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energy sources types

tarbela generation capacity
induction and synchronous motor principles
dc applications
Football champion
pakistan generation ratio of hydel and thermal
radial feeder

Ho interrview gya abhi wapis aya hn......mujh se pocha .what is nepra? what is p
pip? mass of electron.?how many time proton mass is greater or less than electro
n?transformer principle?my fyp project and little questions about it?how do u se
e future of power system AC OR DC?which one is good ac or dc?what is power?

NEPRA AUR PEPCO K WEBSITE KO MUST STUDY KARE.......grid me jo chezain lagee hoti
hai ziada unke bare me puchte hai ,, CT , PT , earthing arrestor , circuit brea
ker , isolator .pf , pf improvement (capacitor bank) , what is power ? Federal m
inister study kr le , aur jis province se hai uske provincial ministers ........

Yar Q almost bta diay hain nichy posts main. ap bs ya khiyal rakho jo hobby btani
hy uska knowladge ho ap ko. mujh sy tu general nai pocha tha. some ny Cricket b
tai tu un sy ICC kis ka abrevation hy, Uska sadar kon hy? pak ky record etc aisi
cheezain pochein. So hobby wo btao jis ka pata bhi ho. baqi technical main prob
nai ho ga kisi ko wo basics hain. Larkon ny General main mar khai thi kal.

What does the NEPRA do?

Where are 500 kV grid stations in Pakistan
Where are Nuclear power plants in pakisan
Power factor, how to improve pf, pf correction formula
Why feeder voltage decreases, and ways to improve voltage
Diversity factor, and benefits of high diversity factor

5 7 mint laga rahe hain, baqi general knowledge ke questions bhe poch rhe hain.
or synchronous motor, differential relay, induction motor, PPRA is tarah ke ques
tions poch rhe hain
1. Introduce yourself.
2. What about your experience?
3. What Does NEPRA stands for?
4. What are its functions?
5. What are transmission line voltages in Pakistan?
6. What is regulaton?
7. What is meant by control?
8. Who is Minister for Water and Power in Pakistan?
9. Who is defence minister of Pakistan?
10. Who is chief minister of Punjab?

Collect From friend

1. What is NEPRA.?
2. Power TF protection.?
3. Feeder losses.?
4. How to minimize feeder losses?
5. what is Skin effect.?
6. what is Corona.?
7. define Transformer test.?
8. T/F oil dielectric strength.?
9. define P.F. ?
10. Pak football president.?
11.fifa winer .??
12..governor of kpk ?
voltage regulators puch rhay hai k kya hote hai
nterview rundown as I entered the room:
Koi Shair sunao.
Warsak dam, on which river, location, capacity
FYP(Control system based tha)
What is control system.
define transfer function for a lay man
what are zeros and poles.
What is damping ratio
What if we have Bare conductor and Insulated conductor, which one of them is sui
table for better transient bearing capacity.
Who is chairman Senat

done with interview.. They asked 1. Voltage regulation and its applications 2. L
oad curves and its applications in management 3. warsak dam location 4.PESCO inf
o 5. Condition for parallel operation 6.Where are cottage industries in pakistan
7. How many PESCO consumer's

1. Senate Chairman 2. Vice chairman of senate 3. Autotransformer and its applica

tions 4.What is power 5.What is control 6.give Examples of closed loop and open
loop system 7.What are Renewable Energy Resources *. Abbreviation of NEPRA and i
ts function