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Job Description


Senior Clinician


Washington, DC


August 13, 2015 | Application Deadline: August 30th, 2015



Founded in 1996, Collaborative Solutions for Communities (CSC) formerly known as
Columbia Heights/Shaw Family Support Collaborative (CH/SFSC) is a community-based
Although CSC has historically focused on services to its namesake communities
(Columbia Heights and Shaw neighborhoods of Wards 1 & 2 in Washington, D.C.), in
recent years, it has expanded to meet identified needs throughout the District of
Columbia. CSC provides technical assistance and training to community local and
national nonprofit organizations.
This position description incorporates the core responsibilities of the job. It is recognized
that other related duties not specifically mentioned might also be performed and that not
all responsibilities may be carried out depending on operational needs. Additionally, this
position has flexible hours and a non-traditional work schedule.
The Senior Clinician under the direct supervision of the Director, Family Services is
responsible for program oversight; provision of structured training to intensive clinical
services division; program development and implementation; provision of technical
assistance and clinical consultation to partners and citywide; and quality assurance.
He/she provides leadership to the Family Services staff, ensures programs and
initiatives are in alignment with organizational goals and strengthens the provider
network of CSC. He/she performs in a team environment, emphasizing team
interdependence, shared accountability and problem solving at the level of service
provision. The incumbent also participates in the Program Review committee meetings
to keep participants informed of new initiatives and clinical and/or program developments
and any changes that affect work practices. The incumbent participates in a wide variety
of other community-related committees and meetings.


1. Training - Design, develop and implement a variety of internal and external training
curriculums to move social work practices to a strengths-based, family centered and
community focused approach. Manage and periodically evaluate training
Curriculums ensure its effectiveness. Review and revise curriculum content and/or
materials as necessary to rectify any deficiencies engage membership agencies and
other agencies in reforming the current social work practices to a model of strengths
based practice.

2. Clinical Skills - Provide clinical oversight/consultation on high risk and/or difficult

cases internally and externally to CFSA to monitor continuity of services and ensure
appropriate and consistent application of strengths based approach and to monitor
the referral process of service providers. Occasionally review documentation from
case records to ensure appropriate application of prevention and intervention
practices and/or techniques.
3. Technical Assistance - Provide technical assistance/consultation to program
partners to promote increased family stability and independence. Provide
direction and supervision to Managers and/or staff to assist in crisis.
4. Supervision - Conduct weekly supervisory sessions with Family Services Manager
to review difficult cases, provide direction and guidance and to identify strengths
and deficiencies with appropriate course(s) of action. Effectively collaborates with
Family Services Manager and assists in the performance evaluation process of
Social Workers.
5. Program and Community Meetings Coordinate and participate in Program
Review Committee and member agencies meeting. Provide necessary information
to keep participants informed of new initiatives and clinical and/or program
developments changes that affect current work practices.
Ability to:
Provide dynamic leadership and direction to clinicians employed or placed in the
CSC programs.
Contribute to the development and implementation of programs within budgetary
and program guidelines.
Work with the Manager to establish clinical services.
Assist Manager to recruit staff in line with the approved Funding Agreement and
Business Plan.
Take a leading role in ensuring appropriate clinical service delivery within an
Integrated Service Model.
Develop a collaborative approach with relevant agencies to ensure effective
management of overall mental health conditions within the community.
Identify potential opportunities for expansion or sustainability of clinical service

Ensures the expertise and quality of clinical staff and service delivery (eg
qualifications, clinical audits).
Plans implements and reviews common assessment tools and clinical
Develops Clinical Guidelines (including Crisis Management, Outreach, file
Develops commonly agreed standards for practice evaluation.
A framework for Client Review, Clinical Supervision and Secondary Consultation.
Develops and maintains policies and procedures to support the Clinical Framework.
Provides guidance, support and supervision to clinicians and support staff to
ensure outcomes, timelines and reporting requirements are maintained.
Participates in and promotes ongoing Professional Development including Annual
Performance Reviews.

Supports the development and implementation of initiatives to foster continuous

quality improvement and assurance.
Participates in Team Meetings, Planning Activities and Organization-wide Quality
Assurance activities including Accreditation Activities.
Research and collate information relating to the mental health needs of the
community to inform Mental Health Program and Service Delivery Planning.
Contribute to best practice standards of mental health service delivery through
supporting the development and implementation of Quality Management Systems,
Evaluation and Reporting.
Ensure principles of equal opportunity, fairness, honesty and respect and
occupational health, safety and welfare are fostered in the work place.

LICSW, or LSW with a Master degree in Social Work.
Five-years experience post graduate in Mental Health or Child Welfare with experience in
program design and implementation. At least two-years experience in training and/or
facilitation. Previous supervisory and management experience in non-profit or communitybased social services agency. Demonstrated leadership skills. Experience in program
development and evaluation. Proficiency in the use of Microsoft products. Ability to
analyze data. Excellent oral, written and interpersonal skills. Experience in grant and/or
proposal writing.
Salary commensurate with experience, generous benefits package including health, vision,
dental and retirement.
Application Process
Mail or email a resume, three professional references and letter of interest which describes
why you are a good candidate for this position, to 1816 12th Street NW STE 201
Washington, DC 20009 or bchandler@wearecsc.org.