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Citrix XenDesktop VDI
Proof of Concept

P.O. Box 74019 00200
Nairobi, Kenya
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P.O. Box 74019 00200

Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: +254-20-2485098
GSM: +254-733-906330
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KoRANDU-Rift Valley Railways Citrix

XenDesktop VDI Proof-of-Concept
1. Introduction
This document specifies the Background, Objectives and Scope of the RVR Citrix
Thin Client Proof of Concept (PoC) exercise with intent to assess the tools and
techniques which may support in establishing the RVR Thin/Zero Client Network.

2. Background
Rift Valley Railways, from here-on referred to as RVR intends to establish a
Thin/Zero Client Network using Citrix XenDesktop Techonolgy. RVR will procure
Citrix XenDesktop from Citrix via its local reseller KoRANDU LIMITED.
The Zero/Thin Client Citrix XenDesktop Network will serve to significantly reduce
RVR IT network maintance costs, increase security and control without affecting
Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), when implemented correctly, can provide
clear advantages
Over physical PCs:
Mobility/BYOD End users can access their Windows desktops and
applications anywhere, anytime from any device, including zero/thin
clients, home PCs, smart phones, and pads.
Security Critical applications and data are moved from the edge into the
data center, where they are more secure.
Long-Term CapEx Savings Thin and zero clients have much longer
lifespans than PCs and laptops, enabling IT to get out of the device
management business and avoid recurring 3-5 year PC refresh cycles.
Energy Savings Zero and thin clients use significantly less power than
PCs and laptops.
Manageability and OpEx Savings Desktop layering software for VDI
makes it far easier to package and deliver applications and apply
Windows updates, compared to the legacy PC management tools that are
required to manage physical desktops.
Support Virtual desktops dont have the physical hardware issues that
PCs have. Non-persistent virtual desktops that are damaged by user
configurations can be fixed in minutes by Level 1 support staff with a
simple reboot. Persistent desktops managed by desktop layering

technology can be fixed just as easily by rolling back the Personalization

layer to an earlier, clean snapshot.

3. Objectives of KoRANDU RVR Citrix XenDesktop PoC

The Objectives of the KoRANDU RVR Citrix XenDesktop PoC, is for RVR to prove
the technological concept & economic value of Citrix XenDesktop VDI. This is
with a view to renewing the existing licensing and expanding their Citrix
XenDesktop VDI investment.

4. Scope of KoRANDU RVR Citrix XenDesktop PoC

User Experience
Performance for Remote Users
Objective: Test the responsiveness of hosted virtual desktops on a LAN-based
connection and repeat the same test scenarios on a WAN-simulated connection.
USB Device Compatibility
Objective: Test the compatibility of various USB devices through a hosted virtual
Objective: Users should be able to print to their local printers from within their
virtual desktop.
User Device Roaming
Objective: Test how convenient it is to roam from one endpoint device to
another while using a hosted virtual desktop.
Rapid Creation of Virtual Desktops
Objective: Create several hosted virtual desktops to test the ease of initial
ramp-up and ongoing manageability of a VDI solution.
Heterogeneous Endpoint Device Support
Objective: Connect to hosted virtual desktops with various types of endpoint
devices using different combinations of hardware and operating systems to test
ubiquitous access with endpoint diversification.
Application Delivery
Objective: Users should only see the applications they have been assigned.

5. Benefits of Citrix XenDesktop VDI

Citrixs patented HDX user experience rivals that of a local PC,

producing a Rich Client feel including Flash multimedia, video
collaboration and USB peripherals.

With XenDesktop, your workforce has instant access to all their

applications, including Windows, web, and SaaS apps

Citrix Receiver seamlessly integrates all of your applications into a

single interface, providing single sign on and secure access

XenDesktop provides a powerful desktop computing infrastructure

thats easy to manage and support, and dramatically reduces costs
associated with traditional desktop deployment methods.

Operating System Deployments made Simple Windows 7 can be rolledout in hours, not weeks or months. Single instance management allows
companies to leverage one master copy of their desktop images while
preserving the personalization that users need. Single-instance
management can reduce data center storage costs by up to 90 percent.

Data security and access control An integrated hardened SSL VPN

(Citrix Netscaler), with advanced policy-based access controls,
provides users with access to their desktops and applications while
mitigating potential security risks.

6. Approach
The Citrix XenDesktop VDI POC program is intended to run for 2 weeks.
The server side will be set up in the citrix.com Cloud, with 6 licenses.
The client side will test Virtual Desktop delivery to HP t410 Smart Zero Client
and a variety of BYOD mobile devices.

7. Key Roles and Responsibility of the Stakeholders

Rift Valley Railways
i. Sign-off on KoRANDU RVR Citrix XenDesktop PoC.

Provision of all necessary technical and logistical for purpose of PoC


i. Project Management and Technical Implementation of PoC in partnership
with Citrix and VirtualWorks.

Sourcing and supply of HP t410 Smart Zero Clients for PoC

Citrix and VirtualWorks

i. Activation of Citrix XenDesktop VDI Cloud with 6 licensed user accounts
for RVR PoC.

8. Expected outcomes of the POC

The KoRANDU-RVR Citrix XenDesktop VDI PoC will demonstrate:
Productivity is enhanced by making desktops available with a high level of
stability, to any and all devices allowed access.
With centralized hosted desktops, security of client data is enhanced and
risk of data theft is minimized
Business continuity at all levels of the institution is enhanced by using
Citrix XenDesktop VDI.
New Windows 7 desktops for any End User or Business Use Case can now
be provisioned in minutes with access to authorized users from any

9. Evaluation Mechanism
KoRANDU and RVR shall constitute an Evaluation Committee, which shall carry
out the entire evaluation process for this POC. The sole purpose of this exercise
will be to ascertain all primary aspects of the Technology PoC that were
targetted were met. Teh committee shall work jointly to organize the
demostrations necessary for the insitution within a specific time period.
After the live demonstration, there shall be a round of question and answers.

10. Key Activities and Expected Timelines

KoRANDU Signatory

Rift Valley Railways Signatory

Who we are....

KoRANDU is a Technology Strategy and Design Company, that

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of applications that respond to unique challenges user in industry faces.
KoRANDU is also a Technology Partner/Reseller to

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