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Talent Management
To stay ahead of the pack in a competitive business climate, you must align employee goals with your business
objectives then optimize workforce performance with a more strategic approach to talent management.
A seamless, end-to-end talent solution is the first step
toward such a strategic approach. SuccessFactors Talent
Management bundle combines our powerful BizX Platform
with our Performance & Goals, Learning, Recruiting,
Compensation, Succession & Development, and SAP
Jam products.

The Talent Management bundle includes:

SuccessFactors BizX Platform
SuccessFactors Performance & Goals
SuccessFactors Recruiting
SuccessFactors Compensation
SuccessFactors Learning
SuccessFactors Succession & Development

When all your talent processes run on a single platform,

you can develop true, deep synergy tying succession
planning into internal mobility planning into recruiting,
feeding your reward strategy and employee development
plans. Its all related and its all about optimizing
your workforce, more efficiently, at a lower total cost
of ownership.
The Talent Management bundle makes it simple to:
Better understand your workforce

SuccessFactors has allowed

us to replace multiple applications

with a unified platform and create
a single user experience to execute
our global talent strategy.
Peter Reeves,
HR systems manager, Bechtel

Align employees with company strategy

Attract and hire top talent
Reward employees fairly
Transform workforce learning
Identify and develop future leaders
Foster collaboration and engagement
Take a comprehensive, strategic talent
management approach

Better Understand Your Workforce

The SuccessFactors BizX Platform makes it easy to
build a database of common employee profiles and
get a comprehensive view of your workforces skill
sets, expertise, experience, and career interests.
Built-in reporting and talent-insight features deliver
actionable workforce intelligence and drive measurable
business results.

Align Employees with Company Strategy

SuccessFactors Performance & Goals helps you keep
employees focused on tasks and responsibilities that
support your broader business strategy. With direct
visibility into company strategy, employees can set goals
that connect to and align with that strategy. Managers can
measure performance accurately and objectively,
streamlining performance reviews. Occasional users (such
as employees and line managers) benefit from a simple,
intuitive review process, while HR professionals get
powerful performance-management features and
functionality. The result: better execution, enhanced
compliance, and true alignment of individual and
organizational goals.

Attract and Hire Top Talent

Hiring mistakes can be costly. So can missing out on the
perfect candidate. SuccessFactors Recruiting makes it
simple to expand your recruiting reach and connect with the
top talent via social networks, employee referrals, and the
web. Track which social networks work best for your talent
needs and which hires become top performers. Its
simple, collaborative, and mobile, making it easy for even
occasional users (such as hiring managers) to streamline
the recruiting and hiring process. Customizable forms,
workflows, and metrics support your existing recruiting
process while making sourcing more effective, recruiters
more productive, and hiring managers more informed and
engaged. The result? Hiring that drives business results.

Reward Employees Fairly

SuccessFactors Compensation helps you calibrate and
reward performance while building a more efficient, more
compliant compensation process. Analyze compensation
across your organization, normalizing performance scores
for more accurate and objective comparisons generating
fair and accurate pay for performance. Offer a comprehensive
range of compensation types. Motivate and retain top
performers and future leaders. Its simple to use even for
occasional users such as line managers and configurable
to your unique workflow.

Identify and Develop Future Leaders

About SuccessFactors, an SAP Company
SuccessFactors, an SAP company, is the leading provider of
cloud-based Business Execution Software, and delivers
business alignment, team execution, people performance,
and learning management solutions to organizations of all
sizes across more than 60 industries. With approximately
15 million subscription seats globally, we strive to delight
our customers by delivering innovative solutions, content
and analytics, process expertise and best practices insights
from serving our broad and diverse customer base. Today,
we have more than 3,500 customers in more than 168
countries using our application suite in 35 languages.

SuccessFactors Succession & Development helps you

identify, develop, and retain talent at every level. Prepare
your business for better results, today and in the future, by
building and cultivating bench strength. Uncover hidden
talent. Engage and motivate top performers. Develop future
leaders. Calibrate your plans.

SuccessFactors Org Chart - Browse your

org chart and connect with the right person
in a single click via call, text, or email

Transform Workforce Learning

SuccessFactors Learning helps you increase productivity
and supercharge workforce development. Link learning to
strategic business objectives. Assign training to the right
employees automatically. Deliver social, informal, and
blended learning in addition to traditional training. Measure
the business impact of learning programs. Deliver training
to customers and partners across your extended
enterprise. Provide mobile access to support learning on
the go. And improve regulatory and internal compliance
and organizational flexibility. SuccessFactors Learning is
easy for employees to use and for learning professionals
to administer

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