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President Sirleaf mandates

not more than 50
employees at Oil Company


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Sirleaf named amongst

Potential Candidates to
replace UN SG Ban


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Wogbeh, Others Get
5year Jail Sentence;
ordered To Restitute


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The seriousness of these issues also means that partners and donors can contribute our share but this is
also responsibility that lies with the government and with Liberia. GBV cases and issues, they must involve
the whole society because it must take a broader government approach and I think it is not only an issue
for the Executive but also for the Legislature and the Judiciary but other parts of that everybody has to
play a role because what you need to focus on is to stop these cases from taking place in the first place.
- Sofia Strand, Departing Swedish Ambassador to Liberia

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These are indicative rates based on results of daily surveys of the foreign exchange market
in Monrovia and its environs. The rates are collected from the Forex Bureaux and the
commercials banks. The rates are not set by the Central Bank of Liberia.
Source: Research, Policy and Planning Department, Central Bank Liberia, Monrovia, Liberia

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

udge Melvin Johnson, one half
of the fugitive pair which have
been terrorizing the Ellen
Johnson-Sirleaf government
with a series of secretly-recorded
tapes of senior administration
officials, has been arrested in the
U.S. state of Lithonia, Georgia as a
fugitive from justice.
Johnsons arrest is labeled
under the U.S. Uniform Criminal
Extradition Act (UCEA). An
extradition is surrendering the
custody of an accused from one
state or country to another state
or country to place the accused on
trial or punishment.
However, FrontPageAfrica has
learned that Johnsons arrest may
be unrelated to the Liberian case.
The Liberian government is aware
but we cannot make any official
comment on this issue because we
are informed that it is unrelated
to the Liberian governments case
against Judge Johnson and Ms.
Corkrurm. We have been informed
that Mr. Johnson was arrested
but it is unrelated to the current
situation, a senior Liberian
government official speaking to
FrontPageAfrica on the basis of
anonymity said.
FrontPageAfrica has learned that
the ruling on the Liberian case
currently before the Georgia bar
is expected to be handed down on
Monday, August 31, 2015.
Johnson reportedly also has at least
two claims before the bar.
The U.S. federal constitutional and
statutory provisions which control
the extradition process states: All
the states must follow the guidelines in the U.S. constitution
and the federal statute. Further, extradition guidelines are
usually found in the UCEA, which has been adopted in many
states. Moreover, the extradition clause in the statute has been
implemented in states through the federal statute and the UCEA.
According to an arrest sheet obtained by FrontPageAfrica,
Judge Johnson was arrested on Thursday, August 13 following
a lengthy effort by the government of Liberia which has been
seeking his extradition along with his fianc Ellen Corkrum, the
former head of the Liberia Airport Authority.
Solicitor General Betty Lamin Blamoh who is reportedly in the
U.S. is said to be leading the effort to extradite the pair to Liberia.
Johnsons services were recently terminated by the city of
Lithonia after learning he was not certified to preside over the
city's cases. He had been in that position for seven years.
In a FrontPageAfrica Op-Ed reacting to his termination, Johnson
retorted that it is quite unusual to have the removal of a Judge
in the United States for failure to take classes, become a
national headline. I do understand that those who are either pro
corruption clique or pro Ellen Johnson Sirleaf would invite such
news as either a victory or at least a win towards their cause.
However, I write to explain and clarify for the sake of those
for whom I (we) have fought, triggered by their overwhelming
phone calls, emails, Facebook inbox, concerns, etc. In the U.S.,
unlike Liberia, Judges are required to spend certain hours
annually in Continuing Education/Review Classes. I have served
as Chief Judge in the United States for over Seven (7) years, and I
clearly understand the requirements. I made a conscious choice
in this instance as I have in the past, Johnson wrote.
Johnson went on to describe himself as a sacrificial lamb in
the fight against corruption. I knew then before embarking
on the cause that I would suffer challenges, but I chose to be
the Sacrificial Lamb for those beautiful girls, and given the
opportunity to do it again, I wouldnt do it differently though I
suffered tremendous loss as a consequence!
Johnson reportedly failed to complete the annual training
for judges as required by state law, according to the Judicial
Qualifications Commission (JQC). The JQC notified Johnson in
a Jan. 13 letter that it was barring him from his judicial duties
because he failed to receive required training in 2009, 2011,
2012 and 2013.
In February 2013, the Liberia Airport Authority (LAA) pursued
legal action against Corkrum and Johnson, the former Managing
Director of the airport authority, who is at the center of a major
corruption case.
Corkrum was tipped by President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf to
become the first female Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of
Liberia despite the reports.
Corkrum and Johnson were indicted by the Liberian government
last year for "economic sabotage," and wanted for extradition
from the United States. But the pair says the allegations against
them and his alleged collaborators are false and unfounded.
Both Johnson and Corkrum, in the aftermath of the allegations
surfacing, assembled hundreds of pages of documents,
email correspondence and secret recordings of top Liberian

Rodney D. Sieh, rodney.sieh@frontpageafricaonline.com

government officials in a bid to counter the charges.
Corkrum, also a Liberian-American, was appointed by the
Liberian government as managing director of the Liberian
Airport Authority. With her recommendation, the airports
board of directors approved Johnson as legal advisor.
The pair recorded President Sirleaf, Defense Minister Brownie
Samukai, Police Director Chris Massaquoi and Minister of State
for Presidential Affairs Mr. Edward McClain, claiming that there
was a plot by government officials to undermine their anticorruption measures.
Corkrum and Johnson claimed that senior officials in government
wanted unfettered access to $130 million that was slated for
airport renovation.
In court filing, the Liberian government accused Corkrum and
Johnson of stealing more than $US1 million and fleeing the
The government has reportedly been working behind the scenes
to extradite the pair to Liberia although it is not clear whether
Johnsons arrest would lead to Corkrum, who is a senior Air
Force Commander.
Sirleaf, in her January 27, 2014 annual message, said of Corkrum:
A major setback in efforts for the development of the airport
resulted from an unscrupulous and conspiring newly recruited
Managing Director, who returned kindness and deference with
entrapment and intriguing accusations to damage the credibility
of several individuals, and the image of the country. This matter
is under review by counsel in the United States for legal redress,
including extradition.
But both Johnson and Corkrum have suggested that the charges
are bogus and are an attempt by the government to cover up
what he Johnson the embarrassing revelations contained in
the secret recordings made of government officials and others.
First of all, there has been so many stories, so many different
allegations of different amounts. If you have followed the story,
theres been accusation of $3 million, $500,000, $1 million,
$269,000, etc. Whatever the amounts that follow the accusation,
my response remains the same: it is false, it is unfounded.
We did not take anything, we did not steal anything from this
government or the people of Liberia, Johnson said in a 2014
Johnson said the basis for the governments accusation is that
he and Corkrum made up a fake company Diaspora Consulting.
Both Johnson and Corkrum have defended their decision to flee
explaining that they fled because Defense Minister Samukai and
Police Director Massaquoi revealed to them a plot by certain
government officials to get rid of them. The reason we fled was
very simple. The highest security officer in Liberia, the minister
of defense told us that government officials were plotting against
us, and, quoting him, that they had signed our death warrant.
Eventually, we had an opportunity to speak to the director
of police. The director of police for the entire country told us
additionally that the president of Liberia had ordered us to be
captured at night, but he wasnt clear as to why we were ordered
to be captured, he said.
Liberia has since requested the U.S. government to extradite
Corkrum and Johnson. Although the U.S. has remained coy

on the matter, the pair revealed recently that they traveled to

Washington, DC and met with State and Justice Department
officials but that no mention was made of an extradition.
Judge Johnson has described the Liberian governments claims
of extradition as bogus and an attempt by the government to
cover up what he calls the embarrassing revelations contained
in the secret recordings. Back in August (2013), we learned
via the media that the president had sent an extradition team
to the United States. Were now towards the end of this year in
December (2013). So were talking approximately five months
later. I dont know if that extradition team is still at baggage
claim at JFK (John F. Kennedy airport) trying to find the way
out, Johnson said.
Under the State of Georgia law, it is the duty of the Governor to
have fugitives from justice arrested and delivered to executive
authorities of other states. The Constitution of the United States,
and any and all acts of Congress enacted in pursuance thereof,
it is the duty of the Governor of this state to have arrested and
delivered up to the executive authority of any other state any
person charged in that state with treason, felony, or other crime,
who has fled from justice and is found in this state.
The law also states that no demand for the extradition of a person
charged with a crime in another state shall be recognized by
the Governor unless in writing, alleging, except in cases arising
under Code Section 17-13-25, that the accused was present in
the demanding state at the time of the commission of the alleged
crime and that thereafter he fled from the state, and accompanied
by a copy of an indictment found, or by information supported
by affidavit in the state having jurisdiction of the crime, or by
a copy of an affidavit made before a magistrate there, together
with a copy of any warrant which was issued thereupon, or by
a copy of a judgment of conviction or of a sentence imposed in
execution thereof, together with a statement by the executive
authority of the demanding state that the person claimed has
escaped from confinement or has broken the terms of his bail,
probation, or parole.
The indictment, information, or affidavit made before the
magistrate must substantially charge the person demanded
with having committed a crime under the law of the state; and
the copy of the indictment, information, affidavit, judgment of
conviction, or sentence must be authenticated by the executive
authority making the demand.
Moreover, it is the constitutional duty of an asylum state to
enforce the interstate extradition clause of the U.S. Constitution
faithfully. The state must not adopt a narrow construction
against the demanding state. Harmony and welfare of the states
requires a faithful, vigorous enforcement of the constitutional
and statutory provisions relating to fugitives. Every state must
take care, within the limits of the law, that the rights of its
people are protected against illegal action. However, the judicial
authorities of the Union should equally take care that the
provisions of the Constitution is not so narrowly interpreted.
Such narrow interpretation enables the offenders against the
laws of a state to find a permanent asylum in the territory of
another state.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Overstaffed, Overpaid, Overspent

and mismanaged, Liberias
Embattled and cash-strapped Oil
company Must reform for the better

OF LATE, The National Oil Company of Liberia has been in the

news for all the wrong reasons.
REPORTS OF BANKRUPTCY, bad management and overspending
of limited resources spurred speculations lately that the
company was on the verge of collapse.
THEN ON June 23, 2015, President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf
called on the board of NOCAL to nullify all resolutions passed
approving excessive benefits for departing senior managers
and board members, targeting specifically a November 2011
resolution that allowed management to benefit from no ceiling
parting gifts.
ALL THIS amid concerns expressed in a leaked memo from
NOCAL board members on June 9, which stated that Liberia
had lost potentially much needed money in signature bonuses
from the slow pace to close the bid round while giant American
oil companies Anadarko and Chevron either walked away or
held fire on investments in Liberia in a stunning, unfortunate
and embarrassing reversal of fortune for the country.
THEN LAST FRIDAY, Employees and staffers received the news
many expected but dreaded that they were all out of jobs.
CLLR. SEWARD COOPER, Chairman of the NOCAL Board, Cllr.
informed employees about their fate for which they had been
forewarned, as he explained to staffers last Friday, why the
decision was necessary and gave an estimated timeline of three
months before the exercise took full effect.
TWO MONTHS LATER, at a meeting with staffers last Friday,
the board chair reminded the employees of the meeting two
months earlier and thanked each employee for their service
while informing all that September 30th would be their last day.
NOCAL WILL REPORTEDLY give out severance packages to
employees who are being downsized by September 30, 2015
in accordance with the labor laws and the revenue tax code,
meaning that laid off employees would be made to pay taxes and
no extra benefits including transportation and rental aid would
be part of the package.
WHAT IS STILL NOT clear is the fate of Dr. Randolph McClain,
Chief Executive Officer for NOCAL, whose position was not
among the list of casualties submitted when the board notified
President Sirleaf about their decision last Friday.
THE TRUTH of the matter is, Dr. McClain is at the crux of the
problems at NOCAL. It was under his watch that a bloated
payroll listing surfaced, mostly political appointees, said to be
more than 170 surpassing a payroll of a reported US$600,000
monthly, for a small oil company in a small nation still shy of
striking commercial quantity in oil.
THE NOCAL BOARD in its submission to the president did not
include Dr. McClains name among those sidelined for firing,
leaving it to the President who has the power to do so. Sources
say that the President/Ceo Dr. McClains termination was not
included in the plan because the board felt it had no authority to
fire him but that the President insisted that McClain be added to
the list with immediate effect.
IT IS OUR HOPE that President Sirleaf will do what is right
by Liberia and NOCALs immediate and foreseeable future by
setting an example on the architect of the entitys near collapse.
DR. MCCLAIN cannot and should not be spared when scores of
others are bracing themselves for the unemployment line.
IT IS BELIEVED that pressure is mounting from both the Senate
and the House for McClains removal from NOCAL which has
taken a turn for the worse under his reign.
WE ALSO HOPE that the President will take keen note of the
right sizing plan which includes recommendation that the board
and senior management along with the rest of the companys
employees be terminated then re-vetted for employment at a
much smaller NOCAL.
IN A BID to cut off wasteful spending, we hope that the
administration can come up with a strategic plan for moving the

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By: Stephen B. Lavalah, Contributing Writer

iberians from all walks of life commemorate National Flag Day

in different forms and manners. The state usually organizes
a parade of students in front of the Centennial Memorial
Pavilion with the Commander-in-Chief alongside an array of
government officials and thousands of onlookers rise to the occasion
to pay homage to statehood and sometimes sing patriotic songs.
Some citizens place the Flag on vehicles and other transport facilities,
while several raise it on homes and offices. Still many display it in
the public domain, while employee of the Monrovia City Corporation
and General Service Agency intermittently whitewash street corners
and some public buildings even though the heavy down pour of
rain is capable of taking away the whitewash. Scores of Liberians
decorate their homes and businesses with red, white, and blue as
well as wear national colors to depict patriotism and nationalism.
During each Independence Anniversary, national sporting festivities
and state-owned programs a good number of Liberians charm to such
ceremonies with picturesque scenery of the Flag and state attire to
portray nationhood and national identity. As a matter of fact, every
morning during school days, students across the country assemble to
pledge allegiance to the flag. Besides, it is mandatory that all citizens
and foreigners alike be attentive and at standstill in the course of
hoisting and dropping the Flag.
All the more so, from time immemorial the Government expends
thousand of taxpayers dollars to festoon public facilities with national
colors, undertake and dedicate variety of projects, and also deliver all
sorts of thought-provoking, motivational and patriotic speeches in
order to venerate the day. All too often, the most exciting, amazing
and fascinating component is the parade of students and perhaps
military and paramilitary personnel throughout the principal streets.
In spite of all the glamorous outlook of homes, office, and public
facilities with state-owned hues as well as grandiloquent and silvertongue speeches resounding loyalty to the flag emanating from state
actors and stakeholders, there remain more questions than answers
in transitioning the Liberian Flag from a mere emblematic symbol to
patriotic citizens.
For too long, some prominent statesmen have argued to change the
Flag to reflect indigenous emblems. Furthermore, Liberian historians
continue to recount the inherent contradictions and falsehood about
the historicity of the Flag. Consequently, lots of Liberians have since
begun pondering on the essence of the Flag. Around street corners and
university campuses, where people from the fountain of knowledge
and young intelligentsias meet to flex intellectual muscles they ask
each others: What difference will it make by changing the color and
symbol on the Flag? Will it further divide or unite Liberians? What is
the motive behind honoring a flag without a true spirit of patriotism?
Why most Liberians are united only for a relatively short span of time
and divided consistently on the basis of petty jealousy, recrimination,
religion, tribe, social status, and location? How come the founding
fathers hoisted another flag on the day of Independence? Where the
warlords and architects of the 14 years of brutal and barbaric civil
crisis ever conscious of the Flag being an icon of unity, national pride
and freedom? With all these questions on mind and many more yet
unanswered, a number of people are still wondering when Liberian
will exhibit a true sense of patriotism and nationalism.
Beyond the Emblem
The Flag is not just a mere emblem or cloth with colors that someone
is required by law to respect and honor. It is not about how long
the Flag will keep flying on vehicles and transport facilities. It is not
the beautification of buildings and streets with red, white and blue
or eloquent speeches. Instead, it is an obligation, dedication and
conviction to serve the country selflessly, tirelessly, and fearlessly
beyond personal aggrandizement. It is a mark of good citizenship
and loyalty to country, founding documents and respect for fellow
citizens and constituted authorities. No matter what colors or
symbols, the Flag should and must create a sense of hope, cultivate
unity in diversity and foster pride and values among citizens. So, the
argument about changing the Flag really does not hold water, because
it is not the color or symbol on the Flag that matters most, it is the
mindset of Liberians towards their own country and its people.
Liberians must begin to demonstrate a special affection for their
country, nurture a sense of personal identification and learn to seek the
well-being of the country and as well adopt the spirit of willingness to
sacrifice for the common good of the country. The people across this
great land and those in the Diaspora should now begin to envision a
New Liberia that is greater than religion confessed, dialect spoken,
county of origin, place of birth or family name. Liberians have got to
understand that the country is bigger than the sum of their individual
ambition or greed for power or wealth. The time for reform is upon
this country and there should be absolutely no moment for Native
or Indigene versus Congo or Americo-Liberian. In the same vein,
recommendation from the Constitution Review Committee regarding
dual citizenship and nationality status to people of only Negro
descent as expressed in the 1986 Constitution should be carefully
reexamined, before the proposed National Referendum.

company forward, especially during the global downturn of oil

and gas prices.
IT IS PARTICULARLY NECESSARY that the Sirleaf administration
do all it can to get this right when the rightsizing of NOCAL is
BUT LONG before that, the ongoing process to conclude
production sharing contract arrangements related to the 2014
Liberia Basin Bid Round For Oil Blocks 6,7 And 17 is as important

Patriotic Liberians who voluntarily joined the Armed Forces of

Liberia, the Liberia National Police, the Bureau of Immigration &
Naturalization, the National Fire Service, the Executive Protection
Service, the National Service Agency alongside other security
apparatus carrying the Flag of this Republic on their right arms
should be treated with dignity and respect and given all due
courtesy in a timely, and unique manner. The children and even
those outside the family of the gallant men and women serving the
security sector should and must appreciate that it is honorable to be
a soldier, respectable to be a police officer, and admirable to serve
the country. Therefore, the Government should provide appropriate
accommodation, logistics and better incentive to commensurate with
present-day realities. The hoaxes and empty promises have got to
stop and the welfare of the valiant and astute state security personnel
must be highly prioritized. Moreover, civil servants who keep the
wheels of government turning deserve better living conditions and
an environment conducive for working. The threats and humiliation
emanating from presidential appointees and well-connected
supervisors can no longer be tolerated and need to immediately end.
The younger generation of Liberia should be taught to give back to
their communities in whatever positive virtue. As a replacement
for the US$3 as stipend to young people to clean street corners,
the Government must change to introduce Service Learning in the
national curriculum at the secondary and tertiary levels. Then, the
amount allotted for compensation could be utilized to reduce tuition,
build public libraries, construct and upgrade laboratories, provide
up-to-date textbooks and enhance research activities so as to ensure
the publication of more contextualized Liberian textbooks.
Patriotism should and must not be only through the usual flamboyant
utterances and cosmetic fanfares. It should contain a great meaning
with a deep sense of loyalty, peace, love and the eagerness to make
Liberia the best nation on Earth. It is not an exaggeration or illusion;
this is achievable if Liberians begin to start thinking clearly for the
common good of all.
Liberians must begin to harness or reap their God given and
inalienable right to possess and enjoy their wealth instead of a
few elites and higher-ups. The people have got to stop begging for
handout, bailout or rescue package, rather they should wakeup,
shakeup and standup to acquire what belong to them. This should
not be done through the use of vehement force or antagonistic attack
to gain political capital; however, it must emulate and assimilate a
nonviolent approach of Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin
Luther King, Jr. and lately the Egyptians in Tahrir Square. Liberians
must be willing to call their government to change the status quo of
nepotism, sectionalism, favoritism, tribalism and partisan posture
to being a government for all Liberians irrespective of creed, status,
tribe, religion and background.
Liberians have got to espouse a posture of strategic thinking and do
away with politicizing everything, perpetually criticizing without any
industrious venture, badmouthing campaign for little or nothing and
singing everlasting praises to the power that be. While Liberians are
quite busy with all sorts of trivial issues, the foreigners are making
use of every single opportunity to enrich themselves at the detriment
of the already penury Liberians. Though Liberia needs more
Socrates and Plato to deliver all types grandiloquent speeches
and masquerade the corridor of the majority as activist or down
trodden, but the challenges before the country is voluminous and
require sober, mature and dedicated people to drive the change
through hard work, perseverance, integrity and honesty. Liberians
must be willing to take up the task at hand and many more ahead,
not through proliferation of intellectual forums or regular calling
or texting on famous radio talk show or constant creation of civil
society organizations, but with the formation of think-tank of young
Liberians and older folks cluster in community strategizing to move
Liberia forward. The think-tank would produce engineers to compete
with the Chinese, entrepreneurs to surpass the Lebanese, Fulani,
Nigerians and Ghanaians. Furthermore, doctors, nurses, economists,
environmentalists and other professionals would be nurtured and
equipped to perform any assigned duties in their areas of specialties.
As the country struggles to transition from conflict to tranquility and
from Ebola to recovery, every Liberian needs to rethink, restrategize
and remake the broken fabrics of a country torn apart by war, poverty,
disease, and human suffering. Liberians should begin to celebrate
and appreciate their own country, culture, music, arts, and clothes.
Nowadays, setting a day aside for flag adoration has become obsolete
in many countries. Accordingly, the Government should alter Flag
Day celebration to initiatives that foster patriotism and nationalism
in every nook and cranny of this country. The Constitution must
be taught in all institutions of learning as enshrined in the 1986
Constitution of this Republic. Likewise, civic education and
community sensitization regarding the importance of being patriotic
should be carried out.
About the author: Mr. Stephen B. Lavalah is an advocate

as the reforms being implemented at NOCAL.

DOWNSIZING A COMPANY which crippled itself by overstaffing,
overspending and mismanaging the countrys emerging oil sector
is a good start. But what happens next will gauge the seriousness
of the administration in its bid to avoid the pitfalls of political
appointees which transformed NOCAL into a dumping ground for
political has-beens and recycled former officials.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

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Why Folks are surprised? Representative Gayah Karmo (Unity
Party-Distict#1 Bomi County) chairman on the House of the
Representatives Judiciary Committee paid off his House in South
Providence, Rhode Island the moment he became Rep, He's diabetic
and also an American citizen and had been in the states for over 2
months. The publics trust in government has been undermined
and to some degree, the countrys populace has been endangered
under Madam Sirleaf as evidence with the Ebola Pandemic. Maybe,
We need to enact law that will prevent public officials rom traveling
overseas for medical treatment. This will encourage Liberian health
professionals to remain in Liberia and encourage policy makers to
focus on strengthening our health care delivery system. Medical
tourism shouldn't be allow to flourish in Liberia. The publics trust in
government has been undermined and to some degree, the countrys
populace has been endangered under Madam Sirleaf. Maybe,
We need to enact law that prevent public officers from travelling
overseas for medical treatment. This will encourage Liberian health
professionals to remain in Liberia and encourage policy makers to
focus on strengthening our health care delivery system. Medical
tourism shouldn't be allow to flourish in Liberia.
These people did not seize power. They were voted into power by
others. Until, these "others" open their eyes and see well, well, even
an alien from another planet would sweet talk them and become
either a Representative or Senator.
The foundation of the Liberian culture of governance has been a rentseeking and patronage welfare for the privileged few. The plight of
the masses will often be ignored unless we are fortunate to have a
Jerry Rawlings to relieve us from such a self-induced poverty on the
nation. The pattern is clear: Every President who against corruption
before ascending to power found themselves in a web of corruption
and bad governance - a cancer that can only be cured by a Rawlings
Harry, you are right. People lobbying (because they know others in
high places) to get their properties or family members' properties
to be rented by government instead of encouraging government to
construct ministries and agencies. Wow, Liberia.
Liberians are just wicked to the core. I am presently in Ghana and
is coming to return to Liberia 2 of the 4 children that came for
Colon Corrective Surgery due to Caustic Ingestion. I am leaving
heavy heartedly with little Abbas still in bad shape due to so many
complications. All of the surgeries was paid for by my Donor Healing
The Children, FL-GA as done always through Ms. Arlene Rhodenbeck,
Executive Director. I have to personally pay for all other services to
include feeding, rental, etc. etc. We can only treat malaria in Liberia,
and we do have professional doctors limited due to the lack of
sophisticated equipment for various diagnosis. I was shocked when
I learned from Radio Liberia live conversation that the Board of
Directors of MOH&SW could not come up with US$300,000.00 which
was for transportation, training and hosting of trainers to bring in
US$5,000,000.00 Medical Equipment by Hawaii, so it was given to
This too is LIB
A cause is not important to a man until he's willing to lay all down
for that cause. We Liberians are mostly cowards; we keep expecting
meaningful change to come without forcing on that change. It has
never happened in human history! Those leeches will not stop
sucking until they are made to. It's that simple.
@ Harry Papa Mason: The fact that our institutions are left to decay
by our so-called leaders is very wrong. However; we cannot solve
problem with problem. The "Jerry Rawlings approach" of solving our
present health's sector predicament is not a good approach. There is
no scientific findings on the books backing this approach (the "Jerry
Rawlings Approach") , that we can point to, that can effectively remove
us from our quagmire. Educational revolution and other nonviolent
approaches are what we need. Are you still not tired of these so-called
revolutionists? We saw the Doe's Revolution and we also noticed
where the Taylor's Revolution led the country. Even the very Ellen
Johnson-Sirleaf's "anti-corruption rhetoric" are not working! Why
advocate for something that will set the country backward! People,
critically think before agreeing to some kind of silly revolution that
will further destroy the country. When suggesting something in the
interest of Liberia, consider the less fortunate Liberians that don't
have the opportunity to leave the country in pursuit of greener
pastures because of the scarcity of opportunities at home. Be a
generational thinker!

DISCLAIMER: The comments expressed here are

those of our online readers and bloggers and do no
represent the views of FrontPageAfrica

Send your letters and comments to:




The Editor,



The Editor,

he people of Liberia have been yearning for equal

opportunities to education for many years and have
not achieved it as it should be. It is a general saying
that education is the key to success, but much
need to be done to achieve this key to open many doors so
that we can have a successful state and people. It is indeed
not possible for every Liberian to obtain university education
/degree, but it is likely possible for almost all Liberian to
achieve vocational training in vocational institutions. Creation
a vocational training collage is a great one indeed. It is rational
and appreciating that state actors create the opportunities for
most of our citizens to obtain vocational training and collage
I believe that it is about time that we say hats off to Hon. Sekou
Sarafoday Kanneh, representative, District #2, Montserrado
County for preparing and submitting a bill that will transform
the Monrovia Vocational Training Center (MVTC) to Monrovia
Vocational Technical Collage (MVTC). When this bill is pass
into law by the National Legislature, it will enable Liberians
to receive associate degrees from the proposed MVTC instead
of the diploma/certificate that is being received by students of
the present MVTC. With such submission by the District #2
Lawmaker, I am of the argument that the new nomenclature
(name) is not necessary and appropriate.
According to the presenter of the bill, Hon. Kanneh, the proposed
collage will be called Monrovia Vocational Technical Collage
(MVTC). Based on the act establishing the city of Paynesville,
couple with the geographical and political location of MVTC, it
is not within the city of Monrovia but rather within the city of
Paynesville. In view of the above, the word Monrovia should
be replaced with a more suitable word. In the wake of these
sensitivities of collage education by the people of Montserrado,
replacing the word Monrovia with Paynesville wont be very
suitable and fair to the people of Montserrado County. Couple
with the facts stated above, I hereby recommend the name
in order to achieve inclusiveness and quality education.
As it is usually done due to best practice by giving social
benefits to communities or counties that have concessions
or programs that benefits large areas beyond its boundaries
and the state at large, I recommend and appeal to the national
legislature to grant the people of District #2 financial Aid/
academic slots on the yearly basis as social benefits from the
proposed collage that is in our district. A practical example
is the social benefits given to Nimba, Grand Bassa and Bong
Counties by Acelor Mittal. I am therefore calling on the national
legislature to consider the following facts before passing this
bill into law. I like to condemn when condemnable things are
done and commend when commendable things are done, this
is the time to say bravo to Hon. Kanneh. Bravo Honorable..
Written by: Martin M. Tumoe
Resident District #2


s she awaiting her formal swear-in on January 16,

2006, a gloating President-elect Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
told international journalists that "my appointees in
government would all be professional technocrats
who would know the law" as she declared "war on corruption as
Liberia's number one enemy."
In her second ever formal meeting with US President Barrack
Obama on February 27' 2015 at the White House, the American
President offered President Sirleaf the opportunity to help her
fight corruption in Liberia, and he added, "we have good ideas
on how to fight corruption and we will be glad to show you how
it is done," President Obama told an emotionless stoned-face
Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. In his five minutes welcoming remarks, the
U.S. President mentioned the word corruption twice. Ironically
in responding to President Obama's offer, President Sirleaf
who campaigned on fighting corruption in government never
mentioned the word corruption and turned down President
Obama's offer. That is when I knew President Sirleaf was all bluff
with no spine to back up her promised rhetoric to fight corruption.
So here we are with corruption putting a chokehold on the nation.
Even before President Obama took office, the office of the U.S.
President had been issuing yearly warnings since 2004 every July
to the U.S. Congress about the corruption by previous Liberian
regimes. And 10 years into the Sirleaf Presidency the warnings
continue to go to Congress to a degree where the White House
sees that the "actions and policies of these persons CONTINUE
to pose an unusual extraordinary threat to the foreign Policy of
the United States," President Obama wrote in his latest warning to
the U.S. Congress on July 17, 2015 and you will find it at: ://www.
President Obama's two-paragraph warning notes that these
actions had been going on since the regime of former dictator
Charles Taylor "and other persons, in particular their UNLAWFUL
depletion of Liberian resources and their removal from Liberia
which have undermined Liberia's transition to democracy and the
orderly development of its political, administrative, and economic
institutions and resources," Obama told the U.S. Congress.
This is the national curse (corruption) that has now infected the
National Oil Company of Liberia, NOCAL. Therefore this whole
drama by Ellen is a mere cover-up to flush down and thwart any
investigation that will draw her son Robert Sirleaf who ran NOCAL,
and President Sirleaf herself and members of the Legislature and
expose them.
When you add up the $50 million that Exxon-Mobil gave in
addition to the other millions of dollars provided by the other
oil giants and given to NOCAL as contract signing bonuses, you
are talking about more than $100 million that vanished, part of a
pattern and a clear reference of President Obama's yearly warning
on Liberia. And now you know why President Sirleaf shamelessly
turned down Obama's offer to help "show Liberia how to fight
Jerry Wehtee Wion,
Journalist and Political Commentator,
Washington, DC, USA

Rodney D. Sieh, Managing Editor, 0886-738-666;
077-936-138, editor@FrontPageAfricaonline.com;
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Wednesday, August 26, 2015


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Monroviaresident Ellen Johnson

Sirleaf completes her
second term of office
in 2017 making her
ineligible to contest a third
term, based on a constitutional
Besides the constitutional
roadblock, back home she
is considered aging to steer
the affairs of Liberia. Many
Liberians, including politicians,
have argued that she should
consider relinquishing power
to her vice president to
complete the second term
which was won in 2011.
Sirleaf has persistently said
she is strong, in good health
and capable to continue as
President of Liberia and looks
to support her Vice President
during the pending 2017
In several radio programs and
other interviews, Sirleaf has
talked about her life after the
presidency. Born 29 October
1938, the Liberian leader
believes she has a long way to
go after her tenure as President
of Liberia.
While she continues to
receive backlashes at home
over allegations of lacking
the political will to fight
corruption, Sirleaf is still
respected in the international
community and the Liberian
leader and her supporters will
have a good mindset by the
mention of her name as one
of the potential candidates to
replace current United Nations
Secretary General Ban KiMoon.
Although current Secretary
General Ban will be six years
younger than Sirleaf who turns
77 in October but in a New York
Times Editorial and Campaign
for Woman Secretary General
posted on a website http://
www.womansg.org, Sirleaf has
been listed along with other
women as possible candidates
to replace Ban whose second
five-year term expires on
December 31, 2016.
In the New York Times
editorial entitled the push
for a woman to run the U.N.,
the New York Times Editorial
Board expressed that it is time


Sirleaf named amongst Potential Candidates to replace UN SG Ban

for a woman to head the world

body as all of its SGs has been
men since the inception of the
world body.
Its time to change that.
The appointment of the civil
servant who serves as the next
head of the United Nations
should be more transparent.
It would be powerfully
symbolic to appoint a woman
to the helm of an organization
created 70 years ago to tackle
the worlds most pressing
problems through diplomacy
and global consensus, stated
the editorial.
The New York Times editorial
comes at a time when some
members of the United Nations
are pushing for radical reforms
including a call for the next
Secretary general to be elected
and also the need to push
gender issues including having
a female Secretary General of
the UN.
Two countries, Croatia and
Namibia, are leading an effort
to give the organizations
193 member states a greater

say in the selection of the

secretary general as part of a
yearly resolution that is being
drafted and according to new
guidelines, which are still
being negotiated and will be
finalized by mid-September,
members of the United Nations
would be allowed to formally
nominate applicants and vet
the finalists.
Other members of the UN are
also pushing for a woman
Secretary General to succeed
Mr. Ban.
York Times editorial, the
government of Colombia, part
of the roughly 20 percent of
countries represented by a
female ambassador at the
United Nations, is leading an
effort to put forward women
for the job.
Gender equality is one of
the worlds most serious
goal that remains critical to
advance towards an inclusive
the editorial quotes Mara
Emma Meja, the Colombian

ambassador, as writing in a
letter seeking support for a
female Secretary General.
In an informal list of potential
candidates published by the
campaign to elect a woman
features the biographies of
accomplished world leaders of
diverse backgrounds including
President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
of Liberia, Christine Lagarde,
the head of the International
Monetary Fund, and Alicia
Brcena Ibarra, the executive
secretary of the Economic
Commission for Latin America
and the Caribbean.
There is no shortage of
distinguished women who
would revitalize the role of
secretary general and energize
the organizations ongoing
efforts to promote gender
equality stated the Editorial.
On a website http://www.
c1ppg Campaign to elect a
woman UN Secretary General
the campaigners are soliciting
the signatures of people from

around the world to push for a

woman UN Secretary General.
30 women it described as
internationally accomplished,
qualified and capable to head
the United Nations.
Under the caption announcing
our newest our newest group
of outstanding women, the
women including President
In a brief profile of President
outlined the political struggle
of the Liberian leader from her
days as an opposition politician
to her imprisonment, election
in 2005 and reelection in 2011
including winning the 2011
Nobel peace Prize.
Also President Sirleaf work
oversea with the Citibank and
the World Bank were also
Stated the campaigners in
their profile of President
Sirleaf She lost the election
and Taylor accused her of
treason. Undeterred by his

Compound Three, Grand

Bassa Countyolice
Bassa County are
cause leading to a
29 year old man who was
found dead in police cell
on Sunday, August 23 in
District Three. Initial police
investigation is pointing to
suicide as the cause of his
death but the deceased father
alleges that his son was
murdered. According to the
Crime Services Department
(CSD) of Grand Bassa Police
detachment, the man was
being detained for theft of
property and was undergoing
investigation pending court
Police said Alex Garblah
was arrested on Friday,
August 21 after a tip off from
the community and was
subsequently detained along
with two other persons in the
same cell.

Findings of preliminary
departments of the LNP is
unknown as investigators
decline to speak to reporters
while referring them to LNP
spokesman, Sam Collins who
is based in Monrovia. Officers
at the Compound Three
Police detachment where the
deceased was being detained
say he (deceased) did not
report any ailment or showed
any sign and symptom before
his detention.
The three of them were in
the cell and so I think those
of them that were with him
in the cell will explain what
went wrong in the cell, Sgt.
Saye Kormah, the CSD officer
said while denying any form
of torture by the police.
A member of the 15 men
coroner juror told reporters
they did not notice any bruise
on the decease unlike the
scar left on his neck and the


Man, 29, Found Dead in Detention
Alpha Daffae Senkpeni, FPA Staff Writer

continued to advocate for the

end of rampant corruption in
Liberia and economic reform,
eventually becoming the head
of the Unity Party. In 2005
she successfully beat George
Weah in the presidential
election, becoming the first
female leader of Liberia and
Africas first female head of
state. Johnson Sirleafs first
term in office was marked
by progressive reform to the
countrys fiscal and economic
policies. In 2011, she was
awarded the Nobel Peace
Prize with Leymah Gbowee of
Liberia and Tawakel Karman
of Yemen for for their nonviolent struggle for the safety
of women and for women's
rights to full participation in
peace-building work. Johnson
Sirleaf was reelected for a
second presidential term in
The tenure of current Secretary
General Ban expires December
2016 while Sirleaf is expected
to officially turn over power to
a newly elected Government of
Liberia in January 2018.

police insists it is impossible

to undress a detainee on
legal grounds of dignifying
James Geedeh, the father of
the decease, told reporters
hes been following the police
investigation and will only
wait for the findings though
hes alleging that his son was
But if you go in the cell you
see the ceiling and the man,
for somebody to really strive
to kill himself you will not
really believe it. When I look
at it and I investigate it in my
heart I say it was murder,
Geedeh told reporters.
Mr. Geedeh admitted to
reporters that his son was
a drug user and a notorious
criminal who often aligned
criminals over the years
and despite his consistent
efforts to help him desist, he
never listened. Although Mr.
Geedah claims his son was
murdered in police cell, he
did not say why someone
would want his son dead.

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Monroviaiberia observed its

of its national colors,
the red, white and
blue in fanfare Monday as
students dressed in various
uniforms and proud display
of the national flag paraded
streets of Monrovia.
Address at the program
earlier, the President of the
African Methodist Episcopal
University (AMEU), Dr. Joseph
Isaac, highlighted Patriotism
in the Liberian context. He
defined patriotism as the
expression of emotions; love
and commitment to ones
country and ideas that the
country represents; strong
belief in nationalism and
devotion to the national
interest. Patriotism is rooted
in respect for ones nation, he
said; but warned that it must
rely on visionary people.
Dr. Issac, the fourth President
of the AMEU, said in order to
have patriotism, he named
four basic characteristics
of emotions: one must have
special affection for a country;
sense of personal identity for
that country; special concern
for the well-being of that
country; and the willingness
to sacrifice for and promote
he said, citing examples of
protecting your ancestors
legacy, remembering their
contributions and honoring
their works, as well as realizing
their dreams.
The AME University President
reiterated that in terms of
the Liberian heritage, its
important to honor the
events, activities and people
that created the Liberian
flag. He catalogued and
remembered the works of
the seven designers of the
Liberian flag which he said
symbolizes patriotism love
and commitment to country.
We should remember and
preserve the date of August 24,
1915, when President Daniel
Edward Howard signed into
law the Act for August 24, of
each year to be celebrated as
Flag Day, he reminded the
He said today, because of the
bravery and commitment of
the seven women who believed
in patriotism, the Liberian flag
is the most recognized symbol
of freedom and liberty for
Liberia around the world. The
flag represents the value of
this nation which we all should
respect and hold sacred, he
For those who have been
advocating for a change of the
national symbols including
the Liberian flag, Dr. Isaac
reminded them that changing
a national symbol is in itself
a sign of disrespect to the
meaning of that symbol.
Respecting the Liberian flag
is not an act of an appeal of
the design of the flag or the
look and feel of the symbol,
the flag is a national emblem
generally symbolizing the ever
changing history of the people
of Liberia, he said, adding that
the flag affects all of us in so
many ways.
One way, he noted, it teaches
us to stand up, hold our heads

Wednesday, August 26, 2015



Bettie K. Johnson /betty.johnson@frontpageafricaonline.com

up high and be proud to be a

Liberian; to be compassionate;
be strong, brave and protect
the values of Liberia; and to
be true patriots with love and
honor for Liberia.
In a related development,
JohnsonSirleaf, as part of the
commemoration of Liberias
168th Flag Day anniversary,
Curriculum on Citizenship
The President addressing the
168th Flag Day anniversary
at the Centennial Memorial
Pavilion under the theme: The
Flag, Our Identity, on Monday,
stressed that the Curriculum
on Citizenship Education
is an indispensable tool for
enhancing citizens education.
The Curriculum on Citizenship
Education appreciates but
substantially departs from
previous initiatives which
have focused on helping
branches of government with
emphasis typically focused on
the president. This initiative

provides the framework for a

broader learning experience in
the art of citizenship beginning
with an understanding of
communities within which we
live and the organization and
functioning of government. It
also helps students understand
and appreciate the complex
rights, obligations and duties
with incremental levels of
complexities, the content
will be taught from Grades 1
through Grade 12.
As this is the completion of the
first phase, President Sirleaf
Commission and the Ministries
of Education and Finance and
Development Planning for
working together towards its
completion and called on them
to do what they can to secure
the required resources to begin
the textbook writing project
so that in a years time, the
teaching of citizens education
can be strengthened as they

commence introducing the

new textbooks in all schools.
I hope that by the time of
the 2017-2018 school year,
Citizenship Education would
form an integral part of the
curriculum of every school in
our country, she indicated.
Touching on the choice of
celebrating our Community,
President Sirleaf reflected on
the ability of our communities
that took ownership and led
the process as Liberia battled
the Ebola virus disease. The
ability of our Communities
to take ownership and lead
the process as we battled
an unknown enemy truly
manifests an engrained sense
of identity, patriotism and
she said, adding, It is a
nationalistic service to people
and country that replaces tears
with hope and a restored selfesteem population.
She stressed that as a people,
we have something to celebrate
owing to our unique identity,
which must be divorced of
politics and pettiness. It is

that identity that positions us

to recognize that war-war can
be replaced by joy-joy, she
President Sirleaf indicated that
it is our solemn appreciation
that one nation indivisible
with liberty and justice for
all is not only a manifestation
but an inherent embodiment
of our identity. That is all the
reason why the Flag serves
as a constant reminder of a
recognition and testimony of
who we are as a people and as
a nation.
Meanwhile, prior to the indoor
program, 20 high schools
in and around Monrovia
participated in the usual drill
which is a major highlight
of the days activities that
includes President Sirleaf, who
is Commander-in-Chief of the
Armed Forces of Liberia, and
the Ministers of Education and
Defense receiving the I-right
salute from students.
This years 1st place winner
and Best I-Right was G. W.
Gibson High School; 2nd place
and Best Drilled, Cathedral

High School; and 3rd place

and Best Dressed, St. Theresas
Convent. They each received
a presidential award of
US$600, US$400 and US$200,
respectively. Each school also
got US$150 and a medal for
their participation. The Muslim
Congress High School was
selected as the Most Discipline
Education Minister, Mr. Werner,
also announced that each
school could get US$1,000 if
they designed and completed
a school project on or before
September 7, 2015. When the
announcement was made,
the whole Centennial Pavilion
went wild in celebration, but
when Minister Werner added
the caveat, there was much
murmuring in the hall.
Defense Minister Brownie
Samukai said the ministry
will collaborate with the
Ministry of Education in
training the students for better
performance next flag day.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015






he Town Chief of
Lakpazee in Joewen Clan, Moweh
Statutory District in
Rivercess County, Diamond
Taylor, has disclosed that
marriage are on the shape rise
in that District.
Madam Taylor attributed
the teenage marriage and
pregnancy in the District to
lack of an effective education
system as teachers at the
primary and secondary levels
are in the constant habit of
abandoning the classrooms
for days, something, she said
is hampering the learning
process of children of school
going ages.
Madam Taylor who was in
Monrovia to attend a one day
Peoples Forum organized by
the Civil Society Organizations
Working Group on Land Rights
in Liberia, told our Reporter,
that girl children under the
age of 14 were married and
getting pregnant in Moweh
Statutory District.
Looking, this thing I am
telling you is very serious and
at the same time detrimental
to future of the District which
majority of the population are
young people and if nothing
is urgently done to correct it,
the illiteracy rate of Moweh
will increase rapidly the Town
Chief Lakpazee pointed out.
She said for some parents and
guardians who desired a better
future for their children have to
send their children to relatives
in Buchanan, Monrovia and
Cestos to go to school because

If nothing is urgently done by stakeholders to address the education needs of Moweh

Statutory District in Rivercess County, the illiteracy rate among the young people in that
District will rapidly increase in the coming years, Madam Diamond Taylor.

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Suspends Passport Director Davies for One Month on the Job

resident Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has dismissed the Deputy
Minister for International Cooperation and Economic
Cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr.
Thomas Kaydor.
According to an Executive Mansion release, the Liberian leader
said his dismissal is due to behavior unbecoming of a senior
government official as an investigation proceeds by the Ministry
of Justice with the misuse of Japanese Grant Funds by officials of
the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
The Liberian Chief Executive has also dismissed Assistant
Minister for Legal Affairs, Mr. Jeddi Armah for the authorization
of a passport to a Ministry staff that did not comply with policy.
Relatedly, the President Sirleaf has directed the Minister of
Foreign Affairs, Mr. Augustine Ngafuan, to suspend the Director of
Passport, Mrs. Finda Davies, for one month on the job without pay
for carrying out instruction by issuing a passport even though it
was clear that there was a violation.



the teachers go to classes when

the feel like.
Madam Taylor, also attributed
the teenage pregnancy and
marriage to other parents who
are not concerned about their
children education but rather
the must get married for their
girl children husbands to make
farm, hunt and cut palm to
have them fed and for selling.
When Madam Taylor was
quizzed by our Reporters
whether their Lawmakers,
mainly Senator Dallas Gueh
and Representative Alfred Juah
from that District are aware
of poor education system in
Moweh, she could outright said
yes or no.
She said: I can say yes or no
because they are not based in
the District but if we as citizens
of the District can meet and
discussed what is affecting us,
mainly our children education

business and forward it to

them, I guess they will act but
people in the area have refused
to attend call meetings on
several occasions.
recommending that teachers
from other areas be assigned
in the District because those
who are teaching there are
residents of Moweh complaints
of their bad teaching cannot
be forwarded to the District
Education Officer or County
Education Officer.
Moweh Statutory District is
one of the four districts in
Rivercess County where a son
from that soil served as County
Education Officer, Dallas Gueh
before his ascendency to the
Senatorial Seat for that county.
Besides the teenage pregnancy
and marriage that are ongoing
in Moweh, another District
in Rivercess County, Timbo

location that countys capital is
situated, Cestos City, students
from there mainly young boys
who are in school usually
abandoned classes when fish is
dying in abundance.
Our Reporter who was in
Cestos City recently and spoke
to some young boys said they
have to get involve into fishing
especially when fish are dying
on the large scale to enable
them to support themselves as
there is no job and their people
do not have the financial hands.
A long time French Instructor
at the government run only
high school identified as
Monsieur Teah, confirmed
that during that season, the
classrooms of schools in Cestos
City mainly down the breach
are completely empty from the
abandonment by students.



Monroviacontestant for this year Miss.

Liberia Beauty Pageant, Miss.
Wokie Dolo on Sunday hosted
an elaborate party for over
hundreds of children at Jubilee Praise and
Worship Center on Old Road.
Miss. Dolo, who is Miss. Cuttington
University in Bong County, provided popcorns, biscuits, sweets and assorted toys to
the children.
Prior to the bash, Miss. Dolo and her team
worshiped at the church and were offered
prayers by the pastor of Jubilee Praise and
Worship Center.
In a brief statement, Miss. Dolo, Nimba

County representative at the 2015/2016

Miss. Liberia Beauty Pageant solicited
supplications from the church, as she
participates in the pageant.
She said as a Christian and a regular visitor
of the church, she believes that Gods
intervention was necessary, if she must
capture the Miss. Liberia Beauty crown.
Miss Dolo also explained that the festivity
for the children was her way of identifying
with them, as Liberians celebrate National
Flag Day, commemorated as a national
holiday on August 24 of each year.
She used the occasion to provide education
on the national flag and as well provided
information on flags of the various

Miss. Dolo also provided teaching on why
the flag and other national symbols should
be reverence and challenged the children
to put Liberia first in everything that they
The Miss. Liberia Beauty Pageant
contender called on the children to take
their education very serious because they
are the future leaders of the country.
She was accompanied to the church by
Asatu Toure, Miss. Paynesville, Shalom
Jawhary, a contestant for this year Face
of Paynesville Beauty Pageant, Hanneh
Queh, Best Myers, Josephus Paye Gono and
Jerry Kehdon.

MONROVIAresident Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has departed the country

for Tokyo, Japan to attend the 2nd World Assembly for
Women: WAW 2015 which runs from August 28 to 29,
According to an Executive Mansion release, Japanese Prime
Minister Shinzo Aba will deliver opening statement; while the
Liberian leader will deliver the Keynote Address at the opening
of the conference. The Executive Director of UN Women, Ms.
Mlambo-Ngcuka will also make remarks at the Grand Prince
Hotel Takanawa, New Takanawa.
The Women Assembly for Women, being held under the theme:
WAW! For All, brings together 140 leaders of various fields from
more than 40 countries and seven international organizations. It
is one of the efforts to achieve A Society where Women Shine and
continues to be one of the priority issues of the Government of
Japanese Prime Minister Shino Abe.
At the High Level Round Table on August 29, issues widely
covered both in Japan and the world including Work-Life Balance
Management and Women and Peace-Building will be discussed
in six sessions under the two main themes of Women and
Economy and Global Challenges. In addition, six special sessions
including Youth Table, Implementing Diversity and Innovation,
Improvement of Womens Quality of Life and Restroom, Gender
and Disaster Risk Reduction, will provide a venue for discussion
about the promotion of womens participation in society from a
broad perspective.
This year, many events will be held in collaboration with relevant
organizations. Such events include sessions with the Asia
Foundation and UNICEF Tokyo Office and a meeting among the
members of Equal Futures Partnership, which is as a multilateral
initiative regarding womens empowerment.
During bilateral talks with Prime Minister Abe, President Sirleaf
is expected to obtain confirmation on the commitment of Japan
to undertake the construction of the second two lanes of Somalia
Drive from Freeport to Red Light. The construction of the first
two lanes and the bridges commenced in the dry season of 2014,
but was suspended during the Ebola crisis. Work is expected to
resume in October 2015.
During President Sirleafs brief absence from the country, the
Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, Dr. Edward B. McClain,
Jr., will coordinate the work of the Cabinet in consultation with
Vice President, Dr. Joseph N. Boakai, Sr. She is expected back on
Sunday, August 30, 2015.

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Monrovia weden and Liberia

share a rather unique
history. In 1953, the
Liberian Government
granted a concession to the
Liberian, American, Swedish
Joint Venture Mining Company
(LAMCO) for the exploitation
of iron ore deposits from
Mount Nimba. But in recent
years, the relationship has
transformed into a more
hinging on aid in areas of
violence, peacekeeping and
agriculture. The Swedes US$17
million contribution toward
Liberias Grow Program
aimed at rejuvenating the
agriculture sector is already
paying dividends for a postwar nation struggling to close
the gaps on food security and
offer an avenue for farmers
to develop their capacity in
farming techniques.
Ambassador Sofia Strand
has been a focal player in
the process as Swedens first
Ambassador to Liberia since
the end of the civil war. In her
exit meeting with President
Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf last week,
Ambassador Strand won praise
from the Liberian president
for her effort in ensuring
increased mutual relationship
between Liberia and Sweden,
recalling the countrys critical
role in promoting the Common
African Position within the
context of post-2015 vis-a-viz
the Sustainable Development
Goals (SDGs), and vital support
in the areas of peacekeeping, in
the face of UNMIL drawdown,
technical commitment in
feeder road construction in
central Liberia, among others.
As she prepares to depart
Liberia this week, Ambassador
Strand sat down for an
FrontPageAfrica in which
she reflects on her tenure
in Liberia, Sweden-Liberia
relations, her assessment of
UNMIL drawdown in wake of
the looming 2017 presidential
elections and offers her inputs
on issues of governance,
corruption and the impact of
aid and donor support to a
nation recovering from war
and transition from war to
you describe your tenure
in Liberia? From the time
you arrive in 2013 to the
present, what has been your
impressions and assessment
about Liberia?

LIBERIA: I assumed the role
of Ambassador of Sweden to
Liberia and became the first
Swedish ambassador based
here since after the civil war
and since Sweden reopened
an embassy. So, an important
part of my assignment has
been to organize and setup
the embassy and get more
visibility around Sweden and
to strengthen Swedish/ Liberia
relations and I believe that we
have made some important
progress here.
Of course, a critical part of my
term of service here was the
Ebola outbreak, an epidemic
that it is difficult to of course
not mention. For us, as an
embassy, it meant that we had


Wednesday, August 26, 2015




The seriousness of these issues also means that partners and donors can contribute our share but
this is also responsibility that lies with the government and with Liberia. GBV cases and issues, they
must involve the whole society because it must take a broader government approach and I think it is
not only an issue for the Executive but also for the Legislature and the Judiciary but other parts of that
everybody has to play a role because what you need to focus on is to stop these cases from taking place
in the first place.- Sofia Strand, Departing Swedish Ambassador to Liberia

some challenges too.

In our ways of operations, we remained opened but we had to decrease the number
of staffs in Monrovia for over some months and lots of things have been said about
Ebola and there are many lessons to be learnt, not only for the international
community but for Liberia itself. It was a human tragedy in many ways, lots of
hardship and difficult changes of behavior and tradition for the people of Liberia and
it had severe consequences, economically, healthcare wise, different dimensions,
many dimensions to this outbreak; and we will live with those consequences for
a while.
For me personally, I think it also brought in a way a new dimension about Liberia.
I was really impressed and moved by how individuals and local communities
responded and came together to tackle this very difficult situation.
In the beginning when the outbreak hit harder over one year ago, the people
themselves were very exposed and the international response was not yet here
and I think that is one very important impression from my stay here.
I would also like to say that I had the chance to travel throughout the country and
met many Liberians during my two years and one important impression for me is
that you often hear about the talk of lack of capacity as one critical challenge to the
development of Liberia or for Liberia to be developed. I must also say that I have
also met some Liberians with lots of integrity, will, the capacity, educated people
that are so devoted to this country and to make a better for the future, so I believe
that it is up to Liberia to make best use of these various capacities. That is one
important impression that remains with me.
FRONTPAGEAFRICA: Lets look at the relationship, Sweden and Liberia. Sweden
and Liberia enjoy a rather rich but subtle history. In 1953, the Liberian Government
granted a concession to the Liberian, American, Swedish Joint Venture Mining
Company (LAMCO) for the exploitation of iron ore deposits from Mount Nimba.
Are there any plans for the foreseeable future for us to see similar interests from
your government toward Liberia?

AMBASSADOR STRAND: I had the opportunity to visit Yekepa and the old LAMCO
site and mine. I had the chance to meet some of the former LAMCO employees
and others and for sure the LAMCO period involved many old positive memories
for both Liberia and Sweden. In Sweden for instance, there are still networks
for former LAMCO staff and so on. This of course created a very strong bond

between our two nations and it seems as LAMCO was quite a remarkable period
and experience in many ways. For the future, I cannot predict or promise what
type of investment or interest we can see from Sweden. What I think we learnt
from LAMCO is that there is a very good foundation or basis for cooperation
and collaborations between Sweden and Liberia. What I do think is finding new
channel for commercial exchange and business relations is long term work and
we should be very clear about that and it is something that will take time. I hope
that Sweden which has a lots of interesting hi-tech solutions in both the energy
sector, environment, communication, I hope and think that maybe that is where
the Swedish can have an important role to add value and contribute to Liberia
and its development. We are also looking at our development cooperation, we are
also looking at how to create stronger synergies between the private sector and
development and the governance system.

FRONTPAGEAFRICA: You met the president last week and you are departing at a
critical time because we have an election coming up. UNMIL troops have been here
since the civil war, your country has been a major contributor to the 10 years or
more of peace Liberians are enjoying. What is your honest assessment about the
plan by the UN to pull out of Liberia by 2016? Do you think the time is right now for
them to pull out? Especially when we are going towards a crucial election?
AMBASSADOR STRAND: Thank you. There is a decision that Liberia will assume
the responsibility of the security in the country from the 30 of June next year2016. When it comes to the UNMIL drawdown and the definite pulling out, this
is something that is still being discussed and we do not have a decision on that at
the moment. This is for the Security Council at the UN to decide upon. But what
is being discussed now and worked on is the transition- the UNMIL transition
when it comes to the security responsibility in the country. The government has a
transition plan and I acknowledge the work that government has done here. What
I think is critical now is that there is 10 months remaining until the date when
Liberia will assume the responsibility of security from the UN and it is critical that
there is strong commitment and focus on this work. The work and the activities
that must be put into place before that date and of course in a way there are both
more hard and soft issues. It has various ways, strengthening the security agencies,
implementation of various pieces of legislation that must be coming to place. There
are also issues that I will say on the short and long term also must continue to



Wednesday, August 26, 2015




Page 9

have been very instrumental in working with making Liberia to

gain membership into the WTO. What has been your impression
about Liberia progress?

AMBASSADOR STRAND: I would like to commend the work

done by the Government of Liberia when it comes to the WTO
accession and there has been a very strong commitment and focus
on the world toward WTO accession. I think that the political
will that has been shown throughout this process shows that
very important things can be achieved when you are committed
and work hard for achieving a target and looks very promising
for Liberia now when it comes to the acceptance as a member
to the WTO but I think it is also important to say and stress that
same political will and focus must be maintained and kept after
accession because that is when the actual implementation starts
to benefit from the membership.
FRONTPAGEAFRICA: You mentioned in your presentation in
2013 that your government is committed to supporting the
poverty reduction of Liberia to which you increased your support.
Are you impressed with the level of poverty reduction that has
been achieved in Liberia?

Monrovia he
Ambassador to Liberia, Madam
the critical issue of UNMIL
drawdown ahead of the pending 2017
general and presidential elections says
at the moment there is no decision
yet on the pull out of UNMIL until it is
decided by the United Nations Security
interview, the outgoing ambassador
said: There is a decision that Liberia
will assume the responsibility of the
security in the country from the 30 of
June next year2016. When it comes to
the UNMIL drawdown and the definite
pulling out, this is something that is
still being discussed and we do not
have a decision on that at the moment.
This is for the Security Council at the
UN to decide upon but what is being
discussed now and worked on is the
transition- the UNMIL transition when
it comes to the security responsibility in
the country.
She cautioned that what is more
important now is the transition plan
drawn out by the Government of Liberia.
She indicated The government has a
transition plan and I acknowledge the
work that government has done here.


be addressed for this transition to work

and function in a way that we will like to
see and think there are still issues around
the perception of corruption that must be
addressed. So it is a combination of both
working against complete time table and
also addressing issues in society in a larger

FRONTPAGEAFRICA: Lets go back to

2013 when you first came in and presented
your letter of Credence to the President.
Gender issues were highlighted a lot and
a lot of concerns have been raised in your
government and our government about
issues of rape and gender based violence.
How muchI know SIDA has done a lot in
that areahow much more you think the
Swedish can do to help in that area or at
least to curb to a little level.
think when you hear about cases of SGBV,
it involves a lot of emotional issues. There
is a high incidence of these types of crimes

What I think is critical now is that

there is 10 months remaining until
the date when Liberia will assume the
responsibility of security from the UN
and it is critical that there is strong
commitment and focus on this work.
The Swedish envoy said there are
various ways, strengthening the
security agencies, implementation of
various pieces of legislation that must
be coming to place something she said
will be in the short and long term.
Ambassador Strand who has been
in Liberia since 2013, admitted that
during her tenure which was intended
to organize and setup the embassy
and get more visibility around Sweden
and to strengthen Swedish/ Liberia
relations, some important progresses
were made.
The envoy lamented that the sexual
and gender-based violence continues
unabated, describing the situation as
very serious and called for concerted
efforts from all Liberians to tackle the
Said Ambassador Strand I think when
you hear about cases of SGBV, it involves
a lot of emotional issues, there is a high
incidence of these types of crimes and
acts in Liberia and I think it is very
serious. It is a cause for concern and it is
very important to tackle these.

Ambassador Strand said the situation

is so serious that all Liberians need to
rally deal with the problem.
The seriousness of these issues also
means that partners and donors
can contribute our share but this is
also responsibility that lies with the
government and with Liberia. GBV cases
and issues, they must involve the whole
society because it must take a broader
government approach and I think it
is not only an issue for the Executive
but also for the Legislature and the
Judiciaryeverybody has to play a role
because what you need to focus on is to
stop these cases from taking place in the
first place, she added.
Since the end of the civil war in Liberia,
some of the acts carried out by various
warring factions including raping of
women and other abuses continue to
take place in the country.
Liberia, with the help of international
partners, continues to work hard to
sensitize the public on sexual and
gender based violence and to also
ensure prosecution of perpetrators.
This has led to the formation of criminal
Court E exclusively meant to deal with
rape cases, the establishment of Women
and children protection Section at
the Liberian National Police, amongst

and acts in Liberia and I think it is very

serious. It is a cause for concern and it
is very important to tackle these. The
situation for the continuation of Peace
in Liberia, Sweden has given support to
various programs and in various ways. We
have supported something called Gender
Based Violence Joint Program to the first
and second phase. We are supporting
a mapping of the Gender situation in
Liberia at the moment. We have recently,
at the end of June, the embassy together
with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in
Sweden conducted a consultation around
the UN Resolution 1325 on women
involvement in peace and state building.
We also have different support to women
empowerment. For instance, through
the civil society here in Liberia, gender
issues are one of the top priorities of the
current Swedish Government. So I think
Sweden and the embassy will continue
to be a strong supporter to various
means, both advocacy but also support
to different programs. The seriousness

of these issues also means that partners

and donors can contribute our share but
this is also responsibility that lies with the
government and with Liberia. GBV cases
and issues, they must involve the whole
society because it must take a broader
government approach and I think it is not
only an issue for the Executive but also
for the Legislature and the Judiciary but
other parts of that everybody has to play
a role because what you need to focus on
is to stop these cases from taking place
in the first place; and you need to have
the assistance of the media, schools and
universities, places of worship, local and
traditional leaders and communities and
civil society, this is the concern for the
whole society. And you have to actually,
the state has to showcase and the society
has to show that this is not an acceptable
behavior and until then, a lot of work has
to be done.
FRONTPAGEAFRICA: Now, lets look at the
WTO, the World Trade Organization, you

AMBASSADOR STRAND: Sweden is active in democratic

governance, in developing a democratic society, human rights
issues, also in strengthening of the justice and security systems,
gender issues and also in developing the private sector.
Importantly, I would say that we have an important focus or means
of achieving these or working toward results in these areas have
been to strengthen or put in place key reforms in Liberia that will
strengthen the public sector itself, to strengthen the functioning
of the state. Public financial management is such a reform also
modernizing the public sector. We are also committed to this
decentralization framework in Liberia, infrastructure is another
area where we have committed and collaborated and much of
these reforms and reform work are ongoing, there is work that
we must continue to do. We must continue cooperation in these
areas, well what is important is that you put in place reforms that
will be sustainable and that can be managed and taken over by
Liberia so that you have long term sustainable changes. That is
important and that is one lesson or something that Sweden and
the Embassy will like to have in our cooperation with Liberia and
of course how you implement reforms.
FRONTPAGEAFRICA: Let come to the issue of corruption, there
have been a lots of criticisms that you donors make a lot of
pledges that you do not give it in cash to government. What is the
policy of your government on this issue and what do you think is
the rationale for such.

AMBASSADOR STRAND: Sweden is a member of EU and as

such the EU gives direct budget support to Liberia. When comes
to our bilateral cooperation-Sweden/Liberia, we have various
modalities in the way to channel.
I think what is important is to actually look at the formal channel
of the funds, how you channel the fund is not the most important
thing. I think you must get the end results, most efficient way of
achieving the results. That is more important than the channel.

FRONTPAGEAFRICA: How does it make you feel or how do you

think Liberia can progress beyond and what investment can make
an impact in Liberia because a lot of time donors give money and
there is no tracking system of how the money is used. Are you
comfortable with what you have seen?

AMBASSADOR STRAND: When it comes to the situation about

corruption and accountability, Madam President has spoken very
clearly and strongly against corruption in Liberia and Liberia
has setup integrity institutions such as the LACC and GAC. What
is important is that there is a reaction against corruption, there
are in practice reactions against corruption in society, that people
are actually in a certain way brought to justice when there are
allegations of corruption and there are also, I think you have to
also work on the preventive end and just as in Sweden and in
other countries. I think that Liberians will like to know what they
are actually entitled to by the state and how they can get redress
when their rights are not respected. That is another important
way of preventing in the longer term corruption and corrupt
practices from taking place. You have to have strong institutions
to be able to respond efficiently, when there are allegations of
FRONTPAGEAFRICA: You are leaving Liberia, what next?

AMBASSADOR STRAND: Next will be Stockholm Sweden again,

Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Well, I really leave Liberia with sense
of having had a very rich and rewarding terms of service here. I
had the opportunity to serve here during an exceptional period
in the history of Liberia and been very rewarding in many ways.
FRONTPAGEAFRICA: What was your most memorable moment
in Liberia?

AMBASSADOR STRAND: I really think when you leave, you to

start to summarize what you have been through and the longer
experience of any kind, human relations and interactions. I am
very happy that I had the chance to travel around the country a
little bit even though not the extent that would have wished but
still I think the beauty of the country is exceptional, the greenness,
the different green color leaves a very strong impression with me.
All the people I met, all the children I met.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

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intended to discuss
ethics and regulatory
challenges during medical
emergency situations opens in
Monrovia Wednesday, August
26, 2015. The conference is
organized by the sub-regional
Collaboration Group of the
three countries worst affected
by Ebola namely; Guinea,
Liberia and Sierra Leone.
The overall objective of the
working group meeting is to
identify ethical and regulatory
with clinical trials during
emergencies and to seek
sub-regional strategies to
effectively intervene.
It is expected that during
created for current and future
collaborations to transfer as
well as share technologies
through prevention, treatment
and research pathways to
eliminate emerging and reemerging infections within
the Mano River Basin.
About 60 delegates from
Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone,
Mali, Cote DIvoire and Nigeria
are expected to attend. They
will be joined by several global
health organizations including
the WHO, the US Food and
Drug Administration, The
Centers for Disease Control
and Prevention, the US
National Institutes of Health
as well as other organizations
from MRU, West Africa and
France among others.
Liberia currently chairs the
Working Group set up in the
aftermath of the Ebola virus
disease by scientists and
medical experts from the
three worst affected countries
to share technology on
research and clinical trials in
order to eliminate Ebola and
other infectious diseases in
the MRU.

Min. Ngafuan along with the three new Foreign Servicemen; beginning from his immediate left, Mssrs. Albert
Jaja, Francis Grant and Prince Maxwell, have now been posted to some of Liberias European Missions

-Foreign Min. Ngafuan Urges; Commissions 3 Foreign Servicemen

Foreign Affairs of the
Republic of Liberia,
H.E. Augustine Kpehe
Ngafuan, has urged three
young Liberians, who have
now taken assignments in the
nations Foreign Service in
Europe to take the Liberian
Flag with them everywhere
they go.
Mssrs. Albert K. Jaja, Francis
R. Grant and Prince Maxwell
have now been placed at the
Liberian Embassies in London,

United Kingdom as Minister

Counselor/Press and Public
Affairs; Paris, France as First
Secretary/Consul; and Second
Secretary/Protocol Relations,
Brussels, Belgium, respectively.
Commissioning the three men
last Friday, August 21st, at the
Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
Foreign Minister Ngafuan,
on behalf of President Ellen
Johnson Sirleaf, extended
profound congratulations to
the crme de la crme, adding:
the Liberian people whom
you will be serving, would

wish you well.

As you embark on this historic
milestone in your lives, I want
to say to you go with the
Liberian Flag, he urged them.
Foreign Minister Ngafuan
reminded them that even
though they have their
individual names, but in their
respective interactions in the
Foreign Service, people may
not remember their names but
will look at them as Liberia.
He charged the trio that what
they will do in their places of
assignment would ultimately

make Liberia retrogress of

Liberia will be pushed forward
or backward by what you do or
dont do. So, it will be Liberia.
You are going to be lifting the
Flag of Liberia, the Minister
told the three men, who sat
attentively and listened to the
charges from their boss.
The Minister said he has no
doubts that the men have the
potential to lift Liberia high,
as they had already undergone
the drills and preparation
for Foreign Service and
have obtained the necessary
As some probably began to
think that it would be all milk
and honey for the diplomats,
the Minister, however, was
quick to point out that it wont
be all milk and honey on their
various missions.
We know that all is not milk
and honey in the Foreign
Service. All of you are going
to Europe, some of our best
missions. In some instances
there can be challenges. We
would be the first to tell you

get prepared. You are soldiers

going into battle. If you never
had what it takes to fight and
win, we will not put you in
battle, he urged them.
However, he told them that
Monrovia wont deliberately
do things to test their resolves;
adding: And if there is any
attempt by anyone to try to put
you through that kind of test,
we will resist it. We will try
to ensure that you get all the
tools, the financial and other
logistical empowerment on
Despite this, the Minister
admonished the men that
where there would be glitches,
he trusts that they will hold on,
as others have done.
He charged them to go with
humility as they are going to
work under ambassadors and
work with other colleagues.
Go and add value and flavor to
your Missions.
Foreign Minister Ngafuan then
called on all the Ambassadors
to be opened to creativity
and innovations as those new
servicemen are creative and
He said the trios absence at
their previous places of work,
including the Ministry of
Information, Cultural Affairs
and Tourism (MICAT) and the
Protocol Office at the Ministry
of State for Presidential Affairs,
will definitely create voids.
He asked rhetorically, however,
Even though we are sad but
should we stop you from
going? We cant because we
know that you all are going to
lift the Flag of Liberia high. Go
and explore the world.
He thanked the wives or
fiances and families of the
men as they would be very
critical to their successes on
the missions.
In their separate responses,
they promised to carry
with them and uphold the
Constitution of the Republic
of Liberia in their hearts and
hands. They praised President
Sirleaf for giving them the
opportunity to serve their
country. In their previous
positions, all the three men
had served with "distinction"
in their respective areas of
assignment with the Ministries
of State, Foreign Affairs and
Information, Cultural Affairs
and Tourism. The honorees
had time to take pictures with
the Minister of Foreign Affairs,
Senior Officials of the Foreign
Ministry, their families and


Riyadh, KSA,

.E the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Adel bin Ahmed

Al-Jubeir, received yesterday Thursday August 20,
2015, in his office at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
in Riyadh, H.E the Ambassador of the Republic of
Liberia to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Dr. Brahima Diakity
Kaba, who gave to His Excellency, the Saudi Foreign Minister,
a copy of his credential papers as Ambassador of his country
to the Kingdom in preparation for their submission to the
Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques H.M. the King Salman bin
Abdul Aziz Al Saud (may Allah protect him).
Ambassador Kaba used the occasion to convey warm
greetings from H.E. President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to His
Majesty Kind Salman bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud and recalled
the cordial relations existing between the two nations. The
Ambassador mentioned the fact that the two nations cherish
liberty, freedom and a strong desire for peace and stability in
the region, in Africa and around the world.

Earlier, at a formal meeting with the Liberians residing in

Riyadh at the newly re-opened Chancery, Ambassador Kaba
lauded the historic and excellent cooperation between the
Kingdom and Liberia and commended the Kingdom for
the great step it recently took by lifting the ban on Liberian
pilgrims for this year (2015) pilgrimage to Mecca following
the WHOs official recognition that Liberia has achieved an
Ebola free status in early June 2015. He admonished his
compatriots to take full advantage of the kind hospitality
extended them by their host country by remaining law abiding
and respectful of the customs of their new country of residence
and act as true Ambassadors of Liberia in their respectful
communities. He suggested that in the new era of economic
diplomacy, they should assist the Embassy in encouraging
Saudi business people and investors to partner with Liberia
with their immense finance resources in the development of
our own immense natural and human resources.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015




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IN Post 2015 Adoption Summit

he National Budget and human Rights Forum in

collaboration with Citizens United to Promote Peace
and Democracy in Liberia with funding support from
the Save the Children International ended a two days
civil society regional consultation on post 2015 and Stock Taking
working Session in Kakata, Margibi County over the week end. The
two event which was focus on reviewing the post 2015 discussion
and happening in Liberia brought together over 40 civil society
organization representatives from the fifteen counties of Liberia.
At the end of the stock taking and regional consultation civil
society call for the government of Liberia and international
delegate accredited to attend the pending September UN
Millennium Development Goals submit to ensure the new global
development agenda purse to take over from the current MDGs
has clearly define implementation framework and prioritize
sectors the current MDGs did not performed well including
Water and sanitation (WASH), Disability, Sexual, reproductive
Health and rights (SRHR), energy and environment, technology,
vocational and tertiary education
In a position statement the Kakata call to Action the Liberian civil
society cautioned that the new Global Development Agenda must
not fall short of prioritizing empowerment for vulnerable groups
including youth, women and person with disabilities
They said this can be done through creation of sustainable job
opportunities at the national level. The civil society call on the
Liberian Government delegation to place strong emphasis on
these empowerment issues while representing the country.
This is necessary considering the serious implication that
unemployment among youth has on the peace and security of
Liberia, the sub- region and the world, said Cyrus Cooper the
participants spokesman.
The over 30 civil society want delegates, heads of states and
governments particularly Liberia representatives to the UN
September submit to ensure the new global development agenda
demonstrate strong commitment to Sexual Reproductive Health
information and education dissemination, SRHR rights protection,
end death among women in child birth, infant mortality reduction
and take measure to discourage female genital mutilation.
We demand access to public facilities and protection of persons
with disability rights such as participation, education, healthcare,
clothing, shelter, decent employment etc to be given serious
prominence by Liberia delegation to the pending submit and
subsequently form central part of the new global development
goals to cover the failure of the current MDGs, the statement
presented to the press and the government of Liberia said..
The group want the Government of Liberia to develop and
implement Liberia National Action Plan on COP 21 with the full
participation of relevant stakeholders from the very beginning
in compliance with the Conference of party (COP 21) a states
conference on environment and renewable energy.
We the government delegation to the pending post 2015 MDGs
meeting in September to advocate strongly for child rights and
other social issues associated with children welfare such as
juvenile delinquency, juvenile justice, sexual exploitation and
abuse of school going and other children by their masters and
care takers, the statement said.
The civil society participants said they want a new global
development agenda that emphasizes decentralization of social
services such as education, health, water, sanitation, electricity,
transportation and telecommunication at the national level
They want what they call a rigorous review, monitoring
and follow up mechanisms to be clearly define in the new
development agenda adding the frameworks must be able to
track implementation progress, challenges and advance means
of improvement on an ongoing basis that derive annual national,
sub regional levels and global performance reports.
In attendance of the civil society stock taking working session
were over thirty organizations including the Center for Justice
and Peace Studies, Citizens United to Promote Peace and
Democracy in Liberia, National Movement for Transparency and
Accountability, National Union of Organizations of the Disables
(NUOD), Margibi Women Development Association (MAWODA),
Bomi County Budget Network, Young Mens Christian Association,
Kakata, National Budget and Human Rights Forum (NBHF), the
National Civil Society Council of Liberia among others


President Sirleaf mandates not more than 50 employees at Oil Company

that the National Oil Company
of Liberia has finally decided
to carry out massive layoff in
an effort to solve a looming
bankruptcy at the entity.
The decision, FrontPageAfrica
learnt, is expected to take
effect by September 3oth
affecting scores of employees
and senior-level managers
including the Chief Executive
Officer, Dr. Randolph McClain
and the entire Board of
Hours later, the Executive
Mansion has now confirmed
that President Ellen Johnson
Sirleaf has endorsed the
NOCAL layoff plan which she
said is aimed at ensuring the
viability of the entity so that
it continues to pursue its
mission to develop Liberias
effectively in the best interest
of the nation.
In a nationwide address
delivered from her Foreign
Ministry office on Tuesday,
August 25, 2015, President
Sirleaf said the Boards Action
Plan calls for drastic steps to
bring costs under control and
put NOCAL on a more viable
financial footing, adding that
these would include significant
staff cuts, a reconstitution of
the Board, and retirement/
replacement of the senior
executive leadership.

President Sirleaf described the

steps as necessary to ensure
that NOCAL performs its
duties to manage and develop
Liberias oil resources, and to
rectify recent mistakes in its
The Liberian leader recalled
the caliber of companies that
were attracted to Liberias
acreage to pursue exploration
activities as also high, with
struck between NOCAL and
the worlds top oil companies
(Chevron and Exxon Mobil) as
well as the largest signature
bonus (US$50 million) ever for
a Frontier country such as
President Sirleaf underscored
Production Sharing Contracts
(PSCs) with super majors and
other reputable international
oil companies also resulted in

significant interest in Liberias

record licensing of seismic
data and related revenue;
noting that during this period,
average revenue generated,
US$30.5 million, compared
to average annual revenue of
US$4.5 million in prior years.
This, according to her,
million annual payments to the
Fund. The average annual
revenue for the sale of seismic
data/component for the period
million - a 300 percent increase
when compared to annual
seismic revenue generated for
earlier periods, she indicated.
The Executive Mansion quotes
President Sirleaf as stressing
that it was regrettable that,
commencing in the fourth
quarter of 2013, NOCALs
revenue for seismic data sale
began a precipitous decline,
during which total seismic
revenue fell by 29 percent
from the prior fiscal year and
was compounded by the Ebola
virus disease of 2014 that
led to a reduction in investor
interest across all economic
sectors for the impacted West
African region.
There is no doubt that the
current oil price collapse
and other external factors,
including our recent Ebola
the current financial crisis
that the company is facing.
She further intimated that
despite the obvious decline
in revenue that began in late
2013, NOCAL continued hiring
staff at an alarming rate with

exorbitant benefits resulting

in the current wage bill of over
US$7 million per annum, the
Liberian leader indicated.
President Sirleaf however
emphasized that the alarming
situation at NOCAL prompted
NOCALs Board of Directors
to take immediate action to
ensure that the institution is
restructured for organizational
efficiency and effectiveness; as
well as to ensure most prudent
handling of the countrys
financial resources taking
into account the Boards
Sustainability Action Plan.
President Sirleaf meanwhile
has mandated that a few
members of the Board will
continue as an Interim Board
until it is reconstituted and
there will be appropriate
severance payment for those
The Executive mansion also
Sirleaf has also directed
that severance to senior
management be reduced by 50
percent and further subjected
to tax deductions.
In other actions, the President
is also mandating that the
current President/CEO will
be retired with severance,
as approved and the Board
will require the immediate
of the Vice President for
President for Public Affairs
and the Acting Vice President
for Corporate Social Relations
(CSR) who will receive
severance as approved.
An Interim Transition Team
composed of the current Chief

Operating Officer, the Vice

President of Finance and the
Vice President of Technical
Services, will hold over in
the transition period, with
severance delayed until the
period is over, the President
has mandated.
President Sirleaf has ordered
the Interim Transition Team
under guidance of the Board
to take on the immediate
task of implementing the
SAP, including payment of
severance to employees at all
levels of the organization and
reducing staff to not more
than 50 employees and the
Interim Board and Interim
Management Team to assure
responsibility to implement
Framework and the Security
Plan to protect physical assets
and documentation and will
give support to the Internal
Audit Agency which has
been authorized to audit and
undertake an inventory of all
physical assets.
weekend that the decision to
layoff at NOCAL was reached
following lengthy discussions
by the embattled companys
presented President Sirleaf
with a detailed plan of austerity
measures that included Right
Sizing the Institution. The
Right Sizing plan submitted
that the board and senior
the rest of the companys
employees be terminated then
re-vetted for employment at a
much smaller NOCAL.

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Henry Karmo (0886522495)

Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Henry Karmo (0886522495) henry.karmo@frontpageafricaoline.com


embers of the House of Representatives at the 53rd

National Legislature of Liberia have elected three of
their colleagues to serve as Liberias representatives
to the regional body-the Economic Community of
West African States (ECOWAS) parliament.
The election of the three lawmakers follows the expiration of the
tenure of the current representatives.
Representatives Edwin M. Snowe, (IND-District #6 Montserrado
County) Jefferson Kanmoh (APD-District #1-Sinoe County)
and Haja Siryon (UP- District #3 Bomi County) were elected to
represent Liberia at the level of the ECOWAS parliament Tuesday.
Representatives Kanmoh and Snowe won unopposed as Siryon
who will be serving a third term in the same capacity was
challenged by Representative Munah Pelham-Youngblood (CDCDistrict #9 Montserrado County) but succeeded in defeating her
Speaking to reporters after his election Representative Kanmoh
said, his two term representation at the level of the ECOWAS
along with his other colleagues from the Liberian legislature has
brought some impact to Liberia some of which he said, include
the West African Power program currently providing electricity
to some counties in the south east of Liberia.
For Representative Snowe, even though he refused to speak to the
media after re-election many political observers see his election
to ECOWAS as a way forward for him especially in solidifying his
foreign tie and that of his new political ally Senator George Weah
(CDC-Montserrado County) who was also elected by the Liberian
senate to represent the Liberian senate at the ECOWAS along with
Senator Prince Johnson.
Many see the defeat of Young-Blood to her rival Siryon as the more
suitable candidate losing the election because many observers in
the corridors of the legislature who witnessed the election believe
that Representative Young-blood has what is needed to represent
Liberia especially her outspoken ability.
Looking back at the two terms of Representative Siryon to the
ECOWAS parliament many critics believe that the Bomi lawmaker
has made no impact and will make no impact even if she is
elected for the next ten terms because she is considered one of
the lawmakers who highly speak on the floor of the legislature.

Monrovia he Liberian senate

from its committee on
Lands, Mines, Energy, Natural
Resources and Environment
requesting that body to enact
two pieces of legislation
privatizing the energy sector.
The energy committee, in its
report, called on the Senate
to open up the market fully to
private sector participation, an
electricity law and an act for
the new LEC or its successor.
In the report submitted to
the plenary of the Senate,
the committee claimed that
the establishment of an
independent and transparent
regulatory process will be
essential for the creation of
an environment conducive
to increase private sector
involvement in the energy
sector, as contained in the

National Energy Policy.

To achieve independence and
transparency, the institutional
framework must avoid conflicts
of interest and overlapping
roles by separating policy
setting, regulatory oversight,
and policy implementation
and operation, the committee
The senate committee on
Lands, Mines, Energy, Natural
Resources and Environment
held a public hearing on the
liberalization of the Electricity
sector of Liberia in the senate
chambers on July 17, 2015 with
an aim to get the views of crosssection of Liberians, including
students, representatives of
Government and parastatal
bodies, business community,
involved with the sector on
the best approach to fully open
up the electricity market to
private sector investment.

In recent years, there have

been calls on the Liberia
government to allow full
private sector participation in
the generation, transmission,
distribution and retail sale of
electricity. It is believed that
this will enable both urban and
rural businesses and residents
to have easy access to cheap
and affordable electricity as
with the telecommunication
The senate energy committee
also informed plenary in its
report that whatever electricity
law the legislature intend
to enact, the roles must be
assigned to three institutions.
In the law, the Ministry of
Lands, Mines and energy
will be assigned the role to
have energy policy oversight
while an independent energy
regulatory board, commission
or authority will monitor
policy implementation by all

operators, whether owned

by the public sector, private
sector, or local communities.
The second piece of legislation,
which has not yet been drafted,
will deal with and fully define
the new role of the LEC or its
successor company.
The committee said during its
investigation that it discovered
that the Liberia Electricity
Corporation (LEC) has a quasimonopoly over the commercial
generation, transmission and
distribution of electricity,
which the LEC has failed to
provide despite support from
The committee also said it
has discovered that most
businesses in Liberia run small
private generators at very
high costs, which they claim, is
killing a number of businesses.

fathom reasons that the local

daily report did not mention
any specific student but rather
based its entire report on
anonymity to justify its report,
the release stated.
Said the release, the UMU
refute the local daily reports
generalizing over crowdedness
at the university and reiterate
that its classes are not over
crowded as stated recently by
its Vice President for Academic
Affairs , Dr. Evelyn Kandakai in
an interview with the media.
The UMU further stated that
they are cognizant of the
infrastructural challenges as
compare to other academic
institutions in Liberia.
UMU administration revealed
that it is developing strategic
actions and working in
partnership with student
leadership of UMU to resolve
the challenges in providing
an environment that will
respect the rights of students

They further disclosed that its

strategic actions include the
adoption of a policy that limit
the class sizes to no more than
50 students, adding that they
are committed in relocating
the university on its 50 acres of
land on Roberts field highway.
It can be recalled several
students at the United
Methodist University have
criticized the University over
crowdedness and lack of
adequate facilities to improve
their learning skills.
The student termed the
buildings of the university as
chicken box adding that the
features does not represent a
Following a tour at the
university, several students
speaking on condition of
anonymity for fear of been
expelled or suspended said
that the administration is
aware of the challenges but
have failed to upgrade their
schooling system.
FPA toured several colleges
and noticed that the issues
raised by the students were

right on grounds one of the

buildings named IAB hall is
narrow and students were
jammed in traffic as they await
their colleagues to leave the
Many of the classes including
Math 107 and English was also
seen with over 50 students
as some of them were seen
standing in the class while
some were learning from the
entrance and window of the
A female student studying
expressing her grievances
said it was like a burden to
her as the money paid to the
university is not provided as
she expected, Well, as you can
see there are not much chairs
so we have to move chairs
from one building to another,
also look at the building, they
are shaking I dont know
why they are just adding and
adding buildings I dont even
know if these buildings are


Bettie K. Johnson / betty.johnson@frontpageafricaonline.com

he United Methodist
says it has been taken
aback by a recent FPA
over crowdedness in the class
rooms of the university, instead
of focusing on many efforts
being made by the university.
In a press release, under the

signature of its public relations

officer, Sam Togba Slewion,
the University added that FPA
should have highlighted its
efforts in providing a conducive
learning environment while
experience for over 4,000
undergraduate students in its

various academic disciplines.

Recently it was reported in
Front Page Africa, quoting
students under the cover
anonymity that UMU is
adequate facilities to improve
their learning skills, but the
UMU administration cannot

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Wogbeh, Others Get 5year Jail Sentence;

ordered To Restitute US$6m
Kennedy L. Yangian Kennedylyangian@frontpageafricaonline.com 0777296781

(L-R) Prosecution Lawyer Daku Mulbah Leaving Court;

Defendant Wogbeh Finding His Way Out of Court

Forestry Development
Moses Wogbeh and four other
defendants have been declared
guilty of economic sabotage
and obstructing government
Defendant Wogbeh and the
four other former officials of
the FDA have been ordered
to jail for five years and asked
to restitute US$6m allegedly
stolen while they were all
serving the FDA in various
The decision was part of
Criminal Court C Judge Peter
Gbeneweleh ruling in a case
that started some six months
Wogbeh and the four others
were indicted by the Grand
Jury of Montserrado County
sitting in its February Term
of Court on multiple criminal
offences including economic
sabotage, criminal conspiracy,
counterfeiting and obtaining
and issuing deceptive writings
government function the claim
that all five defendants denied.
The pair indictment emanated

from the alleged illegal issuance

of 61 Private Use Permits
(PUP) to several logging
companies in the country while
serving as managing director
of the Forestry Development
Authority (FDA) from 20112012.
Prosecution lawyers alleged
that the illegal issuance of
the 61 PUPs resulted in the
loss of US$6m in revenue by
Wogbeh and others who went
on trial beginning April 1, 2015
during the course of the trial
produced 13 witnesses two of
which came from the Special
Presidential Committee set up
by Presidential Ellen Johnson
Sirleaf in 2012 to probe the
report of illegal issuance of
PUP by the administration at
the FDA.
The defense on the other
hand produced five witnesses
including all of the defendants
who denied issuing any
fraudulent PUP to any logging
companies and argued that all
transactions were done and
approved by the chairman of
the board at that time then
Agriculture Minister Florence

Committee headed by Dorbor

prosecution of Wogbeh and
four other senior officials of the
FDA and also recommended
one-month suspension of
the former board chairman
Florence Chenoweth
action the defense lawyers
termed as selective justice
during the course of the trial.
According to the Special
Presidential Committee, the
former FDA boss Wogbeh did
not exercise any jurisprudence
over the issuance of the PUP
resulting to government losing
such a huge amount in revenue.
Although Wogbeh and the
rest of the defendants denied
ever issuing any illegal PUP
but the court in its ruling
Tuesday indicated that the
illegal issuance of the 61PUP
by Wogbehs administration as
well as the verification letters
and certificate of correction
of deeds which facilitated the
granting of the said PUPs are
in contravention of Section
18.9 of the National Forestry
Reform laws of 2006 which
provides amongst other things
that the granting of permits
or permission to harvest or
use forest resources contrary

when they uncovered that the

money announced was not the
amount given.
Stephen Benson, captain of
the William V.S. Tubman High
School parade team said his
members accused him for the
shortage. When I received the
money, my team thought I cut
some of the money but when
they asked the other captains,
they realized the money
announced was not the money
in the envelope, he said.
Kadiatu Sheriff, a female
student of Muslim Congress
said the Education Ministry
has to tell us if the shortage
came from them or its

the Presidents office. I am

wondering why they will
always include corruption in
comments, Education Minster
George K. Werner said it was
an error but did not state
on whose part did the error
emanate. I think it was a
mistake, I dont believe that
anybody took the money.
Also responding, Felicia DoeSomah, assistant minister for
basic and secondary education
said they were unaware of the
presidents gift until it was
announced. We did not know
that the President was giving

to any provision of the NFRL

(2006) commits the crime of
economic sabotage.
Wherefore and in view of the
foregoing, co-defendants David
Blayee and Maxwell Gwee are
guilty of crime of obtaining
and deceptive writings, while
co-defendant Moses Wogbeh
and Jangar Kamara are guilty
for the crime of obstructing
of government function by
public servant said Judge
Gbeneweleh in his ruling.
Other parts of the ruling stated:
co-defendant Moses Wogbeh,
John Kantor, Jangar Kamara,
David Blayee and Maxwell
Gwee are guilty of economic
sabotage in the tone of US$6m
they are ordered to restitute
the money and ordered
detained for five years in a
common jail in Montserrado
However, Atty Gabrile Johnson
excepted to the ruling and
announced an appeal to the
Supreme Court sitting in its
October 2015 Term of Court,
a request that granted by the
Prosecution lawyer Cllr. Daku
Mulbah also excerpted to the
five years jail sentence because
the crime of economic sabotage
when found guilty requires 10
years imprisonment.
We excerpted to the five years
jail sentence imposed by the
judge because it is contrary,
we want 10 years jail sentence
because the defendants have
robed Liberians because the
US$6m could have been used
for development purposes Cllr.
Mulbah told FrontPageAfrica
shortly after the ruling.
Defendant Wogbeh refused
to speak to FrontPageAfrica
adding that his lawyer has
already spoken by announcing
an appeal to the high court
however his lawyer Atty.
Gabriela Johnson has described


Page 13

In 2005, the National Transitional Legislature repealed the
Act of 1997 creating the Liberia Commission on Human rights
and also established the Independent National Commission
on Human Rights of Liberia (INCHR). The core mandate of
the INCHR is to promote and protect human rights in Liberia.
Currently there are vacancies for Commissioners of the INCHR.
The Independent Committee of Experts established by His
Honor Francis Korkpor, the Chief Justice of the Republic of
Liberia is seeking applications from qualified Liberians to fill
these positions.
Hold office for (5) years
Not hold any other public or Government Office upon
Not engage in any other occupation, business or profession
or any other activities for which he or she is paid;
Not hold any position incompatible with the proper
performance of the commissioners official duties.
Must be a Liberian National
Must have acquired at least a Bachelors Degree. A Masters
Degree is an added advantage.
Must be at least 40 years of age
Must not have been convicted by a court for any criminal
offence involving moral turpitude
Must demonstrate commitment as a human rights advocate.

Demonstrate experience in human rights monitoring,
investigation and documentation;
Demonstrate working knowledge of the Paris Principle in the
protection and promotion of human rights;
Experience in advocacy and working with diverse actors
involved in the promotion and protection of human rights;
Proven record of independence, impartiality, and high degree
of integrity;
Demonstrate ability to work with vulnerable groups such as
women, children, the elderly, the disabled, refugees, internally
displaced, detainees, and others who risk being victims of
Interested candidates shall send applications accompanied
by Cvs with all relevant documents to confirm qualification as
well as the names of two references.
Hard copies of required documents should be addressed to:
The Independent National Commission on Human Rights
C/O Search for Common Ground
Off Tubman Boulevard
Vamoma House Traffic Light
Sinkor Airfield

Electronic and scanned documents can also be sent to

Deadline for submission of applications: August 28, 2015 at
5 PM
Only shortlisted candidates will be called by phone or emailed
for interview on September 1-2, 2015


Monroviatudents who attended

the Flag Day parade
were incensed when
the hosts of the
program announced USD$150
as honorarium but were
instead handed USD$100 in a
sealed envelope.
There were 20 schools that
paraded the streets and were
offered the compensation
by President Sirleaf as
appreciation for turning out
under the stormy weather.
After the ceremony, many of the
students were seen murmuring
over the money received from
the Ministry of Education

anything, just how they handed

it to us is how we handed it to
the students. A guy who works
with the president asked us
to announce it but we did not
check to know, unless one of
the envelopes had 100 USD
instead of 150 USD.
She clarified that the money
came from the President, not
the Ministry of Education.
Some of the schools who
participated in the August
24 Flag Day Parade included
William V.S Tubman, College of
West Africa, Cathedral and St.
Theresa Convent High School
and Monrovia College among

Change of Name:
Mark J.G Mokoe changed to Mark Janjay Gendekan

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015





South African court has granted bail to one of Nelson

Mandela's grandsons who has been charged with
raping a 15-year-old girl earlier this month.
His lawyers said he did not want to be tried as a
"Mandela" but as a "normal person". He cannot be named until
he formally pleads to the charge.
Mr Mandela achieved global fame for his role in fighting white
minority rule.
He became South Africa's first black president in 1994, and died
in 2013 at the age of 91.
The 24-year old is accused of raping the teenager in the toilets
of a bar in Johannesburg.
His bail was set at $535 (340) and he was ordered to surrender
his passport.
During the hearing, his lawyers disputed the age of his accuser,
arguing that she was 16 and that sex was consensual, AFP news
agency reports.
Under South African law, sex with someone under 16 is classed
as rape whether consensual or not.



hina has cut its main interest rate to boost growth in

its economy.
The People's Bank of China cut its main interest rate
by 0.25 percentage points to 4.6% in an effort to calm
stock markets after two days of turmoil.
It is the fifth interest rate cut since November and will take
effect on Wednesday.
The move has boosted global share prices further, with Wall
Street's Dow Jones index opening more than 1.7% higher after
the move.
By the close of European trading, London's FTSE 100 was up
3%, while Germany's Dax gained by 5% and the Paris Cac rose
by 4.1%.
Other European markets, including Lisbon, Madrid, Moscow
and Milan, were all sharply higher.
Follow our live coverage of global markets.

South African court

Mozambican taxi driver who
was tied and dragged behind a
police van in 2013.
The judge said there was no
doubt that the police could
have foreseen that their
actions would cause the death
of 27-year-old Mido Macia.
The incident, recorded on
video by a bystander, caused
widespread revulsion at the

Rights groups have often
accused South Africa's police
of brutality.
condemned the incident as
"horrific" and "unacceptable".
BBC Africa Live: News
The video showed Mr Macia
struggling with police on
26 February 2013 after
apparently parking his vehicle
illegally in Daveyton, east of
the city of Johannesburg.

overpowered the taxi driver
and tied him to the back of a
van by his arms before driving
off, the footage showed.
Mr Macia later died in police
custody, the prosecution said.
Image caption South Africa's
police have often been accused
of brutality
The policemen had pleaded
not guilty to murder.
They said Mr Macia had fallen
out of the van and the handcuffs
"accidentally hooked on to the

"The establishment of the

investigative committee is
in keeping with President
Buhari's determination to
stamp out corruption and
irregularities in Nigeria's
public service," Adesina said.
"It comes against the
background of the myriad
of challenges that the
have faced in the course of
ongoing counter-insurgency
operations in the northeast,
including the apparent deficit
in military platforms with its
attendant negative effects of
troops' morale."

administrations had often

resulted in the acquisition
unserviceable equipment,"
he said.
Since taking office in May
after being elected on an anticorruption ticket, Buhari has
dismissed his entire military
top brass and sacked key
officials of the country's giant
NNPC oil firm in a bid to
clamp down on graft.
His victory triggered a wave
of optimism for oil-rich
Nigeria, which has Africa's
economy but many deep
and seemingly intractable






safari guide has been mauled to death by a lion in the

same Zimbabwean national park where Cecil the lion
Quinn Swales was taking a group of tourists on a
walking safari in Hwange National Park on Monday morning
when a lion suddenly charged, the company he was working for
"Quinn did everything he could to successfully protect his guests
and ensure their safety," the company, Camp Hwange, said on
its Facebook page, adding that no other members of the group
were hurt.
Swales, 40, died the morning of the attack from the injuries he
suffered, it said.
Hwange National Park and its lion population drew global
attention after news emerged last month of the death of Cecil, a
popular a black-maned male lion.

Abuja (AFP) igerian President

Buhari announced
Monday into the procurement
of weapons and equipment
for the military over the
past eight years, as part of a
crackdown on corruption.
Adesina said in a statement
national security adviser
Babagana Monguno had
launched a committee to
"identify irregularities and
procurement process".

back on the van".

Analysis: Pumza Fihlani, BBC
News, Johannesburg
The numerous cases against
some in the South African
Police Service over the years
have tainted their reputation
If they are not in the news for
bungling investigations, it's
for alleged involvement with
crime syndicates or police
The ruling against the eight
policemen in this particular
case has been welcomed as
a victory for many who have
been victims of assault at the
hands of police officers.
The ruling may even go some
way in showing those who are
entrusted with enforcing the
law that they are not above it.
Magistrate Pieter du Plessis in
court emphasised the principle
that people have rights, even
during an arrest - rights that
some in the police often flout.
He lambasted the police for not
ensuring that Mido Macia got
the medical care he needed.
For the Macia family, who were
in court for the first time today
- the sense that justice has
been done may help to bring
them healing.

Nigeria is fighting a six-year
insurgency by Boko Haram
jihadists in the northeast
which has seen the deaths of
more than 15,000 people and
at least 1.5 million displaced.
The military has long argued
that it is hampered by a lack
of weaponry, and Buhari
warned Washington last
month that a US refusal to
arm his troops because of
"so-called human rights
violations" was helping Boko
The US has vowed to help
Nigeria defeat the insurgency
but it is prohibited under law
from sending weapons to
countries that fail to tackle
human rights abuses.
Buhari's office said on
August 7 the government
would step up domestic arms
manufacture for the military
to cut its reliance on foreign
weaponry in its fight with the
UN chief Ban Ki-moon,
speaking in Abuja on
Monday, hailed Nigeria's
"greater stability and peace"
under its new leader as he
commemorated a deadly
attack on the global body
by Boko Haram militants in
2011 .
and in particular the mass
kidnapping and enslavement
of schoolgirls has shocked
world opinion, but Nigeria's
own security forces also face
In June, rights watchdog
Amnesty International said
there was sufficient evidence
to launch an investigation
into senior Nigerian officers
for war crimes.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

ontserrado County
Weah has given
support to the candidacy of
Liberia Football Association
(LFA) President Musa Bility in
the Fifa election on February
26, 2016.
Weah said Bility deserves to be
a Fifa president like anyone
and would vote for Bility if he
was a registered voter.
I [will] give my vote to Musa
not because hes Musa Bility
[but because] thats an honor
for our country. If any Liberia
becomes a Fifa president, it
tells you that you got great
people from Liberia. So I will
support him.
His works that havent been
supported as an LFA president
doesnt change anything. If
I had a vote to give to Musa,
of course you know I cant
vote, [but I will give it to him
as a Liberian], Weah told
FrontPageAfrica (FPA) in an
exclusive interview on the
sidelines of ceremony marking
the change of the Alpha Oldtimers sports pitch to the
Willis D. Knuckles, Jr. sports
pitch on August 25.
Fifa president Sepp Blatter
announced his resignation on
June 2 followed the arrest of
seven Fifa officials as part of
a United States investigation
that saw
14 people in total indicted on
corruption charges on May 27.
A second criminal case was
launched by Swiss prosecutors
into the bids for the 2018 and
2022 World Cups, to be held in
Russia and Qatar respectively.
They followed a number
of scandals and corruption
allegations that had tainted
Fifa in recent years.
Then independent investigator
Michael Garcia quit Fifa in
December 2014 in a protest at
the way it handled his report
into bidding for the 2018 and
2022 World Cups.
Bility, Uefa president Michel
international Zico, former
Maradona and former Fifa vice
president Chung Mong-joon of
South Korea have announced
their intentions to succeed
Blatter but have until October
26 to finalize their candidacies.
The rules dictate presidential
candidates must have been
involved in football for two of
the past five years.
They then have to gain the
support of five football
associations and pass central
integrity checks in order to
validate their place on the
ballot paper.
But in September 2012, Tax
Court judge Mozart Chesson
upheld a June 2012 ruling by
then judge Eva Mappy Morgan
that Bilitys Gulf Trading and
Srimex Enterprises were guilty
of evading tax payments of
US$190,800 for several years.
The case started on May
3, 2010 when government
claimed more than US$300,000
in overdue and outstanding
duties, including a six percent
interest, but the amount was
reduced on appeals.
On October 24, 2014, Cllr.




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Senator Weah backs LFA president Musa

Bilitys Fifa presidential ambition
Danesius Marteh, danesius.marteh@frontpageafricaonline.com

insists he is
looking forward
alongside new Chelsea
signing Pedro, declaring
that he always wants to
"learn from the best".
Chelsea completed a 30
million (21.5m) deal
to bring the 28-yearold from Barcelona on
Mourinho claiming that
his club had signed "one of
the best attacking players
in the world".



Theophilus Gould failed to

appear before the court to
answer why the full payment of
US$47,700, which constitutes
25-percent of the taxes, hasnt
been paid after Bility paid
It was his second summon
following an August 6, 2012
citation in connection to his
clients inability to abide by
the stipulation requirements,
which is yet to be fully cleared.
Bility, who served as board
chairman of the Liberia
Airport Authority (LAA), was
indicted along with former
Ellen Corkrum for economic
sabotage, theft of property and
criminal conspiracy, among
others, in August 2013 by the
grand jury of Montserrado
County for transferring
from the Liberia Bank for
Development and
Investment to a bogus company,
Diaspora Consultants Firm
(DCF) in the United States of
America (USA).
Others indicted were Melvin
Johnson, Corkrums fianc,
DCFs Momar Dieng of Senegal,
Jeremi Tegle, former head
of operations of the First
International Bank and Justine
Ogugua, a Nigerian also of the
The case is yet to be completely
adjudicated as the government
supinely awaits the extradition
of Corkrum and Johnson,
who fled to the USA with the
help of Police Director Chris
But Weah believes Bility, who
supported him during the

December 2014 senatorial

elections, will water under the
.I dont know about Musas
records of being a corrupt
person in Fifa. We monitor
the television, we monitor the
air, BBC and everywhere all of
those people they talked about
[of] corruption in Fifa, we have
not heard about Musas name. I
have not heard it, Weah added.
But Weah took a jibe at the
media, elections commission
and delegates for promoting,
accepting and or reelecting
Bility in March 2014 when
he was reminded that the
integrity checks will include
a candidates local and
international records.
Musa cant be corrupt in the
FA [or the country] then you
voted him to be a president
for the second time. For you to
vote somebody for the second
time that means he has done
something. So I dont know
what we are talking here.
You [are] telling us that the
man is a corrupt man but you,
as a journalist, promoted him
and you [delegates] voted the
man for second term. Then how
can this man be corrupt. So it
tells us that the mans records
are clean, Weah reacted amid
a round of applause from
commissioner Domenico Scala
having underscored the need
for candidates to undergo an
integrity check, Bility has also
said hes one of the cleanest
Liberian men.
You know I am not corrupt. I
am a hard working guy. Today

in my country, I have over

US$35 million of investment.
I challenge any Liberian to
put their hands up to show
that [he or she has that kind
of investment]. You saw my
partners walking out of my
office. US$35 million [is what]
they are investing [in the
economy]. And the investment
is large. You can go and see
it, Bility told FPA on July 14.
Weah is the latest to endorse
County Representative Edwin
Melvin Snowe, a former LFA
president, and the Liberia
National Olympics Committee
having given him thumbs-up.
Snowe and Bility have been
roaming the world for votes
and or endorsement but
suffered a major setback when
the Confederation of Africa
Football (Caf) rejected Bilitys
In view of the elections for
the Fifa presidency scheduled
for 26 February 2016, the
executive committee also
received a request from Mr.
Musa Bility, president of the
Liberian Football Association.
The latter had the opportunity
to explain the reasons that
motivated his decision to run
for the future election of the
Fifa presidency.
After a fraternal exchange,
full of sincerity and cordiality,
the Caf executive committee
decided unanimously not to
offer the requested support
of Caf to Mr. Musa Bility,
whilst wishing him luck in the
continuation of his endeavor.
To preserve the interests
and unity of African football,

it was agreed that Africa will

give time to explore all options
and decide. The Caf executive
committee will meet on 27 and
28 October 2015, following
the closure of nominations
for the Fifa presidency [to
decide which candidate it
will support], a Caf August 6
statement said.
But Bility told BBC Sport his
meeting "was not about Caf
endorsing him.
I'm privileged to have had the
opportunity to talk to the entire
Caf executive committee, to
answer questions - concerns,
admirations - all the issues that
are wrong with football we
discussed. That was a privilege.
"I did not go to get a
unanimous vote. I was given an
opportunity to explain and lay
my platform. That's why I went
and I'm happy I got it. There is
a nomination process going on
and the door for other people
in African remains open. Until
that door closes Caf cannot
unanimously support me, he
It remains to be seen whether
Bility is on a buyout adventure
or is sincere about replacing
Blatter whom he rejected
in 2011 to benefit from
Mohammed Bin Hammams
US$5 million slush funds
and later flip-flopped on
his support for Blatter and
Jordanian Prince Ali Bin Al
At least, Bility has got the
international medias attention
and the BBCs Mike
Gleeson may have been right to
call his bid a publicity stunt.

insists Atletico
Madrid will not
stray from their
style of play, despite a
summer of transition at the
Atletico have been active in
the transfer market, signing
Jackson Martinez, Luciano
Vietto, Yannick Ferreira
Carrasco, Filipe Luis and
Stefan Savic for a combined
total believed to be in the
region of 126 million.
assembled by Simeone
is regarded as arguably
Atletico's best ever, with the
Madrid club set to adopt a
more offensive approach
in their bid to dethrone



named and shamed the
players that have let
down Chelsea so far this
The Blues have yet to win a
Premier League game, drawing
their opener against Swansea
2-2 and falling to a heavy 3-0
loss at Manchester City last
And Mourinho admits he is
unhappy with the efforts of
some of this players.
He told reporters: "I'm not
happy with anyone.
"I'm not happy with Branislav
Ivanovic's form, Gary Cahill,
John Terry, Cesar Azpilicueta,
Eden Hazard, Cesc Fabregas,
Nemanja Matic."


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Senator Weah backs LFA

president Musa Bilitys Fifa
presidential ambition
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