly Library 02-788-4211
Namsan Public Library 02-754-7338
Private KIWI English Library 02-511-9018
Mapo English Literacy Center 02-716-3987~8
KNK English Library 031-714-6771
Busan English Library 051-818-2800

46 47

I’d like to send my children to an international school. Could you provide I made an inquiry about enrolling my child at a nursery school, and
Q1 me with information about the enrollment procedure and tuition?
Q3 was told that I would have to pay more because my child is a
foreigner. Why is that?
A. In general, the enrollment procedure for international school is as follows:
Fill out and submit the enrollment form submit application fee and A. The additional fee is for lunch and snacks provided at the nursery school. All
documents z take an entrance exam Korean children are eligible for a government subsidy in this regard. This is
There are some variations, such as schools which only accept enrollment because the Seoul Metropolitan Government and other local governments
applications on-line, depending on each school’s enrollment policy. Select the subsidize children enrolled at a nursery school for lunch and snack costs
school of your choice and contact the ISC (1600-7119) and we will be able to (approximately KRW 180,000 per month. The exact amount may vary by
provide you with more detailed information. region.) to help parents with the cost of child-raising and to promote
Tuition fees vary for kindergartens, elementary schools (grades 1~5), junior childbirth. This government subsidy is provided only to Koreans. But with the
high schools (grade 6~8), and high schools (grades 9~12), ranging from 14 payment of these extra costs, your child would not have any problem
million Korean Won (kindergarten) to 25 million Korean Won (high school). enrolling at and enjoying all the other services offered at a nursery school.
This does not include the cost of school buses and expenses other than
tuition fees will likely arise. At the time of enrollment, payments for the
application fee, tuition deposit, and other associated costs must be remitted. I would like to learn about the public education system in Korea.
Q4 Can foreigners enroll at and attend public schools like most
Korean people?
Q2 Is there a place to learn Korean in Gangnam?
A. Foreigners can enroll at and attend public schools in Korea. However,
A. KOTRA Korean Language School (Free)
prospective students need to have sufficient Korean language skills to be able
A free Korean Language School (including text book) is available (two classes per
to understand lectures and in-class discussions.
week, Monday & Wednesday AND Tuesday & Thursday classes) both in the morning
Korean schools are run according to the semester system, with the academic
and in the afternoon. Tel : 1600-7119
year being split by two major vacations.
Yeoksam Global Village Korean Language Course (Free)
Under the program operated by the City of Seoul, two classes per week (Monday &
Wednesday or Tuesday & Thursday) are available free of charge, though students
need to purchase a textbook. Tel : 02-3453-9039
Gangnam-gu International Education Center (Charged)
The 10-week curriculum course is provided through the joint efforts of Gangnam-gu
office and Seoul National University. The classes are held twice a week (Monday &
Wednesday-40 hours or Thursday & Friday-60 Hours). Please contact the following
number to find out about the tuition or further information. Tel : 02-546-3260
Private Academies
Seoul Korean Language Academy : 02-563-3226 /
Central Language Institute : 02-556-9944 /

48 49

1. Opening a Mobile Phone Account
2. Opening a Landline/Internet Phone Account
3. High-speed Internet/Cable TV Installation
4. Domestic Mail/International Mail/EMS

1. Opening a Mobile Phone Account •Internet phone :

Can only be opened with a pre-existing internet service account
Passport, alien registration card, or residence registration certification required (Other Strengths
requirements vary by company) - Same rate for long and short-distance calls
Installment payment purchase options for the phone of or the calling plan options may - More affordable rate for international calls than a landline phone
be limited by visa type. - Free calls between members of the same service provider
•Comparison between 3 largest Domestic Mobile Carriers (as of Dec. 2009) - May not be available depending on the Internet service provider
- May experience poor call quality (varies depending on the quality of Internet
SK Telecom KT LG Telecom reception)
Membership Fee 39,600 24,000 30,000
(KRW) SK Broadband QOOK MyLG070
Installment plan NA Only for F-2, F-4, F-5 Installment plan goes by Basic Rate(KRW) 2,000~4,000 2,000 2,000~4,000
visa holder the available staying Installation Fee (KRW) 10,000 10,000 10,000
period appeared on the URL
visa Call Center 108 100 1644-7000
Note Paying 200,000won No deposit No deposit
except D-8 visa Foreigner specialized
holders Call Center
3. High-speed Internet / Cable TV Installation
Contact 080-252-5011 02-2190-1180 1544-0010
•High-speed Internet :
Sign up by phone or via the Internet
Passport or alien registration card required
2. Opening a Landline/Internet Phone Account Various rate plans and options available according to the Internet service
provider/Internet speed.
•Landline phone :
Call KT Customer Center (Phone : 100) or visit any KT Plaza (Former Telephone Name Installation Fee (KRW) Website Call Center
Headquarter) to open an account SK Broadband 30,000 (K, E) 108
Bring your passport or alien registration card QOOK KT internet 30,000 (K) 100
Activation fee - KRW 60,000 ; (exempted if contract
KT Customer Center : Phone - 100, Website - period if over a year)
LG Powercom 30,000 (K) 1644-7000

52 53

•Cable TV •Zip code Finder

Sign up by phone (Passport or alien registration card required) POSTAL SERVICES Domestic Mails Zip Code
Other document requirements and rates differ depending on the broadcasting Finder
Local cable broadcasting companies •International Mails/ EMS
- Korean Cable TV Association ( International Mails : POSTAL SERVICES International Mails
4. Domestic Mail/International Mail/EMS POSTAL SERVICES EMS & EMS Premium
Rate and Postal Service Access Information by Region/Weight
•Domestic Mail * The Delivery Tracking Service is available for international mails (EMS, air parcels/registered mails) via
Record the recipient’s address and postal code the International Postal Customer Satisfaction Support Center under the Korea Post Call Center.
Use the appropriate postage (depending on regular or express delivery) or Domestic : 02-2108-0050~60
personally send from a post office International : 82-2-2108-0051~0059

•Registered/International Mail •Carrier Service

Personally send from a post office Reservation via phone/ Internet Carrier driver pick-up from home Direct delivery
More postage than a regular mail to the recipient
Delivery Track Service available Useful when sending important documents / objects Next-day delivery of various documents and packages to all parts of Korea.
Serviced destinations / rates - Refer to the Korea Post website (1~3 day delay at weekends and official holidays and/or to islands, mountainous areas
or other areas with poor transportation connections)
•Postal Rates Rate : Differs depending on the recipient’s address, type and size of content, and
Non-Priority Items number (Refer to the website).
Name Website (KRW) (* Refer to“The Carrier Service Provider”on Page 94)
Letter Post Standard Up to 5g (postcard) 220 Korea Post Carrier Service Rate :
Up to 25g 250 FAQ 02. What is the carrier service rate by weight and
Up to 50g 270 size?
Non-Standard Up to 50g 340
Per additional 50g 120

Contact the Korea Post Call Center (1588-1300) for details (rates and fees, discounts, postal code
information, insurance, etc.).

54 55

I have a cellular phone that I do not use. Can I use it as a prepaid I have seen many TV commercials on Internet-Internet Phone-
service phone each time a friend comes to Korea from my Q4 Cable TV package products. Can foreigners sign up for such a
Q1 country? If possible, which mobile carrier is providing this service? package deal?
And how I can make prepayment and is there a time limit in which
I must use the prepaid amount? A. Yes. The same application process and rate apply for foreigners as for Koreans, but
foreigners may not be able to get an additional discount through a fixed-term contract
A. Anyone with the proper ID can apply for the prepaid service at any sales store because most of them do not stay in Korea for a long-term period. A 10~50%
of any of the wireless telecommunication companies (KTF, SKT, LG Telecom). discount is available, and the contract period varies according to the elements of the
But since each mobile phone is designed for a specific mobile carrier, you package. Refer to High-speed Internet/ Cable TV Installation No.1.
must first check which of the three wireless telecommunication companies
your phone is made for. Then visit that company’s store and apply for the
I want to look up a phone number. Is the Yellow Page Service
prepaid service, known in Korea as“free phone”. You can refill the amount Q5 available in English?
either at the store or on-line. The limit on the usage period varies depending
on the amount of refill, but when you refill you will receive a text message
A. The Korean Yellow Page Service runs an online English phone number information
confirming the amount and the expiration date.
service called“English Superpage”. Go to to look up
different phone numbers and other Korea-related information in Korean and English.

I have to use the Internet in a hurry, but I don’t have an Internet

Q2 connection at home. What can I do?
I want to watch a local TV program from home, and I heard that I
Q6 could get it with the satellite TV service. I would like to know how
A. You can easily find“PC Bang”or“Internet Cafes”wherever you are in Korea. They much the activation and installation costs are.
are commonly called“PC Bang”, and you can use the Internet in one of them for a
fee of KRW 1,000~1,500 per hour. There is usually an extra charge to use a printer. A. The satellite broadcasting service offers access to approximately 130 channels from all
around the world. One of the biggest satellite TV service providers in Korea is SkyLife.
Monthly service rates differ depending on the service provider, product, and contract period.
Q3 Can I use the same phone number after moving? A separate payment needs to be made for the receiver equipment, antenna, and installation.

A. If you want to keep your phone number after moving, you need to report your move. SkyLife Receiver/ Installation Cost (As of Dec. 2009)
Contact the Call Center of the service provider and given them the account holder’s
Receiver (STB) Antenna Installation
name, resident registration number, previous address, new address, contact
number, and the desired time of account change. If you have a communication HD Receiver PVR Receiver Two-way Receiver
problem, contact the ISC (1600-7119) to use the Move Report Proxy Service. KRW400,000~ KRW22,000
KRW230,000 KRW138,000 (HD: KRW50,000)

56 57

Satellite broadcasting Company

Name URL Contact

Skylife (K, E) 1588-8665
Seki Satellite (K) 02-2231-7989

I’m returning to my home country. Can I get my mails in Korea

Q7 forwarded to the company?

A. You can sign up for the Mail Forwarding Service at a post office or via the
Internet or by phone. The service is provided free of charge only for the first
three months. You also need to sign up for membership with the website to
sign up for the service online.

I change my cell phone with a new one. Can I transfer my old

Q8 phone’s data to a new one?

A. Date such as a telephone directory and photos saved in the previous one can
electronically be transferred to a new one. The range and fee of service vary with
each mobile carrier. Please contact the relevant customer center.

1. Types of foreign advancement into Korea

SK Telecom KT LG Telecom
2. Foreign Investment Procedures
3. 4 Major Insurances for Foreigners
Contact 080-252-5011 02-2190-1180 1544-0010


1. Types of foreign advancement into Korea Corporate Establishment

Only for an incorporate company. A private company can
Types of Amount of Notification register the business right after the capital remittance.
Type Law Visa
Corporation Investment Receiver Notification receiver: Mercantile Registry Office
Local Invest
Corporation Foreign KOREA or
Local At least KRW 50
investment D8 Foreign Business Registration
Corporation Private million per case
Promotion Act exchange
Business Notification receiver: Municipal court & tax office
Branch Foreign Foreign
Exchange No limit D7 exchange
Corporation Office Foreign-Invested Company Registration
Trade Act bank
Notification receiver: first reported organization
Required documents: Book of Incorporate Company (for Incorporate Company),
Certificate of business Registration (for Private Company),
2. Foreign Investment Procedures Certificate of Foreign Exchange Purchase
Registration due: within 30 days of the occurrence of the causes
Foreign Investment Notification
Notification receiver: Invest KOREA or Foreign exchange bank
Required documents: Change Status of Stay
(Investor) Private Company - 2 copies of the issue of notification form, ID card Local immigration office and ISC branch, Sejongno branch, Seoul Global Center
Incorporate Company - Book of Incorporate Company, Corporate Seal branch
(Agent) Private Company - Power of Attorney, a copy of Investor’s ID card, Agent ID card
Incorporate Company - Power of Attorney, Corporate registered seal, Agent ID card ※ The above protocols need to be followed, and the pre-Business Registration authorization
(registration and reporting) requirements needs to be checked beforehand because they vary by
Investment Capital Remittance
Remitter: the very foreign Investor
Recipient: the very foreign Investor
How to: remitted through a foreign currency bank under the very foreign investor’s name
Note: Funds from domestic sources are not recognized as foreign investments.

60 61

3. 4 Major Insurances for Foreigners •Lump-sum Repayment

- Foreign nationals from a country that offers Korean nationals a lump-sum repayment-
1) National Pension equivalent benefit.
- Foreign nationals from a country with a Social Security Treaty with Korea that
•Subjects specifies the terms for a lump-sum repayment of the National Pension installation
Foreigners between the age of 18 and 59 currently residing in Korea payments.
- Foreign members of the National Pension with either the E-8 (Training-based
•Exemptions Employment), E-9 (Non-specialized Employment), or H-2 (Employment) visa who are
- Trainees (excluding training-based employees), students, diplomats, and others returning and the National Pension membership returning to the home country
exempted from the National Pension obligation by law. regardless of whether they have fulfilled the minimum membership period
- Foreign nationals from a country that does not impose a National Pension type of requirement. (Includes foreigners who have already returned to their home country)
obligation on Korean nationals : If the National Pension Act or equivalent statutory * For details on the membership criteria and lump-sum repayment terms, which vary by nationality and
provision of the foreign country does not obligate Korean nationals to join the visa type, refer to the National Pension Website: National Pension Contact: 1355
“Pension system equivalent of the National Pension System in Korea, which acts as
an economic risk-sharing income security system.”
- Employees, who are dispatched to Korea from a country with a Social Security Treaty 2) National Health Insurance
with Korea, when presenting the proof of current National Pension membership Foreigners or foreign-passport holders of Korean descent who are employed in a
business to which the National Pension Insurance is applicable or who are employed
•Pension Payments for Foreign Members of the National Pension in Korea as government officers or teaching staff have been required to join the National Health
Foreigners that meet the same criteria for the Old-age Pension, Family Pension, and/or Insurance since January 1, 2006. They have to register as Alien Residents (via
Disability Pension applied to Koreans are eligible to receive pension benefits under the Residence Registration).
National Pension Act. Filing for exemption is permitted in the following cases :
Foreign nationals from a country without a Social Security Treaty or Mutual Application - Foreign nationals who wish to file for exemption and are arbitrary membership
Statute with Korea who are residing in Korea with the E-8 (Training-based candidates under the Inter-governmental Social Security Treaty.
Employment), E-9 (Non-specialized Employment), or H-2 (Employment) visas are - French nationals have been permitted to file for exemption since June 1, 2007.
eligible to receive a lump-sum repayment of their National Pension installation - Foreign nationals with separate medical insurance coverage under the foreign law,
payments. insurance policy, or contract with an employee.
Eligible to file for exemption since June 31, 2007 (Related document filing)
Contact : 1577-1000
English: 02-390-2000 (E)
Website :

62 63

3) Employment Insurance Can I personally bring investment capital into Korea instead of
Foreign workers are exempted from Employment Insurance benefit as a general rule,
Q1 making a wire transfer?
but their status - Definite Application, Arbitrary Application, Mutual Application - differs
depending on their visa type. A. Personal possession of cash when passing through customs could cause a problem
due to uncertainty regarding the origin of the funds, so it is highly recommended that
•Definite Application the related capital be wire-transferred instead. If you have to personally bring in the
Foreign workers with a resident status that allows them to carry out the same job investment capital due to specific circumstances, you need to keep with you the
search and employment activities as Korean nationals are given the“Definite “proof of reporting”from the customs service both in your home country and in
Application”of the Employment Insurance. Korea. Fund transparency cannot be guaranteed when changed in a regular foreign
Visa Type : Resident (F-2), Permanent Resident (F-5) exchange center, so you need to have it changed at an authorized foreign exchange
•Arbitrary Application
Foreign workers with a short-term employment visa or similar visas generally leave
Korea after their employment contract expires. They are made the subject of“Arbitrary
Q2 In which industries can a foreigner not work in Korea?
Application,”which means they join the Employment Insurance only when the
A. “Foreign investment exception industries”refers to industries of a public nature to
individual employee files to join it.
which the Foreign Investment Promotion Act cannot be applied, and investment in
Visa Type : Short-term Employment (C-4), Professor (E-1), Non-specialized
these industries is not allowed in principle.
Employment (E-9), In-bound Ship Crew (E-10), Foreign Nationals of Korean Descent (F-
•Postal Service, Central Bank, Individual Mutual Aid, Pension, Other Financial
4), Co-habitation Visit (F-1) with sanction of the Ministry of Justice.
Market Management, Other Financial Support Service Industries, etc.
•Legislative, judiciary, executive agencies, foreign consulates in Korea, other
•Mutual Application international or foreign bodies
The international mutual application principle is used to give foreign workers dispatched
•Economics R&D, other forms of R&D in the humanities and social sciences
to Korea, with the exception of those from a country that does not give Korean
•Education Institutes (Every level from Elementary Schools to Universities, as well
nationals the benefit of its own Employment Insurance System by law.
as Kindergartens and Special-need Schools, etc.)
Visa Type : Employer Residence (D-7), Corporate Investment (D-8), International Trade
•Artists, Religious Organizations, Industry Experts, Environmental Activists, Political/
Labor Activist Organizations, etc.

In principle, foreign investment is forbidden in the above industries, but there are
4) Industrial Accident Insurance exceptions in the presence of allowance provision. Check with Invest KOREA for
- Businesses with their headquarters in Korea, regardless of the industry, are obligated
further details.
to join the Industrial Accident Insurance.
- Industrial Accident Insurance applies not to individual employees but to businesses.
Employees of a business with Industrial Accident Insurance can automatically enjoy
the benefits.

64 65

Q3 What do I need to do to come to Korea for investment immigration? Q5 How can I open a restaurant in Korea?
A. There is no official channel for investment immigration to Korea. Instead, persons A. Individual Business : Investment reporting Fund transfer Business reporting
who make a foreign direct investment of US$500,000 or more are given the Business registration Foreign-capital company registration
Permanent Resident (F-5) visa, which will enable them to live a comfortable life in Corporation : Investment reporting Fund transfer Business reporting
Korea without acquiring Korean citizenship. With the Permanent Resident visa, you Corporation establishment Business registration Foreign-capital company
will not need to extend your visa and will be able to enjoy free economic activities in registration
Korea any time you want.
Document Requirements : When starting a restaurant and hospitality business (regular restaurant, rest-stop
① Copy of Business Registration Card or the Corporate Registration Certificate restaurant, bar, karaoke bar, etc.), you need to apply for the Restaurant (and
② Business Site and Housing Rental Contract Hospitality) Business Authorization from a Gu office.
③ Other documentary proofs of foreign investment such as the Foreign-Capital Department: Department of Public Health and Hygiene
Company Certificate Application Fee : KRW 28,000
Processing Time : within 3 days
Document Requirements :
Q4 How can I open an international trading company in Korea? ① Business Facility and Equipment Overview
② Training Completion Certificate (After completing the relevant training required as
A. Individual Business : Investment reporting Fund transfer Business specified in line 2 of Article 17 of the Act)
registration Foreign-invested company registration ③ Original Copy of the License (Applicable to grooming and beauty care
Corporation : Investment reporting Fund transfer Corporation establishment businesses)
Business registration Foreign-invested company registration

An international trading company can apply for the International trade business Q6 How can I open a language academy business in Korea?
number through the Korea International Trade Association (KITA). KITA members
have access to various services. A. Individual Business : Investment reporting Fund transfer Academy business
Document Requirements : authorization Business registration Foreign-invested business registration
① 1 International Trade Business Number Application Form Corporation : Investment reporting Fund transfer Academy business
② 1 Original Copy of the Business Registration Card authorization Corporation establishment Business registration Foreign-
Reporting Changes of Information: Should any change occur with regard to the invested registration
information on your International Trade Business Number Card, you need to report it
to the Chairman of the KITA using the International Trade Business Information You need to apply for the Academy Business Authorization from the Office of
Change Report Form within 20 days. Education with the relevant jurisdiction to open an academy business in Korea.
Website : Department : Department of Lifelong Education and Sports in each office of
Contact : 1566-5114 Education

66 67
Document Requirements : Q8 Can a foreign student start a business in Korea?
① One copy of the Academy Establishment/Management Registration Application Form
② One copy of the Academy’s Location Diagram (Map) A. Foreigners with the student (D-2) visa cannot start a business in Korea, so it is
③ One copy of the Academy’s Facility Blueprint recommended that you start a business after completing your school work.
④ If the founder is a corporation : However, you can run a business with the corporate investment (D-8) visa and get
- One copy of the Articles of Association the extra-status activity authorization to continue with your studies.
- One copy of minutes of the Board Meeting on the establishment of the academy
(Attach the original copy)
⑤ If the Academy’s property belongs to someone else : I currently hold the F-4 visa, and want to invest in Korea. What
Q9 special protocols do I need to follow?
- One copy of Jeonse or other lease contract (Attach the original copy)
(Contact the Office of Education with the relevant jurisdiction because
documentary requirements may vary depending on the office in charge.)
A. F-4 visa status is given to foreign passport holders of Korean descent. The F-4 visa
grants the subject the same rights as Koreans, so you can proceed with the regular
business start-up process without following the foreign direct investment protocols.
Q7 Which documents are required when registering a business?
A. Individual : I am currently running a business with a D-8 visa in Korea. What do I
Q10 need to do if I were to open another business in a different industry?
① One copy of the Business Registration Card
② One copy of lease contract (when renting a place of business)
A. If you are a corporation, you can just apply for another Business Registration for the
③ One copy of the authorization (registration, reporting) certificate (when applicable)
new business by setting up a branch. However, this option is not available for an
- When registering before being granted the authorization (registration, reporting) :
individual business, so you will need to follow the foreign direct investment protocol
One copy of the authorization (registration) application or business proposal
again and establish a new foreign-invested company.
④ Partnership contract (When it is a partnership business)
⑤ Proof of nationality for foreigners/foreign passport holders of Korean descent
- Copy of passport or Alien Registration Card
If I have capital of less than KRW 50 million, what do I need to do
- When not residing in Korea : Tax Management Proxy Report Form Q11 to start a business?
Corporation : A. Investments of less than KRW 50 million is not subject to foreign direct investment
① One copy of Corporation Establishment Notification and Business Registration form reporting, so the business cannot be recognized as a foreign-invested company.
② One copy of Corporate Registration Certificate However, a foreign corporation can open a branch in Korea.
③ One copy of the (Corporation’s) lease contract (when renting a place of business) You need to report to the Bank of Korea when the funds are transferred to Korea to open
④ One certified copy of the Shareholder or Investor a business with investments of less than KRW 50 million. Only then can you use the
⑤ One copy of the business authorization (registration, reporting) of the corporation report history as the source of investment when sending the profit back to your home
(When applicable) country. Furthermore, you cannot acquire a long-term business visa in Korea, so you will
⑥ One certified copy of investment in-kind (When applicable) need to register a tax management proxy when making the Business Registration.

68 69

Q12 What is the difference between a branch and a liaison office? I have received a letter of notice to the effect that as five years
have passed since I last registered my business through the
A. The opening of a branch or a liaison office of a foreign corporation in Korea is not Q14 Commercial Registration Office of the Seoul Central District
recognized as foreign investment, and thus falls under the restrictions set forth in Court, I need to report whether my business has shut down or
the Foreign Currency Transaction Act. The two differ as regards the execution of not. What do I need to do?
sales activities: A branch carries out sales activities of which the purpose is profit
generation, whereas a liaison office does not carry out any profit-generating sales A. Corporate businesses need to report any changes made to the information given
activities but only undertakes communication, market research, and R&D activities. upon registering. You must have received the letter of notice because you did not
report any changes in the past five years.
For instance, the auditors / directors’ term is three years, so the report on
What does a foreign corporation need to do to open a branch in management change needs to be filed every three years after first registering the
Q13 Korea? establishment of a corporation. Even if the previous management members are to
continue holding office in the following term, such a fact needs to be reported.
A. Foreign Corporation’s Korean Branch Opening reporting Court notarization
Business registration
Q15 Can I be issued with the Business Registration Card in English?
When a foreign corporation opens an office in Korea, it needs to report to the head
of an authorized foreign exchange bank. The documentary requirements are as A. The Business Registration Card is not issued in English, but you can obtain the
follows : Proof of Business Registration in English at the nearest Tax Revenue Service office.
① Foreign Corporation’s Korean Branch Opening Report
② Headquarters’ Articles of Association (Notarized in the headquarters’ home country)
③ Certificate of the Appointment of the Head of the Korean Branch or the relevant I would like to create a website for my company. What do I need
report on such a decision by the Board of Directors at the headquarters
Q16 to do?
④ Headquarters’ registration certificate
A. First of all, check with a domain registration company (WhoIs, Gabia, I-Names, etc.)
When filing the report by proxy, the proxy designation certificate notarized in the to see if the domain of your choice is available. If it is available, sign up for
headquarters’ home country also needs to be submitted. The report needs to be membership with the company’s website and register the new domain. Select the
submitted to the Minister of Finance and Economy in the case of certain industries, period of use before finalizing your application. All domains are managed by the
so make sure to check in advance. Korea Internet & Security Agency (02-2186-4652).

70 71

Q17 Where can I get information on different companies? Can an individual investor establish a foreign-invested company
Q18 and bring an employee from his/her home country?
A. There are several websites from which you can get information on Korean and
foreign companies. A. An individual investor is given the Corporate Investment (D-8) visa to allow him/her
to run a business in Korea, but it is not easy to invite an employee from the home
BUY KOREA country. If that particular employee has a special skill, he/she can apply for the E-7
Go to [Company Information] at to find information on Buyers, (Special Activity) visa. Contact the Comprehensive Information Center for Foreigners
Buyers Visiting Korea, Korean Exporters and Importers and Korean Companies of the Korea Immigration Service (Phone: 1345) for further details.

Korea International Trade Association Q19 Can a non-profit organization become a foreign-capital company?
Information on all offers from abroad made through the KITA can be found at using the [Search Buyer] tab by Foreign Buyers, Overseas A. A non-profit organization with an independent laboratory facility in the field of
Offers, and Foreign Company DB. science and technology can be recognized as a foreign-capital company if one of
the following criteria is met :
Korea Chamber of Commerce •Employment of 5 or more research personnel who have a bachelor’s degree in the
You can find company information by area, region, and industry at KORCHAM BIZ. science and technology field and 3+ years of experience, or a master’s degree or
Under [Company Information] at, you can look up different higher in the science and technology field at all times.
companies under Top 30 Conglomerates, Top 100 Companies, KOSPI/KOSDAQ- •Involvement in R&D activities for an advanced technology-related business as
listed Companies, Foreign-capital Companies, Importing/Exporting Companies, defined by the Tax Benefit Restriction Act.
Region, and Industry criteria.
Investment of KRW 50 million or more in a non-profit organization meeting one of the
DART (Data Analysis, Retrieval and Transfer System) following criteria is recognized as foreign investment only when recognized as such
Set up by the Financial Supervisory Service, one can find corporate filings submitted by the Foreign Investment Commission.
by Korean companies (in English). •Non-profit organizations established for the purpose of academic, art, medical,
Go to / to find company profiles, Major shareholder and / or educational promotion that consistently carry out professional workforce
information and financial information (Annual / quarterly report) of listed companies. training and activities aimed at the expansion of international exchange.
In addition, the website provides English disclosures from the two Korean stock •Local branches of international organizations which execute private or inter-
exchanges. governmental cooperation projects.

72 73

Q20 Is there a list of Foreign Chambers of Commerce in Korea?

ANZCCK: Australian New Zealand Chamber of Commerce in Korea
EUCCK: The European Union Chamber of Commerce in Korea
BCCK: The British Chamber of Commerce in Korea
ITCCK: The Italian Chamber of Commerce in Korea
CanCham: The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Korea
AHK: The Korean-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry
FKCCI: The French Korean Chamber of Commerce and Industry

•Immigration Offices in Seoul 76
•List of Residence Hotel (Offering discount rates) 77
•Real Estate Agencies Speaking Foreign Languages 78
•International Social Meetings in Korea 84
•Credit Card Company List 89
•Hospitals for Foreigners in Korea 90
•Foreign Schools in Korea 92
•Home Delivery Service Companies 94


Immigration Offices in Seoul List of Residence Hotel (Offering discount rates)

Name Jurisdiction Address Transportation Contact Name Contact Website

Seoul Immigration Seoul (Except the 319-2, Sinjeong 6 Subway line #5 02) COATEL 6288-3333

Office Jurisdiction of Sejong dong, Yangcheon- Omokgyo Station 2650-6212 M-Chereville 3480-6000

Branch Office), gu, Seoul Exit # 7 (walk for Provista 597-1140

Gwangmyeong, 10min.) Human Starville 556-0070

Seongnam, Anyang, Oakwood 3466-7000

Hanam of Seoul Residence 6202-3100

Gyeonggido Dormy Inn 6474-1515

Somerset Palace Seoul 6730-8888

KOTRA Dealing Extension of 13, Invest Korea Subway line #3 02) FraserSuites 6262-8282

ISC(Investor stay only for D-8 visa Plaza 2F Yangjae Station 3497-1064 Han Suites 2280-8000

Support Center) Heolleungno, Exit # 7 (taking Hyundai Residence 3406-8000~1

Seocho-gu, Seoul bus for 10 min.) CasaVille 6220-4000

Stay7 82-1544-3040

Seoul Immigration Jongno-gu, jung-gu, SK Hub Bldg. 2F, Subway line #3 02)
Office Sejongno Eunpyeong- 89-4, Ankook Station 732-6214
Branch Office gu,Dongdaemun-gu, Gyeongundong, Exit # 6
Jungnang-gu, Jongno-gu, Seoul
Nowon-gu, Seoul

Incheon Airport Overall Undertaking 159-6, Subway line #2, 02)

Immigration Office For Entry & Samseongdong, Samsung Station 551-6922
City Air Terminal Departure Inspection Gangnam-gu, Seoul Exit #5, 6
At City Air Terminal

76 77

Real Estate Agencies Speaking Foreign Languages (Source: Seoul global Center)

Language Language
Name Tel (82-2-) Address Name Address
available available
Jungang 734-1557 153-1, Ogin-dong, Jongno-gu English A&A 794-1133 No. 1009, Hannam Bldg, 737-37, English
Hyundai 763-8833 561-2, Changshin-dong, Jongno-gu English Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu
Jinsol 738-4984 147-9, Tongin-dong, Jongno-gu English Ziwoo 797-8814 No. 708, Hannam Bldg, 737-37, English
Arum 2233-4800 348-43, Sindang-dong, Jung-gu English Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu
Kukje 2233-2525 347-355, Sindang-dong, Jung-gu English Green 749-9500 24-4, Cheongpadong 3-ga, Yongsan-gu English
Hyundai 2256-9988 No. 104 1F, Namsan Town Apt. Sangga 4, Japanese Jun 719-8289 1F, 27-1, Seogye-dong, Yongsan-gu Japanese,
844, Sindang-dong, Jung-gu Chinese
Ubiquitous 2256-0142 B-1, President Bldg, 373-114, Japanese Hill-Top 795-4999 2F, 274-13, Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu English
Sindang-dong, Jung-gu New-Town 797-8200 1F, 131-24, Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu English
Starvil 798-8990 84-1, Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu English Summit 765-6820 No. 1114, Yongsan Park Xi, 50-1, English
Samsung 717-3399 No. 108, Samsung River Hill Apt. English Hangangno 1-ga, Yongsan-gu
Sangga, Sancheon-dong, Yongsan-gu Seoul Realty-Net 796-7114 3F, Woojin Bldg, 18-5, Hangangno-1ga, English
Onnuri 796-4955 301-146, Ichon-dong, Yongsan-gu English Yongsan-gu
Hana 714-5873 193-4, Ichon-dong, Yongsan-gu Japanese Hansol 798-6262 No. 105, Daeyoung Sangga, 301-152, English
Eden 793-4774 532, Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu English Icheon-dong, Yongsan-gu
Jinny 749-5959 256-2, Hangangno 2-ga, Yongsan-gu English Orient 796-4400 234-6, Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu English
Asian Tigers 790-1844 229-5, Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu English New-Town 703-7888 267-39, Seogye-dong, Yongsan-gu English
Eaan 711-0599 183-1, Sancheon-dong, Yongsan-gu English C&G 795-9043 552, Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu English
Dongwon 792-1035 396-1, Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu English Cj-9Park 706-6666 No. 105, Cj 9Park 201, 24-6, English
Kookil 798-0123 No. 105, Samik Sangga, 300-301, English Munbae-dong, Yongsan-gu
Ichon-dong, Yongsan-gu Prime 796-0023 1F, 57-38, Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu English
Peace 792-1006 254-4, Hangangno 1-ga, Yongsan-gu English IRE 798-9888 231-19, Bogwang-dong, Yongsan-gu English
Landmark 797-4555 312-5, Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu English Yongsan 792-7111 5-1612, Yongsan-dong 2-ga, Yongsan-gu English
Yonsei 798-3223 No. 106, Samik Sangga, 300-301, Japanese International 794-8844 No. 103, 34-158, Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu English
Ichon-dong, Yongsan-gu Dreamland Housing 794-0811 226-1, Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu English
Alps 774-1588 251-16, Huam-dong, Yongsan-gu English World 797-0330 229-17, Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu English
Viva-Consulting 792-5500 No. 1, 653-103, Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu English Reamko Realty 749-9959 No. 201, Hanseong Bldg, 28-11, English
LA 790-3555 1F, 529, Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu English Corporation Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu
Nicerent 793-8866 No. 903, Hyundai Hyel, 2-36, Hangangno English UN 792-2558 28-12, Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu English
2-ga, Yongsan-gu Green 749-8070 No. 204 2F, 36-1, Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu English
Hansin 798-9966 561, Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu English Yoolim 794-7633 310-29, Dongbinggo-dong, Yongsan-gu English

78 79

Language Language
Name Tel (82-2-) Address Name Tel (82-2-) Address
available available
Hi-Rent 797-7277 No. 101, Pungwon Sangga, 302-68, English Hometown Hyunsuk-dong, Mapo-gu
Icheon-dong, Yongsan-gu Mapo 717-4100 255-16, Gongdeok-dong, Mapo-gu Japanese
Kangsan 446-0092 200-1, Guui 3-dong, Gwangjin-gu English Woori 2654-5959 No. 125, Shinhan Sangga, 960, Japanese
Jinheung 456-4989 773-9, Jayang-dong, Gwangjin-gu English Mok-dong, Yangcheon-gu
Sobaek 432-8949 248-1, Junggok-dong, Gwangjin-gu English New-Seoul 2651-2244 No. 204, Mok-dong Apt. 7 Danji B English
Janghanpyung 2249-0088 1F, Younglim Bldg, 433-11, Jangan-dong, English Sangga, 925, Mok-dong, Yangcheon-gu
Dongdaemun-gu LBA Seoul 2691-1700 1006-1, Hwagok 3-dong, Gangseo-gu English
Woori 433-8338 221-7, Sangbong 1-dong, Jungnang-gu Japanese Hyundai-Ⅰ 2695-4998 1029-42, Hwagok-dong, Gangseo-gu English
Kumgang 977-5775 244-143, Muk 2-dong, Jungnang-gu English LBA Ilsong 2601-5660 105-64, Hwagok-dong , Gangseo-gu English
Orient 3672-4400 1F, 321, Seongbuk-dong, Seongbuk-gu English City 860-5656 No. 125, Sindorim Posvill, 26, English
Prime 983-4589 481-24, Gireum 3-dong, Seongbuk-gu English Guro 5-dong, Guro-gu
Happy 982-1100 707-4, Mia 8-dong, Gangbuk-gu English Cheongho 808-8920 917-36, Siheung-dong, Geumcheon-gu English
Susan 906-9911 No. 102, Susan Triple Apt. Sangga, English Hometown 2631-0003 No. 104, Hyundai Apt. Sangga, 164, English
817, Chang 5-dong, Dobong-gu Dangsandong 2-ga, Yeongdeungpo-gu
Joeun 990-0708 No. 102, 263-33, Chang 5-dong, English Star Parks Real 6337-1000 15F, 35-4, Yeouido-dong, English,
Dobong-gu Estate Co.,Ltd Yeongdeungpo-gu Chinese, Russian
Dooly Village 990-9055 1F, 286-5, Ssangmun 1-dong, Dobong-gu English Richensia 784-5655 No. 203, Kumho Richensia A-dong, English
Won 971-0056 323-8, Gongneung-dong, Nowon-gu English Yeouido-dong 61, Yeongdeungpo-gu
Hyundai 354-5533 17-4, Yeokchon-dong, Eunpyeong-gu Japanese Choeun 584-0046 267-27, Sangdo-dong, Dongjak-gu English, Spanish
Yesung 383-2459 21-62, Gusan-dong, Eunpyeong-gu English Samsung 814-5848 263-11, Noryangjin-dong, Dongjak-gu English
Eunpyeong 353-1123 No. 101, 28-68, Yeokcheon-dong, English LBA Hana 888-6880 No. 103, Dongatown21, 7-312, English
Eunpyeong-gu Bongcheon-dong, Gwanak-gu
LBA Moonchanho 392-4040 101-6, Daehyun-dong, Seodaemun-gu English Hana 889-7003 No. 105, Daewoo Apt. Sangga, English
Realty 1717, Bongcheon-dong, Gwanak-gu
Jiwoo 6414-8540 No. 422, Chungjung Rezion, Chungjeongno Japanese Eoulrim 588-7282 1066-3, Namhyun-dong, Gwanak-gu Japanese
3-ga, Seodaemun-gu Banpo114 595-5982 M-14, 938, Banpo-dong, Seocho-gu English
Sinhwa 338-1550 180-8, Donggyo-dong, Mapo-gu English Hanbo 532-7050 3-3, Banpo Mido Sangga, 60-4, English
Yale 3141-1233 B-3, Paradisetel, 159-6, Donggyo-dong, English Banpo-dong, Seocho-gu
Mapo-gu Posco 525-0024 102, 1444-21, Seocho-dong, English
Tuja 716-5100 118-6, Daeheung-dong, Mapo-gu Japanese Seocho-gu
Hyundai- 707-4999-002 No. 102, Hyunsuk Bldg, 93-1, English Nambuk 577-9498 1F, 321-2, Yangje-dong, Seocho-gu English

80 81

Language Language
Name Tel (82-2-) Address Name Tel (82-2-) Address
available available
Sinsegye 545-8844 No. 105, Hyundai Sangga, 426, English Global Property 568-6886 No. 1212, Samheung Officetel, 705-9, English
Abgujeong-dong, Gangnam-gu Co.,Ltd Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu
Mirae 517-8282 No. 102, Kumkang Arcade, 455, English Jun, Youngsuk 581-3318 No. 126, Ssangyong Platinum, English
Apgujeong-dong, Gangnam-gu 826-37, Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu
Chungdam Zai 511-6644 132-8, Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu English, Japanese Onnuri 558-0601 317, 690-3, Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu English
G&B Lotte 548-2002 No. 101, Daewoong Bldg, 46-20, English Office-Seoul 508-2860 B106, 823, Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu English
Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu Daeheung 406-8836 200-73, Macheon-dong, Songpa-gu Japanese
Seolleung-Youk 558-8949 No. 101, Pungrim I-One, 890-54, English, Japanese Excellent 424-1616 1-121, 40, Jamsil-dong, Songpa-gu English
Dachi-dong, Gangnam-gu Consulting
Vantt 575-1006 B-110, Woosung Livingtel, 467-10 , English Geoyeo 404-9990 554, Geoyeo-dong, Songpa-gu Japanese
Dogok-dong, Gangnam-gu Hanmaru 448-2002 No. 101, Sangga, 319, Macheon-dong, English
Hankook 578-0508 No. 309, Woosung Charactervill, English, Chinese Songpa-gu
467-18, Dogok-dong, Gangnam-gu Pureun 408-4833 No. 103, Da Sangga, 479, Garak-dong, English
NewYork 529-2089 A-106, Academysweet, 467-7, English Songpa-gu
Dogok-dong, Gangnam-gu Koa 400-5949 No. 116, Daerim Apt. Sangga, English, Japanese
Rexle-Top 576-5765 No. 137, Dogok Rexle Sangga, 527, English Ogeum-dong, Songpa-gu
Dogok-dong, Gangnam-gu Corea 400-1310 1F, 51-7, Munjeong-dong, Songpa-gu English
Taeyoung 541-4008 170, Nonhyun-dong, Gangnam-gu English Lee Jik Sun 470-8946 148-7, Dunchon-dong, Gangdong-gu English
Sambo 3445-9857 108, Samsung-dong, Gangnam-gu English Samsung 486-4005 534-2, Seongnae-dong, Gangdong-gu Japanese
Daejong 565-8800 B-8, Daejong Bldg, 143-48, English, Japanese
Samsung-dong, Gangnam-gu
Best 2191-6694 No. 806, LGtwintel2 Bldg, 157-3, English
Samsung-dong, Gangnam-gu
Samil 543-5885 26-15, Samsung-dong, Gangnam-gu English
LBA Tukjip 543-9036 No. 12, 4-4, Samsung-dong, Gangnam-gu Japanese
LBA Newstar 541-8866 No. 107, Chunggu Sangga, 78-4, English
Parksangwon Samsung-dong, Gangnam-gu
Bexel 560-2780 No. 305, Sangnokplaza, 701, Japanese
Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu
Namil 557-0808 703-8, Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu English

82 83

International Social Meetings in Korea

Name Activity Contact Email / Homepage Name Activity Contact Email / Homepage
African 02-536-0453 Canadian’s Club 02-3673-3330
Women’s Group 02-797-2767 Canadian The club meets the fourth Friday
American Monthly Coffee Morning is on the 2nd Women’s Club of the month for a coffee morning.
Women’s Club Tuesday of each month at the Hilton Cercle This is a group for French speaking 02-762-2035
(AWC) Hotel, 9:30 a.m. and a Newcomer’s Coffee Franco-Coreen expatriates and Korean women.
on Friday following the Coffee Morning. The group meets three times a month
Association des 02-3477-5423 with a different topic at each meeting.
Francophones de Club Monthly Meeting on the first latinclubseoul@hotmail.
Corree(AFC) Iberoamericano Tuesday of the month at 1:30 p.m. com
Aussie Connection 02-798-2733 Communidad 02-798-1695
Australian & Coffee Mornings at 10:00 a.m. 02-2003-0100 Anzaseoul01@yahoo. Mexicana
New Zealand every third Tuesday of each month. com Czech Club 02-749-2422
Association (ANZA) Dutch Club 02-744-6751
Bible Study Women’s Day Group meets every 02-723-8589 “Hendrik Hamel”
Fellowship Thursday (September through May), GERMAN BLUB www.deutscherclub
International 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. at YoungNak (DEUTSCHER
Church in Jeodong, Jung-ku. CLUB SEOUL)
Brazil-Korea The Brazil-Korea Association is a FOCUS Multinational and non-profit 02-797-8212
Association non-profit organization founded in 2002 (Foreigners’ membership organization whose 02-798-7529
to promote the Brazilian culture in the Community purpose is to support foreigners living in
local community, and to congregate the Service) Korea. General help, medical and
Brazilians and friends of Brazil living in counseling referrals available. FOCUS
Korea. It is our goal to work towards provides a 24hr emergency hotline
increasing friendship and cultural Friendly Ladies’ The Friendly ladies Diplomats’ 02-795-5051
exchange between Korea and Brazil. Diplomats’ Wives Group An international group
British Monthly Meetings are held on the last 02-756-0260 Wives Group open to Diplomats’ wives only.
Association Tuesday of the month. A Newcomer’s The group meets monthly for a coffee
of Seoul (BASS) Coffee is held at a private home each morning and a monthly tour.
month. German Club Open to those with working knowledge 02-793-6671 schriftfuehrerin@deuts
British Women’s seoul@bwg. of German language. The Club offers 02-790-2466
Group (BWG) monthly Coffee Morning, Tours and Events.

84 85

Name Activity Contact Email / Homepage Name Activity Contact Email / Homepage
“Annapurna” Meets monthly on the last Wednesday 02-792-6052 Nordic Women’s Open to those with strong links to 02-798-7292
Indian of the month at the Indian Amba Club (NWC) Scandinavia by origin, marriage or
Women’s Club ssador’s Residence. overseas posting. The group meets the
Inter-Culture This is a membership club for Korean 02-3482-4050 last Monday of the month. The club’s
Korea (ICK) citizens and foreigners living in Korea. official language is English.
Inter-Culture Spouses Membership is open to foreign 02-723-6826 Overseas Chinese This group meets every month at 02-797-8212
Association (ISA) women with Korean husbands. Women’s Club members’ homes. Membership is open 02-798-7529
International This is an international group of Christian 02-558-2103 (OCWC) to Asian Chinese speaking women.
Christian women who meet monthly for outreach PDK-International Phi Delta Kappa is an international association 019-645-1409
Women’s Club luncheons and sponsor non- Professional for professional educators. The organization’s
(ICWC) denominational Bible studies for English Association in mission is to promote quality education as essential
speaking women of all nationalities. Education to the development and maintenance of a democratic
Irish Association This group organizes the annual Irish 02-774-6455 way of life by providing innovative programs,
Korea (IAK) Ball and St. Patrick’s Day celebration. and serving the community.
Meets monthly. Royal Asiatic This group provides an excellent way to 02-763-9483
Jewish Services Held in Yongsan. 0505-725-6009 Society learn about and experience Korean
Korean Association Forums are held on the third Thursday 02-993-2378 culture. Lectures are held at the Goethe
of Univ. Women of each month to discuss current Institute (German Cultural Center, Namsan
(KAUW) international affairs. Road). Tours take place on weekends.
Korea Bridge Meetings are held on the third Tuesday 02-993-2378 The RAS has a selection of English
Association of every month. language books on Korea. Meetings are
La Leche League The breastfeeding support group meets 02-7918-7728 held on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday
of Seoul monthly. from 7:30-8:30 p.m. In December,
Lotus lantern The International Buddhist Center is 02-735-5347 meetings are held only on the 2nd
International open to all and promotes Korean Wednesday of the month.
Buddhism and culture. Seoul Filipino This group meets regularly for lunch and
Malaysian Women’s 02-742-6787 Women’s Group organizes participation in community
Group (MWG) events throughout the year.
Mexican Families meet on the second 02-798-1694 Seoul Japan Club (SJC)
Community Group Sunday of every month. 02-798-1695 Seoul International
New Zealand 02-790-5923 Women’s
Group (NZG) Association (SIWA)

86 87

Credit Card Company List

Name Activity Contact Email / Homepage Name Website Contact

Seoul Players Mixed group of thespians. 02-797-8212 Yes card (KEB) 1544-3500
02-798-7529 02-2003-3500
Seoul Group promotes competitive tennis and 02-797-8212 Woori Card 1588-5000+#7(eng)
International Ladies good sportsmanship. There are spring 02-798-7529 080-365-5000
Tennis League and fall leagues at three levels. Samsung Card 02-2000-8438
Swedish Women’s Shinhan Card 1544-7000
Educational Association City Card 2004-1004
South African 02-599-4374 (from Overseas: 82-2-2004-1004)
Ladies (SAL’s) KB Card KB BC Card: 1588-9999
St. Andrews Scottish Dancing Practices every Wednesday KB Card: 1588-1688
Society of Seoul in April and May and September to November, Lotte Card 1588-8100
(Scottish Society) from 7: 30 p.m. to 10: 00 p.m. and March to Hana Card Hana Card 1588-1155
May. Newcomers are always welcome (from Overseas: 82-42-520-2500)
USO Classes and tours are available 02-795-3028 Hyundai Card 1577-6000
(US Service to the public. BC Card 1588-4000
Organization) Volunteers are always needed.
Wine The aim of this club is to learn about 02-695-7576
Connoisseurs and appreciate wines from around the
Club world while meeting new friends. Wine
tasting takes place in a wine cellar near
Ehwa Women’s University.

88 89

Hospitals for Foreigners in Korea

Name Address Contact Website Name Address Contact Website

Seoul National Angeon-dong, Reservation: Yonsei University Eonjuro Reservation:
University Hospital Jongno-gu, Seoul 02) 2072-2890, 0505 Gangnam Gangnam-gu, 02)2019-3600, 3690 International Health
Hotline(24/7): Severance hospital Seoul 135-720 hotline (24/7):012-940-2662 Care Center
0130-484-0505 Cha Medical Center Yeoksam-dong, Reservation: 02)3468-3127
Soonchunhyang Hannam-dong, Reservation: http://schuh- Gangnam-gu, 080-860-1117
University Hospital Yongsan-gu, Seoul 02) 709-9158, 9058 Seoul hotline (24/7):080-860-1117
hotline (24/7): Seoul National Yeoksam Dong, Reservation:02)2112-5503
02) 709-9119(Korean) University Hospital Gangnamgu, English
Hanyang University Haengdang-dong, Reservation: Healthcare System Seoul
Medical Center Seongdong-gu, 02) 2290-9553 English Gangnam Center
Seoul hotline (24/7): Asan Medical Pungnab-dong, Reservation:
02) 2290-8282 Center Songpa-gu, Seoul 02)3010-5001~5003 English
Kyunghee University Hoegi-dong, International Health Care English Medical Service
Medical Center Dongdaemun-gu, Service: 02) 958-9644 International Clinic
Seoul International Oriental Health Seoul Medical Samsung-dong, Reservation:02)3430-0693
Clinic: 02) 958-1897 Center Gangnam-gu,
Severance Hospital; Sinchon-dong, Reservation: Seoul
Yonsei University Seodaemun-gu, 02)2228-5810 International Health
Hospital Seoul hotline (24/7): Care Center
Seoul St. Mary’s Banpo-dong, Reservation:
Hospital of the Seocho-gu, Seoul 02)2258-5745~6 English
Catholic University hotline (24/7):
02)2258-2003, 2005
Samsung Medical Irwondong, Reservation:
Center Gangnamgu, Seoul 02)3410-0200, 0226 English
hotline (24/7): International Health
010-9933-0200, 0223 Cervices

90 91

Foreign Schools in Korea

(Source from the ministry of education, Science and technology as of Sep. 2008)

Area Name Establishment Origin student Area Name Establishment Origin student
Seoul Seoul Foreign School 1978.05.25 USA 1,466 Kwangju Gwangju International School 2000.08.05 ROK(Naturalized) 95
Seoul Seoul Japanese School 1978.01.24 Japan 380 Daejeon Taejon Christian International School 1999.03.15 USA 593
Seoul Seoul Hua-chaio 1999.08.27 Taiwan 622 Ulsan Hyundai Foreign School 2008.04.30 England 109
Chinese Middle and High School Gyenggi Jungsan Elementary, Middle and High 2007.08.31 Taiwan 126
Seoul Korea Yeongdeungpo Chinese 1999.08.27 Taiwan 49 School
Elementary School Gyenggi Korea International School 2005.12.14 USA 989
Seoul German School Seoul 1999.08.27 Germany 144 Gyenggi International Christian School 2002.06.24 USA 257
Seoul Seoul Academy International School 1999.08.27 USA 152 Gyenggi Gyeonggi Suwon International School 2006.06.12 USA 436
Seoul Korea Kent Foreign School 1999.08.27 USA 298 Gyenggi Uijeongbu Chinese Elementary School 1999.04.07 Taiwan 33
Seoul Global Christian School 1999.08.27 USA 67 Gyenggi Seoul International School 1973.06.05 USA 1,084
Seoul Korea International School 1999.08.27 USA 51 Gyenggi Indianhead International School 1999.07.29. USA 138
Seoul Centennial Christian School 1999.10.15 USA 148 Gangwon Chuncheon Chinese Elementary School 2000.12.30 Taiwan 3
Seoul Seoul Hua-chaio Chinese Elementary 2001.11.23 Taiwan 483 Gangwon Wonju Chinese Elementary School 1999.10.14 Taiwan 57
School Choongbuk Cheongju Chinese Elementary School 1996.06.30 Taiwan 16
Seoul Yongsan International School of Seoul 2000.05.06 USA 748 Choongbuk Chungju Chinese Elementary School 1999.09.22 Taiwan 3
Seoul Korea Mongolian School 2005.02.21 Mongolia 75 Choongbuk Jecheon Chinese Elementary School 2001.11.15 Taiwan 1
Seoul Rainbow International School 2007.08.27 Turkey 38 Choongnam Onyang Chinese Elementary School 2002.06.14 Taiwan 12
Seoul Asia Pacifiv International School 2006.12.20 USA 243 Choongnam Cheonan Chinese Elementary School 1999.08.2 Taiwan -
Seoul Lycee Francais de Seoul 2001.04.07 France 381 Jeonbuk Gunsan Chinese Elementary School 2002.01.10 Taiwan 16
Seoul Lycee International Xavier 2002.02.09 France 106 Gyeongnam Okpo International School 2002.12.03 England 188
Busan Busan Foreign School 2001.04.23 USA 153 Gyeongnam Gyeongnam International 2003.12.26 USA 88
Busan International School of Busan 2001.08.08 Norway 179 Foreign School
Busan Busan Chinese Elementary School 2001.07.23 Taiwan 144 Sum Total of 45 schools / 10,993 student in attendance
Busan Busan Chinese Middle and High School 2001.07.23 Taiwan 126
Busan Busan Japanese School 2001.07.23 Japan 36
Daegu Korea Daegu Chinese Elementary School 2002.07.08 Taiwan 66
Daegu Korea Daegu Chinese Middle and High 1998.10.18 Taiwan 29
Incheon Incheon Chinese 2002.12.21 ROK(Naturalized) 552
Middle and High School

92 93

Home Delivery Service Companies

Name Website Contact

Korea Parcel Service 1588-1300
Hanjin Delivery 1588-0011
CJ GLS 1588-5353
Hyundai Delivery 1588-2121
KG Yellow cap 1588-0123
Daehan Delivery 1588-1255
Logen Delivery 1588-9988