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AM 316 Engineering Dynamics

Homework # 5

Dr. Tzong-Ying Hao/Spring 2015

Due: March 4, 2015 (MW), March 5, 2015 (TR)

Kinetics of Particles - Equation of Motion

1. The block shown is observed to have a velocity
v1 = 20 ft/sec as it passes point A and a velocity
v2 = 10 ft/sec as it passes point B on the incline.
Calculate the coefficient of kinetic friction k
between the block and the incline if x = 30 ft
and = 15.
Ans. 0.429

3. The small 0.8-kg block slides with a small

amount of friction on the circular path of radius
6 m in the vertical plane. If the speed of the
block is 4.75 m/s as it passes point A and
4 m/s as it passes point B, determine the normal
force exerted on the block by the surface at
each of these two locations.
Ans. 10.86 N, 8.93 N


2. At a given instant the 5-lb block A is moving

downward with a speed of 4 ft/sec. Determine
its speed 3 seconds later. Block B has a weight
of 6 lb, and the coefficient of kinetic friction
between it and the horizontal plane k = 0.3.
Neglect the mass of the pulleys and cord.
Ans. 64.9 ft/sec

HW #5

4. A flatbed truck going 100 km/h rounds a

horizontal curve of 300-m radius inwardly
banked at 10. The coefficient of static friction
between the truck bed and the 200-kg crate it
carries is 0.70. Calculate the friction force F
acting on the crate.
Ans. 165.9 N

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5. The 2-kg sphere S is being moved in a vertical

plane by a robotic arm. When = 30, the
angular velocity of the arm about a horizontal
axis through O is 50 deg/s clockwise and its
counterclockwise. In addition, the robotic arm
is being shortened at the constant rate of
500 mm/s. Determine the magnitude of the
necessary gripping force the arm must exert on
the sphere S. (Midterm #2, Fall 2014)
Ans. 27 N

7. The slotted arm rotates in the vertical plane

about a fixed horizontal axis through point O.
The 0.2-kg slider C moves in the slot and is
controlled by the inextensible cable CP. At the
instant for which = 30, the arm has an
angular velocity & = 4.8 rad/s and is slowing
down at the rate of 15.5 rad/s2. For this instant,
if the slider C moves at the rate of 1.06 m/s and
is speeding up at the rate of 6.90 m/s2 towards
O, determine the corresponding values of the
tension in cable CP and the normal force
exerted on the slider by the sides of the smooth
slot. Indicate which side, A or B, of the slot
contacts the slider. (Midterm #1, Spring 2013.)
Ans. T = 3.458 N, N = 0.8 N


6. A swing ride is shown in the figure.

Calculate the necessary angular velocity & for
the swings to assume an angle = 35 with the
vertical (i.e., remains constant). Neglect the
mass of the cables and treat the chair and
person as one particle.
Ans. 1.064 rad/s

HW #5

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