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(10 marks)
(Suggested Time : 15 minutes)
Answer all questions in this paper.
The text below is about causes of road accidents.
Question 1
Read the text below. There are grammatical errors in the text. The errors have been underlined
for you.
Write one word to correct the error in the space provided. An example has been given. The
correct word must not change the meaning of the sentence.

Most of accidents happen because of carelessly motorists. Speeding e.g. careless

had been a major cause of road accidents in spite of frequent speed (a) _____________________
traps laid by the police to caught such offenders. Motorist who are (b) _____________________
drunk or sleepy are advised not to drive as they endangered not only (c) _____________________
their own lives so also the lives of other innocent people. Improper (d) _____________________
maintenance of vehicles has also contributing to road accidents. (e) _____________________
Drivers who do not look after their vehicles proper find themselves
driven without good brakes, with faulty signal-lights or tyres which

(f) _____________________
(g) _____________________

are bald. An bad condition of roads also causes accidents. Apart from
that, drivers must be more carefully when driving in bad weather to
avoid accidents. The smart thing to do is to avoid speeding at all

(h) _____________________
(i) _____________________
(j) _____________________
( 10 marks )

(30 marks)
(Suggested Time : 40 minutes)
Question 2
Read the following text. Then, answer questions (a) - (j).
Before I started kindergarten, I had many good friends. They were mainly my neighbours. We
would play all day long. Most of the time, we played outdoor games such as hide-and-seek and
riding our tricycles. We also pretended to be pirates and ghosts.
Then, at the age of five, I began to attend the kindergarten. This turned out to be quite an ordeal
for me. I was upset and sad. During the first week, I cried every single day in class. I missed my
mother and my friends very much. However, after a while, I started making friends. I felt happy
and looked forward to going to school every day.
I also remember the days when I was learning to ride my new bicycle. I fell down and bruised
myself several times but I never gave up. Finally, I was able to join my friends cycling around
the neighbourhood and the park.
Another fond memory that I had was performing at my kindergarten concert. It was held at the
end of the year at the kindergarten hall. I was given the role of Alice in the play ' Alice in
Wonderland'. I received a lot of compliments for my performance. I felt like a movie star.

Questions (a) - (j)

Using the information from the text, complete the following graphic organiser.

The writer's good friends were:

(a) her _____________________________

All Yours Restaurant

Activities before entering kindergarten:

Notes from the end-of-year concert:

(b) played ___________________________

(i) played _____________________________

(c) rode _____________________________

(j) felt like ____________________________

(d) pretended _________________________

Fond Memories of My

Attitude when learning to ride a bicycle:

(h) never____________________________

Feelings experienced in the kindergarten:

(e) __________________________________
(f) __________________________________
(g) __________________________________

Question Starters
Read the menu below. Then, answer questions (a) - (j).
Chicken salad RM 3.50
Tomato salad RM 2.50
Chicken soup RM3
Crab soup RM 3.50
All starters are served with bread and butter.

( 10 marks )