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ETAP 12.5 release is the latest upgrade of the market-leading electrical power system design and operation software.
The new analysis features and enhanced capabilities effectively enable optimized design, increasing safety, quality,
and productivity.
ETAP Faster Than Real-Time solution provides for better decision making, improved operations management, cost
saving, and compliancy.

Dynamic Parameter Estimation & Tuning - DPET

GOST Short Circuit - R 52735 Standard
Distributed electrical SCADA technology
Thin-client consoles
Web real-time consoles
Native SCADA Communication Protocols
IEC 61850 substation automation

Phasor measurement unit archive and visualization

Waveform capture and visualization
New Library Merge and Cable Library Quick-Pick
Enhanced Analysis Modules
3,500+ New Device Libraries
Multi-Language Editions

This document provides a step-by-step installation procedure for ETAP 12.5.0 and the User Guide. The installation
program installs ETAP and all of its components including libraries, example projects, and ETAP help files. It also
installs the ETAP License Manager since all stand-alone and network keys use this service to provide authorization for
ETAP 12.5.0.

Activation Code

New User: If you are installing the software for the first time, ETAP 12.5.0 will prompt you for a 36-character
Activation Code which is located on the ETAP 12.5.0 DVD sleeve.
Existing User: ETAP 12.5.0 will utilize a new 36-character code which is located on the ETAP 12.5.0 DVD sleeve. If
you cannot locate your code, please contact your sales representative at sales@etap.com.

License Manager

The ETAP License Manager is installed as part of the ETAP installation program. A separate setup program is provided
to install the ETAP License Manager. ETAP 12.5.0 License Manager is compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit computers and
earlier versions of ETAP.

Before Installing ETAP

1. You must have administrator rights to your computer. For Windows Vista operating systems, it is
recommended to turn off the User Account Control (UAC) and the firewall during the installation.
2. Close all applications.

Installation Guide
Installing ETAP
Insert the ETAP DVD into your DVD drive.
Auto Play: The ETAP Installer program will
automatically appear if AutoPlay is active.
Manual: Run EtapInstaller.exe
Follow the actions required as highlighted on the
screenshots below:

1. ETAP Installer

2. Welcome

3. License Agreement

4. System Requirements

Stand-Alone licenses:
Insert the ETAP Security Key in the same computer.
With this option, ETAP and ETAP License Manager will
be automatically installed on your computer.
Network licenses:
Install the ETAP License Manager on a computer
designated as the ETAP License Manager Server. In this
configuration, the ETAP Security Key must be located
at the ETAP License Manager Server.

5. Real-Time Features

6. License Types

7. Language Reports Selection

8. Report Formats

9. Destination Selection

Activation Code

Installing ETAP User Guide

To install the ETAP 12.5.0 User Guide, select the ETAP
User Guide option that appears below the Installations
section of the Installer Program.
1. Click Next on the Welcome screen to continue.

10. Setup Verification

2. Setup requires the name of a destination folder

on your hard drive where you would like the ETAP
User Guide to be installed. The default destination
folder is C:\ETAP User Guide 1250. To install the
user guide in a different location, click Browse and
select or type a new destination folder. Click Next.
3. When the installation is complete, the installer
displays the ETAP User Guide Installation Complete
screen. Click Finish.

Troubleshooting Security Key Message:

ETAP key is not found or the License Manager is

not ready
11. Installation Complete

Launching ETAP
The ETAP License wizard displays the ETAP License
Path Selection Editor. If a Stand-Alone or Network
Security Key is located on your computer, click OK to
continue. For a Network License, if the ETAP Security
Key is located on a different computer, select another
path and enter the name or IP address of the computer
where the key is located.


The ETAP License Manager is not installed in the

designated computer.
Install the License Manager and make sure there is
no firewall interference.
The ETAP License Manager Service is not running.
Reset the License Manager from Start\All Programs\
ETAP 12.5.0\Reset License Manager.
The ETAP License Manager is installed in a Virtual
ETAP prevents the operation of the License Manager
on a virtual machine. This is due to the nature of
virtual machines that makes it possible to replicate
the ETAP License Manager in violation of its intended
number of users per ETAP License Grant and
Agreement. Please contact sales@etap.com for more
ETAP key is not connected to the computer or key
drivers are not installed properly.

License Path Selection

Verify that the key is securely attached to the

computer. For more details please refer to Chapter 2
of the ETAP User Guide.

System Requirements
Operating System (32-bit or 64-bit)
xxMicrosoft Server 2012 (Standard)
xxMicrosoft Windows 8 (Standard, Professional)
xxMicrosoft Windows 7 (SP1)
(Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate)
xxMicrosoft Windows Vista (SP2)
(Home Premium, Business, Enterprise)
xxMicrosoft Windows XP (SP3)
(Professional, Home Edition)

ETAP Upgrade and User Support Maintenance

All upgrades are automatically provided to users with a valid ETAP Upgrade
and User Support Contract (UUC).
The UUC is the most cost-effective way to protect your ETAP investment
by providing product upgrades and technical support for your ETAP
software. Extending your maintenance support agreement will allow you
the opportunity to apply ETAPs unique features and sophisticated analysis
techniques to all your power system analysis projects. With a valid UUC
maintenance support agreement, you receive:

xxMicrosoft Server 2008 R2 (Standard)

xx Free version upgrades including automatic shipment of new releases

xxMicrosoft Server 2008 (Standard)

xx Unlimited access to user / technical support

xxMicrosoft Server 2003 R2 (Standard) (SP2)

xxMicrosoft Server 2003 (Standard) (SP2)

Software Requirements

xx Latest device libraries updates

xx Full access to ETAP User FTP and download sites
xx Access to prerelease and beta versions of new products and upgrades

xxMicrosoft Internet Explorer 5.01 or higher

xxMicrosoft .NET Framework v3.5 (SP1)
xxMicrosoft SQL Server Compact v3.5 (SP2)

PC Configuration Requirements
xxUSB port (if stand-alone licensing required)
xxEthernet port with network access
(if network licensing required)
xxDVD drive 10 to 80 GB hard disk space
(based on project size, number of buses)
xx19 monitors recommended
(dual monitors highly recommended)
xxRecommended display resolution - 1280x1024

Recommended Hardware
100 Bus Projects
xxIntel Dual/Quad core - 2.0 GHz (or equivalent)
xx2 GB RAM

User Feedback
ETAP is dedicated to providing our customers with a superior product
experience, and user feedback is one of the central elements of this
commitment. In fact, ETAP is designed based on 95% of user suggestions
and requests! We invite you to help us make a difference by filling out
a short, single-page feedback form located at etap.com (click on User
Feedback Form). All information is confidential and will be used only by the
ETAP engineering and development staff.

ETAP Training
ETAP University training events include a wide-range of power system
analysis workshops, seminars, and on-site training conducted by Certified
ETAP Instructors. ETAP workshops in the U.S. offer Continuing Education
Units (CEUs) and a 10% discount for IEEE members.
Visit etap.com to view the current events schedule. Events are added
throughout the year so be sure to visit frequently for the latest updates.

500 Bus Projects

xxIntel Dual/Quad core - 2.0 GHz (or equivalent)
xx4 GB RAM

1,000 Bus Projects

xxIntel Dual/Quad core 3.0 GHz with HyperThreading & high speed bus (or equivalent)
xx8 GB RAM (high speed)
xx64-bit Operating System

10,000 Bus Projects and Higher

xxIntel Dual/Quad core 3.0 GHz with HyperThreading & high speed bus (or equivalent)
xx12 GB RAM (high speed)
xx64-bit Operating System

Support: 949.462.0400
Main: 949.900.1000

Registered to ISO 9001:2008

Certification No. 10002889 QM08

2013 ETAP. All rights reserved. Certain names and/or logos used in this document may constitute trademarks,
service marks, or trade names of ETAP. Other brand and product names are trademarks of their respective holders.