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ISSUE 22 | June-July 2015

Veyron Investment

a new Phenomenon
Mr Al-Masri brings a taste of Canada
to Dubai and explains about the sound
investments to the region


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Veyron Investment


a new Phenomenon
Mr Al-Masri brings a taste of Canada to Dubai and
explains about the sound investments to the region
After years of research and study into overseas development of
franchise brands Mr Hayysam Al-Masri, CEO of Veyron Investment, is
ready to launch three new brands in the GCC region.
Mr Al-Masri, who began work in the field of franchise brands in 1996,
established Veyron Investment LLC in 2011 in Dubai (UAE).
At present, Veyron Investments has a strong team of 20 and more than
60 years of experience in multiple industries -- including real estate and
hospitality. The company is growing at an accelerating rate and has a
clear vision for a successful platform in franchising.
It was while he was living and working in Montreal (Canada), says Mr
Al-Masri, when he decided to explore franchise brands for overseas
A former advisor to the Board to the Directors of the Investor for
Securities Co, an investment banking service based in Kingdom of
Saudi Arabia, Mr Al-Masri was also a principal member of the steering
committee in establishing the Investor for Securities Co in 2006 leading
to achieving more than $2.6 billion in asset management.
Over the past few decades, the fast food industry in the UAE has benefited from increasingly busy lifestyles. With the countrys economy
becoming increasingly international, there was a shift away from extended lunch hours, while strong urbanization resulted in increasingly
congested cities and longer commutes for many. Consequently, many
workers became increasingly reliant on fast food as a convenient,
time-saving and affordable meal option.
The total market for fast food in the UAE grew by 7 per cent to US$2.7
billion last year, compared with the previous year, thus recording the
highest annual sales in 2011. Restaurant spending per capita is higher in the UAE than in many countries because prices are relatively
high and consumers tend to eat out more than once a week.
In addition to this, high numbers of tourists visiting the Emirates every
year contribute to the fast food industrys growth here. The number
of hotel guests in Dubai increased 10 per cent to 9.3 million in 2011
compared with 2010.





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most American brands. Consumers want something different,

new, fresh but good. Veyron is
unique in offering more benefits
for lower prices than competitors. Consumers love our brands
for our friendliness and Veyron
Investment also envisions to be
the most prominent food and
beverage area developer of international brands in the Middle
East. We will strive to establish
our brands as a preferred choice
for Middle Easts customers and
want our customers to have the
total experience when visiting
our outlets, says Mr Al-Masri.


Mr Sub
Established in 1968 in Montreal,
Canada, Mr Sub is present in
more than 600 location across
The leading player, of course, is
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; Saudi
Arabia consumes approximately
75 per cent of the total volume
of fast food served in the Gulf
region. Out of 60 fast food factories in the Gulf, 29 are from KSA.
Investment in the sector has increased due to the overwhelming
consumption of fast food, especially by Saudi youth.
Estimated at USD 4 billion, the
food and beverage market size in
the country is projected to grow
to USD 4.5 billion by 2015, translating into a 2013-2015 CAGR of
6 per cent driven by high demand
among young affluent citizens.
Given the statistics, Mr Al-Masri says: At Veyron Investment,
the aim is to be positioned as an
international representative of
global brands through our crea20| JUNE-JULY


tive and clear approach towards

the companys vision. Veyron
Investment will provide a combination of excellent services at
value pricing. We seek to expand
by selling territory unit developments to Kuwait, Qatar, KSA and
Bahrain. We also have a forecast
of sub-franchise units to sell to
potential investors in the Middle
East. We aim to open 20 stores
by end of 2016 and have chalked
out an aggressive expansion
plans for the UAE.

of the grown-ups, online and

mobile delivery have become
increasing popular in the recent
years. Convenience always sells.
In particular, consumers above
the age of 25 years tend to spend
at least 35% of their monthly
earnings on food and beverage,
Mr Al-Masri says.

Despite the competition, Veyron

Investments believes there is
space for more fast food chains
and unique concepts for food and
beverage retail.

The three brands being launched

by Veyron Investment, says Mr
Al-Masri, stand out in the crowd
as they are new, unique and

North America. The classic submarine, Italian sandwich concept

fits a niche between fast local
and casual dining. The brand
provides a convenience of rapid
response times, affordability, as
well as carry out and have meal
replacement options. Mr Sub also
offers a faster, tastier alternative
to conventional products such
as hamburgers and fries. Mr Sub
sandwiches are known for their
fine quality bread.

Jugo Juice
The purpose was to bring a new
concept to the region, and Jugo
Juice has a proven track record of
high demand among consumers.
The opening of Jugo Juices first
store in Healthcare City, Dubai,
promotes fresh fruit smoothies,
juices, wraps, sandwiches, yogurt
fruit and salads.

Started in 1998 in Calgary (Alberta) by founders Derek Brock and

Jason Cunningham, who wanted
to provide a healthy alternative
to the traditional fast food, Jugo
Juice found its place in the market
among the health-conscious and
modern consumers.

Especially the smoothie industry,

which has become an indulgent
product for the long summer
months in the region, he adds.

Van Houtte
In the business of coffee for
nearly a century now, the name
Van Houtte has become synonymous with high quality, gourmet
coffee. Established in Montreal
(Canada) in 1919 by Albert Louis
Van Houtte, the chain promises
a great selection of coffee along
with relaxing atmosphere of its
The stylish boutiques of Van

Restaurants have now become a Our brands are consumer-friendleisure activity, especially among ly, consumer-centric and authenadults. Given the hectic lifestyles tic rather than commercial like


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is a promising business strategy

as it comes with lower risk. The
brands are already established
and the franchisor if required to
ensure marketing and advertising
strategy for the success of the
brand in the new region.

Houtte also have a variety of retail offerings such as equipment

and coffee.
Veyron Investment is committed to ensuring that its brands
remain attractive to catch consumers attention. All brands,
since each represents a different
aspect of fast food industry, are
always placed adjacent to each
other to increase demand and
offer choices for the consumer.
Our strategy for the future is
that once we reach our geographical goal of 20 outlets, we
will begin operating outlets that
are bigger in size. We will lease


our own land or establishment

and redesign it to fit the branding
guidelines. The look big strategy, which I would like to call,
creates significance to the brand
and higher customer perception
increasing sales and loyalty. It is
really the customer experience,
says Mr Al-Masri.

We also advice on the best locations for operation and help identify strengths and weaknesses. If
the candidate has been approved,
we then provide them with full
marketing and training support
as well as architectural set-up,
floor plans and branding collaterals to the franchisee. Finally, we
conduct training sessions for the
Veyron Investment offers training franchisee staff and marketing
people until Veyron feels that they
and support for franchisees and
provide support at every step
are fully operational and functional, and ready to go. Veyron will alof business development. Veyron assists candidates with their
ways be available for any support
application form to make it easier along the journey as we value our
for them to be evaluated and inpartners, says Mr Al-Masri.
crease their chances for approval. Mr Al-Masri believes franchising

People should consider proven

concepts and brands. However,
investors must ensure that they
are completely supported by the
franchisor as that is what they are
investing in after all -- the brand
and support system. As any business, there is a risk to start up a
franchisee business, however,
the risk is diminished due to the
brand value and brand equity of
the franchisor, he adds.

melons in one hand as they will

fall at the end. I would rather hold
one watermelon. But of course
my children are leaders and they
will not learn till they make their
own mistakes; which comes to
my second motto in life, always
make mistakes, but dont make
them twice, says Mr Al-Masri.

If you are thinking of starting your

own business, know everything
about what you are doing and
learn to share and partner as no
one can achieve success alone in
this world or else unemployment
would have been on the rise and
start-ups would be on the decline, he advises.

Mr Al-Masri advises that the investor who is thinking of franchising must still create his or her own
business plan relative to the local
market as every market is different in trends, consumer behavior
and demand.
My Motto in life is work harder
everyday with focus. I always
told my children as they all prove
to possess leadership and entrepreneurial skills that they must
focus and not hold many waterwww.TheFranchiseMagazine-mena.com


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