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1. You are going to read the article about the use of computers. Eight
sentences have been removed from the article. Choose from the sentences A-I the
one which best fits each gap (1-7). There is one extra sentence which you do not
need to use. There is an example at the beginning (0).
Key parts of sentences are in italics to help you with some questions.
The Computer and its Uses
Few industries have changed so much in such a short time as the computer
industry, and the pace of change shows no sign of slowing. The computer now has
a role in almost every aspect of modern life, and has radically affected the way
people work, play, study and organize their lives.
As we enter the 21st century, computers are influencing ways of teaching and
learning, as access to computers in schools is becoming more widespread and
varied. 0 - H In a teaching mode, computers provide a wide variety of information
and practice materials. They can also play a testing role in a range of subjects
including Maths, English and Modern languages. The one-to-one interaction
students have with the computer, along with the immediate response to their
answers, help to promote independent learning.
1 - ___ In the fact-changing world of business, employees are being
physically removed from the workplace and the proximity of their colleagues,
while remaining virtually connected via telephone, and the Internet. Laptop
computers enable business-people who travel to have an access to important
information at the touch of a key. 2 - ____

Computers are used to solve time-consuming data-management problems,

such as payroll calculations, keeping stock records, bank account transactions,
airline reservations, and scientific and engineering computations. Computers are
also important in the collection, organization, storage, retrieval and interpretation
of information. 3 - _____
In the film industry, computers are used to create graphics for scenes which
have been inconceivable in the past. This technique was used for films like
Jurassic Park where the incredibly realistic scenes of dinosaurs were all
4 - _____ Additionally, computer technology enables the training of pilots in
flight simulators. Not only do these create the illusion of flying but they are safer
and cheaper than training staff in aeroplanes.
In the home, the computer has become a great source of entertainment with
the introduction of interactive Virtual Reality programs which are available on CDROM or through the Internet. They enable people located in different places to
come together and interact with one another in real time using speech, sound and
3-D animated graphics. 5 - ___
Nowadays, computers come equipped not only with a mouse, but also a host
of different devices. Such components are essential if you are to spend any time
on-line, whether it is playing games or researching any number of topics on the
Internet. 6 - _____ It is possible to explore sites on anything you are interested in,
or even chat with celebrities, experts and others who share your interest. Keep up
with the latest news, fashions and reports. Look up facts on everything from who
invented the plane to where to go on holiday.
In the future, todays technology will probably become obsolete as machines
become more powerful. 7 - _____ The development of smaller machines will mean
it will be possible to condense all the written knowledge in the world into devices
the size of a childs notebook. All human knowledge will literally be at your
A Another area where computers are used is in the military, especially in the
development of weapons and surveillance equipment to use in satellites for spying.
Here you can access all kinds of valuable information and the beauty of it is
that you do not need to leave your house to find it.
C Then, there may well be a microchip in each telephone receiver with more
computing power than the huge machine of today.
D In fact, they are essential tools in almost every field of work from constructing
models of the universe to predicting tomorrows weather reports.
E Outside the classroom, computers provide people with greater flexibility and
freedom, and also allow them to organize their time in a more productive way.
F Programs like these can often be downloaded free from different sites.
G Connections through a modem allow them to transfer data anywhere in the
H Their use enables the learner to develop at his or her own pace and makes the
whole learning process more flexible.

I Computers are machines which take over more mechanical aspects of our brain.
1. Match expressions from list A with single word equivalents from list B
1. made to sell for a profit
a) effect
2. from the time that
b) affect
3. influence
c) avoid
4. of the present time
d) gossip
5. to influence or change
e) confidential
6. even, yet
f) violent
7. to keep away from
g) still
8. to dislike greatly
h) contemporary
9. to talk about other people
i) since
10. intended to be treated as private
j) society
11. characterize by or acting with
extremely rough physical force
k) commercial
12. all the people
i) hate
1. For questions 1 17, read the text below and think of the word which fits
each space. Use only one word in each space.
The Internet: How It Affects Us (1)
We live in a multi-media society. How (1)______the Internet affect our
lives? It can be very helpful to people (2)_________ carefully choose websites (3)
_______ they visit. The Internet (4) _________ increase our knowledge of the
outside world; there (5) _____ much high-quality information that can help us
understand many fields (6) _____ study: science, medicine, the arts and so on. In
(7) _______ global network you can find any information in (8) ________ few
minutes. Otherwise, you would have (9) _______ search for the necessary
information in directories, libraries or over the telephone (10) ______ a long time.
The Internet (11) ______ already revolutionized the way we live and work.
But these are still the early days (12) _____ the Internet. We dont know how (13)
_______ it is still changing the world. The Internet is (14) _______ up-to-date
wonder. (15) _____ the proverb says: Nothing seems wonderful, once you get
used to it, that is (16) _____ the Internet fails to astonish us any (17) _______
2. Read the text. Use the word given in capitals at the end of each line in
the form that fits the space in the same line.
The Internet: How It Affects Us (2)
One of the most (1) _______________
functions of the Internet
is its (2) ____________ function.
The Internet keeps people
informed about current events,
as well as about the (3) ___________

(4) _______________ in science and

culture. You can even
find out how to pass from the
(5) ________________station
to the house of your girl friend,
who (6) ________________ moved
to London.
Recently a system of
(7) _____________ learning became
(8) ____________. You can study
foreign languages and even
study in universities. An individual
(9) ________________ programme
can be developed
(10) ______________ for you.
The Internet is also (11) __________
used in business.
Thanks to the Internet, we have
rapid (12) ______________
with partners from all corners
of the world. You can
even conduct (13) ______________,
hear and see your contracts,
and (14) ______________ graphic and
textual information.


3. Complete this text using the correct word from the box. Use each word
once only. There is an extra word which you do not need to use.
The Internet: How It Affects US (3)
wide opportunities violence similar choice addiction absence need
already almost
The most negative effect of the Internet might be peoples (1) ______ to it.
People often feel a strange and powerful (2) ______ to spend time on the network.
Addiction to computer screen is (3) ________ to drug or alcohol addiction: people
(4) ______ never believe they are addicted.
One more disadvantage of the Internet is the (5)_________ of informational
control. Children receive (6)_________ access to pornography site and sites with
(7)________ and promoting hate.
From that, how much we know about the Internet depends on the (8)
________ we make and how effectively we use the (9) ____________ of the
Internet in our time.
1. Read the text. Use the verb in brackets in the correct form
A Polite Computer

Computers can solve difficult problems. One day a famous general (give) 0
was given a computer which (be) 1 ______ able to solve complicated questions
about war. The War Office also (send) 2 ________ an expert to fix the Computer.
The general (think) 3 _________hard about an important military problem for
quite a long time and the computer (bring) 4 _______________ at the
right moment to help the general. It (take) 5 _____________ the general ten
minutes to set the problem. The enemy just (open) 6 ______________fire from
the south. The general wanted to know what the results (be) 7 _____________ if
he (attack) 8 ____________the enemy or if he (withdraw) 9 _____________ his
army. The computer (start) 10 ___________ (work) 11 __________ at once. While
the computer (operate) 12 _______________ by the expert, the general (watch) 13
____________ the screen (flash) 14 ______________. At last the answer (receive)
15 ______________. Yes. The generals face (grow) 16 _______________ dark
red. He shouted at the top of his voice: Yes, what? The computer (get) 17
_________ down to work again. Yes, sir!. It (be) 18 ______ half an hour later
when the next answer (come) 19. _____________ Yes? Sir!
1. Listen to an interview with Dorothy Duncan, who has just established an
internet-based business. Put her actions into chronological order.
a). She carried out research on the internet to assess the commercial potential
of the business.
b). She couldnt find a retailer of pet goods in the UK.
c). She trades 24 hours a day on an international basis.
d). She developed a range of products for her customers.
e). She couldnt buy anything to show how much she loved her pet.
f). She found the right suppliers.
g). She realized that there was a good business opportunity.
h). She got her pet ferret.
1. Discuss the article from the newspaper English What is the Internet
today? and find out which ideas about the Internet you would (wouldnt) support.
Follow the instructions.
ENGLISH. 2/2005, page 5
What Is the Internet Today?
The Internet is the world largest computer net work. It appeared in our
country not many years ago. People can find a lot of useful information, and give
information about themselves there. But why do people want to be on the
It seems to me that people like to do it because they can feel freedom on the
Internet. But what does this freedom of the Internet include? Firstly it is equality. It
does not matter what your race or age or nationality or wealth is, you can post your
massage to the Internet and you will be heard. You will find your allies and
enemies there. And this is the freedom to express your opinion, which is next to the

freedom of choice. On the Internet you can choose information to your own taste
or need. Nobody can make you look at something that you do not need and do not
like. If you do not like something, you just type another address and in a second
you are already there where you want to be.
And now about the games: there are tons of very useful games, which will
help you to understand the economy of the city, improve your language skills and
vocabulary, or at least give you better skills in using the mouse
There is also a freedom of movement. There are no borders on the Internet
and you can travel all over the Internet without any prohibitions. If you need some
information about some foreign country, you can get it. You do not need any visas
to explore web sites in foreign countries.
Also you can vote on the Internet. There are a lot of questionnaires where
you can
express your attitude towards something. So the main principles of
democracy are kept on the Internet.
The fact is that we can use all these resources for our educational purposes.
And, as I have previously said, anyone can find information of his own choice. The
Internet makes it easier to find books or articles, and now even to listen to and
watch famous people.
Now teachers, students, professors, scientists, and lawyers use the Internet to
search for useful information because it is the fastest and the most convenient way
to do it. We can get data for our research in just seconds after pushing a few
buttons. This is no small deal, since entire books can be transferred through the
Internet in a matter of minutes.
But unfortunately there are some problems concerning the Internet. I think
that it is not good that internet users communicate only with the people on the
Internet. They stop talking with their relatives and friends because they have only
virtual friends. So the Internet destroys real human communication.
Maybe someones interpersonal communication was destroyed, but now
technology can give us an opportunity to communicate with our relatives and
friends as if we are in the same room. People can be close to each other even being
on different continents. And if a person is mentally normal, he/she will never prefer
communication with computer to relatives.
In the conclusion Id like to say that the Internet will help to develop our
education level due to its democracy and freedom. And after the people find out
what freedom is, they will develop it in their country.
1). Give the authors definition of the word Internet.
2). Find out what the author says about the present day popularity of the
3). The author tries to persuade us that the reason of its popularity is
freedom. What kind of freedom is meant here? Firstly, just enumerate the points.
4). Complete the sentences showing the authors opinion:
Equality means that
the freedom to express yourself gives you an opportunity to
the freedom of choice gives you every chance to

the freedom of movement breaks down the borders

5). We often hear that computer games are just waste of time. The author
seems to have a different opinion. What is it?
6). The author insists that the Internet is helpful for educational purposes.
What reasons does the author give?
7). The author finds some problems concerning the Internet. What are they?
1. Express your personal idea of what the Internet today is and give your
if youve got access to the Internet at home,
if you use the Internet for your studies,
if it is helpful in any way in your leisure time,
if the Internet gives you freedom,
if the Internet saves your time.
1. This is part of your pen friends letter. Right a personal letter to your pen
friend in the UK.
Fortunately, we live in the era of the Internet. I actually enjoy surfing the
Internet in my leisure time. I download films and music to my PC. I can always
find any information I need. I can visit countries and cities. I can buy things online. I think its great.
But my parents think I spend too much time on the Net. They try to persuade
me that its dangerous for my health, particularly for my eyesight.
Do you have an access to the Internet? How often do you use it? Do you
have any arguments concerning the Net with your parents? Does the Net help you
anyway in your studies?
Please write me soon.
All the best,
0-H 1-E 2-G 3-D 4-A 5-F 6-B 7-C
1 - k 2 - i 3 -a 4 - h 5 - b 6 - g 7 - c 8 - l 9 - d 10 - e 11 - f 12 - j
The Internet: How It Affects Us (1)
1 - does 2 - who 3 - which / that 4 - can 5 - is 6 - of 7 - the / this 8 a 9 - to 10 - for 11 - has 12 - of 13 - much 14 - an 15 - as 16 - why 17 more / longer

The Internet: How It Affects Us (2)

1 - valuable 2 - information 3 - latest 4 - achievements 5 - underground
6 - recently 7 - distance 8 - popular 9 - educational 10 - especially 11 - wide
ly 12 - connections 13 - negotiations 14 - exchange
The Internet: How It Affects US (3)
1 - addiction 2 - need 3 - similar 4 - almost 5 - absence 6 - wide 7 violence 8 - choice 9 - opportunities
A Polite Computer
1 - was 2 - sent 3 - had been thinking 4 - was brought 5 - took 6 - has
opened 7 - would be 8 - attacked 9 - withdrew 10 - started 11 - to work /
working 12 - was being operated 13 - watched 14 - flashed 15 - was received
16 - grew 17 - got 18 - was 19 - came
1-h 2-e 3-b 4-g 5-a 6-d 7-f 8-c
Presenter: Setting up your own business can be a fulfilling experience. And
if you can turn a hobby into a career, theres a good chance you can enjoy it as
well! Professional photographer Dorothy Duncans life changed when she acquired
her pet ferrets, Pingo and Pongo. Hello, Dorothy!
Dorothy D: Hello!
Presenter: Could you tell our listeners how it all started?
Dorothy D: Yes, with pleasure! I found that I couldnt buy anything to show
how I love my ferrets. A search on the internet didnt show any online shops in
England or Scotland and I saw a gap in the market which could be exploited, and I
thought: What an opportunity! I decided to start my own business and set up a
website - and I havent looked back.
Presenter: And the result is PetFerrets, a web-based retail business that
also serves to promote ferrets as fun and loving pets!
Dorothy D: It might seem add, but I thoroughly researched the commercial
potential of the business. I did lots of research on the internet and became aware of
who pet ferret owners are.
Presenter: And what did you do after that?
Dorothy D: Gradually, I developed a range of products that are beautiful
and appealing and the sort of things people can use every day. It includes mugs, Tshirts, calendars, tie clips and other items, all presented in a light-hearted way. The
website has a fun feel. There are lots of little jokes about ferrets and there are all
sorts of snippets of information for ferret owners. The people I sell to have a great
sense of humor and love animals, and what I do combines both business and
celebrating ferrets as pets.
Presenter: Did you have any problems?
Dorothy D: I had difficulties with finding the right suppliers. A lot of
businesses are not geared up for small orders. Their minimum order might be 500
or more and some of my orders are just for 20, or something like that. Its been
a lot of effort and I couldnt have done it without the internet.

Presenter: And how did you use it?

Dorothy D: I used the web to locate suppliers for each item and then asked
if they would handle small orders. Now I can trade 24 hours a day on an
international basis, just me and a couple of ferrets! Goods are sent by first class
post, and packages are sent out with: Sent by Ferret Express stickers. Without the
internet, I would not have the business, and I would not have customers in
America, Denmark and Germany.
Presenter: Did you have anyone to help you?
Dorothy D: I had some outside help - advice from Business Link in
Edinburgh and I got 600 from Trade Partners Scotland. But its largely been my
own effort. Its like creating a brand from scratch.
Presenter: Its entirely possible to do it all yourself and you have so much
more control. Its amazing what you can do if you think through your business
from the branding to the packaging, how you send out your products and customer
service. Does your business make you a lot of money?
Dorothy D: I wouldnt say that. PetFerrets is not very profitable at the
moment, but Im keen on develop. Im going to publish a series of childrens
stories called Ferret Fairy tales and Im currently looking for a publisher. The
books have tested well with children - in fact, the idea came from one of my young
customers. I thoroughly enjoy the work and the contact with other ferret lovers. Its
a business thats got legs, but its also got a tail!