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Basic introduction of Project

Objective and Scope

Project Section

Tools and Technologies used


Preliminary analysis & Information gathering


Feasibility Study

System Requirements Specification

Software Engineering Model Used

Cost Estimation

Project Scheduling


Project Planning


Data Flow Diagram

E-R Diagram

Data Base Design

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This is to certify that the project entitled Online Exam System has been developed

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Exam System. He has used JAVA, HTML, JSP, JAVASCRIPT and MS.ACCESS as
Database for the project. His work is satisfactory.

I wish him all the best for his bright future.

Project In charge

Mr.Prashant Dubey


Project Name: -

Online Shopping System


Online shopping basically provides the way consumers go shopping and purchase
services and goods with reasonable price on the Internet.

The basic idea is that customers can buy products using online. It consists of product
details, security system, status and exits. The administrator can enter the name and

password and generate the report and can perform operations like add , search, delete the
products in the database.
The Online Shopping system enables vendors to set up online shops, customers to browse
through the shops, and a system administrator to approve and reject requests for new shops and
maintain lists of shop categories. Also on the agenda is designing an online shopping site to
manage the items in the shop and also help customers purchase them online without having to
visit the shop physically.Our online shopping mall will use the internet as the sole method for
selling goods to its consumers. Shopping will be highly personalized and the mall will provide
lower prices than most competitors. Online shopping allows you to browse through endless
possibilities, and even offers merchandise that's unavailable in stores. If you're searching for a
niche product that may not be distributed locally, you're sure to find what you're looking for on
the internet. What's even more useful is the ability to compare items, similar or not, online. You
can search through multiple stores at the same time, comparing material quality, sizes and pricing
Shopping via the internet eliminates the need to sift through a store's products with potential
buys like pants, shirts, belts and shoes all slung over one arm. Online shopping also eliminates
the catchy, yet irritating music, as well as the hundreds, if not thousands, of other like-minded
individuals who seem to have decided to shop on the same day.
Say 'goodbye' to the days when you stood in line waiting, and waiting, and waiting some more
for a store clerk to finally check out your items. Online shopping transactions occur instantlysaving you time to get your other errands done! Additionally, unlike a store, online shopping has
friendly customer service representatives available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you
with locating, purchasing and shipping your merchandise.
This Online shopping system involves with two types of users.

Customer role:
The customers can login/logout the System. He/She can view his/her product
details and buy their product. The customer can just view the information whereas
he/she could not make changes in the database.
The administrator plays a vital role in the Online shopping system. The
administrator controls the entire database. The report of the product is generated

by the administrator itself. The main role of the administrator is to safeguard the
database and can add/delete the products from the database

Main objective
Online shopping tries to enhance access to care and improve the continuity and efficiency of
services. Depending on the specific setting and locale, case managers are responsible for a
variety of tasks, ranging from linking clients to services to actually providing intensive shopping
and delivery services themselves
To shop wile in the comfort of your own home, without having to step out of the door.
sell at lower rate due to less over head.
provide home delivery free of cost.
No wait to see the products if someone else are taking that.

This product has great future scope. Online shopping Internet software developed on and for the
Windows and later versions environments and Linux OS. This project also provides security with
the use of Login-id and Password, so that any unauthorized users can not use your account. The
only Authorized that will have proper access authority can access the software.
Online shopping process neither wastes time of customers nor the manpower of
entrepreneur. Using Online Shopping application, one can shop from home, office,
organization. So, online shopping system has now grown as the most desirable,
reliable and efficient process of shopping.

Section of project: Stock management

Online order management
Online Cart facility
Sell Return management
Delivery process management
Staff management
Reporting section


1. The pages developed using asp.net are compiled, providing better

performance than with scripting languages.
2. It provides a programming model, and infrastructure to create scalable,
secure and stable applications faster as well as more easily than with
previous web technologies.
3. It is more than the next version of Active Server Pages, it is a unifies web
development platform that provide the services necessary for developers to
build enterprise- class web applications
4. It is a compiled, .NET based environment.
5. Accessing database is made easier.

Microsoft SQL Server is a relational database management system developed by
Microsoft. It provides an environment used to generate databases that can be
accessed from workstations, the web or other media such
Its primary query languages are MS-SQL and T- SQL SQL Server supports different
data types, including primary types such as integer decimal, float , char (including
character strings), Varchar (variable length character strings), binary, Text (for
textual data) among others.Storage space allocated to a database is divided into
sequentially numbered pages, each 8 KB in size.
SQL Server allows multiple clients to use the same database concurrently. As such,
it needs to control concurrent access to shared data, to ensure data integrity - when
multiple clients update the same data, or clients attempt to read data that is in the
process of being changed by another client.The main mode of retrieving data from
an SQL Server database is querying for it.
External Software Description

Visual Studio 2008 or 10 or 12

Microsoft Visual Studio is an integrated development environment (IDE) from Microsoft. It is

used to develop computer programs for Microsoft Windows, as well as web sites, web
applications and web services. Visual Studio uses Microsoft software development platforms such

as Windows API, Windows Forms, Windows Presentation Foundation, Windows

Store and Microsoft Silver light. It can produce both native code and managed code.
Visual Studio supports different programming languages and allows the code editor and debugger
to support (to varying degrees) nearly any programming language, provided a language-specific
service exists. Built-in languages include C,[6] C++ and C++/CLI (via Visual C+
+), VB.NET (via Visual Basic .NET), C# (via Visual C#), and F#

SQL Server 2008

Microsoft SQL Server is a relational database management system developed by Microsoft. As a
database, it is a software product whose primary function is to store and retrieve data as requested
by other software applications, be it those on the same computer or those running on another
computer across a network (including the Internet). There are at least a dozen different editions of
Microsoft SQL Server aimed at different audiences and for workloads ranging from small singlemachine applications to large Internet-facing applications with many concurrent users. Its primary
query languages are T-SQL and ANSI SQL.


framework 3.5 or 4.0

.NET Framework (pronounced dot net) is a software framework developed by Microsoft that runs
primarily on Microsoft Windows. It includes a large class library known as Framework Class
Library (FCL) and provides language interoperability (each language can use code written in
other languages) across several programming languages. Programs written for .NET Framework
execute in a software environment (as contrasted to hardware environment), known as Common
Language Runtime (CLR), an application virtual machine that provides services such as
security, memory management, and exception handling. FCL and CLR together constitute .NET
Processor: Intel dual core or above
Processor Speed:1.0GHZ or above
RAM: 1 GB RAM or above
Hard Disk: 20 GB hard disk or above

System Analysis:

o This system is all about the converting the shopping system from manual to



Customer can buy products online after login to the site.

Administrator is adding product to database.
Administrator can edit or delete the products from the database.
After buying and making payment the products are send to customers address that
he has given.
Customer can write feedback for the product or services.
Admin can see daily sell and feedback given by customer.
Administrator is adding the delivery report to the database.
Both admin and customer can see the delivery report.
System must provide following functionalities
Keeping records of admission of customers.
Keeping the records of products.
Keeping the daily sell.
Storing the feedback given by the customer.
Keeping details about the product it is delivered or not. etc.
Storing the items selected by the customer in the temporary storage.


They are the quality requirements that stipulate how well software
does what it has to do.
No. of terminals to be supported is dependent on the server that
we will use at the time of deployment. The web application server
used should provide good performance and ability to manage
performance with techniques such as support for caching. After
completing the exam, the entire score of the student will be
calculated as per the rules in less than a second.
It can be accessed for 24 hours a day. For this UPS support must
be on the server site with a backup of at least 8 hours in case of
power failure. Candidate can apply form only during the
previously allotted time slots, however can open site anytime to
access other information. Reliability
The website should be user friendly and should require least effort
to operate.


Feasibility study:

A feasibility study is a short, focused study, which aims to answer a number of questions:
Does the system contribute to the overall objectives of the organizations?
Can the system be implemented using current technology and within given cost and
schedule constrains?
Can the system be integrated with systems which are already in place?

Technical Feasibility:

Is the project feasibility within the limits of current technology?

Does the technology exist at all?
Is it available within given resource constraints (i.e., budget, schedule)?

Financial Feasibility:

Is the project possible, given resource constraints?

Are the benefits that will accrue from the new system worth the costs?
What are the savings that will result from the system, including tangible and intangible
What are the development and operational costs?

Operational Feasibility:
Define the urgency of the problem and the acceptability of any solution; if the system is
developed, will it be used? Includes people-oriented and social issues: internal issues, such as
manpower problems, labour objections, manager resistance, organizational conflicts and policies;
also external issues, including social acceptability, legal aspects and government regulations.
In preliminary investigation feasibility study has three aspects..

Technical Feasibility
Operational Feasibility
Economical Feasibility

Technical Feasibility
Technical issues involved are the necessary technology existence, technical guarantees of
accuracy, reliability, ease of access, data security, and aspects of future expansion.

Technology exists to develop a system.

The proposed system is capable of holding data to be used.
The proposed system is capable of providing adequate response and regardless of
the number of users.

The proposed system being modular to the administrator, if he/she wants can add
more features in the future and as well as be able to expand the system.
As far as the hardware and software is concerned, the proposed system is
completely liable with proper backup and security.

Hence, we can say that the proposed system is technically feasible.

Operational Feasibility
If the system meets the requirements of the customers and the administrator we can say that the
system is operationally feasible.
The proposed system will be beneficial only if it can be turned into a system which
will meet the requirements of the store when it is developed and installed, and there is sufficient
support from the users
The proposed system will improve the total performance.

Customers here are the most important part of the system and the proposed system will
provide them with a convenient mode of operation for them.
The proposed system will be available to the customers throughout the globe.
The proposed system will provide a better market for different dealers.

Hence, the proposed system is operationally feasible.

Economical Feasibility

Economic Feasibility is the most frequently used method for evaluating the effectiveness of the
proposed system if the benefits of the proposed system outweigh the cost then the decision is
made to design and implement the system.

The cost of hardware and software is affordable.

High increase in the amount of profit earned by going global.
Easy and cheap maintenance of the system possible.
Very cheap price for going global.

Hence, the proposed system is economically feasible.

Input Specification
Interface of the System
The Interface of the System will be developed in International standard so that user should not to
take more time to be familiar with it. The system will organize under a MDI form and other
forms will be the children SDI.

Validation and Verification of data should giving

Every input field will be under the Data Validation technique and after input of data another
procedure will work for Data Verification. This two procedure will always alert to save the
system from wrong data input.
Minimize data redundancy
Maximum unnecessary data from the main system will be redundant. Because this unnecessary
datas will keep more place and made the system chaos. So, some temp table will use in database
for performing some tasks, after completing the task, all record will deleted automatically.

Software System that has to be developed:

The System needs to be a web-based system so that it allows the customer,

admin to access the company database over the Internet.

Being a web-based system also enables the Company staff to send e-mails immediately
to Suppliers, whenever a requirement for Parts arises.

An added advantage is since the e-mail is delivered instantly, there could be instant
Responses from the customer.

The whole process depends on communications between customer & the

Administrators. If all these communications are done through a web-based system, then the
time period for the whole process can be considerably brought down.

The System needs to store the details of all the customer.

Since it is a web-based system, a Login authorization should be provided so that

customer, admin, and employee will be able to lookup & use options that are specific to

The System should allow the user to enter their Requirements.

The System should allow the Consultant to provide for search option for customer.

The System should provide an option to generate a customer Report.


Customer Module:

User profile with his details

Upload prescription
Order List
Order cancellation
Order tracking
Order delivery
Order history

Stock Manger Module:


Upload product
Add description
Add searching tags
Suspend from listing
Define category & Subcategory
Tag product as
Change images
Make slider of products
Add similar product with a product
Make combo offers

Order Manager Module


Order confirmation
Print invoice
Order shipping
Order Tracking
Order delivery
Payment collection
Order cancellation
Payment refund
Damage management.

Administration Module:

User Creation
Order report
Calculation report
Damage/refund report
Delivery report
Customers feedback
Reporting storewide
a Sell report (daily /monthly )
b Product Report
c Order cancel list.


Database Design:


Code:Design Code

Logic code



Job matchmaking is an important issue in todays global, distributed and
heterogeneous market. We have briefly explored how available technology
can possibly help how job recruitment and job seeking processes are
We strongly believe that, due to its high social impact, research has to
look with Job Matchmaking not only with the goal to propose advances in

the scientific knowledge, but because this is an application area capable of

bringing direct and immediate benefits to humanity
Future Improvements

There is always a room for improvement in any software package, however good
and efficient it may be. The important thing is that the website should be flexible
enough for further modifications. Considering this important factor, the web site is
designed in such a way that the provisions are given for further enhancements. At
present this website provides all the information using static pages and reservation
In future we can enhance our project by providing options like. Include many
sites information.