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Year (PG Diploma): I / II
Course: BM / HR / GMP / FPM / GMBA
(for 2nd Year students) CGPA of semester I, II, III,
(for 1st Year students) How would you rate your performance in your class: Top 15,
16 30, 31-45, 46+
Parents income:
Following information is available on my FB profile (Yes/No):
My high schools name
My current colleges name
My relationship status
My photograph
A photo with me & others
My mobile number
-Hours of Internet use per day: < 1, 1-2, 2-3, 3-4, 4-5, >5
Approximate number of friends on Facebook: < 100, 101-200, 201-300, 301-400,
401-500, 501-600, 601-700, 701-900, 901-1000, 1001-1200, 1201-1500, 15011800, 1801-2100, >2100
About how many total Facebook friends do you have at XLRI campus?
0 = 10 or less, 1 = 1150, 2 = 51100, 3 = 101150, 4 = 151200, 5 = 201250, 6
= 251300,
7 = 301400, 8 = > 400
In the past week, on average, approximately how many minutes per day have you
spent on Facebook?
0 = less than 10, 1 = 1030, 2 = 3160, 3 = 12 hours, 4 = 23 hours, 5 = more
than 3 hours
To what extent do you agree with the following statements [1 = strongly disagree, 2 =

disagree, 3 = neither disagree nor agree, 4= agree to 5 = strongly agree]

Facebook intensity
Facebook is part of my everyday activity
I am proud to tell people Im on Facebook
Facebook has become part of my daily routine
I feel out of touch when I havent logged onto Facebook for a while
I feel I am part of the Facebook community
I would be sorry if Facebook shut down
-< to investigate whether FB usage was more motivated by prior offline contacts or the
potential to form new online contacts.>
I have used Facebook to check out someone I met socially
I use Facebook to learn more about other people in my classes
I use Facebook to learn more about other people living near me

I use Facebook to keep in touch with my old friends

I use Facebook to meet new people
-Self Esteem
I feel that Im a person of worth, at least on an equal plane with others [1 = strongly
disagree to 5 = strongly agree]
I feel that I have a number of good qualities
All in all, I am inclined to feel that I am a failure
I am able to do things as well as most other people
I feel I do not have much to be proud of
I take a positive attitude toward myself
On the whole, I am satisfied with myself
-Satisfaction with XLRI Life
In most ways my life at XLRI is close to my ideal.
The conditions of my life at XLRI are excellent.
I am satisfied with my life at XLRI
So far I have gotten the important things I want at XLRI
If I could live my time at XLRI over, I would change almost nothing.
-Bridging Social Capital
I feel I am part of the XLRI community
I am interested in what goes on at XLRI
XLRI is a good place to be
I would be willing to contribute money to XLRI after graduation
Interacting with people at XLRI makes me want to try new things
Interacting with people at XLRI makes me feel like a part of a larger community
I am willing to spend time to support general XLRI activities
At XLRI, I come into contact with new people all the time
Interacting with people at XLRI reminds me that everyone in the world is connected
Bonding Social Capital:
There are several people at XLRI I trust to solve my problems
If I needed an emergency loan of INR1000, I know someone at XLRI I can turn to
There is someone at XLRI I can turn to for advice about making very important
The people I interact with at XLRI would be good job references for me
I do not know people at XLRI well enough to get them to do anything important
-Maintained Social Capital
Id be able to find out about events in another town from a high school
acquaintance living there
If I needed to, I could ask a high school acquaintance to do a small favor for me
Id be able to stay with a high school acquaintance if traveling to a different city
I would be able to find information about a job or internship from a high school

It would be easy to find people to invite to my high school reunion


Check for relationship b/n:

Facebook intensity & 3 types of Social Capital

Facebook intensity & 3 types of Social Capital with varying degree of self-esteem
[low, medium, high]

Facebook intensity & 3 types of Social Capital with varying degree of satisfaction
at xlri [low, medium, high]

Run Factor analysis on all 19 questions of Social Capital & confirm if you get 3
factors & then complement with discriminant analysis & cluster analysis

DV (cgpa) & IV (3 categories of social capital, satisfaction, self esteem)..in
this case, have 2 dummy variables for 3 categories of social capital)

DV (bridging social capital) & IV (FB intensity)

DV ( satisfaction), IV (3 types of Social Capital, CGPA, self esteem)..