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J Hi Rohit, How was your day so far

R Hi John, it has been ok. Whats the matter? Do you have anything urgent to discuss?
J Yes Rohit, I wanted to know the progress of PPC and the assembly line updates.
R Barring one process rest of the tasks are going as per expectation
J What do you think is the problem with that process? Do you think I can help you out in anyway?
R Production delays and quality rejection issues are increasing in spite of my repeated instructions
J Oh I see why do you think this is happening?
R My subordinates bring up issues only in the last minute and it becomes extremely difficult for me to
handle it on time. Even for the smallest issues, they are coming to me without even trying to trouble shoot
in the first place.
J So do you think they lack technical knowledge to trouble shoot?
R Yes they seem to be incompetent, they lack the depth in the required technical knowledge
J Do you think some training is required for them?
R No, I dont think training will work because I have been giving them instructions to perform their work.
I have observed them socializing instead of concentrating on their work. Even superiors in the production
department are equally incompetent to handle the technical issues.
J Interesting, but I was going through a recent HR report saying that our technicians and supervisors are
technically strong and the culture is very good in our organization
R Oh, but sir I have a different experience I see a very little cooperation from my colleagues and
subordinates, despite giving them clear instructions. Most of the time they dont comply. When I try to
bring to their notice of their responsibilities, they behave very immaturely and try to cover up their
inefficiencies. I think there is some serious issues with the entire IR situation in the company.
J So you feel frustrated because people here are not competent enough and do not comply with your
R Yes absolutely I feel the people here are not good enough to perform their duties, they dont even listen
to me
J It is very sad to know that they are not able to make the best use of your technical expertise. Do you
think are they able to understand your instructions properly?
R I dont know! They never acknowledge my instructions. They dont ask doubts, never seek
clarification. I hear no inputs from them. I really dont know if they understand my instructions.
J Do you think there is a clear difference between your knowledge/intellect/aspirations compared to them
R Of course, I worked hard to reach where I am.
J True, we all know you are a highly competent employee of ours. Even the senior colleagues keep saying
this. But dont you think as a manger, you should help them raise to your expectations.
R Yes, maybe I should be more elaborative in my instructions. May be I should come down to their level
and talk & give instructions so that they can understand better.

J You feel they will listen to you because you can communicate at their level of understanding and
support them.
R Yes I feel so. I think it will work.
J Do you have any ideas as to what will be the best approach to do this?
R May be I will have regular meetings with them. I will also push them to clear their doubts, so that they
actively seek my support
J Great! I am sure you can implement your ideas soon also because we have relatively less work pressure
this week.
R Yes I feel this is the right time to do this. I will update you on the progress.
J Yes let me know if you need any support
R Sure sir, thanks have a nice day
J Same to you

Scene 2
(15 days later)
J Hi Rohit,
R Hi sir,
J How is the production going?
R It is going as per plan sir.
J So did you get a chance to implement your ideas?
J Good to know this. All the best.