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06 August 2015 N EWS RELEASE RIVERSIDE POLICE DEPARTMENT 31 Riverside Road, Riverside, IL 60546

06 August 2015


RIVERSIDE POLICE DEPARTMENT 31 Riverside Road, Riverside, IL 60546


Contact: Chief Thomas Weitzel


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708.447.2127 Follow RPD on Twitter @pdriverside Riverside Police Recover Missing Elderly Female Just Outside

Riverside Police Recover Missing Elderly Female Just Outside Paw Paw, Michigan Seventy-year old female with early onset Alzheimer's reported missing found in Michigan

On Wednesday, August 5, 2015 at 9:30 p.m., a 78-year-old male resident of Riverside reported his 70-year-old wife missing. The husband reported the following facts. Earlier in the evening, both he and his wife had traveled to an auto dealership in Hodgkins, Illinois to pick up a car that had some work done on it. The wife, a 70-year-old female resident of Riverside, was to follow her husband home. When the husband arrived home at his residence in Riverside, his wife was not behind him in her car. He then waited a short period of time, and once she did not return, he searched for her on his own but was unable to find her or her vehicle. It was at that time that he reported her missing to Riverside Police.

Riverside Police immediately launched an investigation, as the female had a medical condition that required immediate police response. Investigators had the husband show them the path that the couple had taken home. Riverside detectives drove the entire path and were unable to locate the female or her vehicle. Police then entered the missing female into the national computer system for missing people, along with a description of her vehicle thereby issuing a nationwide alert along with a safety flier with a photo of the missing individual. Riverside officers continued to search known locations that she may be at throughout the entire midnight shift, with no positive results.

On Thursday, August 6, 2015 at 7:40 a.m., Riverside Police were notified by the Michigan State Police that they had found the missing elderly female and her vehicle in Michigan off of I-94 at Exit 56. This location is just outside of Paw Paw, Michigan. Michigan State Police relayed that they found the vehicle on the side of the road, as the driver had run out of gas. Riverside Police then immediately notified her husband and assisted with arrangements in returning her to her home in Riverside.

Riverside Police Chief Thomas Weitzel stated, "I am extremely thankful that one of our residents was recovered in the State of Michigan with apparently no injuries, but was confused as to where she was. The speedy response by police personnel and the relentless nonstop work done by patrol and investigations led to her recovery Thursday morning. Immediate police response to missing children and adults is a key component to successful recovery."