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Registration Deadline: August 21*

Test Date: September 12

Last chance for students to take the September ACT test!

Remind them to register today!

Did you know . . .

The ACT is the only college entrance exam with a September test datethe earliest
testing opportunity for the school year.
A student's ACT score can be used for applying to ANY US college or university,
including Ivy League institutions and other highly selective schools.
Not all colleges and universities require a writing test for admissionthe ACT writing test
is optional, saving students time and money.
The ACT test score is based on the number of correct answers, with no points deducted
for guessing.

Forward this email to your students and remind them to register for the September 12 test date at The deadline to register is Friday, August 21.*

ACT offers no-cost and low-cost test prep options at

*Late fee applies.