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1. After being chased by the cat, the mouse finally escaped through a slit in the wall.
A. large gap
B. narrow opening
C. wide space
D. huge hole
2. When the wind became chilly, the woman pulled the shawl tightly against her shoulders.
A. garment
B. hat
C. dress
D. coat
3. Arts depressing short stories were a form of sublimation for his many frustrations.
A. outrage
B. activity
C. redirection
D. a change
4. The woman was told by the doctor to scale down her fat intake as she was nearing obesity.
A. increase
B. decrease
C. maintain
D. upsurge
5. When the police was sent in to disperse the protesters, what followed was utter chaos.
A. total
B. mutter
C. partial
D. trouble
6. Which is a pair of Antonyms?
A. unusual-rare
B. fatal-deadly
C. fickle-changeable
D. loosen-fasten
7. Important, necessary and essential mean the same. What could be the fourth word in the list?
A. logical
B. accurate
C. fundamental
D. announce
8. A legend does not jibe with scientific facts.
A. conform
B. hinder
C. react
D. contradict
9. It is said that typhoon, just like any kind of weather is as fickle as a woman.
A. friendly
B. sensitive
C. inconsistent
D. hard-headed
10. The domestic circle in the barangays had a linen shower for the bride to be.
A. to go all the way around anything
B. a curved line
C. an intimately associated group
D. a number of particulars
11. The serious atmosphere of the baptism made it very formal.
A. unity
B. solitude
C. blessedness
D. solemnity
12. A good conversationalist has a gift of gab.
A. ability to talk
B. ability to answer quickly
C. ability to listen while someone is talking
13. The brave man added another feather on his cap.
A. failure
B. achievement
C. plan
D. hope
14. He was able to pin down the monstrous wild boar and tear out its mouth.
A. hold on
B. kills
C. fight with
D. slay
15. I need to study so dont be a pain in the neck.
A. annoying
B. flippant
C. minor
D. trivial
16. The bottom line is that he should be fired.
A. main point
B. root
C. origin
D. basis
17. The magicians in the birthday party bring a barrel of monkeys for kids.
A. fun
B. miserable
C. poignant
D. woe
18. A great number of people accept Cory Aquino to be their president.
A. majority
B. almost half
C. three-fourths
D. less
19. The story should get along with the presentation.
A. reconcile
B. separate
C. destruct
D. ruin
20. The continued existence of decomposers in the ecology made the energy flow very well.
A. death
B. survival
C. endangerment
D. Responsibility
The chairman of the board of judges stood at the center of the stage. Two girls and a boy
stood nervously behind him. Everybody was holding their breath. And now ladies and gentlemen,
the winner is Rizza Carreon!
Rizza felt she was ten feet tall.
21. It can be inferred that there was _________.
A. a beauty contest
B. group singing
C. academic contest
D. graduation ceremony
22. Based on the decision, it is predicted that __________.
A. Rizza cried and cried.
B. The defeated contestants questioned the decision
C. Rizza received several congratulations.
D. The judge reviewed their decision.
23. Rizza felt she was ten feet tall means almost the same as _______.
A. The result of the contest made her great.
B. The result of the contest made her very tall.
C. She was lifted on her friends shoulders.
D. She jumped high.

Scientists found that Mercurys atmosphere is very hot. Venus is hot too. Mars and Pluto
are too cold and their atmosphere is made up of too much carbon dioxide just like those of Jupiter,
Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. It is only the planet Earth whose atmosphere is made up of oxygen.
Earth also receives enough light and rays from the sun that make the planet fit for life.
24. What is the story all about?
A. solar system
B. planets
C. Earth
D. World
25. Who studies the planets atmosphere?
A. Scientist
B. Surgeon
C. Neurologist
D. Pediatrician
26. What makes the other planets too cold?
A. no Carbon Dioxide B. no Oxygen
C. Too much Carbon
D. too much oxygen
27. In which planet do we live?
A. Earth
B. Venus
C. Mercury
D. Pluto
28. If people continue cutting down trees, what will happen to the forests?
A. The forest will become bare
B. The forest will continue to be green
C. The forest will be saved.
D. The environment will become hot.
Moonlight on Manila Bay
by Fernando M. Maramag (1912)

A light, serene, ethereal glory rests

Its beams effulgent on each crestling wave;
The silver touches of the moonlight wave
The deep bare bosom that the breeze molests;
While lingering whispers deepen as the wavy crests
Roll with weird rhythm, now gay, now gently grave;
And floods of lambent light appear the sea to paveAll cast a spell that heeds not times behests.
Not always such the scene; the din of fight
Has swelled the murmur of the peaceful air;
Here East and West have oft displayed their might;
Dark battle clouds have dimmed this scene so fair;
Here bold Olympia, one historic night,
Presaging freedom, claimed a peoples care.

29. The lines 1-6 ________ the place, the Manila Bay.
A. Describe
B. critic
C. define
D. defy
30. In what line does this sentence accord They show their great power and physical strength,?
A. 11
B. 12
C. 13
D. 14
Unit I Of Myself and Others
Lesson 1
I am Me..
Lesson 2
My Family.
Lesson 3
My Friends..
Unit II The Earth, My Home
Lesson 4
The Air I Breathe
Lesson 5
Special Relationships in Earth..
Lesson 6
Oceans and Seas
Lesson 7
Mountains and Hills
Unit III God and I
Lesson 8
My Faith in God..
Lesson 9
I, Being Gods Child..
Lesson 10
Helping Others with God.

31. On what page does Unit III begin?

A. 40
B. 21

C. 39

D. 38


32. What lesson does page 23 belong?

A. Lesson 4
B. Lesson 5
C. Lesson 6
D. Lesson 7
33. What is the title of Lesson 9?
A. My Faith in God
B. Helping Others with God
C. I, Being Gods Child
34. What is the title of Unit II?
A. God and I
B. The Earth, My Home
C. Special Relationships in Earth
35. On which Lesson does facts about Indian Ocean can be found?
A. Lesson 1
B. Lesson 6
C. Lesson 3
D. Lesson 5
36. Philippines is an archipelago of more than seven thousand islands.
A. Fact
B. Opinion
37. Fisher men live only near the bay.
A. Fact
B. Opinion
38. To see a black cat on your way is one of the signs which means bad luck.
A. Fact
B. Opinion
39. Eclipses and other natural activity in space are helpful for scientists.
A. Fact
B. Opinion
40. Most children like cartoon shows, toys, and other amusements.
A. Fact
B. Opinion
41. A simple monument will be built and (clue: established) ________ in the town Plaza.
A. set down
B. Set about
C. set up
D. set off
42. She (clue: be friendly) ________ well with her new classmates in school.
A. gets off
B. gets on
C. keeps up
D. looks up
43. The teacher told him to (clue: search) ________ the files lost during the flood.
A. look into
B. look for
C. look on
D. look up
44. The Environmentalists (clue: engrave or write) _______ some law protecting the endangered species.
A. write down
B. write up
C. write on
D. Write off
45. The rebels are people who (clue: oppose) ______ the government.
A. go against
B. go on
C. go through
D. go of
46. He was quickly (clue: detect wrong doing) ______ and his lies exposed.
A. found in
B. found out
C. found after
D. go on
47. Rizza Carreon won ________ (clue: unquestionably) in the contest.
A. hands on
B. Hands off
C. hands down
D. hands up
48. The expert (clue: restore) ________ the engine together.
A. puts about
B. puts on
C. puts back
D. put off
49. He was stocked and (clue: delayed) _______ in the street due to the heavy traffic.
A. hung up
B. hung down
C. hung on
D. hung out
50. My courage (clue: be used up) _________, and I couldn't face her after all.
A. gave out
B. gave in
C. give up
D. give out
51. _____ The math problems were difficult.
_____ Jimmy was worried and unhappy.
52. _____ He is not getting enough sleep.
_____ Jimmy spends much time watching television at night.
53. _____ He kept his mind on his homework.
_____ The boy turned off his television set.
54. _____ Jimmy relaxed for a while and played with his pet puppy.
_____ He went back to his math problems and found out that the problems were not difficult at all.
55. ____ Jimmy goes to bed a ten oclock in the evening and wakes up at six oclock in the morning.
_____ He is getting enough sleep.
56. hypothesis
a. hypothesises
b. hypotheses
57. stimulus
a. stimuli
b. stimuluses
58. madame
a. madams
b. madames
59. oasis
a. oasises
b. oases
60. bacteria
a. bacterias
b. bacterium

c. hypotheseis
c. stimulis
c. madams
c. oasiss
c. bacteria

d. hypotheras
d. stimules
d. maam
d. oaseis
d. bacterie


61. Ana and Liza have been good friends.
a. simple
b. compound
c. complex
d. compound-complex
62. When I was young, my father used to play ball with me.
a. simple
b. compound
c. complex
d. compound-complex
63. My father is working while mother is keeping our house clean.
a. simple
b. compound
c. complex
d. compound-complex
64. Ana usually keeps her room clean.
a. simple
b. compound
c. complex
d. compound-complex
65. He comes early.
a. simple
b. compound
c. complex
d. compound-complex
66. Mother goes to the market.
a. declarative
b. imperative
c. interrogative
d. exclamatory
67. Where do you study?
a. declarative
b. imperative
c. interrogative
d. exclamatory
68. Kindly assist your brother.
a. declarative
b. imperative
c. interrogative
d. exclamatory
69. Where do they live?, asked Joanna to Elle.
a. declarative
b. imperative
c. interrogative
d. exclamatory
70. Wow, this tastes good!
a. declarative
b. imperative
c. interrogative
d. exclamatory
71. The shoes was owned by Dennis.
a. Denniss shoes
b. Shoes Dennis
c. Dennis shoes
d. Denniss Shoes
72. The projects of the boys.
a. boys projects
b. Boyss Projects
c. boys projects
d. Projects Boys
73. The farm of dad and uncle. (separate ownership)
a. dads and uncles farm
b. dad and uncles farm
c. farms dad and uncle
74. The activities of the women.
a. womens activity
b. womens activity
c. women activity
d. womanss activity
75. The hands of Tess.
a. Tesss hands
b. Tess hands
c. Hands Tess
d. Hand Tess
76. It is Allen, ____ killed the robber of the Barangay 17-4, Magsaysay, City of Mati.
a. who
b. where
c. when
d. by
77. It is in EDSA, ____ we celebrate the 2nd People Power Revolution and not in Mendiola Avenue.
a. who
b. where
c. when
d. by
78. Garry Valenciano, the great OPM singer, _____ also help the Yolanda victims in Tacloban.
a. who
b. where
c. when
d. by
79. Davao City is a place ______ we can find the beautiful place perfect for our summer vacation.
a. who
b. where
c. when
d. by
80. It is Ryan, _____ won in the contest.
a. who
b. where
c. when
d. by
81. The laborers union (is, are) on strike.
a. is
b. are
82. The class usually (gets, get) high rates on tests.
a. gets
b. get
83. The jury (is, are) now making their final decision.
a. is
b. are
84. Allen (play,plays) basketball in the school.
a. play
b. plays
85. Leah and Cris (is, are) loving each other.
a. is
b. are
86. She is the most attractive among the girls in the classroom.
a. positive
b. comparative
`c. superlative
87. The color of the balloon is as red as the color of the table.
a. positive
b. comparative
c. superlative
88. Hulk is stronger than Thor.
a. positive
b. comparative
c. superlative

89. Fe, writes a beautiful letter to her friend.

a. positive
b. comparative
c. superlative
90. Water is the most important component of our body.
a. positive
b. comparative
c. superlative
91. We seldom agree with him.
a. manner
b. frequency
c. time
92. She told me to wait here.
a. manner
b. frequency
c. time
93. Micah will visit her friend tomorrow.
a. manner
b. frequency
c. time
94. We review the tape carefully.
a. manner
b. frequency
c. time
95. Sometimes, we visit our Lolo Isko in the Province.
a. manner
b. frequency
c. time
96. She gave the ribbon to the visitors in a polite way.
a. Adjective
b. Adverb
97. She run in the track as fast as she could.
a. Adjective
b. Adverb
98. They are well groomed.
a. Adjective
b. Adverb
99. She answered the examination skillfully.
a. Adjective
b. Adverb
100. The hero killed the monster bravely.
a. Adjective
b. Adverb

d. place
d. place
d. place
d. place
d. place