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Essay on Philippine Heritage

The Philippines, because of great influences of its colonizers in the past, became home to a vast
diversity of culture and heritage. Being an archipelago, the Philippines was prone to exploration and
colonization way back then. Native Aetas, Malays, and other came to the Philippines through different
ways and formed the first communities. Then, it became a treasure to different powerful countries like
Spain, USA, and Japan for its spices and natural wonders. Because of these said facts, everything, from
our culture, heritage, and even our way of life were influenced completely.
There may be a lot of negative things that the Philippines colonizers left in our country but we
should also be thankful for some of the wonderful things they have left us especially religion and culture.
Others may say that we dont have our own identity. But dont we really have one? Yes, part of what we
are now came from them. But through the mix of those things, we became who we are now. We have
created our own identity through them.
One great example would be the UNESCO World Heritage Site Baroque Churches. Baroque
architecture came from European traditions but since, from climate to the availability of materials, the
Philippines cannot afford to copy the baroque architecture of Europe. Instead, theyve come up with an
architecture that can be classified as baroque, but with the Filipino character which is now labelled as the
Philippine Baroque style of churches.
Speaking of purely heritage itself, the Philippines really has a lot to offer. Despite the development
and modernization of its lands, its history stays alive through its diverse culture. Every one of its 7000
islands, from Batanes to Sulu, has its own distinct culture. And we should be proud of this diversity and
Sadly, some of the great heritage sites in our country are taken for granted by us. Some doesnt
appreciate the importance of these things in our identities as Filipinos. Even the government doesnt
prioritize things related to our culture. Yes, there are far more important things to consider like our
countrys development but we should also be putting some of our time and attention to our culture. For
it is a very important element in our countrys development. Because of heritage, there is tourism.
Because of culture and heritage, there is the performing arts. Because of history, there are Filipinos.
Heritage, Culture, and History. These are things that cant be separated. These are things that defines our
country and ourselves. We should learn to love and protect them. For without them, we are nothing.