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21st Aug. - 3rd Sept. 2015

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Danum House, Overstrand, Norfolk

Every year, over the two weeks before the

Carnival, Cromer VEO run free events for
children and on Wednesday 12th August they
were run by Libby & Tony with volunteers on
the East Beach.
15 groups took part in the Competition to build
a Sandcastle fit for a King or Queen, sponsored
by Cromers No 1 Fish & Chip Restaurant and
Cromer Town Council.
The competition kicked off at low tide for the
sandcastles to be built before the tide rolled in.
All bar number ten got washed away until about
five minutes later, when the tide took the last
remaining one along with all the others.

Continued on Page 6
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From The Editor

With this wonderful weather I really
appreciate where I live and this
past week I have had my nieces
and their families to stay.
We have been lucky enough to rent
a beach hut on Cromer west prom
from the council, very reasonably.
This has been really helpful storage
base, with Lornas youngest Orla,
just 6 mths old, there are nappies
and bottles then bags of towels,
spades, balls for Harry & Ebony
and clothes changes when
paddling is misjudged!
When bad weather threatened we
visited Woodland (See page 19)
this park has everything to make
inclement weather immaterial.
I also visited Liz at Selbrigg Lodge
(See page 14) with my elderly friend
who has arthritis & painful feet, she
has now had 2 sessions of Paraffin
wax treatment on her feet.
At her annual at her diabetic check,
when she told them about the great
improvement in her walking and
the reduction of pain the nurse


Nut Lane, Cromer. NR27 0JN
tel: 01263 579 202

concurred that paraffin wax is a

penetrating heat which can be of
great benefit to arthritis sufferers.
I hope that you have all had a great
time at the Cromer Carnival, Philip
was there as usual taking photos.
See them in our next issue!

Enjoy Your Crab Tales

Liz King
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Back due to popular demand

Garden Party

Sunday 30th August

12 to 5pm

Hog Roast & BBQ

Free Bouncy Castle for the children.

Giant garden games & music.

All very welcome

Letters to the Editor Send to: 10 Hilda Rd, Mundesley NR11 8BA
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K Hardware, Church Street, CROMER
Dear Philip,

It was good meeting you at the 105th anniversary

of the Mothers Union in Mundesley.
You asked for more information regarding the
footpath behind Trafalgar Court that leads down
to the beach, which was severely damaged in the
surge 2 years ago, and closed for safety reasons.
We have been trying to encourage NNDC to
repair and reopen it, but the cost (a survey and
costing have been done) is too great, moreover,
they do not consider it a priority.

We have an online petition of more than 300

signatories & a paper petition (the old-fashioned
sort!) has over 1000, all gleaned from people in
Mundesley, visitors and residents alike.
We also have the support of the parish council
and MP Norman Lamb, and I have yet to hear
of a dissenting voice.
It is evident that we need to organise ourselves
into a charity, then we will be able to raise money,
be accountable and apply for funding.
There are those in our little group who have
experience and expertise in such matters, but
we need to formalise ourselves.
To this end we held a public meeting in the
church rooms in Mundesley on Tuesday 11th
August with the aim for forming a committee
and appointing individuals to particular tasks.

There will be another meeting next month.

If you would like to attend, please contact
me on the number below.
Mundesley has been lessened by the loss of the
path and many visitors have expressed their
dismay and disappointment.
It is a shame that a path to one of probably the
best beaches in the area is being abandoned.
Yours faithfully,
Harry Hicks.
Clifftop, 30, Seaview Rd. Mundesley.
NR11 8DH Tel: 01263 722 757.

Dear Editor,

I was always under the impression that doing

a Car Boot Sale involved clearing out all the
unwanted stuff gathering dust around the
house and selling it for a few pennies.
It was always fun in the summer holidays for us
kids to sort out our bedrooms and do a car boot.
Alas, how things have changed!
The genuine car booters seem to be very few &
far between as it appears that the latest trend seems
to involve filling a very large van and /or trailer,
and visiting every car boot sale in the area, on
every day of the week!

Letter continued on Page 4

All material is strictly copyright. The views expressed in the CRAB TALES are
not necessarily those of the publishers or the Editor. Material including letters may
be edited. Layout & Design by Lis Keddell. Published by The CRAB TALES.

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Jake Neales Scrap Metal

& Recycling Services

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Scrap Metal clearance
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Single items clearance
Please call for a free quotation

0777 586 8378

Letter Continued From Page 3

These dealers are selling the same stuff at every

sale, taking up the equivalent of 2 or 3 pitches.
My daughter & I went to Mundesley Car Boot
on Wednesday to sell our bits & bobs. We only
live 2 miles away and thought wed try to raise
a few pennies for the holidays.
Unfortunately, on arrival just after 8am, we were
told that the field was full and were turned away.
My daughter was gutted, as was I.
On closer inspection, the first two rows were all
dealers with large vans selling stuff that could
most likely have been purchased in the village
shops. Some had 2 or 3 car lengths as a pitch.
When I asked the officials, I was told, in no
uncertain terms: they are here every week
Does this make them car-booters or market
traders? Is this a market or a car boot sale?
I go to work and pay tax & insurance, but it seems
it is much easier to raise money by keeping the
car loaded up and travelling around the county
every day of the week.
What a shame that an opportunity for myself
& my daughter to have a morning out, ended
with us returning home with a car full of
good-quality stuff!
Maybe it is time for clamping down on the
dealers & regulars who take the fun out of
genuine car-booting, and prefer to stick two
fingers up at the local traders and shops
who have to pay rates?
Yours Sincerely,
Mrs L Jones,

Dear Editor,

Cromer Ladies Lifeboat Guild would like to thank

everyone who supported our coffee morning
held at The White Horse, Overstrand.
We thought that your readers would like to know
that we raised 471. As always, we are most
grateful to both our members and the general
public for their constant support in helping us
to raise thousands of pounds for the RNLI.
We would also like to specifically thank Darren
Walgrove and his staff for generously providing
the refreshments, venue and staff.
If any readers are interested in joining Cromer
Ladies Lifeboat Guild, they should contact our



Nigel 07798 608 743

Chairman, Beryl Mansell on: 01263 513 336 or

our Secretary, Lin Baker on: 01263 514 363.
Or visit: www.cromerrnli.org.uk.
Thank you for your continued support.
Jill Reedman

Dear Liz,

I enjoyed reading the article about Mundesley

Hospital in Issue 066 most interesting.
I will also read the articles on the web.
I dont know whether you remember but I spoke
to you a few months ago asking if you knew
what the building was previously.
Thanks for the article, I am sure many of your
readers will also find it very interesting
Kind regards,
David Middleton

Dear Editor,

I was interested in the article on Mundesley

Hospital, but sorry to see no mention of
Mr Wynne Edwards.
He was the surgeon & partner with Dr George
Day. He performed many operations, such as
phrenic crush and thoracoplasty in the theatre.
I worked there as a nurse in the early fifties.
The operations were carried out under local
anaesthetics and one of my jobs was to hold
the patient's hand. Dr Barclay from Cromer
was the anaesthetist.
Margaret Lindley SRN. SCM
From the Editor:
We are glad you enjoyed the article and sorry
about leaving Wynne Edwards out but all the
information that could be gleaned from the
web-site would have filled the entire paper.
If you are able to, do look up Mundesley
Hospital on the net and you will find an
enormous amount of fascinating details.

Dear Editor,

The Mundesley & District Branch of the RBL,

Womens Section would like to thank everyone
who supported us at the Mundesley Church
Fete where our tombola raised 480.
Over the past four years we have raised over
18,500 for the RBLWS Benevolent Fund.
The fund awards educational sponsorships and
annuities, family breaks and direct grants for
those who need them and you dont have to
be ex-service personnel to benefit.
Our branch is thriving, with over 100 members
of all ages, covering Mundesley, Gimingham,
Knapton, Trunch and Paston. We also have
members from Southrepps & Nth Walsham.
Fundraising is only part of the work we do; we
work hard at having fun! So as well as meeting
once a month to discuss branch business (over
a cup of tea), there are informative & practical
presentations and sometimes a group outing.
Recently we went aboard the Mississippi paddle
steamer to travel from Horning to Sth Walsham
along the Broads. It was a rather wet chilly July
afternoon, but the camaraderie made the whole
experience quite memorable.


01263 588 488


07747 444 976


Email: a.bowen@live.co.uk
Some of us enjoyed the warmth of the cabin being
entertained by a Dixieland jazz band while others
preferred looking at the riverbank cottages and
other boats go by and waving at the inhabitants.
If you would like to join us, come to our next
branch meeting on Weds 16th Sept. at 1.45pm
in Coronation Hall, Mundesley where there
will be a talk about Snetterton Dogs Trust
and a real pooch or two to cuddle.
Or if you would like to help fundraise at our
Christmas Fayre, Tea Parties, jumble sales
or stalls at local events please contact our
Secretary, Denise Tarry via Facebook
or on: 01263 722 163. A lift may be
possible if transport is a problem.

Dear Editor,

On behalf of Trunch Open Gardens Committee

may I thank everyone who came to our Trunch
Open Gardens & Scarecrow Day on 19th July.
We had a fantastic turnout of people and the sun
certainly shone on us. We still have some monies
to come in but we know we have raised in excess
of 3200.00 for Trunch Village Funds.
The winners of the scarecrow competition made
a scarecrow based on Frozen and they received
a voucher for 20 for their efforts.
Many congratulations and thank you to everyone
who made a scarecrow, opened their gardens or
held an event on The Paddock. A big thank you
must also go to all who helped both before and
on the day to make it such a success.
A Note for diary, next years event will be
held on Sunday 17th July and we hope to
see you all there.
Many thanks
Lyn Bothway

Dear Crab Tales Readers

Nth. Walsham Community Centre is pleased to

invite you to our Arts, Crafts and Photography
Exhibition. This year is the third and we hope
to make it bigger and better than before.
This event will take place on Saturday 10th
October from 10am to 4pm.
We are seeking Artists & photographers wishing
to exhibit their work & crafters / sculptors etc.
who wish to book a table to exhibit. Hanging
boards are available for exhibiting.
For an application form please contact the
Community Centre office: 01692 403 594
(from 9am -1pm) or call in or email the
chairman jeabol@aol.com

My Wife And I.....

......were watching Who Wants To Be A
Millionaire while we were in bed.
I turned to her and said:
Do you want to have Sex?
No, she answered.
I then said: Is that your final answer?
... She didnt even look at me this time,
simply saying, Yes..
So I said, Then Id like to phone a friend.
And thats when the fight started...
Thanks to David Thorne for this.

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Continued From Front Page

As part of the VEOs childrens week two there

were at least 200 jolly children involved and
about the same number of adults, being happily
Having now been involved with the Crab Line
and Crab Tales for over ten years this was the
first time that I have witnessed the pleasure
that this event gives to so many.

The winning team, now known as the Warren

Team, was a collection of three families who
joined up to take part with around a dozen or
so jolly children.

How did their sandcastle stay up for so long?

I think the answer is the size of the castle and
packing the sand down really hard.
Well done to everyone involved.

Local Charity Of
The Year

Sainsburys of North Walsham have launched

their partnership with their new Local Charity
of the Year: National Coastwatch Mundesley.
This charity was chosen at the beginning of
July by Sainsburys customers and will now
receive a years worth of support through
fundraising and awareness from the store.
Representatives from Coastwatch joined staff
from Sainsburys to kick start the fundraising
over a weekend with a Tombola raising 250,
on the Friday a bag pack on Saturday, raising
594 & an awareness/ collection/ recruitment
day on Sunday when customers gave 356.

The the total for the whole weekend was

a terrific 1200 for the stores charity.
Bob White, Station Master at Mundesley, said:
Sainsburys Local Charity of the Year scheme
has made a real difference to many charities over
the last few years and were delighted to have
been selected. We are really looking forward
to getting started & raising awareness of our
cause as well as raising vital funds to continue
our work in the community.
Neil Grainger, Store Manager at Sainsburys
North Walsham, added:
Were really looking forward to working with
National Coastwatch Mundesley over the next
year and the team have some great ideas for
fundraising. We hope our support will make
a real difference to the charity, and customer
enjoy the variety of activities we are planning.
The Local Charity scheme is now in its seventh
year and has raised over 7 million to support
local charities since 2009.


and win a Family Swim voucher from

SPLASH in Sheringham ( 2 Adults & 2 kids)

If you are under 12, tell us your name,

age and address, also in which advert
the Crab is hidden and the page number.
Please Note : Entries should be written by
the child themselves, at least their name.
OR - If you are a pensioner,
SPOT THE COD and win
now at Huckleberries

43 Church Street, Cromer

Hand in your Entry, with your name & where you

found the cod and the page number please,
to: K. Hardware in Cromer, or post it to:
Crab Tales, 30 West St, Cromer NR27 DS
before the next issue comes out.

The first entry out of the hat wins !


Congratulations to Ellie Smith, aged 10yrs. from

Ramsey Mereside who found the crab on Page 2
in the Mundesley Electrical advert. and to
Mrs S. Woodhouse, from Mundesley,
who spotted the Cod on Page 5 in
the advert for Electrifying Cycles.

Crab Tales web site: www.crab-tales.co.uk

North Walsham
Windows & Glazing Ltd
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Open Every Day

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Cooking Fish fresh to order,

Chicken, Ribs & Peas etc.
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Always Very Well Attended

On Sunday August 9th Gold Park was full of
supporters of Mundeslay Lifeboat on their day.

With the crew & numerous volunteers from the

village Charity shop, it was enjoyed by all those
who turned out on such a warm and jolly day.
The crew were taking numerous questions about
the years activities along with rescues of those
who for some reason required their help.

All in all it was a really successful day, with glorious weather and
all the visitors, young and old were having a great deal of fun.
I would like to thank very much Paul Damen for
taking these great photographs.

Monument Care your local

home care provider, staffed
by local people for the local

Monument Care Ltd

Beacon Road
NR11 8DX
Tel: 01263 800 110
or: 07415 173 901
Company Number 9085446

We are a small family run home

care provider, all our staff are
DBS checked and N.V.Q. trained
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home care, from personal care,
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Our aim is to provide high quality
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families of our service users.

For more information email:

Registered Manager
Sonia Thatcher

Last Week

Crazy Prices
Hurry while
stock lasts

Tatters 48 Market Place

North Walsham NR28 9BT
tel: 01692 406 102

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Best VW Splitscreen
Award for JARC

In 2010 JARC bought a 1966 Volkswagen Splitscreen as a restoration project from Lone Star
VW Company at Norwich.
This underwent
a 400 hour full
nut and bolt
leaving nothing
to go amiss.
Most of the
lower body
panels and all
of the floors,
were completely
shot with rust
and needed

Almost all of the interior trim was missing and

it had no engine! It took a long time to source
all of the parts needed to complete the project
but their attention to detail & love for the VW
meant that it could go on to win competitions.
They took the splitscreen to the VW Whitenoise
Event in Suffolk on July 31st for a family weekend
away and to meet other VW enthusiasts.
On the Sunday morning Jamies 2 daughters
Zaranne & Mia Newland pleaded with their
dad to enter the Splitscreen into the Show n
Shine competition, one of the main events of
the weekend with visitors from far and wide.
So, not to disappoint his girls, he drove down
to the arena where the competition took place.
After leaving it in the judging ring all day they
sat to listen for the results to be announced.
One by one the winners of each class were
presented with their awards, with JARC
winning best splitscreen.

Chicks Caravan Services

Mobile servicing, repairs &
Ring 01263 720761 or 07790 410534
or 07527 056323
email: ray@chick4463.wanadoo.co.uk
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Full 26 point servicing regime

for your caravan
Remedial service for Motorhomes
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These Offers are


Crab Tales web site: www.crab-tales.co.uk




e Available Now

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Planning Application

The proposed development for Water Lane in

Mundesley, was outlined in a Public Exhibition
in the Coronation Hall, on Friday 14th August
before an application for development is made.

It may have been our only third visit to this

annual show at Sheringham Park, but it has
been running now for nine years.

been the case for far too long, anyway this

show did recharge peolples interest.

On Sunday the 2nd of August along with Lis

daughter we turned up in time to have a very
delicious lunch of beefburgers and ice cream
after watching the dog show in the arena and
enjoying everything that was going on, the
sheep shearing, feeding the Llamas, looking
at the chickens and watching the games for
the numerous children.

We, as a society, are often very removed from

what the farmers are up to and I guess this has

It is a show that I would recommend to any

and everyone, to at least get an idea of what
smallholders are up to.
This year the show was again a very successful
event held in the grounds of Sheringham Park.
Like the vast majority of visitors we took our
dog, Bubbles, along with us, she seemed to
enjoy herself as much as we did.

The planning application is being prepared for

new residential development and public open
space on land between High Street and Water
Lane, Mundesley.
These are some of the comments on facebook:
Spent an interesting time this afternoon visiting
the public exhibition in relation to proposals
for new residential development and public
open space on land between High Street
and Water Lane in the village.
A group of 7 people were discussing the plans,
obviously not at all happy with it, especially
the social housing part - one said he wasnt a
snob but he wouldnt want to live next to those
particular houses - all of the group are people
who have moved into the village from away!
I have to say there were lots of people there
crowded around the tables looking at what
seemed to me to be rather nice plans, there
were about 6 display boards all very clearly
illustrating the layout with several people
around each display - it was just the word
snob which put my hackles up.
One of Bidwells men said hed had a difficult
time with one visitor - from Trunch!!
I forgot all about this, I had every intention
of taking a look at the proposed plans.
My concern is the size of it all and can the
services etc. cope with the influx of residents it
would bring, also coming out on to the High
Street at that particular point seems very
dangerous to me. Yes I am anti it but for
those reasons, nothing to do with social
housing I can assure you.
Of course the plans arent in yet - then
everyone can have their say. I asked about
schools & the surgery - it seems there is no
problem as far as the school is concerned
- there is room for more, and as far as the
surgery goes its up to the doctors and to date
they have had nothing to say. For those who
arent happy its up to them to lobby their
parish and district councillors
To express your views on the draft proposals:
download the questionnaire on-line at:
www.northnorfolk.org/planning/19988.asp or
e-mail : mundesley@bidwells.co.uk
Comments must be received before
5pm on 26th August 2015.

From Petes Pen


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Summer Opening Hours

Mon,Tues & Weds: 9am - 5pm
Thursday: 9am - 5.30pm
Friday: 9am - 6pm
Saturday 8am - 5.30pm
Sunday 8am - 4pm

HG & Sons
Redecoration to Restoration
07980 528 027
01263 510 978

5 million commercial & public liability

Waste registration (upper tier carrier)


painting and decorating

tiling and wallpapering
bricklaying and pointing
cherry picker hire
waste removal
loose shingle and sand delivery
full bathroom & kitchen installations
total renovations
ground work including digger
roof and gutter repairs
property maintenance & servicing
All Trades Covered
Crab Tales: e-mail - king495@btinternet.com - telephone: 01263 834 965


Bowen Technique

Suffering Backache or Sciatica?

Having Neck and Shoulder pain, Migraines
or other Headaches?
Need positive, on-going support with a
chronic illness?
Experiencing anxiety and stress?

* fully qualified, registered advanced-level therapist

* refreshing modern approach
* treatment often 3-5 sessions only
Member NHS register of CAM
Professional clinics in Aldborough Surgery, Cromer,
Holt, Sheringham and also Norwich.
For appointments or free telephone consultation
please phone 01263 825 438

or 01263 711712.

Evening & Saturday appointments available

The Care Act

Part 2
Written by Miranda Marshall
Director at Hayes + Storr

Previously I wrote about the changes under

The Care Act that came in this April.
This month I am covering the other
changes due for next April 2016.
The biggest change in the whole of The Care
Act 2014 is the cap on the amount that people
pay for care in their lifetime. This is, of course,
more complicated than it might first appear.
When a persons care needs reach a level where
they are eligible for support, the local authority
sets the person up with a care account to keep
track of what is spent on eligible care-needs and
to determine when the cap has been reached.
The cap amount is 72,000. Only costs incurred
after April 2016 will count. It will only apply
to residents in care homes, and not for those
receiving care at home.
Once the cap is reached the local authority should
take over paying all the care costs. Only eligible
care costs that meet the new national eligibility
criteria count towards the cap. Eligible care costs
do not include the cost of daily living needs such
as food, energy bills or accommodation (which
are already colloquially known as hotel charges).
The cost of the daily living costs will be set at
a blanket figure of 12,000 per annum.
In addition, the local authority decides how much
the care should cost; this is based on the local
rate it pays when purchasing care. Regional
county-by-county cost-differences are certain.
If someone chooses to spend more than the local
authority approved cost, any extra amounts spent
will not count towards the cap on care costs.
What also needs to be borne in mind is the
greater purchasing-power of local authorities
which mean that they can achieve lower rates
from care homes, and it is this lower price
that is applied.
The rate that a local authority calculates care
costs to be is therefore often likely to be lower
than in practice and the person may need to
pay top-up costs.
Care homes will be expected to break down how
they charge into the various constituent parts.
Ignoring inflation, it looks as though it will take
5 to 6 years for a person paying even 25,000p.a.
in care costs to reach the cap & thereby benefit
from the new rules; and by then they will have
spent over 135,000 on care.
Asking the local authority to arrange care for
the person may be a way of overcoming this.
Selbrigg Lodge
Thorpe Market
NR11 8UA

Enjoy a Luxury Spa Manicure or Pedicure

This treatment for tired, neglected hands & feet
includes a hand/foot soak, nail re-shape, hard skin
removal, hand/foot scrub, hand, wrist & lower arm/
foot & lower leg massage. To finish you can opt
for a natural buffed nail or varnish of your choice
in an air-conditioned salon.

Many more beauty treatments are available

Introductory offer of 15

unlimited per client. (Usual price 25)

Please contact Liz@selbrigg on

07718 092 189 or Liz@selbrigg.co.uk


Be aware, however, that local authorities are

now able to charge for arranging services for
someone who is a self-funder, in the same way
that any independent care agency might do.
The new laws are clearly well-intentioned but
it will be interesting to see how they work in
This article aims to supply general
information, but it is not intended to constitute
advice. Every effort is made to ensure that
the law referred to is correct at the date of
publication and to avoid any statement which
may mislead. However no duty of care is
assumed to any person and no liability is
accepted for any omission or inaccuracy.
Always seek our specific advice.
If you require advice on this matter please
telephone our private client department
on 01263 825 959.
For advice on any other legal matter please
telephone our Sheringham office
on 01263 825 959 or email

For The Lovely People Of Mundesley

to recycle your Bottles in the bottle bank
on the shoppers carpark.
The monies from which goes straight back into the village
via Mundesley Youth & Community.
The recycle money from bottles placed in your Green bin
as promoted by NNDC goes to the District Council
and NOT the village.

23 Church Street, Cromer
01603 736 238

Back & sciatic pain

Neck & shoulder pain
Trapped nerves
Sports injuries
Babies to adults treated
Arm, leg & hand pain
Barbara Shearing Hip, knee & foot pain
BSc (hons) Ost
GOC Registered
Jeanette Robson
Fully Insured


Crab Tales web site: www.crab-tales.co.uk


20 High Street
Norfolk NR27 9HG

17 - 19 West Street, Cromer.

With our additional provisions for the Community,

we are able to take on more new clients.
This includes new NHS customers of any age.
We welcome all enquiries
Contact the Reception on

01263 515 229

Medical Negligence

Richard Barr experienced clinical negligence solicitor

based in North Norfolk. Free preliminary consultation without
obligation (at your own home if you wish) Cases may be
taken on no win no fee
For more information and a fact sheet contact me on:

Scott-Moncrieff & Associates Ltd.

North Norfolk Cats

Lifeline Trust
On Right:
I am Milly a 1-2 year old tabby.
Dont you think I am beautiful?

The Tides Sponsered By

The Best
Fish & Chips
in Cromer

01263 512 316



Mau, mau...I am the

talkative black and handsome
Nero and I am looking
for a new home.

TIDES For Cromer

To adopt any of
these cats please
phone Mrs Rees

21st August - 6th September 2015

For Mundesley Add 15 minutes

01263 822 560

from 11am to 5 pm

On Right:
Bella & Sebastian are
sister and brother and
they are 7 years old
and they grew up
together and need
one home.
Bella has a white chest
and white whiskers
and Sebastian has
a white spot under
his chin and black

Visit www.crab-tales.co.uk for current Weather & Tides

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What, When & Where All Phone tel nos. are code 01263, unless otherwise stated.
For Regular or Special Events in the Crab Tales PLEASE e-mail CONCISE copy to : lis.keddell@sky.com or
drop into K. Hardware in Cromer or post to: 30 West St. Cromer. NR27 9DS or via our web-site: www.crab-tales.co.uk
Please Note: To avoid any mistakes we will NOT take any details or corrections over the phone.


Bridge Club 7pm Fri 7.15pm t: 761 308

Broadland Junior Chess 8.30am term-time Sat.
t: 735 740
Country Market each Friday 8.50-noon
Cricket Club indoor Sun 3-5pm t: 510 102
Evening WI 7.30pm 1st Thurs Town Hall.
Extend Over 60s Exercise Fridays Jubilee
Family Centre t: 01692 407 851
Farmers Market 9am-1pm 1st & 3rd Sat.
F.I.T. group 2nd & 4th Weds t: 731 177
Flower Club 2nd Wed 7.30pm Town Hall
Fitness Yoga/Pilates Tues & Thurs
Friendship Hall t: 01692 538 569
Gym Club Fri 5pm. High School t: 576 609
Inspired Gardeners group. 2nd Thurs 10.30
- noon. Methodist Church Hall. t:733 535.
Lammas KC Lodge ROAB Tues 8.15pm
Sutton School Of Dance, Mill Row.
Meditation Classes Thurs 12.30 -1.30pm
Friends Meeting House, Peggs Yard
Monday Stall Parish Church 8.30-noon
N. N. Mental Health Users & Carers Forum
2nd Weds Jubilee Centre 1- 3.30pm.
RBL (Womens) 1st Mon Salvation Army Hall
N.N. Speakers Club 7pm alt.Wed High School
t: 01692 402 662
Scalextric Club Presto Park Weds 7.15pm.
t: 01603 754 319
Quaker Meetings Sun 10.30am Peggs Yard
Yoga Tues 7.30pm Peggs Yard. t: 732 426


Acorns Parent & Toddler Group 1.30 -3pm

Thurs (term-time) Belfry School. t: 579 275.
Gardening Club 2.30pm 1st Tues Parish
Hall t: 576 437
Carpet Bowls 2.30pm Thurs. Parish Hall
t: 833 369
Railway Quilters & Craft Group 2nd & 4th
Tues.10-12 Parish Hall t: 576 986
Strand Club 2nd Wed (except Aug) 2.30pm
The Pavilion t: 579 433
W.I. 3rd Wed 7.30pm Parish Hall t: 834 242


Badminton Tues & Fri am: Coronation Hall.

Tel: 722 835
Bowls Pavilion Bingo: Sun 7.30pm, Whist
Drive: Tues, Wed & Fri 1.45pm t: 721 815
Cafe Church 1st Weds 10.30am Church Rooms.
Carpet Bowls Mon 1.30pm Coronation Hall
t: 720 344
Come & Meet Club 3rd Weds 11am. Royal
Hotel, Coffee Bar t:720 558.
Community Choir Tues 7.30pm Methodist
Church t: 722 022
Craft Club 10am - 12pm 1st & 3rd Mon
Coronation Hall. t 720 549
Creative Writing Group 1st Fri 2.15-4.15pm
Library t:720 702
Knit & Natter Tues 4-5pm Library t:720 702
Library Mon & Sat:10-1pm,Tues 2-5.30pm
Fri 10-1pm & 2-6.30pm. t: 720 702
Luncheon Club for over 60s & disabled.
Mon &Thurs 12-2pm Free Church t :721 984
Age Concern Fri 10am The Cottage.
MADRA t: 07734 689 978
Aqua Therapy Classes Mon 11am-12pm
Methodist Church Sun worship 10.30am
Wed 7pm Country Club t: 07885 501 914
RBL 4th Weds Haig Club. t: 722 238
Air Training Corps 7pm Mon & Thurs,
RBL Womens 3rd Weds 1.45pm Coronation
High School t: 515 452
Hall t:721 021
Baptist Church 1st & 3rd Sat Coffee
Scrabble Club Fri 2pm Church Rooms.
morning t: 576 524
t: 720 663 or 720 107
Bridge (Duplicate) Mon 7pm t: 822 778
Table Tennis Club Thurs 7pm Coronation Hall.
C.A.B. Appointments: t : 01692 405 847
Christian Fellowship Sun 10.30am former t: 722 930 or 07828 175 493
Village Cinema 7.30pm Coronation Hall 2nd
Gospel Hall t: 838 180
Cromer Orchestra meets 7-9pm The Belfry Tues Info: www.mundesley.org/film
W.I. 2nd Mon 7pm Church Rooms t: 720 744
Arts Centre. Overstrand. t: 511 600
Diabetes UK 4thThurs 7.30pm Methodist
North Walsham
Church Hall. t: 01692 405 492
Elderberries Badminton 3-5pm Mon & Fri
AgeUK 4th Thurs 10 - noon Drop in for info
Cromer sports hall. t: 761 142
Elderberries Short Mat Bowls 3-5pm Mon & advice. Library t: 01692 402 482
Animal Magic Dog Club t: Kathy 720 730
& Fri Cromer sports hall. t: 511 246
1st Suffield Park Guides 7pm.Weds. info: Beginners Tai Chi & Qigong. Tuesdays
www.girlguiding.org.uk/get_involved.aspx St. Benets Hall. Qigong 6.30pm. Tai Chi
Flower Club 7.20pm 3rd Mon Junior School. 7.30pm. t: 01603 466 120
Bipolar Self Help Group 3rd Thurs 2pm
t: 513 408
Folk Dance Club 7.30pm Tues Community Saddlers Shop t: 0854 434 9872
Charity Bingo Weds 8pm Community Centre.
Hall t: 578 224
t: 01692 407 214
Garden Society 7.30pm 2nd Weds
Chess Club 7.30 Mon. Orchard Garden Pub.
Community Hall t: 514 399
Hockey Club Mon under16 6.30pm Adults All abilities. t: 01692 404 649
Extend Over 60s Exercise Mon. Methodist
7.15pm Sports Centre t: 01692 404 440
Church Hall t: 01692 407 851
Korean Martial Arts t: 07765 282 981
Judo Tues from 7pm. Millfield Primary School.
Lip reading classes Weds 1.30-3.30pm.
t: Hazel: 579 345
Methodist Church Rooms t: 0344 800 8020
Lions Club 7.30pm 1st Mon. Community
N & N Assoc.for Blind 9.30-1pm Tues
Centre. t: 01692 400 702
Merchants Place.
N.N. Mencap Society Thurs 1pm Merchants N.N. Speakers Club 7pm alt. Weds. High
School t: Gillian :01692 650 250
Place. t: 578 116
Parkinsons Disease Society 10.30am 2nd Parkinson Support Group 2nd Tues 10:30am
Sacred Heart Church Hall. t:01692 406 486
Wed of month St. John Hall, Bond St.
R.E.M.E. 2pm. 1st Wed Halsey Hse t: 512 450 Quaker Meetings Sun 10.30am Meeting
House, Mundesley Rd. near Swafield.
RBL 2pm 1st Wed. The Cottage t:510 146
RAFA 7.30pm First Tues. Bluebell Inn
RBL Womens Section 2.30pm 1st Thurs
Sing for Joy Singing Group Thurs 10am. Reading 4 U 3rd Wed 9.45am St.Johns Hall
t: 768 164
Community Centre. t: 570 117
Short & Sweet book group 1-2pm Tues
St John Ambulance Adults Tues 7.30pm
Cadets Tues 5.45pm St John Hall, Bond St. every 3 weeks in Library. t: 01692 402 482
Tabletop/Craft Sale Sat 10am-4pm Parish Spiritualist Centre Sun: 6.30-8pm
St Johns Ambulance Hall.
Hall. t: 649 441
The Wheel of Light 1st Thurs 7.30pm
Taekwondo Sports Centre. t: 711 824
Tai Chi For Health Wed 2-3pm Community Orchard Gardens Pub. t: 721 484
Victory Explorers Weds evenings
Centre t: 823 007
14 - 18 yrs t: 01692 406415
Tennis Club Sun, Weds & Fri t:513 741
Walsham Writers Group :
The One Oclock Club over 60s.1-2pm
Thurs. Barkers Herne.
Weavers Morris Dancers Wed 7.45pm
W.I. 2nd Thurs 2 pm, Garden St.
St Nicholas Room t: 01692 404 447



Beetle Drive 3rd Tues.7.30pm St.Josephs Church

Bridge The Morley. Duplicates Thurs 7pm
Beginners Fri 2pm t: 822 087
Bounce & Rhyme under 5s & parents/carers.
Tues 10.15-10.45am : Library. t: 822 874
CAB. YESU,Thurs 10-2pm t: 01692 402 570
Chess. All ages & abilities. 7.30 Fri.
Morley Club. t: 576 575.
Christian Spiritualist Church Tues 7.30pm
Oddfellows Hall t 513 067
English Country Dancing Mons 7.30pm
Methodist Church Hall t: 01692 404 447
Evening W.I. 2nd Mon. Community Centre
t: 823 889
Gingerbread Fri pm. Friends Meeting House
t: 0785 9364 702
Harry Upcher Lodge ROAB Mon 8.15pm
Tyneside Club.
Hearing Aid Clinic 10-12pm 1st Mon.
Age Concern.
Ladies Fellowship 7.30pm 2nd Tues
Salvation Army.
Lip reading classes Thurs 1.30 - 3.30pm
Health Centre t: 0344 800 8002
MS meetings 7-9pm 1st & 3rd Wed. Robin
Hood Pub, t: 823 392
Old Shannocks 2.15pm last Wed of month
Community Rooms.
Quaker Meetings Sun 10.30am Cremer St.
RAFA. 11am 3rd Tues of month. t: 519 684
Saturday Super Sale First Sat 9-11am.
Salvation Army Hall.
Sheringham & Cromer Lions Club 2nd &
4th Tues.The Morley Club. t: 821 276
Sheringham Lace Makers. Mon 1- 4pm,
St Andrews Church Hall. t: 822 075.
Sheringham Singers Ladies Choir Tues 2-4pm
Lighthouse Community Church t: 768 126
Sheringham Voyager 2pm 1st & 3rd Thurs
Community Centre t: 01692 500 550
Sheringham Youth Choir 11-18yrs.Weds
7pm (term time) Baptist Church
The Fellowship Choir 10-11.30am Mon
St. Andrews Church. t:761 482


1st Suffield Park Guides Weds evenings

Acol Bridge Club Tues 2pm. All abilities.
Weybourne Village Hall. t:515 588
Badminton Thurs. Gresham Village Hall
t: 07917 596 797
Beachcombers Dining Club 1st Mon 7pm:
The Feathers Hotel, Holt. t: Hazel 838 566
Cash Bingo Tues 8pm Aldborough
community centre.
Cantamus Choir 7.30pm Thurs. Southrepps
Church. t: 07785 782 498.
Crazee Kidz Club 7pm 2nd & 4th Fri. term time.
Roughton Village Hall 7-16yrs. t:768 138
Cromer & Sheringham Brass Band 7.45pm
Thurs Upper Sheringham Village Hall t:733 638
Cromer Air Rifle Club 9am -noon Sundays
Near Sheringham. t: 570 223
Extend exercise for over 60s Mon 2.30pm
Northrepps Village Hall t:768 159
Farmers Market 1st Sun 9.30am - 12.30pm
Aldborough Community Hall t: 768 766
Fit Together Health Walks t: 07766 259 999
Fit Together Tea Dance Tues 2-4pm Briston
Copeman Centre - 2 Info: 07766 259 999
Greenfingers Gardening Club 7.30pm 1st
Thurs Jubilee Hall, Banningham t: 761 620
Gym Club Thurs 5-8pm Northrepps Village
Hall t: 576 609
Knapton Ladies Club 3rd Mon 7.30pm
Knapton Village Hall t:720 908.
1st Tues Womens Own Knapton Methodist
Church t: 721 439
MS Group Mon 10-2pm Southrepps Village
Hall t: 823 392
Nordic Walking Tues & Thurs 11am
t: 07825 773 368
Norfolk Dixieland Jazz Band 1.30pm 1st Sun
Goat Inn,Skeyton.Free. t: 01692 538 600.
Norfolk Submariners 1st Wed 12noon Kings
Head, Horsham St Faith t: 511 758
N.N. Minni House Club 2nd Thurs 2-4pm
(except Aug) Bodham Village Hall t: 826 970.
N. Walsham Cage Bird Club 8pm 3rd Tues
Felmingham Village Hall. t: 01692 404 750
The Runtons
Northrepps Pre-School Mon-Fri Term-time
Bingo Sun & Wed 7.30pm Bernies Social
t:579 396
Club East Runton
Northrepps R.B.L. 1st Mon. 2nd.Mon. BHs.
NN Amateur Radio Group 7- 9.30pm 2nd
7.30pm. Northrepps Cottage t: 579 633.
Thurs East Runton village hall t: 519 485
Nth Norfolk Model Engineering Club
N.N. Chess Club Fri 7.30pm. W. Runton
1st Fri 7.30pm High Kelling Social Centre
Social Club t: 823 814
Prize Bingo 7.30pm 1st & 3rd Fri
Pilates Classes All ages, abilities, male /
Gimingham Village Hall
female. Mon.10am E. Runton Community
Roughton & District WI. 2nd weds of month.
Hall t: 588 935 or Mob. 07900 733 832
7.30pm Roughton Village Hall t: 768 106.
Philatelic Society 2nd Mon 7.30pm
Roughton Under 5s Playgroup t:07553 456 083
West Runton Church Hall.
Rubys Prize Bingo. 1st Sat of month
Cromer & Sheringham Probus Club
7.30pm. Lower Southrepps Social Club
12.30pm 1st Tues, Links Hotel t:824 306
Seniors Swimming Mon & Weds am., Fri pm.
Rotary Club Weds 6pm except 5th Weds
Greshams Swimming Pool, Holt. t: 711 123
Dormy House W.Runton, t: 578 194
Suffield Park Bowls Club. Whist Drives
Sequence Dancing Mon 7.30-10pm
Tues 2.15pm. Fri twice monthly 7.30pm.
E. Runton Village Hall.t:01692 403 071
Traditional Catholic Latin Mass 4th. Sun
West Runton Scouts info : 712 288
5.30pm Mission Rooms Horsham St. Faiths
W.I. 2.15pm 2nd Wed. W. Runton Church Hall (opp. Parish Church) t: 01603 788 873
Trunch Bumbles Pre-school t: 720 931
Trunch Friends 2nd Tues 2pm Trunch
Village Hall t:721 570
All at Pilgrim Shelter. Free Parking
Trunch Methodist Church 1st Sat 10am - noon.
Whist Mon & Thurs 1 for1.15pm deal 1.50 Coffee Morning. Stalls Cakes t: 720 145
incl. Raffle & Refreshments. t: Liz 834 965
Weybourne Folk Club 3rd Sun 3-6pm
Maltings Hotel, Weybourne.t:588 781
Yoga Mon 7.30pm t: Linda 834 349
Woodlands Pre-School Mon am,
Slimming Club Tues 1.45pm t: Val 579 797 Tues - Fri 9am-3pm t: 834 148

Mundesley Museum
Open 11.30am - 1pm & 2.30 - 4pm
Every Day except Saturday
Further Information from 01263 720 603
or clerk@mundesley-pc.gov.uk

Crab Tales web site: www.crab-tales.co.uk


Sunday 30th August


No problem!

To: lis.keddell@sky.com

Reliable, friendly, efficient service in the

comfort of your own home.

Free announcements are only for charities

Silver Surfers Computer Services

Andrew Benn 01263 761 133

Please Note

Lost Data Recovery
Free Advice Tuition

Special Events

Saturday 22nd August

11am : New Hall Field, coast road Trimingham
Car Boot Sale ~ Pitch 5 book with Liz: 834 965.
Free Parking for buyers, sorry no caterers,
Dogs welcome.
11am - 4pm : Felmingham
Village Fun Day & Fun Dog Show ~ in aid of a
Village Defibrillator. Stalls, sideshows, Bouncy
castle, Rowing competition, etc.
7pm: Felmingham Village Hall
Muddy Broad Blues Band ~ Admission at door
5. Fish & Chip Van in attendance. Bar.
Wednesday 26th August
7am -1pm: Priory Field Coast Rd Sheringham
Car Boot Sale ~ in aid of Alzheimers Charity.
6 a pitch. Book on: 577 537
9am-12noon: Gold Park, Mundesley
Car Boot Sale ~ pitch : 6. Set up from 7am.
Info or to book: 01263 720 603.
10am - 2pm: Bacton Village
Yard Sale ~ Over 30 houses participating. Maps
available from The Sugar & Spice Cafe only 50p
each. Proceeds the East Anglian Air Ambulance.
7.30pm : The Ship Inn, Mundesley
Weavers Morris ~ Dancing for charity BREAK
Changing Young Lives
Friday 28th August
2pm: Trimingham Pilgrim Shelter
Talk by Ritchie Perry ~ with question and answer
session. 2 includes refreshments. Free Parking.
Friday 28th - Monday 31st August
From 10.30am: All Saints Church, Mundesley
Flower Festival ~ Theme: Movie Time. Enjoy the
beautiful displays from local organisations & groups.
Refreshments & Light Lunches. Help to raise money
for our Church roof. Sat to 5pm. Sun & Mon to 4pm.
Saturday 29th August
10-4pm: Coronation Hall, Mundesley
Craft Fair ~ Lots of unusual Crafts for sale made by
local people. Free entry & Parking. Supporting East
Anglian Air Ambulance.
7.30pm: St Botolphs Church, Trunch
Concert ~ Mayda Narvey (Cello) Bruce Vogt (Piano)
Admission by programme at door, 10 (8 concs)
info: http://www.trunchconcerts.co.uk


A J B Builders
1 - 4pm : West Runton Beach
A Mammoth Adventure ~ Walk alongside the
life-size articulated model of the West Runton Mammoth, meet experts and handle fossils in this Hugh
Mungus celebration of Norfolks find. Free.
info: www.museums.norfolk.gov.uk

All types of Building work undertaken.

Plastering, Roofing, Brickwork, Installations,

Damp Proofing & Timber Protection work.
35 years experience.
Phone: 01263 649 347 or 07887 671 141


Wednesday 2nd September

9am-12noon: Gold Park, Mundesley
Car Boot Sale ~ pitch : 6. Set up from 7am.
Info or to book: 01263 720 603.
10:30am :Felbrigg Hall Car Park, off Sustead Rd.
Fit Together Walk ~ Felbrigg Lake. arrive 20 mins
early if new. Info: 07766 259 999.
Thursday 3rd September
10:30am: lay-by opp.Southrepps Primary School.
Fit Together Walk ~ Southrepps Circular. arrive 20
mins early if new. Info: 07766 259 999.
1pm: lay-by opp.Southrepps Primary School.
Fit Together Walk ~ Southrepps Jubilee Bookable
Boardwalk. Book on: 07766 259 999 by 28th Aug.
7.30pm: Cromer Community Hall.
Cromer Preservation Society ~ Tides Of Fortune
an illustrated talk by Dr. Tony Kirby. A look at the
history of seaside resorts from 1750 to the present
day. Info: Tel. 513 392
Saturday 5th September
9am - noon : Gresham Village Hall
Table Top Sale ~ Set up 8.30am. Refreshments
available. Bookings / enquiries : 577 691
10am - 1pm : St. Martins Church, Cromer
Puppet Workshop ~ Working with puppets..and
maybe a little magic For all ages with special
activities for under 5s. Info: 478 372
From 2pm: Village Hall. Coast Rd, Bacton.
Bacton Village Show ~ Vegetables, Flowers, Home
Produce & Crafts. Tea & Biscuits. Raffle. Admission
Free. Come & see what Bacton has to offer.
7pm : Gimingham Village Hall
Fun Quiz Night & Fish & Chip Supper ~ Quiz Night
3 plus cost of meal. Raffle. BYO drinks.
Book on: 720 874
7:30pm: Cromer Parish Hall
Concert for Disaster Relief in Nepal ~ Songs from
classic shows by local artistes and favourite songs.
Tickets 10 (8 concs.) (Family ticket -for 4- 22)
include. In aid of: Operation Orphan & Mission Commission of Nepal.Tickets in Cromer from Upstairs
Downstairs, N.N. Info Centre, Cornerstone Caf. In
Overstrand from Curtis Garage. Info: 578 230
8pm: The Lighthouse Inn, Walcott
Charity Dance ~ 60s-90s music for everyone with
Bobby Graham & Wipeout Band. Advance Tickets
6. 7 on the door from the Lighthouse Inn or
tel: 01692 405 408. Proceeds to Norfolk Heart Trust
& Oesophagogastric Cancer Surgery Fund.
Sunday 6th September
From 9am: Trimingham
Yard Sale ~ throughout the village over 20 yards
with bargains galore. Plus at Pilgrim Shelter FREE
Toilets, reasonable refreshments Bacon Roll 1 tea
50p, fresh organic bread, local jams, crafts, cards,
many bargains Tel Liz : 834 965

More Events on Page 18


24 West Street
01263 512 275
The Best Pub in Town

Stylish En-Suite rooms. Free Wifi.

Lovely home-cooked meals
Tues - Sun 12pm - 2.30pm
& 6pm - 9pm

Sunday Lunches
:12noon to 4pm

Voted one of the Best Lunches

in Cromer . Booking advisable

28th - 31st August

Go Go Dragons on Holiday
at the White Horse
Sunday 30th August: 8pm
Grumpys World Famous Quiz
Friday 25th September
11am - 4pm
Once Again we are holding a
MacMillan Coffee Morning
Saturday 26th September 9pm
Grand Auction for the Neo-Natal
Intensive Care Unit, Norwich

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Bank Holiday Bonanza

Sat 28th Mon 31st August 11am - 4pm: Thorpe Market Church
Make sure not to miss a new exhibition & sale of work at St Margarets Church,
featuring three local artists. A wide selection of used books will be for sale as
well as teas, coffees & cakes. Entrance is free and the artists will be on hand
at the exhibition and there is ample parking opposite the church.
Rosalie will be exhibiting a new collection
of artwork in various mediums, as well as
photographs, mounted artprints & greeting
cards depicting her paintings and photos.
Whilst Rosalies art covers many diverse
subjects, the Norfolk coast & countryside
remain firm favourites.
Winstanley cats have been made for the
past 40 years, by Jenny Winstanley, her
son Nick Allen & colleague Kim.
All the animals, including the glass eyes,
are handmade and hand painted, each
one unique, in a range of sizes.
Although called the Cat Pottery, a
complete menagerie is now produced,
including hares, dogs, foxes, meerkats,
badgers, lions, tigers, teddies, penguins
and even the odd elephant.

The Ship Inn

21 Beach Road, Mundesley

Beautiful Seaview Restaurant

Fantastic, locally sourced, New Menu

Sunday 30th August

The Wreckoning
Playing in our Garden from 2.30 - 7pm
Thursday Evenings 'Curry & A Pint' 9.95
Quiz Night 1st Tuesday of each month.
Rooms Ready for Booking!
Competitive Rates Apply

Working from The Beach Hut studio
& gallery in Cromer, Gaynor designs
& makes a wide range of unique
coast & country-themed homes
and interiors fabric creations.
Having had an internet business for
the last 6 years, Gaynor has also
exhibited at major craft fairs.
Gaynors range of goodies can be
made to your own requirements.

Seaview Function Room available

for ALL occasions.

To book or for further information

phone us on:

01263 722 671

or e-mail :


Married At Last

On Tuesday August 4th, Lis and I took the train

down to London, where we stayed one night at
a B & B, after enjoying a small family supper
and meeting, for the first time, the bridegroom
at the ripe young age of 88.
The following day 15 family members arrived
at Chelsea Registry office to witness Lis sister
Margaret Feast, aged 84, getting married to
Ronald Carpenter.
When I asked everyone how they felt about the
couple getting married at this age, they were in
total support and very happy to drink their toast
over a wonderful lunch at Benitos Restuarant in
Earls Court Rd and enjoy the delicious cake,
baked by Margaret and beautifully decorated
by her neice Belinda.
When Margaret told us that she was engaged,
just a few months ago, we were completely
taken aback as it was very unexpected.

To give some idea about

Margaret, this message
was sent by her nephew
Alastair Campbell, the
youngest son of her
sister Barbara.
Consistently through my
life the kindest person
that I can think of is my
lovely Aunt Margaret.
What a privilege to be
invited to her (one &
only) wedding at the
age of 84.
So nice that for once it could be her day rather
than her making everyone elses day.
A wonderful family occasion and very good
to meet Ron and his family.
Below: Mr & Mrs Carpenter & Family

100 CLUB




Crab Tales web site: www.crab-tales.co.uk

On behalf of all our

readers may I wish
this happy couple
all the very best
as man and wife.



Church Picnic

The Shantymen are celebrating their 25th

anniversary this year and to celebrate they
planned to do three special gigs.
The first gig at The Lighthouse Community
Church on 30th May proved to be very popular.
The second gig will be at St Peters Church in
Sheringham at 7.30pm on Sat. 22nd August.
Entry will be free with a retiring collection.
Chairman Bob Hawkins said:We wanted to make
these gigs a bit special so weve designed a slide
show to run in parallel with the gig which shows
some photographic details of people and places
in our 25 year history.
The third gig will be at Cromer Pier Theatre on
6th November and will feature a well known
local celebrity, more of which later.
They also plan to make another CD late this year
or early next which will feature their favourite
& most popular songs. Booking Secretary Chris
Dolby said: The Shantymen are going to make
a list of their 24 favourite songs and choose the
most popular for the CD. We thought the public
might wish to have an input into whats on the
new CD so are inviting them to let us know
their favourite songs we have recorded.
For a list of all of songs theyve recorded visit
the discography section of their web site:
www.shantymen.com. If you have any there
is something you would like to hear again
they invite you to let them know.

On Sunday August 9th we spent the

afternoon at the Church Picnic in
Trimingham along with at least
60 others, enjoying the music of
a clarinet quintet Wind in the
Willows from Norwich, a Barber
Shop Quartet (eight of them!)
The Sam Smiths Singers and
John Cowell of Nth Walsham
playing his guitar.
All were excellent and made
the afternoon most enjoyable.
The food was great, delicious quiche, plates
of sandwiches, indulgent cake & jelly, my
favourite, all prepared and served by Dot,
Margaret, Kay, Elaine & Liz.

With Myra on the gate selling raffle tickets and

her husband Howard directing the traffic
it was a wonderful time.
The event raised 400 for church funds, well
done all, looking forward to next year.

Acting Can Be Murder

On Friday 31st July along with Lis daughter
Belinda,we attended the latest production by
the Mundesley Players in the Coronation Hall.
This was the last night of their 4 shows and
the production was enjoyed by all.
Dolores Gordon (played by Lesley Dillon)
loves the stage and has always dreamt of
stardom, but the only role she ever seems
to land is that of the lowly understudy.
She decides that her only option is to murder
the lead actress, Guinevere Black (Lyndsey
King) and that is what she does. But how
long can she keep this a secret from the
cast without going mad?
And who is that peering through the doors
when no one but Dolores is looking?
With a cast of 14, I take my hat off to all of the
cast, particularly Gerry Robins who played

Officer Biddle and Paul Reynolds who not only

played Albert Fisk but also was the Director of
this great show.
Lis & I are looking forward to the Mundesley
Players next show is Annie The Musical
which will be in December.

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