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Question 1: What are the dates for submitting the interim and final SCWI
financial reports?
Answer: The SCWI Interim Financial reporting process will result in Regional
Planning Teams reporting actual participation numbers on the Interim Report to
January 31. The SCWI Final Financial reporting process will result in RPTs
reporting actual participation numbers and financial expenditures on the Final
Financial Report to June 30, 2011. The Interim and Final Financial reports will
provide an up-to-date report on the status of each school board, college and
regional planning teams budget and student participation compared to the
regions approved funding contract. The Interim and Final Financial reports will
be pre-populated, on an electronic expenditure report (excel spreadsheet),
according to each RPTs approved contract. These reports will be provided to
each RPT by Sebastian Franks.
Question 2: What are the due dates for the Interim Report and the Final Report?
Answer: The interim and final reports are due by March 15 and July 30, 2011.
When the report is received and approved, a check will be distributed to the RPT
Question 3: When will regional planning teams receive their approved SCWI
Answer: After the Interim Expenditure Report is received and approved, 50% of
the Regional Planning Team SCWI budget allocation will be disbursed. On June
30, 2011 30% of the approved RPT budget will be disbursed automatically. After
the June 30th Final Report is received and approved, the remaining 20% of the
Regional Planning Team SCWI budget allocation will be disbursed.
Question 4: If an RPT chair completes a Contract Change Form, will the prepopulated Interim and Final Expenditure Reports reflect the approved revisions?
Answer: All changes to the RPTs approved SCWI 2010 2011 budget must be
summarized on a Contract Change Form and submitted to David Armstrong for
approval. When approved, a new contract letter with the revised appendices will
be sent to the RPT Chair. Sebastian Franks will always use the revised contract
letter appendices data when pre-populating the Interim and Final Expenditure
reports for each RPT.

Question 5: Who is allowed to request a change using the Contract Change

Answer: The Chair of the Regional Planning Team is the only person allowed to
sign the request for change on the Contract Change Form.
Question 6: What is the SCWI Activity/Forum Monitoring Form and who will
conduct the onsite monitoring?
Answer: The Activity/Forum Monitoring Form has been developed for the
purpose of monitoring a random sample of activities and forums within each
region by the Liaison Officer. All regions will be given advanced notice of which
activities and forums have been selected for monitoring in their region.
Question 7: Explain the comprehensive dual credit student data report being
coordinated by the Ministry of Education.
Answer: The Ministry is coordinating a comprehensive dual credit student data
report that will connect OnSIS data and OCAS and OUAC data. EDU has a data
sharing agreement with both OCAS and OUAC. That agreement specifies what
data can be shared, when, and at what cost. This report will include data on
secondary school students who have taken dual credit courses and subsequently
applied to and registered in college.
Question 8: What is the SCWI financial accountability process in the case of an
Answer: The Request for Proposal (RFP) sets out the EDU/TCU terms,
conditions and financial benchmarks for applying for funds for the School College
Work Initiative. Once the Regional Planning Teams RFP has been approved, a
formal SCWI contract between SCWI and the Regional Planning Team lays out
the terms, conditions and budget in a contract letter, and more specifically in
Appendices A, B, C, and D attached to the contract letter. The approved details
and funding in these four appendices are formatted in four excel spreadsheets
which detail the specific terms, conditions and budget approved, and form the
Interim and Final Expenditure Reports. The RPTs completed interim and final
financial reports provide an accurate record on projected versus actual
participants; projected versus actual (completed) activities, forums and dual
credits; and projected versus actual expenditures. RPTs are required to maintain
a record of their expenditures backed up with contract change forms, invoices
and receipts to account for their compliance with the original approved conditions
of the SCWI contract.
September 2010 BJ