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We like to think that those who encounter our waterfalls experience a special moment of joy,

peace maybe even inspiration. But as any architect or designer knows, behind the soothing simplicity of flowing water lie months of rigorous planning, coordinating, problem solving,
quality testing and more.

Left: SenSpa in San Francisco; three

overlapping textured-glass panels on an
interior wall, custom-lit and visible from
both sides. Photograph by David Wakely.
Center: This 35-foot curved, multipanel
glass waterfall at Catlin Insurance

When well managed, this effort brings rich rewards; a smooth and cost-effective workflow,
creatively satisfying collaboration and most importantly a beautiful finished product that
exceeds the client's expectations. But when run poorly, a waterfall project can all too easily
end in frustration, delays and ultimately, dollars down the drain.
At Harmonic Environments, everything about our approach to business serves a single goal:
to earn enduring trust through exceptional project management and best-in-class client service.
While we appreciate the importance of cost control, especially during today's challenging
economy, we have always believed that real value comes from doing business the right way.
This principle set the tone for our business when we started more than twenty-two years ago.
In the decades since, our industry has grown and changed dramatically, but our unwavering
commitment to value has continued to serve us well. It's allowed us to remain on the forefront
both creatively and technologically, always seeking innovative solutions rather than chasing
the latest trend. Above all, it has allowed us to maintain the high regard of our clients and peers.
At Harmonic Environments, we have never tried to beat out the lowest prices. Instead, we've
committed ourselves to providing the best value our industry has to offer. This approach has
proved a winning proposition for us, and for our clients.

Steven Wander

Company in Hamilton, Bermuda is from

our Translucence Series. Right: For
Lexus, we built a multipanel curved-glass
waterfall that can be moved and installed
at multiple trade shows.

Together we are limited only by imagination.

Designers and architects who partner with us express themselves freely. From the onset
of the partnership, we provide essential detail about the design, fabrication, and installation
process. We listen, then manifest the ideas in flowing water.

We research, fabricate, and test. We are innovative. Our staff is committed to taking every
necessary step to assure that your project is successful and completed on time.

The dramatic 30-foot-tall Harmonic Cascade designs at Mandara Spa

at the Atlantis Resort Paradise Island, Bahamas feature water flowing
from ceiling to floor over custom-made stainless steel coil towers into
an open pool. Computer-controlled LED lighting enhances the waterfalls
dramatic impact.

Many forms. One perfection.

A radiused Harmonic
Cascade water feature
with LED lighting at
Andrews Institute for
Orthopaedics and
Sports Medicine

Translucence Series

water that defines

Gulf Breeze, Florida.

Water glides over panels defining space with subtle openness revealing what lies


beyond. Glass that is tempered, patterned, colored, cast, textured, or of different opacity

Davis Stokes
Collaborative, P.C.

can be used in creating varied effects. We can create virtually any size by incorporating
multiple panels stacked vertically or horizontally.

Harmonic Cascade

water without limits

Imagine a seamless panel of almost any shape and size. Made from translucent stainless
steel material, these products are durable and resistant to the elements, making them
ideal for large indoor and outdoor applications. Since Harmonic Cascades have more
opacity than clear glass, a degree of privacy can be maintained. The water has a luminous
quality that can be viewed from all sides. We can create unique visual and lighting effects,
including display of projected images onto water surfaces.


Without mathematics there is no art.

Waterplace water that complements

Waterplace is used to achieve a built-in look when bordered by stone, millwork, or any
other wall finish. Many of our clients incorporate these products as a focal point or as
an entry statement. Others incorporate these products to duplicate the feeling of warmth
generated by a fireplace to complement the environment. They can be made of stainless
steel, copper, granite, even opaque glass, and specified to any size.


water unto itself

As with Nature, they show one face or many, yet are quietly self-contained. These waterfalls
are freestanding and can be made from a wide selection of materials and are ideal for both
commercial and residential settings.

ArraysTM water with versatility

Perhaps our most versatile invitation to sheer creativity and unique design, these waterfalls
challenge physics and geometry and can take virtually any form, including tubular
stainless steel columns, stunning granite towers, or glass-walled structures.

This stainless
steel waterfall
from our
series stands
nearly 30 feet
tall and
simple and
design. Water
flows from top
to bottom into
a below-grade
basin at
the Jade
Miami, Florida.

The Circle. Endless Possibilities.
Bellaqua Series

water that shapes

Harmonic Environments introduces Bellaqua a remarkably simple, streamlined

approach to enhancing any space with the magic of falling water. Well customize your
Bellaqua feature with virtually any finish creating a unique piece that harmonizes
perfectly with its surroundings. Every Bellaqua waterfall is furnished complete, housing
and concealing all of the lighting, mechanical and ZonePure water purification
components. The exterior skin is available in a variety of finishes and the aperture shape
can be a standard geometric shape or a completely customized form.

Lobby Rendering for Pediatric Facility

Bellaqua Series clear glass waterfall with custom printed exterior skin and circular shaped aperture. Size: 8' x 6' x 8"

Form ever follows function.

Waterfalls can be fabricated from a wide variety of materials, shapes, textures, sound, light, and color. An eco-friendly
ethic has guided our company's internal environmental practices from the start. We offer selections of non- or low-emitting
stone products made from recycled materials. Earth-friendly metals, glass, and other surfaces are also available.
Pumps and lighting are energy-efficient. We maintain the industry's highest environmental standards. We offer materials
from 100% natural to 100% post-consumer recyclable.


Glass can be specified for different opacity and effect,

Sizes can vary according to the pattern. Common

including: clear, tempered, patterned, bent, textured, colored,

dimensional limitations for a single slab are roughly 10' x 5'

and cast. When clear glass is used, the visual and sound

to 6' x .75" to 1.25" thickness. Honed or flamed granite is

effects are identical from both sides. The largest available

preferred for the facing of waterfalls to achieve excellent

single panel of clear tempered glass is 17' x 10.5'. Panels

flow and appearance. Etching and airbrushing of logos

larger than 13' x 7' require special handling. Sizes for

and/or other artwork is possible.

cast and textured glass patterns vary according to the

manufacturer. Some textured patterns are available up to


132" x 80" in a single panel. Etched or film logos can be added.

Panel size limitation is 10' x 4'; anything larger will have

vertical and/or horizontal seams. Copper can darken,

Stainless Steel

gather patina, and otherwise change color beautifully

Available in Type 304, 316, and others upon request. Our

over time; however, it requires special handling and it

standard No. 4 finish is ideal for holding light, projection, and

may be best to avoid this material if a guaranteed consistent

displaying water patterns; it can be specified in satin,

appearance is desired. Copper can be toned and re-toned

mirror, and other finishes. Width limitation for a single

to achieve antique look and feel.

seamless panel is 6'; wider features will have vertical seams.

Stainless steel waterfalls over 15' high will have hairline seams.

Material samples courtesy of Meltdown Glass Art and Design,

Ultraglas, Nathan Allan Glass Studios, Keys Granite, and IGM Corp.

Rare is the union of beauty and purity ZonePure purification

One of Natures most powerful restorative agents, flowing water merits a special place
in the art and science of interior design. Far more than just an aesthetic enhancement,
an indoor waterfall from Harmonic Environments creates a soothing atmosphere conducive
to true healing.

Harmonic Environments was the first to offer customized water purification systems
designed to minimize maintenance and sanitize water features without the use of harmful
chemical additives. Through careful research and development we have taken water
purification to the next level with the ZonePure Water Purification System.

ZonePure Water Purification System is the system that set and currently maintains the
industrys highest standard of water purification. Combined with other refinements
offered exclusively in Harmonic Environments waterfalls, ZonePure systems make
our products uniquely qualified to address the needs of infection control for use in
healthcare environments.

ZonePure Water Purification Systems are customized for each application. They contain
various components that work together in the system to meet three primary requirements:

1) To purify the water in the system.

2) To sanitize the water feature and help to eliminate all microbiological growth.
3) To minimize maintenance.

As part of our commitment to safety and sanitation, Harmonic Environments has also
instituted a national full-service maintenance plan. The plan, which can be combined
with an extended product warranty, allows operators to easily and economically
outsource their waterfall maintenance to a certified specialist.

Our design team is always available to further explain the benefits of the ZonePure system.

The one thing that matters is the effort how we work together

From the initial conception to the final planning stages, our creative team can help with
everything from design aesthetics, such as finish treatments and lighting composition, to
more complex architectural integration.

The process:
Begin the process by contacting us with a completely open canvas or a honed design.
E-mail any drawings that pertain to the space and the water feature. These can be
purely schematic or construction documents.
Discuss the design with our design department.
Select which design you would like to customize to fit the end users design
scheme and budget.
Approve the ballpark pricing for the project.
We will provide a detailed proposal.
Once the proposal has been approved, we will begin the design process
and start shop drawings.
Our staff and your assigned project manager will work with the client, the design team,
and the general contractor to ensure that the space and the feature will merge gracefully.
Once the shop drawings have been approved, the factory will begin fabrication.
The unit is tested in our factory before being carefully crated for shipment.
The general contractor is responsible for receiving the feature and inspecting
it upon arrival.
The general contractor is responsible for all manpower and equipment to install the
feature, including any piping, plumbing, wiring, and other electrical work.
Our installation consultant will be on-site to guide the contractor through each step of
the installation process and to provide the end user with maintenance and operation
instructions. This allows us to have excellent quality control of the finished product.

Light gives of itself freely, filling all available space.

Harmonic Environments offers a variety of lighting options to properly illuminate its

products. Each waterfall series has unique characteristics, which require distinctive
lighting to enhance the inherent quality of the water.

Appropriate lighting adds a whole new dimension, making the waterfall a focal point,
an entertaining art piece, or a magnificent show of undulating water.

Our lighting packages range from a single color wash to multiple color spectrum changes;
including special programs for holidays, sporting events and other occasions.

Comprehensive lighting packages include lighting design, cut sheets and fixture
specifications, as well as the fixtures themselves, and one technician for one day
to program the clients choice of color control functions.

Our design team is comprised of engineers, interior designers and lighting designers
who work with you to understand your design intent, optimize your budget and
develop the perfect lighting package for your project.

The LED lighting system allows the waterfalls to

continually change color.

If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.

Harmonic Environments has always sought not only to emulate the beauty of Nature - but to
protect it. Our exclusive Custom Green program encourages environmentally responsible
building practices, and has earned our waterfalls a place in LEED-certified projects.

With Custom Green, clients can specify materials that meet or exceed regulatory
environmental requirements. Our standard offerings include recycled and recyclable
components that are non-toxic and low-emitting.

GLASS - various levels of pre consumer recycled and post consumer recyclable
METALS - 100% recyclable stainless steel or copper
ENGINEERED STONE - a composite of recycled and low-emitting materials
NATURAL STONE - all natural, non-emitting, non-toxic material
ADHESIVES AND COMPONENTS - choose from a variety of non-toxic, low-emitting options
ENERGY EFFICIENT PUMPS - waterfalls can run on as little as 2.4 kwh per day

We're happy to work with our clients to explore new alternatives in today's ever-expanding
landscape of green building options. Our collaborative approach to engineering and
design unites uncompromising aesthetics, industry-leading functionality and environmental
awareness to bring our clients the best possible finished product.

Do not limit

your choices

to the possible

or the reasonable,

for true desire

knows no limit.

Photograph by Time Frame Photography

For detailed information and

a portfolio of work, visit our website at

Contact: waterfall@harmonicenvironments.com