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Peek at the Week
March 2010
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
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Day 1 - Music Day 2 – Media Day 3– Gym

Science Unit:
Student Preview - (NO SCHOOL) (NO SCHOOL)
Book Fair
10:10am DARE

Star of the Week: Mitchell

BOOK FAIR  3/4 – Evening Conferences
The spring book fair is coming to our  3/5 – Morning/afternoon Conferences Students will be taking a break from
school. Our class will be visiting the (NO SCHOOL) our IB Planners and focusing their
book fair during school on Tuesday,  3/8 – Evening Conferences inquiry on a new science unit. This
March 2. Feel free to send money  3/18 – 5th Grade Music Performance science unit is titled Variables. They
with your child to purchase books.  3/29 – 4/2 – Spring Break (NO SCHOOL) will get to perform many neat
Families may visit the book fair experiments and see how different
during conferences. variables affect the outcomes. We are
very excited to start this unit and look
Thursday, March 4 – 9:00am-8:00pm
CLASS WEBSITE: forward to the students sharing their
Friday, March 5 – 9:00am-8:00pm We have set up a website for all the 5th grade classes experiences with you!
Monday, March 8 – 5:00-8:00pm this year. Please check it out!

In math this week, we started a new unit on READING!!
multiplication and division with whole numbers and We have great news! Our class
decimals. This week, we learned several strategies to received 5,300 votes in the public
multiply two and three digit numbers. Many of the online vote which put us in second
strategies we have learned involve breaking the place. Because we were in the top
problem apart, so it is very important that students 2, we earned the Hat Trick Prize.
know their multiplication facts. Students can practice This includes a trip to the Xcel
facts at home with flash cards. There are also some Energy Center, where students
great games and activities under the math links on our will watch the Wild hockey team
class webpage. practice, tour the facility, enjoy
We also continued with our science unit, titled lunch, and have a story read to
“Variables”. With this three week focus, we hope to them by a current Wild player.
give our students some important, fundamental science Working with Life Boats in Science They have not set a date for this
knowledge that they will build on in middle school and yet, but I will be getting that
beyond. This week our class conducted experiments information to you as soon as I
with Life Boats. Ask your child to share the results of hear. We will need a couple
our controlled experiment and how they can predict the chaperones, but I anticipate using
number of passengers a boat can hold. We will finish a lottery system for those who are
up the science unit next week with one final interested. Thanks for voting!!!!
investigation on Flippers.
In literacy, students’ reading was related to our
science topics. Spelling this week focused on words
with the final /l/ sounds spelled le, el, or al.
We are continuing to work on demonstrating
the IB learner profiles and attitudes. Our classroom has
had a hard time lately showing respect towards
classmates and adults. Please continue to discuss NO HOMEWORK
appropriate and respectful behaviors for school with PACKET OR SPELLING
your child. NEXT WEEK!
As we approach the spring, please remind your
child to be responsible with turning work in on time. Working on mosaics in art
We have had several students struggling to complete CONTACT
their homework on time over the past couple weeks. INFORMATION:
Our class is in desperate need of pencils and is Room 114
also running low on Kleenex! If you are willing
to donate either of these items, please send them
(651) 407-7600 x1610
with your child to school. Thank you!