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Chapter 36 Review Sheet

~Joe Springer Hr. 2 APUSH

Why was WWII different from WWI?

Japanese Concentration Camps-

Korematsu v. U.S. (1944)

What happened to new deal programs? (CCC, WPA, NYA)

War Production Board (WPM) (Mention Rubber Production)

1942 (The office of Price Administration, OPA)

War Labor Board (WLB)

1943-Smith Connally Anti-Strike Act

1942 Agreement with Mexico (Braceros)


Baby Boom

A.Philip Randolph (Negro March of 1941)

Fair Employment Practices Commission (FEPC)

1944- Mechanical Cotton picker

-Code talkers or “Windtalkers”

How was the home front affected by the War? (National debt)

The Pacific
Guam and Wake-
Philippines and General Macarthur -----

April 9, 1942

Corregidor – May 6, 1942

May 1942 – Coral Sea

June 3-6, 1942 Midway

-Admiral Chester W. Nimitz

-Admiral Raymond A. Spruance

How was Midway a turning point in the war?

America Advances Toward Japan, Leapfrog Style!

Guadalcanal Island-

Leapfrogging technique –

Saipan, Tinian, Marianas Islands –

Back to Europe-
Allies Technique against U-Boats-

Bernard Montgomery and El Alamein-

Marshal Erwin Rommel

Sept. 1942 Stalingrad and the turning point for the Soviet Union--
Why were Americans worried about Germany and Europe and why did this delay the
French invasion?
General Dwight D. Eisenhower-

What was decided in Casablanca January 1943?

September 1943-

June 4, 1944-
May 2nd 1945-

Teheran, Iran Meeting

D-Day June 6th 1944 –

August 1944-

Election of 1944-
Thomas E. Dewey Roosevelt

Who won? Why?

December 16th 1944 and the Ardennes Forest

Battle of the Bulge

April 1945- (Concentration camps, Berlin, Roosevelt, and Hitler, quite a month eh?)

-Concentration Camps Berlin Roosevelt


May 7th 1945-

Japan Dies Hard

Oct. 22-23 1944 )(Leyte Gulf-

March 1945 -Manila

Iwo Jima-

Kamikaze Pilots-

The Atomic Bombs

Berlin 1945 -Potsdam Conference

August 6th, 1945

-Agricultural Adjustment Administration: Made millions of
August 9th, 1945 dollars available to help farmers meet their mortgages

August 14th 1945- -Civilian Conservation Corps: Provided employment for

about 3 million men in government camps.
September 2nd 1945-
-Civil Works Administration-A branch of FERA, designed to
Casualties provide temporary jobs during the winter emergency

America – -Federal Emergency Relief Administration: Granted about

3 billion to the states for direct relief payments or for wages on
Soviet Union – work projects

Post war world- -Federal Housing Administration- Designed to lend money

to states or communities for low-cost construction

Why was America actually better

the war?

-Home Owners Loan Corporation

-National Recovery Administration: Designed to assist

End of Chapter 36 Review Sheet
industry, labor, and the unemployed thru “fair codes”

From now on is a Review of -National

Chapter’s 34 and 35
Youth Administration

-Public Works Administration

-Rural Electrification Administration

-Social Security Administration

Match the Following
-Tennessee Valley Authority: Assigned the task of predicting
AAA how much the production and distribution of electricity would
cost so that a “yardstick” could be set up to test the fairness of
rates charged by private companies.

-Work Projects Administration: Intended for both industrial

recovery and for unemployment relief.