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AD 2000 CODE

Code A
Code B
Code G
Code HP
Code N
Code S
Code W
Code Z

Equipment, installation and marking

Design of Pressure Vessels
Manufacturing and Testing; including Special Pressure Vessels
Pressure Vessels made of non-metallic materials
Special cases
Materials for pressure vessels, piping and accessories

A 5 app. 1
A 5 app. 2
A 401
A 403
A 404

Equipment, installation and marking

Safety devices against excess pressure: Bursting safety devices
Safety devices against excess pressure: Safety valves
Accessory housings
Openings, closures and closure elements
Directives for the arrangement of manholes and inspection ports
Guidelines for component testing of clamp-bolts
Safety devices against excess pressure; MCR-safety devices
Pressure Vessel equipment; Marking
Pressure Vessel equipment; Equipment for setecting and limiting pressure and temperature
Pressure Vessel equipment; Accessories

B 1 app. 1
B 5/1
B 10
B 13

Design of Pressure Vessels

Design of Pressure Vessels
Cylindrical and spherical shells subjected to internal overpressure
Design of tube bends
Conical shells subjected to internal and external overpressure
Domed ends subject to internal or external pressure
Dished heads
Unstayed and stayed flat ends and plates
Design of plain rectangular tubes and sectional headers
Cylindrical shells subjected to external overpressure
Openings in cylindrical, conical and spherical shells
Thick walled cylindrical shells subject to internal pressure
Single-ply bellows expansion joints


AD 2000-Regulations; Structure, Application and Method Guidelines
List of all standards quoted in the AD-2000 Code

HP 0
HP 1
HP 2/1
HP 3
HP 4
HP 5/1
HP 5/2
HP 5/3
HP 5/3 app. 1
HP 7/1
HP 7/2
HP 7/3
HP 7/4
HP 8/1
HP 8/2
HP 8/3
HP 30
HP 100 R
HP 110 R
HP 120R
HP 511
HP 512
HP 512R

Manufacturing and Testing; including Special Pressure Vessels

General principles of design, manufacture and associated tests
Design and construction
Procedure qualification testing for joining processes;Procedure qualification testing for welded joints
Welding Supervisors, welders
Test Supervisors and testers in non-destructive testing
Manufacture and testing of joints; Principles of welding practice
Manufacture and testing of joints; Production testing of welds, testing of the parent metal after post-weld heat treatment
Manufacture and testing of joints; Non-destructive testing of welded joints
Non-destructive testing of welded joints; Minimum requirements for non-destructive testing methods
Heat treatment; General principles
Heat treatment; Ferritic steels
Heat treatment; Austenitic steels
Heat treatment; Aluminium and aluminium alloys
Testing of pressings made from steel, aluminium and aluminium alloys
Testing of steel sections
Manufacture and testing of fittings made of unalloyed and alloyed steels
Performance of pressure tests
Construction regulations; Metal piping
Construction regulations; Piping made of glassreinforced thermosetting plastics (GRP) with and without liner
Construction regulations; Thermoplastic piping
Design examination
Final testing and pressure testing
Construction regulations; Design examination, final testing and pressure testing of piping

HP 801 No. 4
HP 801 No. 8
HP 801 No. 10
HP 801 No. 11
HP 801 No. 13
HP 801 No. 14
HP 801 No. 15
HP 801 No. 18
HP 801 No. 19
HP 801 No. 23
HP 801 No. 25
HP 801 No. 26
HP 801 No. 27
HP 801 No. 29
HP 801 No. 30
HP 801 No. 34
HP 801 No. 37
HP 801 No. 38
HP 801 No. 39

Special Pressure Vessels

Pressure vessels with gas cushions in hydraulic pressure plants
Pressure vessels on assembly and building sites
Spray pressure vessels
Open vessels heated by steam jackets for cooking preserves, confectionery and meat products
Storage Containers for beverages
Pressure vessels in refrigerating and heat-pumping plant
Pressure vessels subjected to pulsating stresses
Pressure vessels for fire extinguishers and vessels for fire-extinguishing agents
Pressure vessels with lining or masonry lining
Vehicle containers for liquid, granular and powdery materials
Liquefied gas storage vessel installation
Pressure vessels for gases or gas mixtures with operating temperatures below 10 C
Pressure vessels for gases and mixtures in the liquid state
Rotating steam-heated cylinders
Autoclaves for masonry blocks
Ammonia storage vessels
Heat transfer installations
Experimental autoclaves
Pressure vessels in isostatic presses

N 4 app. 1

Pressure Vessels made of non-metallic materials

Pressure vessels in glass fibre reinforced thermo setting plastics
Pressure vessels made of electro-graphite and hard burned carbon
Pressure vessels made of glass
Assessment of defects in walls of pressure vessels made of glass

S 3/0
S 3/1
S 3/2

Special cases
Simplified analysis for cyclic loading
Analysis for cyclic loading
Basic principles
Vessels on skirt supports
Verification of load-carrying capacity for horizontal vessels on saddle supports

S 3/3
S 3/4
S 3/5
S 3/6
S 3/7

Vessels with domed ends on feet

Vessels with support brackets
Vessels with ring supports
Vessels with nozzles subject to additional loadings
Allowing for thermal stresses in heat exchangers with solid headers
Evaluation of stresses determined by way of calculation and experimental stress analysis
Calculation of pressure vessels; Experimental design method
Creep stress for steels

W 3/1
W 3/2
W 3/3
W 6/1
W 6/2
W 10
W 12
W 13

Materials for pressure vessels, piping and accessories

General principles for materials
Flat products of unalloyed and alloy steels
Austenitic and austenitic-ferritic steels
Cast iron with lamellar graphite (grey cast iron), non-alloy and low alloy
Cast iron materials; Spheroidal-graphite cast iron, non-alloy and low alloy
Cast iron materials; Austenitic cast iron with lamellar graphite
Tubes made from non-alloyed arid alloy steels
Cast steel
Aluminium and aluminium alloys; Wrought materials
Copper and wrought copper alloys
Bolts and nuts made from ferritic steels
Clad steels
Steel flanges
Materials for low temperatures; Ferrous materials
Seamless hollow components made from non-alloyed and alloy steels for pressure vessel shells
Forgings and rolled components made of non-alloyed and alloy steels


Guidelines for meeting the essential safety requirements of the Pressure Equipment Directive when using AD 2000-Merkbltter on pressure vessels, piping and fittings
Guidelines for carrying out a systematic analysis of hazards