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Research Proposal

Project UDAAN
Research to identify the needs to implement Project
22nd June 2011

Prepared for: Mr. Ujjwal Kant,

Managerial Internship

Prepared By:
Naveen Bangwal
Ph. No.: 09464791615

1 Introduction
Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd. formed in October, 2000, is World's 7th largest
Telecommunications Company providing comprehensive range of telecom services in India:
Wireline, CDMA mobile, GSM Mobile, Internet, Broadband, Carrier service, MPLS-VPN,
VSAT, VoIP services, IN Services etc. Presently it is one of the largest & leading public
sector units in India.
BSNL is one of the largest Indian cellular service providers, with over 87.1 million
subscribers as of April 2011, and the largest land line telephone provider in India. However,
in recent years the company's revenue and market share plunged into heavy losses due to
intense competition in Indian telecommunications sector. BSNL had earlier reported a net loss
of over Rs. 1,800 crores during 2009-2010. This was the first-ever loss registered by the
public sector unit since its inception in October 2000.
The state owned telecom firm has undertaken an exercise of organizational restructuring with
the help of Boston Consulting Group (BCG), a management consulting firm. The
transformational exercise has been named Project Shikhar and will attempt to arrest the
company's financial decline, and restructure the business to make it profitable. As part of this
exercise, BSNLs organizational structure has also being redesigned along different business
verticals to provide end to end focus on key growth segments and to clearly define
accountability for different businesses and functions at all levels of the organization.
The pilot project known as Project Udaan under the base Project Shikhar is the field of this research
work. The overall objective of Project Udaan is to rapidly expand broadband subscriber base

while reducing churn in wireline voice subscribers and increase realization from existing

2 Objectives
The overall objective of conducting this research is to examine the factor that led BSNL to
initiate the pilot Project Udaan under the base Project Shikhar. This has been broken up into
following sub-objectives.

To identify customer segments for new as well as existing products and services.
To understand the marketing and sales mechanism implemented by BSNL under
Project Udaan
To study the customers feedback in order to identify the changing needs and
expectations of the customers. Analyzing structure of current sales team and
indentifying the flaws in it

We have detailed further areas beneath each objective.

1. To identify customer segments for new as well as existing products and services.
This objective would seek the customers buying behavior and awareness of available and
upcoming product and services which will help us to define various customer segments.
Customer segment will be beneficial in providing the right product or service to the right
customer. This will help in identifying the most promising segments for BSNL.
2. To understand the marketing and sales mechanism implemented by BSNL under
Project Udaan
This objective will help us understand the changes made in the marketing and sales
mechanism under Project Udaan. We will search for the reasons for the underlined
changes made in the mechanism.
3. To study the customers feedback in order to identify the changing needs and
expectations of the customers. This objective seeks the changing expectation level of the
customer regarding product and services according to their needs. This will also help in
developing new strategies and modifying existing strategies with the rapidly changing

The proposed research will have two stages. The first stage will be to inspect existing sources
to uncover usage figures and any useful information. The second stage will involve qualitative
research to provide in-depth information on the reason for the initiation of project udaan.
There will be no primary research in regards to this.

3 Desk Research
Our research of secondary sources will be carried out to refine the objectives and provide lines of
enquiry for next stage. Specifically, the desk research phase will gather information on the
various objectives mentioned above. The collected data should give a useful information about
the customer segments, changing market trends, competition, etc. that are responsible for the
revenue generation.
The desk research will attempt to solve the following:

What is the current number of fixed line product and service users of BSNL?
What type of products and services are mostly used by them?
What is the purpose of using these products and services?
What is the price for these products?
What are the various product promotion strategies used by BSNL?
On what basis BSNL has defined various customer segments that are using their fixed
line services?
To identify the changing expectation level of the existing users as well as new customers
that are adopting any fixed line service with the changing market environment.
What are the sales and marketing channels adopted by BSNL?

4 Qualitative Research
Given the exploratory nature of the aspects of objectives, we will provide detailed qualitative
information. Focused research will be used to explore and understand the attitudes of customer,
employees towards the products and services.
The qualitative phase will probe the following:

Product and service awareness among customers

Products and services that are frequently liked and bought by customers
Amount they are willing to pay for the desired product and services
Satisfaction level of the consumers and change in needs with market change
Change in marketing and sales mechanism, roles and responsibilities.
Change in HR policies.
Channel Management Strategies

5 Reporting
The final reporting will be done at the end of research with conclusions and recommendations
but timely progress report will be forwarded and meetings will be held frequently to discuss the
progress with the training coordinator.

6. Credentials
This project will be carried out by Mr. Naveen Bangwal under the supervision of Mr. Vinay
Kapoor, SDE Marketing and Sales, RTTC, Rajpura, who has worked for years in marketing and
sales field.