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SpaceSniffer - Release Notes

Features Flags
-------------[+] New feature
[!] Feature has
[#] Feature has
[-] Feature has

has been added

been improved
been fixed
been removed

--------[#] Fixed a scan issue (error 87) under XP and Vista.
[#] Fixed a config file save path issue.
--------[#] Fixed command line "scan" command.
--------[+] New modular engine that can be expanded more easily to support
new scan sources.
[+] Added quick dismiss button to the log console to disable repeated popups.
[+] Added the element first level children count to the tooltip.
[+] Added SpaceSniffer binary snapshot file format.
[+] Added load command line parameter.
[+] Added inequality operators to the export scripting language.
[!] Enhanced export module configuration behavior.
[!] Now cluster size is available for all types of paths (also network
where available).
[!] Improved rescan performance.
[!] Improved scan performance on Windows XP+ OSes (used new OS API).
[!] Replaced old XML library with more optimized TinyXML.
[!] Memory optimizations: 15% less ram usage.
[!] Compiled with LARGEADDRESSAWARE flag: 1 more GB available on 64 bit systems.
[!] Now the export dialog waits 500ms after typing a key before showing
the preview.
[!] Improved path handling: this should fix issues with the optional
registry key on different OSes.
[!] Improved stability.
[!] Updated user manual.
[#] Small correction on size specifiers (Gb to GB and so on...).
[#] Fixed leftpad script command due to bad trimming.
[#] Minor UI enhancements.
--------[+] Now it's possible to start an export to file from command line.
[+] Added classes filter (example: multimedia, archives ecc...)
[!] Improved stability when deleting a focused folder.
[!] Added "SpaceSniffer" to all floating windows title.
[#] Now paths with spaces behave again correctly in command line.
--------[!] Now if a filter is passed by the command line, it appears

on the filter field on the interface.

[#] Addressed the annoying "tag consistency check" issue
that may occur during scan operations.
[#] Addressed a "code 32" error log issue that may occur when
a folder creation is intercepted by the real time scan engine.
[#] Now the log console displays again error message strings,
along with the error code.
[#] If a selected (shadowed) file is deleted, now the shadow
correctly disappears and there is no more "ghost" effect.
--------[+] Added file classes, you can assign colors to file types.
[+] Added drop shadow on selected element for better visual tracking.
[+] Added folder name mask filter, better control on files distribution.
[+] Added logical/disk size, date and nesting level to export tags.
[+] Added create, modify, access directives in file age filter.
[+] Added logical size and disk size directives in file size filter.
[+] Added a fuzzy match algorithm to parse filter directives.
[+] Added DynaSmooth option for best feedback and performance.
[!] Rescan function has been improved in performance.
[!] File modification detection algorithm now is more efficient.
[!] More customizable information is shown in the file tooltip.
[!] Tagging has been extended to folders, for improved flexibility.
[!] Now you can exclude big folders by tagging and filtering them.
[!] The start dialog now supports multiple paths.
[!] Redesigned configuration dialog.
[!] Redesigned Quick Start and User Manual.
[#] Fixed some memory leaks, optimized memory usage.
[#] Minor algorithm and graphical fixes.
--------[+] Added font size configuration for graphic pane.
[+] Added file attributes filtering.
[+] Added support for browser keys (back, forward, home).
[+] Optional flashing window at end of scan.
[+] Scanning progress now it's reported on window title.
[+] Added log console.
[!] Enhanced Unicode support.
[!] Optimized smart cache, now 50% faster (average).
[!] Enhanced filter syntax (backward compatible).
[!] Enhanced file tooltip behavior.
[!] Added warning in case of bad filter.
[!] Added warn on status bar for ADS scan if active.
[!] Modified the Distribution Disclaimer.
[#] Fixed scanning of very long path names and OS compressed files.
[#] Fixed an issue on ADS filter.
[#] Fixed some incorrect window overlapping issues.
[#] Fixed CTRL+UP behavior (not working if filter field not focused).
[#] Fixed minor graphics glitches.
--------[+] Added
[+] Added
[+] Added
[!] Added
[!] Added

export module for customized file reporting.

file tagging feature.
quick filtering and tagging help under Help menu.
initial detail setting under config dialog.
file tagging filtering and excluding filters, added week


units to age filter.

Added file date and time in mouse hover hint information.
Improved responsiveness to filtering in zoomed views.
Now it behaves better with system folders under 64 bit OSes.
Fixed delete dialog box z-ordering issue under Windows 2000/XP.
Fixed a misbehaviour in the file age filter.
Improved stability.
Minor bug fixes.

--------[+] Now command prompt parameters are supported. Please see doc.
[+] Folders drag and drop added in start dialog and main window.
[+] Folder browse added in start dialog.
[+] Added opened windows menu items to the Windows menu.
[+] Added keyboard shortcuts. Please see doc.
[!] The start dialog now keeps open when a bad path is entered.
The previous behavior forced the user to reopen the dialog
if a typing mistake occurred.
[!] Added media description near the media icon in start dialog
and in view window title.
[!] Now a flash key icon is used for all removable media
except for A:\ and B:\ drives, that keep the floppy icon.
[!] Now the mouse tooltip on the Treemap has a more user friendly
[#] Changed color management interface to fix a bug in previous
used control library.
[#] If more than one view is opened on the same media, all views
after the first seem dead and need a "kickstart" through
the filter field. Now it behaves correctly.
---------First public release.
How to interpret the Version Number
----------------------------------SpaceSniffer version number is composed by four digits:
application.major.minor.release (example:
Application digit will change only when really big modifications
are made. Such modifications would affect the application in deep.
Read it as a whole application rewriting from scratch, maybe even
programming language change. When this digit change, all minor
digit will be zeroed. This digit will likely never change in the
life of this SpaceSniffer.
Major digit will change when major modifications are made.
Read it as a "new very important functions available" flag.
When this digit change, all minor digit will be zeroed.
Minor digit will change when minor modifications or enhancements
are made. Maybe new useful functions are added but not so important
on the usage of the application. When this digit change, all minor
digit will be zeroed.
Release digit will change when only bug fixes are applied.
So, if bug fixes are applied but also new features are added,

the Major or Minor digits will prevail on Release digit.

Copyright (C) 2007-2014 Uderzo Umberto. All rights reserved.