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Per Nyrud Kaas

December 11, 2014

An interesting character consept: A devout Catholic priest or nun, goes

through the First Change, and suddenly they realise that the world is not how
he/she believed, and it rocks their fundamental convictions and morals. How
do they cope?

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Victor Lewis Some might see their new found power as a gift from their God.
They may see their fight against the Wyrm as a holy crusade. I played a
younger garou who thought he was a suoer hero.
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Amber Dawn Pervez I dont think this would realy be a huuuge -faith- shaking
deal for a catholic. Fiana probably have quite a lot of catholic kin.
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Victor Lewis Oooohhh Amber, I totally didnt think of that aspect. Thats a very
good point
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Amber Dawn Pervez Also. A catholic would fit with bone gnawers and child of
gaia. GoF or BF could be some culture shock. The church's over all culture is
one that is against killing even in war and are vocal against death penalty
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Marcus Smith Just like in the novel Wyrm Wolf...sorry went kind of old school
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Tabitha Moonshine I think that would depend on the person. If they have True
Faith, I imagine that they would just interpret it in terms of God giving them a
gift. The differences between a loving God and a loving Gaia are not really

that different. Fighting evil is what priests do, albeit in their own, non-violent
way. Many priests and nuns are already working hard to make the world a
better place. Catholicism is pretty flexible as it is.
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Amber Dawn Pervez For furthet inspiration google st francis and the wolf
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Dave Matney I read an article once that asked "how does your religion
reconcile with life on other planets?" This is like that, kind of - suddenly the
world is MUUUCH bigger, and there are things that were never mentioned in
the Bible. Their first change may convince them that they're demon
posessed, or nephelim, and while Gaia and the Wyrm hold up to the God and
the Devil concept, the Weaver and Wyld don't (in fact, the Weaver breaks
God, in a sense). And Spirits are clearly demons.

There is opportunity for some deep character development, but it's not
something I would take on if you're not okay playing a character who is
constantly struggling with two conflicting dogmas. Even if they dump
Christianity completely, they will still have a lot of baggage.
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Bernie Blankenship I think they'd just attribute the spirit world's trinity with
his own. Why not just compare / contrast and rip the face off of evil. I think
their biggest struggle is the politics within the pack, but again it'd not be too
foreign of a concept. The Pope, a local bishop, list of rules you follow.
Hopefully he's a Glasswalker. They've dealt with it for a long while now.
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Dave Matney (As a forward to all this, I -love- complicated characters, and
this is the way I would play it. It doesn't mean it's right or wrong, only more
complicated than "well, things are different now -- I'll just accept that and
move forward.")

If they were anything but a member of the clergy, I'd agree, but there's zero
way to hold the new trinity up to Catholic trinity -- they aren't three parts of
the same body, none of them died for their redemption and returned, and
none of them are there to act as a spiritual guide (or whatever the holy spirit

I'm not questioning any non-clergy member's devotion when I say this, but if
they were a nun or priest, they devoted their life -- to the point of forsaking
many earthly pleasures -- to a religion that's aggressivly "We are the right
way, no one else is even a little bit right," finding out that they were mostly
wrong would be HUGE.

It would shake their foundations, possibly to the point of shattering. Do their

vows still apply? What about those ten commandments, especially the one
about killing -- how does that apply to BSD?

I honestly believe if the same character became a Vampire, they'd accept

things a lot easier than they would becoming Garou.
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Bernie Blankenship Well it depends on how deep down into the Gaia readings
the new critter is willing to go. There are theroies that the Wyrm, the Wyld,
and the Weaver are all apart of the same being. Just gave different roles that
got out of whack.. Now that could be a completely Wise Guy understanding to
reconcile it. Also there's a whole history of Catholics thinking killing can be ok
at times. The dancers would be a very interesting twist since (players,
writers, every second group/forum post made about them seem to think they
could be 'redeemed' somehow).
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Tabitha Moonshine Again, it depends on the person, but shifting faith is not as
complex as you might assume. Many people don't believe in one thing
because it's what they want to believe in, they believe because they are
searching for something to believe in. Some people just need *something* to
believe, what that something is is irrelevant. Why do you think people join
cults, or religion at all, when it is so nonsensical to the thinking mind? There
is a hole in many people that needs to be filled. Some people fill it with work
or with family, some people fill it with god. To suddenly find yourself faced
with a different faith, a different reality would be startling, but it wouldn't
crush most people, it would just fill them with a different kind of faith. And to
be quite frank, at least as a werewolf you have the non-ambiguity of it all. It
is incredibly straight forward with very little gray area. Gaia good, wyrm bad.
Earth good, destruction bad. Evil is there, all around you, and must be

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Omar Jaremczuk 2 things, 1st as Dave Matney said I think a very religious
character, specially christian or jewish in WoD who is transformed in a
Vampire may find it easier to adapt than one having his/her first change to
become a garou, since Vampire traditions are based in the bible.
But don't forget that there is a Black Fury camp, the Order of the merciful
mother what has "infiltrated" christian religions and a lot of their members
are nuns, missionaries and even some metis who had became priests.
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Dave Matney Is that in the Tribe book?
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Bernie Blankenship The Glass Walker & Black Fury tribe books have sections
on this if I recall correctly. The Wise Guys & Order of the Merciful Mother
camps always come to mind first when people bring up religious orders and
the werewolf.
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Amber Dawn Pervez If you want a character that would have a big faith
conflict then go with evangelical protestant christianity. It is a mych more
nerrow world view
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Amber Dawn Pervez *much
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Amber Dawn Pervez The catholic church has come a looong way fro
It's witch burning phase.
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Omar Jaremczuk Among Catholics you may find some who want to read the
bible as a literal truth thinking the universe is just a few thousands years old,
fortunately they are just a small minority, to some who accept the theory of
the Big Bang for the Universe origin and the Theory of evolution for the
creation of life adding that all that was guided by god and even may have not
problem to accept the existence of extraterrestrial life
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Amber Dawn Pervez I have studdied quite a bit with an actual priest. Clergy
or ppl in religious orders are absolutly NOT litteral when it comes to the bible
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Pj Feldsine I guess I would wonder how they ended up in the position to
become a priest or nun since their family are all kinfolk or garou. Is this a
switched at birth kind of thing, or was the character orphaned as a child and
the garou just didn't care enough about what they then thought was a kin to
bring it back into the fold?
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Pj Feldsine Also... The bible doesn't say that there are no werewolves... It just
doesn't say that there are. It implies in a few passages that there's a bunch of
stuff we don't know, but we shouldn't bother trying to figure out because it's
not relevant to us... The character would likely still cling to it's faith, although
apply it to a much broader world view, and be seen as a heretic by the garou
for not accepting (or worshiping) gaia.
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Christina Campbell Gaia and God/Christ are not mutually exclusive. A person
of faith would see God in the world of the garou.
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Bernie Blankenship "I'm a werewolf and God's a woman?! Rawwrrr.." LoL I'm
sad I never had that at my table actually. There's good stories there.
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Joshua Converse Roman Catholicism is famously mutable. When it contacts
other belief systems it weaves them into itself. I think there would be a
reshuffling, but no loss of faith.
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Christina Campbell Yep now you would be the sword of God. Bad ass concept
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Christina Campbell
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Christina Campbell ^^ sorry accident

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Efe Cardinali Once saw a Bonegnawer priest that after his first change he
thought it was a gift from god to take out sinners, so he became a fluffy
vigilante xD
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Christopher Travis Played this exact character in a LARP. Deliciously fun
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Brian Scott Bailey Well for the Nun there is that Black Furies Camp of
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Christopher Travis James Jones - You should weigh on on this...
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Erik Brown My Fianna was pagan, but half of his kin were catholic, it caused
quite a few interesting settings in moots, family reunions, and such.
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