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General knowledge [17 questions]

Q-1: Animal population that move from one country to another and then come back again
to country of origin, this type of movement is called? Answer: I think it is Migration
Q-2: Only thing visible from moon on earth is? Answer: Great Wall of China
Q-3: Name of the second longest river in the world is? Answer: Amazon
Q-4: Which of the following countries has maple leaf on its flag? Answer: Canada
Q-5: Current chief of army staff of Pakistan is? Answer: General Raheel Sharif
Q-6: Current Chief Minister of Punjab is? Answer: Mian Muhammad Showbaz Sharif
Q-7: Who gave this statement that Pakistan is exporting terror to its neighboring
countries? Answer: David Cameron
Q-8: Dia-mir Bhasha dam is located on which of the following river? Answer: River Indus
Q-9: Which province of Pakistan has the largest area? Answer: Baluchistan
Q-10: Northern end of Pakistan is occupied by western range of which of following? Answer:
Himalayan range
Q-11: Sukkar Barrage is located on which river? Answer: River Indus
Q-12: Ideology of Pakistan is? Answer: Islam
Q-13: Against Nehrus Report Qaid-e-Azam proposed a solution of how many points?
Answer: 14 points
Q-14: Which of the following Rukn-e-Islam is called a shield? Answer: Fasting
Q-15: What is the literal meaning of word Qiblah? Answer: I think its aim or goal not sure
about options
Q-16: Yome-Arafat is executed on which of the following day? Answer: Hajj Day
Q-17: Meaning of word Islam is? Answer: Submission and Obedience to the will of Allah

Subject [83 questions]

Q-1: hollow conductors are used in transmission lines? Why because of skin effect which
was not in options
Q-2: Shunt Reactors are needed to boost? To compensate for the leading power Factor they
boost reactance
Q-3: GSM use which of the following multiplexing Technique? According to the examiner
mentality answer would be TDMA, otherwise in GSM each channel based on FDMA is
subdivided using TDMA, and so both FDMA + TDMA are used
Q-4: In a line ground fault system, fault current is 15 Amp, what would be zero sequence
current? Do not know answer
Q-5: To reduce cost of power generation? Answer: Load factor(higher/increase)+Diversity
Q-6: In a transformer with no load condition? Voltage leads or lags behind and by what
degree? Answer: Its perfectly in phase
Q-7: which of the following are predominant input losses in a no load transformer? Eddy
losses/copper losses/windage losses? Answer: Since the word predominant is used I would
opt for Eddy current losses
Q-8: In a DC machine what is the angle between rotor and stator fields? 45/90? Answer:
its 90
Q-9: A numerical with energy consumed by a heater given in joules, time given in second,
also current drawn was given and voltage was asked?
Q-10: Why the pole tips are chamfered wound? Answer: In order to reduce concentration of
flux at the leading pole tips: of a dyanamo
Q-11: What is the main task of power electronics ? ac-dc/ac-ac/dc-ac conversion? Answer:

Ac-Ac Conversion
Q-12: Flyback converter is used to? Answer: It is used in both ac-dc and dc-dc conversion
Q-13: Series capacitors are used in transmission line to? Answer: for voltage regulation
Q-14: load convey capacity of AC line is limited by ? Answer: size
Q-15: AMPS use which of the following multiplexing technique? Tdm/fdm/cdm? Answer:
Q-16: Orthogonal coordinate system has? Parallel/perpendicular? Answer: This system has
surface that meet at right angle so the answer is Perpendicular
Q-17: TDMA uses which of the following technique? Answer: Time division technique
Q-18: laplace Transfer of unit step function is? s or 1/s? Answer: 1/s
Q-19: Torque of induction motor is proportional to? Slip/current? Answer: I think its directly
proportional to slip
Q-20: Which motor has the highest torque? Series/dc/shunt? Answer: Series Dc Motor
Q-21: Motor that should not be used with load removed? Answer: Series Motor again
Q-22: An Ideal voltage source has? Answer: 0 Resistance
Q-23: An Ideal current source has? Answer: Resistance i-e opens circuited resistance?
Q-24: Two questions related to mercury arc rectifier?
Q-25: Sensors in industry send data in analog form, and before feeding them to system,
which of the following converts them to digital? Of course it was ADC (analog to digital
Q-26: One question was from transistor biasing technique that discussed property of a
particular technique
Q-27: What is power factor? Real power/Apparent power

1. France republic 1792

2. Housefly 2 wings and 6 legs
3. Fao headquarters rome
4. Safflower oil producing
5. Chennab river --- 3
6. Age of earth 4.5 billion years
7. Capital of columbia bagota
8. Deepest part of ocean mariana trench
9. Kim campbell prime minister of canada
10. Red blood cells 20-30 trillion so most probably 25 trillion was the correct answer
11. Cricket distance between wickets 22 yards
12. Potato is not a fruit
13. Mabrood haj for both obtaining the goodwill and blessings of allah
14. Twice bismillah surah e naml
15. Wealth from mines khums
16. Saqi zam zam hazrat abbass (r.a)
17. Second mujaddid ibn e idris
18. Had e qazaf 80 lashes
19. Arabaen- 40 hadith
20. Hell tree zaqqum
21. Foundation of bait-ul-hikmah abbasi period
22. Height of adam (as) 90ft
23. Zulqurnain surah e qahf
24. Foster sister of holy prophet (p.b.u.h) shaima

25. Prepositon adverb preposition functioning as an adverb

26. Prepositon adverb preposition functioning as an adverb (repeated twice ) true
27. Reflexive pronoun myself
28. Fly into rage irascible
29. Beguile charm in a deceptive way
30. Not an articulator skin
31. May you live long optative sentence
32. Consonant letters 21
33. Could you please pass the salt imperative
34. College - noun
35. Qutab minar delhi
36. Biafo glacier 67 km
37. Lake manasarovar tibet/kalash
38. Bypass connecting chitral and gilgat shandur pass
39. Mast tawakkal balochistan`s poet
40. Last governor general sikandar mirza
41. Pak china bordfer length 523 km
42. Jhat pat dera allah yar jafarabad
43. Ustad esa chief architect of taj mahal
44. Salient pole in hydro/non salient in thermal plants
45. Recharable batteries are also called secondary batteries
46. Hand off transferring call from one to cell to another
47. Mesh current method for complex networks solves using networks
48. Yagi antenna reflector and one or more directors
49. Generation voltage of power stations usually 11kv
50. Diode is not a bilateral
51. Dc-constant magnitude and fixed poalrity
52. 10 k resistance in parallel- 5k
53. Frequency answer using 120*rpm/p =16.67 hz
54. Perimeter of rectangle = 510
55. Size of the square which can be made using 256, 6cm small squares = 96cm *96cm
56. Number which one subtracted from ---- gave answer ---- = forgot the exact
figure i think it was option c
57. Voltage is directly proportional to ---all of above (number of turns,flux,number of turns)
58. Which of the follwing is not a prefix: --- none of above (bio,circum,3rd
one all are prefixes)