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Personal Information:

Name: Recent
Gender: Age: passport size
photo here.

CONTACT NO:_____________________ Email Address:_______________________

Your preferable teaching area:______________________

Classes you can teach:_______________________________________

Subjects you can teach:____________________________________________________

Any Experience of Teaching:_____________________

Favourable Location of your teaching:

A. At students home.
B. At your own home.
C. Online(if you have web cam and internet)
Selected option:________

How do you find about us:________________

e.g: friend,ads,internet,colleage.newspaper.


1. We only inform the registered teachers / tutors for any teaching vacancy
through phone, or via sms ,email & expect their feedback after & before
meeting with the student and registration process is totally free.
2. More details are provided depending upon teacher's interest.
3. Every teacher / tutor will be charged 50% of his/her only first month's
salary / tuition fees, 25% if its done on lump sum basis, for each & every
teaching vacancy referred by the academy.
4. Teachers / Tutors are advised not to pass on any information regarding
tuition / teaching vacancy or any other intimation.
5. We expect the Teacher / tutor not to provide any misleading
information/documents to the Karachi Tution consultants(khitc) academy.
6. Time limit is given to the teacher / tutor for the desired teaching
vacancy usually one month. Mostly our highly qualified and competent
teachers usually get their assignment within a short period of time.
7. The Academy can immediately take legal action against those applicants
whom it believes, in its sole discretion, are not fulfilling any of the rules
and regulations of the academy, or cancellation of registration.
8. After receiving your data, the we will assess the information given by you,
and will conduct an interview.
9. A quick response by the teacher or tutor before finalizing the deal
will be highly appreciated. In the case of no or late reply the
registration can be cancelled.
10. Applying for any subject confirms your consent for acceptance of terms &
*DISCOUNT OFFER: If you have any tuition that is out of your caliber or
out of your timing,share with us we will give you 5% discount in your
salary charges.
I agree to the above terms and conditions and shall display my honesty
myself and the Academy.and shall not violate these terms and conditions.


• Two recent photographs.
• Recent Qualification Certificate to be attested by 18th grade Govt.
• CNIC (Attested).

SUBMISSION OF FORM: you can submit this form online by mailing It to

khitcon@gmail.com or post us to the following address: Bilal view,Mezannine
Floor,Opp. to Wania Roll Corner Garden West Karachi.After your submission your
registration number shall be sent to your email address and contact no. keep it