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Kaysons is

India’s first
educational portal
completely video-
resources and
video solutions for
preparation of
other engineering
entrance exams
An IIT alumina
venture, they are
providing 43
DVD’s containing
300 hours of
 Introduction  Who can partner with us?
 About Us  How to Partner with us? lectures, complete
 Educational Guide  Site Location Analysis for the
Library/Center. your 11th, 12th, IIT
 Who are the target audience?
 Market Opportunity JEE, BITS,
 Summary Of Terms &
 Opportunities Available AIEEE syllabus in
6 months studying
30 min. a day. It is
useful for all

Kaysons Education Office Phone: 0591-3290831. 0591- serious students

Kaysons Education Pvt Ltd 6455201
Opp 440 KVA sub-station Mob: +91-9927837052 who really wish to
Behind Reliance Petrol Pump Fax: +91-591-3290831 make it to IIT JEE,
Delhi Road
Moradabad. 244001
Website: www.kaysonseducati
Uttar Pradesh on.co.in AIEEE with good
India email: support@kaysonseduca
tion.co.in rank.
1. Introduction
Kaysons Education aims to provide proper guidance to all the Engineering aspirants
all across India, even in the remote areas so that they have a chance to show their
abilities without being overburdened with expensive alternatives and lack of proper
guidance. Educational requirements of the students will be met by quality guidance
by IITians.

Company Information
Kaysons Education is a subsidiary of Kaysons Info systems, a leading educational firm
actively involved in providing educational services for every need.
Kaysons is India’s first educational portal offering completely video-interactive-
resources and video solutions for preparation of IIT-JEE and other engineering
entrance exams.

We provide video-interactive-real-time learning sessions, problem solving sessions,

strategy sessions, counseling sessions from IITians.

These services are mainly useful for those.

 Preparing for IIT-JEE and other engineering entrance exams

 Preparing for Medical Entrance Exams
 Students wanting to study Math, Physics, Chemistry at any level

All our team members management, faculty, investors and the rest of them team
consists of only IITians! Who can understand your burning desire to be one of us
better than us?

Our primary aim is to help engineering aspirants get best quality of guidance during
their preparation. A lot of extremely capable students are unable to get through the
best engineering colleges due to lack of guidance. With Kaysons, they can easily get
that extra attention as and when required. At Kaysons, any student can schedule a
session with an IITian for various services offered by us like Video solutions/video

Kaysons Infosystems
tutorials, video lectures, ask a problem, test analysis where a student can know
where he is weak for one and two years respectively.

Ours unique strategy works seamlessly and simultaneously on three levels.

Educational DVDs: Education DVDs are provided with contents containing the
complete syllabus explained with the help of real-life animations explaining the
theory as well as numerical.

Reference Books: Quick reference books and a guide through which the teacher is
explaining in the videos.

Online Support: For student’s problems, assignment, test, progress report and rank

Unique Features Of Kaysons

Interactive: Video Lectures simulate a classroom atmosphere, with all essential
features, enquires, checks, self efforts, past JEE paper tends, Suitable illustration,
Solved Example.

Animation Based Explanations: 2D and 3D animation are shown to explain the

concepts with greater details and make it clearer.

Day-Wise Growth: To develop the student's capabilities gradually with advancing

stage. Starting with a basic concept and advancing towards IIT Standards.

Self-Sufficient: Video lectures are in reference with the book provided along with it.

Save time: Covers the entire syllabus to great details within a short span of time.
Hence saving time for self practice

Online Support: Solutions to all self effort are available on

www.kaysonseducation.co.in , free discussion and queries solutions within 24 hours.

Kaysons Infosystems
Free Online Test Series: The objective test series of various standards (IIT, AIEEE, and
Board Level) available to all students to explore their subject knowledge. On the spot
result analyses and answers to all question.
A Quality Product: Kaysons Video Education is the 1st DVD/VCD Compatible Video
Education Company where Material provided are ideal to be preserved lifelong.

2. About Us
Kaysons Education - our first offering - deals with curriculum-related content
specifically aimed at secondary and senior school students, i.e. from classes 11 and 12.
Kaysons Education covers Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics for Classes 11 &12;
Kaysons Education content is accessible to students in different formats as well as
different mediums including interactive television, the Internet, etc. It comprises of
digital video, text and data content. As education is effective only when there is
interactivity and exposure to multiple media sources, Kaysons Education DVD’s &
books will be sold to students.
The web portal http://www.kaysonseducation.co.in consists of an 'Ask a problem’
section where students can seek answers to their queries/ doubts. In the ‘Test-Online’
Assignment section, students can test their comprehension by taking online tests and
Assignments keep track of their own performance. The web site also creates forums
and groups where like-minded students can interact about issues relevant to their

3. Educational Guide
Kaysons Education will provide 300 hours of lectures. The language of
explanation is bi-lingual hence it is more understandable to the students.
Unique Features of Kaysons Education
 Advancing from basics to IIT JEE Standards
 Taught using 3D animation
 Step by step explanation and Problem Solving

Kaysons Infosystems
Need for Video Education
 Visual understanding is long lasting and well understood.
 Clarify All weak and misunderstood Concepts
 A classroom Environment at your home and convenience.

4. Who are the Target Audience?

Prime Target
 Students of 11th, 12th, IIT-JEE and all other engineering and science students
(It’s not entertainment but a necessity for them to watch since it’s their syllabus

Secondly Target
 Medical students, Bsc

5. The Market
“Education – a recession proof Industry; with the power of touching lives of
millions and creating a change in the society”
The market opportunity for supplemental learning and or coaching/tuition is
extremely large in India driven mainly by inadequacy of our school system in providing
quality education and also due to severe competition in getting admissions in to
quality higher educational institutions. Kaysons Education has developed an in-depth,
top instructor-led digital content using its patent pending technology to create a
revolution in this space. Currently, Kaysons Education has developed content for the
XIth, XIIth class, IIT-JEE, AIEEE exams. The number of students taking these exams
collectively exceeds 8 lac students annually and is expected to grow at a healthy clip
for the foreseeable future. In addition, Kaysons Education is currently working on VIIth
,IXth and Xth class content to be delivered by December, 2010 followed by similar
content for many other competitive exams and vocational courses.

Kaysons Infosystems
Our Unique Selling Point for the students at any academic level is one that bridges all
their “learning gaps” and also one that “boosts their performance” on these exams.
Often times, students are weak in several areas because they have missed classes or
the teacher is academically weak or the teacher rushed through the material or the
student is shy about asking questions in the class room or the student finds reading
from a book very tedious or a student simply forgets what was learned and/or does
not get enough practice and time to revise the material.
Kaysons Education provides such students with a perfect solution in all of the above
mentioned situations to listen to and learn from very experienced top-class teachers
explain everything from the basics to advanced concepts in full detail together with
how to apply these concepts using a large bank of fully- explained problem sets and
mock tests to ensure both student understanding and success on the exams. The best
part of this solution is that the student can quickly focus on their weak areas and/or
any other part of the content and listen to the lectures as many times as they need
and also playback the lecture and or the explanation as many times as they want
without the teacher getting annoyed at the student! In addition, with on-location
teaching assistants providing doubt-clearing and guidance services, the student gets
access to top quality coaching right in their neighborhood!

6. Opportunities Available
i. Learning Centre/Digital Library: If imparting education is what you have chosen as
the prime role for your business then becomes a part of our network of successful
Learning Centre franchisee. You should have the knowhow of the education industry
including starting and running tuition/coaching centers. It is platform where students
study through the touch base model, where he sits in the classroom and studies from
a teacher. Alternatively, the classes can be run through the recorded content with
the help of the local teacher.

ii. Distribution/ Retail: If you have chosen distribution of educational material as the
prime role for your business then make the best of returns on your investment and

Kaysons Infosystems
also contribute to the society in scaling up the standard of education. You should
have some knowledge of the secondary sales market and a good retail network.
iii. Business Associates: If you are good at offering people what is best for them, then
you can join us and promote/sell our products to various schools & institutions and
individuals. You should have knowledge of DSA business model. The partner can also
promote the sales on-line to the customer base who has access to internet and is not
interested in buying the CD’s.

7. Who can partner with us?

Kaysons Education is looking for like-minded high caliber individuals / groups /
teams who share our vision and who have passion for education to become their
Business Partners in targeted cities and locations to deliver its products to the target
markets under the Kaysons Education brand name.
Ideally, our business partner must possess keen business acumen with demonstrated
track record of creating and managing successful businesses preferably in the service
or education industry; commitment to high-quality customer service; have adequate
capital to ensure success and finally share our passion in creating a name in the market
for Kaysons Education.

8. How to partner with us?

The following are the steps involved in engaging with and becoming a Business
Partner of Kaysons Education:
Step 1. Initial Contact by Phone or E-mail:
 First Interaction: We do initial screening and also provide summary of the
opportunity by phone.

Kaysons Infosystems
 Personal Meeting: We meet in person, present our technology & content and
have a detailed discussion on all aspects of the association and the location of the
Digital Library.
 Franchisee Application Form: The form should be duly filled and submitted
Step 2. Getting Started
 MOU and/or Agreement is discussed in detail and signed off along with the
payment of the Franchisee Association Fee.
 Next Steps: Detailed follow-up plan will be developed during the Personal
Meeting with clear roles, responsibilities and milestones.
Step 3. The Plan for Roll Out and Launch
 The roll-out plan must be strictly followed to ensure milestones are understood
and met according to the timeline. Any activity sheet/plans for completion of the
project will be signed off by Kaysons Education.
 Kaysons Education will impart detailed training on academic and business
standards to be adhered to and also provide marketing training including help
with the marketing/sales collateral.
 Kaysons Education will commission the library upon FINAL successful inspection of
the center and training of the staff.
 On an ongoing basis “Digital Library\ Learning Centre” will be monitored by
Kaysons Education.

9. Site Location Analysis for the Library\Centre

 The site is expected be located on the main road with free flow of traffic or easily
accessible location in a market. This will ensure students’ access to the centre by
foot or through local transportation.
 The building/site should be visible from the main road and must not be obscured
by some other building. This is essential as the signage of the centre must be
visible from afar.

Kaysons Infosystems
 The building must have essentials like: electricity, power backup, elevators,
adequate number of phone lines, continuous access to power and supply of
 The landlord of the building must allow for:
 Placement of signage on rooftop or on the face/front of the building.

 Placement of a 25 KVA generator (if required).

 Placement of security personnel at the centre.

 Separate parking for centre’s staff and students (optional).

 Entering into a 3 years lease with option to extend.

 Regular Maintenance and upkeep of the building common areas, lifts, façade,

10. Summary of Terms and Conditions

 The Business Partner is required to procure the space/infrastructure and complete
the interiors (including air-conditioning, computers, furniture, office equipments
etc) at the site as per Kaysons Education specifications. Further any
modification/addition in infrastructure shall also be the responsibility of Franchisee.
 The contract shall be valid for a period of 3 (Three) years from the date of signing of
the Agreement.
 Franchisee : The franchisee will be responsible for the following:-
 Business/Market Development: All the local marketing activities and expenses will
be the responsibility of the Franchisee. Kaysons Education will participate in such
marketing activities as and when required.
 Operations
 Local Branding
 Digital Learning Centre/Digital Library Infrastructure
 Record Keeping and maintaining the POS system.
Kaysons Infosystems
 Salaries of staff and all operational costs. [Note: Knowledge of computers and MS
office in particular is very desirable for the entire staff of the Franchisee]

 Kaysons Education: Kaysons Education will be responsible for the following:

o Provide complete syllabus in DVD
o Books
o Online support

 The agreement may be further renewed for a period of 3 (Three) years, at the
discretion of the Kaysons Education Management
 Kaysons Education reserves the right to audit the “Digital Library\ Digital Learning
Centre” financial statements and accounts and to conduct checks to
measure adherence to the expected business standards including customer
satisfaction, brand equity and staff performance.
 Kaysons Education reserves the right to terminate the contract at any given time,
during the period of contract, based on the violations cited in the definitive
agreement between Kaysons Education and the Franchisee.
Manas Kapoor
Sr.Manager – Business Development
Handphone: +91-9927837052
E-Mail: manaskapoor@kaysonseducation.co.in

Kaysons Infosystems