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A law otherwise known as RA 1425, which mandated

that the Rizal course be included by the Commission

of Higher Education in the tertiary-level curriculum
Rizal Law
The commission during the American period that
chose Rizal as the national hero of the Philippines
Philippine Commision
Rizals best friend in Europe
Ferdinand Blumentritt
An eminent German geographer and ethnographer
Dr. Friedrich Ratzel
Director of the Museum of Ethnography of Dresden
and an eminent Filipinologist
Dr. A. B. Meyer
Director of the Ethnographic Museum of Munich and
a noted Malayologist
Prof. M. Buchner
Official organ of the revolutionary Philippine
El Heraldo de la Revolucion
Proclaimed December 30 as Rizal Day
Pres. Emilio Aguinaldo
Author of Republic Act 1425
Claro M. Recto
Honorary President of the Katipunan
Jose Rizal
One of the representatives in the Spanish Cortes in
1888 and 1889 who attacked Rizals Noli Me Tangere
Fernando Viola
The date of Rizals execution
December 30, 1896
The place where Rizal was sentenced to death
Considered Rizal the greatest man that the
Malayan race has produced
Dr. Ferdinand Blumentritt
A distinguished Malayologist and librarian of the
India Office in London
Dr. Reinhold Rost
Organizer of the Indios Bravos
Jose Rizal
Translated Rizals My Last Farewell to German
Dr. Eseler
Editor of La Independencia
Antonio Luna
Author of Philippine Travels
Dr. Feodor Jagor
Was considered a great philologist in Vienna
Dr. F. Mueller
President of the Anthropological Society of Berlin
Dr. Rudolph Virchow
Honorary president of La Solidaridad
Jose Rizal

The body that condemned Noli Me Tangere and

banned its distribution to the Philippines
Permanent Censorship Committee
Delivered a eulogy of Rizal at the floor of the United
States House of Representatives
Allen Cooper
A distinguished French linguist and anthropologist
and author of Memoria on the Philippines
Dr. J. Montano
Jose Rizals parents
Doa Teodora and Don Francisco
A poem written by Rizal that teaches love of
Sa aking mga Kabata
A secular priest from Calamba
Fr. Leoncio Lopez
Rizals Godfather
Fr. Pedro Casaas
The cause of Rizals first sorrow
The death of Concha
The age when Rizal learned the alphabet
Three years old
The person who taught Rizal the rudiments of Latin
Leon Monroy
The date of Rizals birth
June 19, 1861
The lowest position in the Spanish colonial
government in the Philippines
Cabeza de Barangay
A feudalistic system introduced during the Spanish
Otherwise known as forced labor
Polo y servicios
The compulsory sale of agricultural produce to the
Spanish colonial government in the Philippines
The oldest school for boys in the Philippines
College of Manila
The oldest school for girls in the Philippines
Colegio de Santa Potenciana
The highest social class in the Philippines during the
Spanish period
Served as the Supreme Court in the Philippines
Royal Audencia
The highest position occupied by a native in the
Spanish colonial government in the Philippines
The exact time of Rizals birth

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