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The non-profit Organisation under the name “The World of Athens” based at 8 Sisini & 7
Alkmanos St, Post Code 115 28 in Athens (henceforth “The Hosting Authority”) is hosting a
contest (henceforth “The Contest”)

The aim of the following detailed terms (henceforth “Detailed Terms”) is the definition of the
terms and conditions of the participants in the contest and, under these principles, the
procedure through which the awarding nominations will emerge.


Detailed Entry Terms & Conditions.

Eligibility. The contest is global and open to all. Entrants must apply online filling the relevant
participation form available on [1]. Eligible to participation are those
18 years of age or older at the time of entry. Entrants may participate as individuals or in groups
but no entrant can participate in more than 2 entries in total. Former or present, employees,
agents, representatives, members of the board of directors of the “Hosting Authority” and
regular or substitute members of the evaluation committee as well as their relatives up to
second degree are NOT eligible to participation. By entering “The Contest”, all participants fully
and unreservedly accept the terms and conditions and regulations of “The Contest” and agree
to abide by them as those are stated bellow.

The art contest is conducted under Athens Bench Mark. Each artist has the right to participate
in with projects that will depict a visual perception of a bench in the future. There are no design

Acceptance of the Contest’s Terms and Conditions Contest. By responsibly accepting all
the terms and conditions of the Contest, each entrant willingly and irrevocably transfers the
copyright of his work exclusively to the “Hosting Authority” in no return or any further demand,
regarding the exhibition of the entrant’s design(s), the broadcasting by any means (television,
radio, internet, printing, digital means) and their commercial exploitation through the previously
mentioned for promotional or other reasons. The creator of the design(s) is not eligible to claim
or demand its/their paternity or his reference to it/them by any means of public broadcasting or
exhibiting the regarded design(s).

During the stage of the final 3 prize winning designs and beyond the exhibition-broadcasting-
promotional rights, the “Hosting Authority” is additionally granted with and holds the total of the
exclusive intellectual property (copyrights) and manufacturing rights in the way those defined
and are legally applied under the provisions and laws in force about copyright, intellectual
property and manufacturing rights and the total commercial use of the designs, as well as the

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Future Bench: Entry Terms & Conditions

rights that will potentially arise through the legal exploitation of the designs in the form of
trademarks/logos or products. The “Hosting Authority” also holds the right for the use or not of
the previously described material which will be submitted by each entrant, in combination with
any other trademark/logo, distinctive mark, text or other attributes and elements.

The creator of the design owes to exercise his moral right over his intellectual work in such a
way that will not obstruct any use of it by the “Hosting Authority”, abiding by the provisions and
laws about the intellectual property as well as the provisions on unfair competition and any other
legal provisions. During the contest, the submitted entries are forbidden to participate in
concurrent or other similar event.

The personal data of the participants will be asked, according to the provisions of Greek Right
(Law 2472/1997, P. [d]. 207/1998. P. [d]. 79/2000 and No 8 Laws 2819/2000), as the European
Right ([Od]. 95/46/[EK] and [Od]. 97/66/[EK]), for the valid attendance in the Competition so are
following: full name, date of birth, telephone number of communication and electronic address
of communication (e-mail). Valid will be considered the attendances provided that have been
supplemented truly, equitably and completely the relatively above-mentioned fields and
participating are called to proceed in relative confirmation with his signature in the form of
attendance. Besides, will be asked from participating the explicit benefit or not his consent for
future (except competition) communication on behalf of the Organizers for informative or
advertising aims, by any chance relative refusal will not recommend reason of nullity of
attendance. The organizers maintain the right of communication via telephone with participating
to verification of their individual elements.

Design Originality. Each entry should be consisted of original and unpublished designs.
Design(s) which have participated or been submitted to other concurrent contests, are subjected
to third party copyright, include trademarks, promotional messages or contain offensive material
will be automatically disqualified. The “Hosting Authority” shall not be responsible or liable to
others in case the entrants submit material that offences third party (individual or company)

Modification of the Present Terms. The “Hosting Part” reserves the right to modify the terms
and conditions of the contest without any prior notice. Any modification will be communicated
through [1]. All material which will be submitted to the contest WILL
NOT be returned in case it will not be prize winning. Furthermore, the “Hosting Authority”
reserves the right to unjustifiably postpone the contest’s process during any stage.

Entries Submission. In order to participate, each entrant must fill in the entry form online,
available at [1] and mail a digital folder in form and with context as
described and explained in the Technical Specifications & Design Submission section. All
received data will be initially checked by the site administrator on the folders’ context. If the
context meets the described specifications, all the entries will be uploaded and exhibited on the
contest’s site during the public voting stage. Entries should be submitted between the contest’s
official opening date; February 23rd, 2010, and the midnight (24:00) of the termination date; April
6th, 2010. No entry will be accepted after that date. Moreover, no change, modification or
cancellation on behalf of the entrants shall be possible after their entry application and
submission of the material through the web.

Selection of the Finalists

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Future Bench: Entry Terms & Conditions

After submission deadline all projects will be uploaded in [1] for
public voting. The public will vote on the prevailing 50 projects and the one (1) out of fifty with
the highest score will receive the "Public Award". In the next phase after the end of the public
voting the jury will select and award the prevailing 3 out of the 50 shortlisted projects. The
emergence of the three best projects will be a meeting of the Commission which will take place
in the process. The announcement of the results will be held on April 15 and will follow the short
presentation of 50 works at art exhibitions, and will then follow a special event for the award of 3
projects at a time and place to be announced by the organizing authority through the website [2]

Selection criteria of “Athens Future Bench” competition.

The criteria by which the final selection is to be made are the following:

Aesthetic of the project based on the main concept idea of the competition.
Personal artistic expression of the artist.
Approach of project in the significance of Future Bench concept.
Originality of the project.
Total attribution of the project.

Competition prizes.

FIRST PRIZE (3.000 €)

SECOND PRIZE (2.000 €)
THIRD PRIZE (1.000 €)

The above prizes will be awarded upon completion of the project, as it has been described

The time and place of the award ceremony will be designated by the Hosting Authority and will
be announced through the website [1]

Members of the evaluation committee.

Theano Dioli – (Representative of the City of Athens)

Sergios Fotiadis - industrial designer
Maria Houkli - journalist
Tatiana Karapanagioti – (President of “The World of Athens”- Photographer)
Katerina Katsabe (Member of the City Council of Athens & President of Athens Tourism
and Economic Development Company)
To be announced (Architect)
Daphne Zoumboulakis - gallerist

Athens Bench Mark

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Future Bench: Entry Terms & Conditions



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