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Class Project ( July 21-August 21)

Advanced Reservoir Simulation

Aim: To plan a production programme for the Malaysian field using a using
compositional simulation. The programme shall include chemical flooding.
The data were given so as to give you some time to play with the wells, grids, input
data etc. For the purpose of this project you may divide the reservoir any way you
like to have separate Kr curves or PVT etc.
The production rate should be designed for a 12 year lease for primary
production from initial condition. The average pressure drop of the
reservoir should not be more than 5% per year. The well drawdown should
not be more than 25% of the block pressure at any time. The location and
number of wells will be part of your design.
The price of oil is USD 80. Assume production well cost is USD 15 million and
injection is USD 12 million. You will need to estimate the operating costs for
chemical flooding from open sources. Lease is extended for 15 years for EOR. Water
injection for pressure may be implemented but it is not counted as EOR.
You can assume two wells were drilled for fluid and core samples and convert these
wells to production or injection.
Other than those constraints you are free to produce and inject.
Scope of work
The outcomes are given, so think of what you need to do for the project to have
those components in your work. Analyse the reservoir data and if you need any
initial condition data, let me know.
The main steps taken should follow those given by Dr. Nor Idah. Since you are
starting from initial conditions, there are no data for history matching. Validation
must be by other means.
You should be able to
1) Populate the reservoir using data from two wells and some technique or with
solid technical reasons Tsani, clarify the 12 years lease
2) Analyse the reservoir properties for screening chemical methods Sikenja,

3) Explain how the model was validated in the absence of history matching
4) Explain why you choose the number of wells, Emad and Negar
5) Describe how the wells were sited Emad and Negar
6) Relate the development schedule with recovery and profitability
7) Offer other methods to improve recovery Shodiq, Aban, Salman
8) Relate the effect of increasing the number grids with CPU time
9) Conclude that implicit method converges faster than IMPES

Evaluate the effects of errors in data on the production programme.

You only need to submit one technical report for the class. It should contain all
the information for drilling and production engineers to start work.
This is a technical report with an abstract, introduction, statement of problem,
theory etc The written part should be about 10 pages. There is no limit to the
Economics must be included, brief discussion on environment , society etc is
4 marks for journal in the E learning. You must update your journal with weekly
activities that relate to the project. Your aim is to tell me that you are working on
your project. I shall monitor the journal on Fridays.
3 marks for report.
3 marks for quiz; For the quiz, please submit at least 25 questions with answers
from your work. It should cover the outcomes plus other steps that you have done.
There may be more than one question for each outcome. The aim is to ensure
everyone knew what was going on.
I shall use these questions for your quiz. So as to avoid surprises, it would be better
for you to make the questions comprehensive so that I do not have to add my own.


1. Screening EOR, chemical,

2. Find the costs/Economic Analysis
3. Baronia