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Miranda Mozinski and Natalia Botnari

Form: 9
Date: June 15, 2010
Title of the Lesson: Jobs and Trades (Unit 4 Lesson 3)
Objectives of the Lesson
By the end of the lesson, students will:
Knowledge: Learn new vocabulary and grammar exceptions
Skills: Use the vocabulary and grammar in speech
Attitude: Use adjectives in giving personal descriptions of people
Beginning of the Lesson
Teachers will greet the class by saying Good morning and having the
students greet each other in a similar fashion.
Miranda will put the objectives on the board and read each objective.
Time: 2 minutes
Work with the Homework
No homework
Motivation- attract, engage, and create an experience for students
Miranda will ask what the difference is between a want and a need.
o A want is something you desire.
o A need is something you cannot live without.
Discussion point from page 78 of textbook will be written on sheets of paper.
Students will come up one at a time, read the slip of paper, and decide if it a
want or a need.
After they have decided, they will tape the sheet to the board under the
heading Want or Need.
After the students have completed the activity, Natalia will ask, How can we
achieve these wants and needs? What must we do?
Hopefully students will answer, We must work, get a job, etc. If not,
Miranda will hint at it.
Objectives: Students will think about and make definitions for wants and needs and
be prepared to discuss the topic.
Resources: Blackboard, Tape, Cards with wants and needs written from page 78 of
Time: 7 minutes
Information teach new vocabulary, text, and grammar

Miranda will introduce the new vocabulary by saying, In order to get a good
job, there are certain qualities we must have. What are some of these
Students will list off qualities they know.
Miranda will say, Those are good. Here are some more adjectives that you
may not know. Some of them are positive qualities, while some may be
Miranda will show cards with adjectives on page 78 from textbook one at a
time. She will say the word, and the students will repeat. Students will make
guesses at what the words mean.
If the students do not know a particular word, Natalia will help with synonyms
and translation if necessary.
Objectives: Students will learn new vocabulary.
Form of Activity: Whole Class
Method: Visual, Translation
Resources: Cards with vocabulary words written on them
Time: 5 minutes
Natalia will review the rules of comparison of adjectives using some of the
new adjectives learned in the vocabulary.
Since there is no specific vocabulary section in this lesson, she will direct
students to the previous lessons grammar section to review.
Natalia will direct the students attention to the grammar box on page 77 of
the textbook and review the examples given. (elder/older, farther/further,
She will explain that since the words change with just one letter, their
meanings differ as well.
Objectives: Students will review comparison of adjectives and learn exceptions.
Form of Activity: Whole Class
Method: Direct
Resources: Textbook, Blackboard
Time: 5 minutes

Miranda will split students into three groups while Natalia explains that one
student from the group will read a paragraph from the text while the rest
listen and draw what they hear. They can also write important phrases or
Miranda will give each student a piece of blank white paper to draw on while
Natalia assigns paragraphs. (No group will be given the last paragraph.)
After the groups are done, the groups will present their pictures while
explaining what happened in their paragraphs.
Objectives: Students will listen for understanding.

Form: Group work

Method: Communicative, Audiolingual
Resources: Students textbooks, White piece of paper for every student
Time: 10 minutes

Practice practice the new information taught at the lesson

Vocabulary & Text
Students will be split into pairs with their desk mate.
They will work together to create sentences describing Mr. Gessler and the
main character from the text using the new adjectives they learned.
They will then tell their descriptions to their classmates, while their
classmates guess if theyre describing Mr. Gessler or the main character.
Objectives: Students will use new vocabulary in creating descriptions of characters.
Form of Activity: Pair work
Method: Communicative
Skills to be developed: Listening, Speaking
Resources: Time: 3 minutes
Miranda will tell the students to separate into the previous 3 groups they
were in for the text.
Natalia will pass out cards with three sentences written on them using the
new grammar with examples from the text. (ex: Mr. Gessler is (older/elder)
than the main character.)
Students will have 2 minutes to work on these sentences.
When done, they will read their completed sentences to the rest of the class.
The class will listen to the sentence. If they think the sentence is correct, they
will give a thumbs up. If they think it is incorrect, they will give a thumbs
down and explain how/why to correct it.
Objectives: Students will practice new grammar with relevance to the text.
Form of Activity: Group work
Methods: Communicative, Direct
Skills to be developed: Speaking, Listening
Resources: Cards with sentences
Time: 4 minutes
Application apply the new material taught at the lesson
Natalia will ask the students if they would like to be a shoemaker. Do you
think it would be an interesting job? What job would you like to have?
Students will tell some of their future dream professions.

Miranda will ask, Do you know that you must fill out an application before
you can get a job? Imagine youre applying for your dream job. Here is an
application for you. Remember to list your good qualities!
Natalia will pass out each student an application sheet, similar to the
application in the book on page 79.
Objectives: Students will learn how to fill out a job application.
Form: Individual
Methods: Direct
Resources: Application forms
Time: 4 minutes
Home Assignment assign tasks for students knowledge of vocabulary,
text, and grammar (Write tasks on board, explain them, and make sure
students write down their Home Assignment.)
Create and write your own different ending to the text about Mr. Gessler and
the shoe shop.
Describe yourself using the new vocabulary.
Grammar exercises from grammar box on page 77.
Assessment of Students Knowledge and Skills
Teachers will approach necessary students to discuss their participation in the