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12226 Federal Register / Vol. 73, No.

45 / Thursday, March 6, 2008 / Notices

OFFICE OF MANAGEMENT AND obtained for a fee at the SEC’s Public American Capital, Inc., the parent
BUDGET Reference Branch (tel. 202–551–5850). company of applicants’ investment
An order granting each application will adviser, and Principal Management
Cost of Hospital and Medical Care be issued unless the SEC orders a Corporation, the acquiring fund’s
Treatment Furnished by the hearing. Interested persons may request investment adviser.
Department of Defense Medical a hearing on any application by writing Filing Dates: The applications were
Treatment Facilities; Certain Rates to the SEC’s Secretary at the address filed on November 9, 2007, and
Regarding Recovery From Tortiously below and serving the relevant amended on February 15, 2008.
Liable Third Persons applicant with a copy of the request, Applicants’ Address: 1201 Third
personally or by mail. Hearing requests Ave., 8th Floor, Seattle, WA 98101.
AGENCY: Office of Management and
should be received by the SEC by 5:30
Budget, Executive Office of the McMorgan Funds
p.m. on March 25, 2008, and should be
President. [File No. 811–8370]
accompanied by proof of service on the
ACTION: Notice. applicant, in the form of an affidavit or, Summary: Applicant seeks an order
SUMMARY: By virtue of the authority for lawyers, a certificate of service. declaring that it has ceased to be an
vested in the President by Section 2(a) Hearing requests should state the nature investment company. On November 27,
of Pub. B. 87–603 (76 Stat. 593; 42 of the writer’s interest, the reason for the 2007, four series of applicant transferred
U.S.C. 2652), and delegated to the request, and the issues contested. their assets to corresponding series of
Director of the Office of Management Persons who wish to be notified of a The MainStay Funds, based on net asset
and Budget by the President through hearing may request notification by value. On November 29, 2007,
Executive Order No. 11541 of July 1, writing to the Secretary, U.S. Securities applicant’s remaining two series made
1970, the rates referenced below are and Exchange Commission, 100 F liquidating distributions to their
hereby established. These rates are for Street, NE., Washington, DC 20549– shareholders, based on net asset value.
use in connection with the recovery 1090. Expenses of $993,246 incurred in
from tortiously liable third persons for FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: connection with the reorganization and
the cost of inpatient medical services Diane L. Titus at (202) 551–6810, SEC, liquidation were paid by New York Life
furnished by military treatment facilities Division of Investment Management, Investment Management LLC,
through the Department of Defense Office of Investment Company applicant’s subadviser and investment
(DoD). The rates have been established Regulation, 100 F Street, NE., adviser to the acquiring funds.
in accordance with the requirements of Washington, DC 20549–4041. Filing Dates: The application was
OMB Circular A–25, requiring filed on December 28, 2007, and
BlackRock Enhanced Equity Yield amended on February 11, 2008.
reimbursement of the full cost of all
Fund II, Inc. Applicant’s Address: One Bush St.,
services provided. The inpatient
medical rates referenced are effective [File No. 811–21754] Suite 800, San Francisco, CA 94104.
upon publication of this notice in the Summary: Applicant, a closed-end Schwab Strategic Ten Trust 1997 Series
Federal Register and will remain in investment company, seeks an order A
effect until further notice. The declaring that it has ceased to be an
[File No. 811–8293]
outpatient medical and dental, and investment company. Applicant has
cosmetic surgery rates published on never made a public offering of its Summary: Applicant, a unit
November 21, 2007, remain in effect securities and does not propose to make investment trust, seeks an order
until further notice. Pharmacy rates are a public offering or engage in business declaring that it has ceased to be an
updated periodically. A full disclosure of any kind. investment company. On July 21, 2006,
of the rates is posted at the DoD’s Filing Dates: The application was applicant made a liquidating
Uniform Business Office Web Site: filed on November 2, 2007, and distribution to unitholders, based on net
http://www.tricare.mil/ocfo/_docs/ amended on February 20, 2008. asset value. Applicant incurred no
FY%2008%20Direct%20Care% Applicant’s Address: BlackRock, Inc., expenses in connection with the
20Inpt%20Billing%20Rates.pdf. 800 Scudders Mill Rd., Plainsboro, NJ liquidation.
08536. Filing Dates: The application was
Jim Nussle, filed on December 20, 2007, and
Director. WM Trust I amended on February 18, 2008.
[FR Doc. E8–4330 Filed 3–5–08; 8:45 am] [File No. 811–123] Applicant’s Address: 101
BILLING CODE 3110–01–P Montgomery St., San Francisco, CA
WM Trust II 94101.
[File No. 811–5775]
AEW Real Estate Income Fund
SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE WM Strategic Asset Management
COMMISSION [File No. 811–21206]
Portfolios, LLC
Summary: Applicant, a closed-end
[Release No. IC–28177] [File No. 811–7577] investment company, seeks an order
Notice of Applications for Summary: Each applicant seeks an declaring that it has ceased to be an
Deregistration Under Section 8(f) of the order declaring that it has ceased to be investment company. On April 10,
Investment Company Act of 1940 an investment company. On January 12, 2007, applicant paid a liquidation
2007, each applicant transferred its preference of $25,000 per share plus
mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with NOTICES

February 29, 2008. assets to corresponding series of accumulated but unpaid dividends to
The following is a notice of Principal Investors Fund, Inc., based on holders of its preferred shares. On April
applications for deregistration under net asset value. Expenses of $2,138,833, 13, 2007, applicant made a liquidating
section 8(f) of the Investment Company $7,028,600 and $2,965,610, respectively, distribution to holders of its common
Act of 1940 for the month of February, incurred in connection with the shares, based on net asset value.
2008. A copy of each application may be reorganizations were paid by New Expenses of $30,081 incurred in

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