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February 24, 2010

Re: 4 New Marketing Ideas

4 NEW MARKETING IDEAS by Nancy Wagner, Cut to the Chase Marketing;

An Interview with Evan Milton of Corporate Impressions:

I'm always looking for new marketing ideas. You probably are, too. That's why I was so excited about my
meeting with Evan Milton of Corporate Impressions. Every time I talk with her, she has new ideas for
marketing with promotional products. This time was no exception! Here's what she had to say:

One of Evan's clients walked in cold to a new prospect's business, and handed them a telephone shoulder
rest. He immediately got one of the prospects to talk to him because he didn't just bring a pen, but instead
brought something useable that had a purpose.

When someone places an order or does business with you, Evan says send them a thank you gift. It
doesn't have to be huge, but a small meaningful item works well. Her latest trick includes using a frisbee.
A brief thank you message is written right on the Frisbee that also contains her logo and company contact
info. She then affixes a stamp and her return address on the back of the Frisbee - she says do NOT put it
an envelope. Not only does it grab attention from everyone who sees it, but it's perfect for starting a
conversation whenever it's used. Clever, clever!

Employee Retention
Depending on your business' mindset, some employees want logo items and some don't. Evan suggests
giving something they like and want by offering them a choice. For instance, Evan recently created an
online apparel store page for a company so their employees could buy items with the approved corporate
logo and colors. Discounts are given if the employees team up and buy a few at a time. This online page
means the company doesn't have to deal with sales, the employees pay for it themselves, and best yet,
the company gets free advertising when their employees wear the items. This keeps employees happy
while the company retains control of their branding. Win-win all around!

Evan may well be the queen of tradeshows. I agree with her when she says that there's far more to a
tradeshow than just showing up. It's about working your market BEFORE the show ever begins. You
need to do a pre-mailer and invite them with an incentive to come to the booth. Try sending them a teaser
item, telling them they get the coordinating item when they show up at your booth. Qualify prospects
before the show so you can use different levels of enticements. More interested prospects might get a
stronger incentive, while lesser-known prospects get a smaller item. Top-tier customers would get the
biggest incentive.

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Also, don't forget to get their business card, and yes-offer an incentive to get it. Write comments on the
back so you know what you talked about.

If you're looking for promotional products, logo apparel, or corporate identity products to grab your
prospect or client's attention, I recommend giving Evan a call. Here's her contact info!

Evan Milton, Corporate Impressions

1-888-313-6319 or 425-308-3045
Evan@Corporateimpress.com <mailto:Evan@Corporateimpress.com>

I'd love to find out how I can help you with your marketing project. Whether you need help with writing,
design, or updates on your print or website project, just call me at 425-415-6427 or email at
nancy@cuttothechasemarketing.com <mailto:nancy@cuttothechasemarketing.com>, and tell me what
you need done.

Meanwhile, here's to marketing that sells,

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