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Mars in 1, 4, 7, 8, 12 of lunar chart.

Also called Manglik dosha or kuja dosha or bhom dosha or angaraka

dosha. Mars in any other fiery sign, also if in addition Saturn, rahu, ketu in above mentioned houses.

Severe in ascendant or 7th

1, 4, 7, 8, 12 of ascendant/lagna, moon sign in lagna horoscope, Chandra horoscope/navamsa
7th most severe
In addition to mars, sun rahu ketu and Saturns placement in houses mentioned above also forms
partial Manglik dosha.
Compare birth chart, moon chart and navamsa chart to conclude Manglik effect.

Mars in various houses:

1- Itll have a drishti i.e., it ascendant. Sees the 7th house. 7th house being house of spouse, mars will create
quarrels on even minor issues. Here it indicates physical violence and sexual abuse. Because off cruel
behavior, such a native will be despised by society and will not be able to gain assets.
4- This house represents happiness. This also affects work area. Will frequently change profession and jobs.
Will not be economically successful. No job security.
7- It causes great anger. The native possess extra energy. Will never be sexually satisfied for the partner will
not be able to match such native. Therefore it is possible for the native for having lot of partners or has
abnormal interests such as domination, fetish, and bondage. Also will have differences with family
8- Loss of paternal property and bad relationship with elders of family. Will be lazy. Here brother will also
not help. Will vile away the time and will expect the spouse to earn.
12-sudden financial losses indicated at this house. Lot of enemies and the enemies will always trouble such a
native. Will have lot of mental problem and anxiety.
Mars in own house or in exaltation will considerably reduce the ill effects of Manglik dosha.
Cancellation of Manglik dosha:
1) When mars is in its own sign (Aries, Scorpio), exalted (Capricorn) or in the houses owned by planets
supposed to be his friends (sun, Jupiter, moon) Manglik dosha gets cancelled.
2) If mars is in 2nd house but in Virgo sign then the Manglik dosha gets cancelled.
3) If mars is in 12th house but in Taurus, Libra then dosha gets cancelled
4) If mars is in 7th house but in cancer, Capricorn then dosha gets cancelled.
5) If mars is in 8th house but in Sagittarius, Pisces no dosha.
6) For cancer and Leo ascendant mars is Yoga karaka (beneficial influence) wherever it maybe no dosha at
7) For Aquarius ascendant, mars in 4th or 8th house then Manglik dosha gets cancelled.
8) If benefic Jupiter or Venus ascendant no dosha.
9) If mars is in conjunction or aspected by Jupiter/moon no dosha.
10) If mars is in conjunction/aspected by sun, mercury, Saturn, rahu then Manglik dosha does not exist.
Mars dosha gets neutralized completely (nirdosh mangal) if it (mars) occupies

Sign of its deliberation(cancer)

Sign of its enemy(Gemini/Virgo)
Sign mesha and if it is in the first house.
Sign Scorpio and if it is in fourth house.
Sign Capricorn and if it is in seventh house.
Sign Leo and if it is in eighth house.
Sign Sagittarius and if it is in 12th house.
When it is aspected by Venus.
Rahu, sani, sun in 1, 4, 7, 8, 12 and mars in some other place lower Manglik effect.

Mars placement in

1 chart- ill effect lesser

All chart-severe(lagna, navamsa, Chandra)

Effects of Manglik dosha:

Manglik by mars

Excessive delay in marriage

Late-34, 38 or even 40 years
Manglik boy/girl married to non-Manglik spouse-death, severe accident leading to death,
permanent disability of non Manglik spouse.
Difficulty in marital life
Disputes and quarrel in marital life
Continuous fight between couple
Mismatch in thoughts
Death of spouse

Apart from this, delay in

Start of career or profession
Progress in career
Child birth

Manglik by other planets

Delay in marriage
Difficulty in married life
Continuous fight between couple