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Electrical solutions

for fossil fuel and

nuclear power plants


Meeting the challenges...

World electricity demand
continues to grow.
The total electricity
consumption will increase
by 66% between 2008
and 2030. In developing
countries, the growth can
be doubled.

Fossil fuel and nuclear power plants are todays major source of electricity as they offer
superior availability and cost-effectiveness.
You need efficient solutions to manage and optimise your electrical systems entire life
cycle from design and optimal operations, to maintenance and upgrades to avoid
failures which could result in the loss of revenue or penalties.
A power plants electrical power system delivers the produced electricity to the grid. It
also supplies the power which is crucial to running the plant itself. This dual-function
electrical infrastructure is vital to all power plants.
The construction period of these large, complex power plants is also critical. They
have to be brought on-line as fast as possible while maintaining a high safety level
and respecting the environment, without jeopardising equipment quality and system
To meet all these challenges, you can turn to Alstom Grid. We are a committed
partner who know how to supply electricity to your plant and deliver your
electricity to the grid, whatever the type of power plant you operate conventional, gas or nuclear.

2 | Alstom Grid

Electrical solutions | THERMAL POWER

...with energy efficient solutions

A focused electrical
solutions provider
Advanced electrical solutions are
critical to your business performance.
When it comes to safety, reliability
and efficiency, your priorities are
identical to ours.
For over 120 years, our single focus has
been the energy industry, and we have
been serving the power generation sector
ever since.
Our quality products and services and our
universally acknowledged engineering
and project management capabilities,
make us an ideal partner for local power
plant owners, operators, and contractors.

Reliable, tailored solutions

Experience and innovation lead to
optimal electrical solution designs, critical
to your plants system availability. Our
continuous improvement policy means
we know how to design products that
are reliable and simple to operate.
Each power plant has specific electrical
needs. Thanks to our global know-how
and local presence in over 100 countries,
we work with you to implement a solution
that fits your particular requirements.
Our commitment to customer
satisfaction, combined with our proven
designs and processes, assures the
quality you expect from a world-class
partner like Alstom Grid.

Your ecological partner

When designing your electrical system, we at Alstom Grid pay special attention to
environmental concerns.
We are pioneers of eco-design, meaning that environmental considerations are taken
into account right from the design stage to reduce the ecological footprint of the
components or entire products.

Typical power plant

electrical system

A single contact for a

complete package
Alstom Grid provides a full range
of advanced electrical and control
systems all from a single source.
Whatever your project to purchase a
complete solution for a new installation,
refurbish and optimise an existing
plant, ensure compliance with new
requirements, or enhance performance
in generation, trading, scheduling and
efficiency monitoring Alstom Grid is the
perfect partner for your electrical systems.

Alstom Grid capabilities

Electrical equipment for power plants

electrical balance of plant

Step-up generator and auxiliary
Generator circuit breakers
Generator and transformer
protection relays

Turnkey HV substations
Complete range of HV products
and transformers

Substation automation solutions and

generation management systems

Power system design and grid studies



full palette of services to

maximise the availability and
reliability of the electrical systems

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Whatever type of power generation...

Coal is the predominant source of electricity around the world (34% of electricity
generation), far ahead of nuclear or gas. This is because the process of generating
electricity from coal is well known and, of course, coal is inexpensive and plentiful.
Coal-fired power plants are large, complex projects in which the electrical systems play
a key role in timely commissioning and long-term availability.
Alstom Grid engineering and project management expertise ensure smooth
management of the electrical systems supply and installation.

Because of its low capital cost and limited environmental impact, the share of natural
gas in global electricity generation has grown rapidly. It is projected to reach 22% by
2030. Open or combined-cycle power plants often have a short construction schedule.
Here again, the electrical systems contribute substantially to plant rapid commissioning
and its long-term availability.
Alstom Grid engineering and project management know-how will help you
streamline the supply and installation of the necessary electrical equipment.

Around 14% of the worlds electricity comes from nuclear power plants. As nuclear
power emits no greenhouse gases, and uranium resources are essentially inexhaustible,
this clean generation is expected to expand significantly in the coming years, buoyed
by climate change concerns and the rising cost of fossil fuels. The electrical systems of
nuclear power plants are subject to a very stringent product qualification process.
Alstom Grid has vast experience in supplying equipment to nuclear power plants,
particularly in China, France and Germany.

4 | Alstom Grid

Electrical solutions | THERMAL POWER

...Alstom Grid is your best solution

When you choose
Alstom Grid, you choose:

collective skills and knowledge of

our people


combined return-on-experience
from thousands of substation
installations around the world


understanding of electrical
system operator requirements


health and safety

training often surpassing international

network design


network analysis and feasibility studies, electrical

equipment design, HV substation design


eBoP + substations



and comprehensive services

Alstom Grid is your ideal partner for all

types of power generation projects. Our
highly-trained and seasoned project
managers will scope your solution from
beginning to end, including how your
power plant will fit in the network.
Electrical engineers in our Network
Consulting department create the most
logical, cost-effective and ecological
transmission evacuation system
moving the energy from your generation
point to end users.
They will develop the entire scheme
to move your generated energy to
its distribution points using virtual
simulation and short-circuit studies. In
doing so, they integrate cutting-edge
technologies and ensure that losses are
kept to an absolute minimum.

Alstom Grid solutions are also adapted

to meet the growing demand and
anticipate future developments, assuring
your network has a long life cycle.
Project management has quality
assurance high on its list. With Alstom
Grids project management know-how
and experience, you know that your
network is in safe hands, that skilled
people are doing the work, that the
highest standards and values are being
applied to ensure that your system will
operate exactly as designed. That is what
working with the Alstom Grid team is all
about. We demand the highest standards
of safety and quality from our people, and
we accompany you throughout the entire
life of your equipment/infrastructure with
complete and comprehensive services.


of interfaces between
our electrical equipment solution
and the civil works, logistics and
utilities required to create a complete
operating asset


electrical solutions that take

into account your plant lay-out and the
anticipated generator performance

Our global footprint enables us to

provide a local team trained to global
standards that can connect your
power plant to the grid efficiently and

Alstom Grid | 5

eBoP the arteries of power plants...and

The electrical balance of plant systems (eBoP) supplies vital power to run the plant,
supplying power to all plant auxiliaries. It is key to the efficient, reliable power plant
operation. Alstom Grid can offer you complete eBoP solutions for all power plant
types. Using innovative electrical power applications, we can build and maintain a
safe and efficient power system you can depend on, day in, day out.

Protection and control equipment

The Alstom Grid range of protection relays offers a comprehensive solution for all power train
and eBoP applications covering generator, transformer, feeder, motor, and busbar protection
applications. MiCOM P40 protection relays have a large number of years of experience in the
field with over 100,000 MiCOM P40 series relays sold worldwide since 1999.
Numerous integrated communication protocols allow easy interfacing to substation control
or SCADA systems. From simple wired serial buses to Ethernet station and process bus
architectures with IEC61850 MiCOM protection, Alstom Grid has the solution.
The MiCOM P34x generator protection range of relays provides protection for a wide
range of applications from small generator and generator-transformer applications to
large generators.
The top range P345 model includes a comprehensive range of protection required for
large generators such as pole slipping, 100% stator earth fault using 3rd harmonic voltage and low frequency injection methods. The
P346 is an economical solution for smaller generators or generator transformer protection, providing differential protection of the
generator and transformer, plus standard generator and transformer protection functions in one box as well as transformer condition
monitoring features, such as transformer top oil and hot spot temperature, through fault and loss of life functions.
For the step-up and auxiliary transformer protection the P64x transformer protection range is available, which offers differential
protection for 2, 3 or 5 winding transformer and generator-transformer applications, plus all the standard transformer protection and
condition monitoring functions required.

Power transformers
Alstom Grid is a world leader in power transformers.
Generator step-up transformers are constantly faced with voltage changes, either due
to load rejection or switching operations, followed by generator over excitation. They
must also withstand over-loads, so winding gradients must be adjusted and the cooling
capacity remain sufficient. The high rated currents require absolute control of the
magnetic field inside the tank to avoid localised overheating of associated metallic parts.
All of these situations are taken into account during the design process of your unit.
Generator step-up transformers require very specific know-how, production equipment
and testing capabilities, as high or very high voltage and rated power are often required.
We have supplied step-up generator transformers up to 1,100 MVA 420 kV (three-phase)
and 245 MVA 765 kV. Over and above standard transformers, we can provide you with
hermetic transformers, boasting a substantially longer service life. Our transformers can
be filled with biodegradable vegetable oil on request.

6 | Alstom Grid

Electrical solutions | THERMAL POWER

Power train solutions, the vital link

The power train is vital to power plant operation because it connects the generator to the high voltage substation.
Whatever the size of your power plant, from small single-cycle up to 1 GW nuclear plants and beyond, Alstom Grid
can provide a turnkey or a packaged solution including step-up generator and auxiliary transformers, insulated
phase busducts, generator circuit breakers, and associated protection relays.

Generator circuit breakers

Whether for installation in new power plants or to refurbish existing ones, Alstom Grid offers you the perfect generator circuit breakers
solution for power plants up to 50,000 A, the fruit of over 40 years experience and with more than 2,000 generator circuit breakers
installed worldwide. The SF6 generator circuit breakers range up to 28,000 A, and are equipped with a fully spring-operated mechanism
providing total reliability. The air blast generator circuit breakers range greatly enhances
the conventional design of thermal and nuclear power plants up to 1,500 MW by
simplifying operations, improving security, and reducing cost. All generator circuit
breakers, in full compliance with the latest IEC and IEEE C37.013 norms, are designed to
meet the customers specific needs:

up to 9,500 A, 80 kA, for generators up to 200 MW


up to 28,000 A, 160 kA; a versatile generator circuit breaker for power plants
up to 1,000 MW. It comes with breaker natural cooling up to 21,000 A and an
enhanced cooling system for higher ratings
The FKG2 and FKG1N generator circuit breakers are also available without
enclosure, ideal for retrofit applications
PKG: a proven air-blast generator circuit breaker for very large power plants (over
1 GW) for extreme performance, with ratings up to 50,000 A and 275 kA. Over 200
PKG generator circuit breakers have been installed around the world.
Our continuous generator circuit breaker monitoring system optimises your generator
circuit breakers and extends asset lifetimes.

Continuous power
transformer monitoring
In order to provide decision-making
support for power transformers, Alstom
Grid provides a comprehensive and
intelligent solution M3000 to monitor
all main components. Modular and
flexible, M3000 is suitable for all new
and existing transformers, independent
of the manufacturer and application.


statements about the

operating condition


detection of incipient faults


of failures, outages and

collateral damage


of life cycle costs




Analysis (DGA) tool




user-friendly and
interactive visualisation
Alstom Grid | 7

Exit substations:
doorway to the network
The high voltage exit substation connects the power plant to the network.
This, too, is an Alstom Grid strength, having built over 3,500 turnkey delivery
substations worldwide. In addition to our engineering and project management
capabilities, we manufacture all key elements of the substation in our globally
based manufacturing facilities.
Alstom Grid offers a broad range of state-of-the-art high voltage equipment, with
standard designs up to 765 kV, and higher voltages are available for particular needs.
Our complete range of high voltage equipment includes:

or live-tank circuit breakers equipped with a spring operating mechanism

for absolute reliability

range of disconnectors (centre-break, knee-type, etc.), acknowledged worldwide

for their quality and safety


transformers with oil or SF6 insulation, or optical current transformers


monitoring to switch from a time-based maintenance to a condition-based



synchronisation relays on circuit breakers to synchronise operations according

to network voltage, avoiding stress to the substations equipment

Compact solutions
When space or local ambient conditions matter, compact gas-insulated substations
(GIS), equipped with a spring operating mechanism, are available. Since 1965, our
GIS have been in use worldwide with consistent success.
Alstom Grid has delivered more than 1,000 substations, comprising over 10,000
bays, which have been successfully installed on all five continents and under all
environmental conditions.

8 | Alstom Grid

Electrical solutions | THERMAL POWER

We offer GIS substations up to
550 kV, 63 kA and 5,000 A, indoor
or outdoor.




reliability thanks to its

proven design


spring operating
mechanism maintenance


service reductions during

repair and extension thanks to its
design and gas partitioning


& control
We deliver complete systems for
the protection and control of high
voltage substations, from switchgear
protection relays to bay controllers,
gateways and all the necessary control
and configuration software tools.

PACiS digital control

Protection and control integrated
solution for substations, tailored to real

dedicated to substation
a proven system used
throughout the world

breaker spring operating

mechanism with extensive service


a scalable native
IEC 61850 solution tailored to
real demands and supported by
advanced engineering tools


reliable sealing technology,

aluminum tanks, current
transformer outside SF6


New substations/retrofit schemes

independent of DS



and simple internal arc



Despite its already superior levels, GIS
availability can be further enhanced by
means of condition monitoring. Our
modern GIS monitoring systems are
digital and monitor many parameters.
They anticipate events, which bring
the advantage of predictives, instead of
preventive maintenance.



to 550 kV, 63 kA, 5,000 A




on standards (IEC 61850,
Ring, star, WAN
Ethernet switch redundancy and
integration, with less than 1 ms
A worldwide solution supported by
local engineering teams

We also provide the gas-insulated lines
(GIL) in trenches, galleries, buried or
above the ground to enable optimal
connections to overhead lines and power

Alstom Grid | 9

Energy management systems

Alstom Grid offers SCADA and
generation management systems for
power plants, including a state-ofthe-art user interface and portfolio
management capabilities.





Plant Information
Management applications:
Integrated plant condition-based
maintenance tools
Plant output and emissions
Integrated energy (gas, steam
and electricity) and emissions
Plant contract financial settlement
Plant portfolio management tools


Grid automation technology

leveraged for the generation market
Advanced visualisation tools for
situation awareness
Service-orientated architectures for
plant I&C integration into the
financial back office
Use of complex optimisation
schemes in real-time

scheduling and optimisation:

For optimised combined steam and
electricity generation to optimise
electricity production scheduling


real-time dispatching:
e-terrageneration: intra-day plant
economic dispatch, active and
reactive power sharing
e-terraSCADA/Browser: supervisory
control, tagging & SoE (Sequence of
Events), historical data recording,
automated control sequence,
visualisation, etc.


contract management and

For trading and scheduling, for
settling complex plant contractual
commitments, tracking emission

Alstom Grid offers innovative,
sustainable, high quality service
solutions in order to optimise your
electrical infrastructure, heighten
your return on investment and support
your assets life cycle.

Power system analysis and

To plan new installations or to improve
the performances of existing power
plants through an upgrade or an
expansion, our Network Consulting
experts support customers in analysing,
specifying and designing network
systems to meet customer specific
requirements. The conducted studies
allow them to take the appropriate
decision to set up an effective network.
10 | Alstom Grid

Asset management and


Renovation, Modernisation and

Extension (RME)

With the goal of improving efficiencies

and downtimes while lowering costs,
operators have to get the most of
their equipment in the long term.
Alstom Grid supports its customers
in this challenge by providing Long
Term Maintenance, a set of tailored
expert services executed on a multiyear partnership. Our partnership
is comprehensive to fit with specific
needs. It can include strategic spare
parts management, scheduled
inspections (oil analysis, vibration
measurements, thermographs etc.)
and condition-based maintenance with
remote monitoring systems.

High voltage substations and

generator circuit breakers are critical
for a power plants reliability and
network performance. After decades
of operations, operators may foresee
risks of increasing failure rate. They
may also address the need for evolving
power demand or the need for standard
or technological enhancement. Service
experts answer this challenge by
providing RME to give a second life to
their equipment. It can include complete
substation refurbishement, equipment
replacement, transformer mid-life
overhaul, GCB forklift upgrade, electrical
ratings increase and add-on technologies
such as condition monitoring.

Electrical solutions | THERMAL POWER

Worldwide presence
in fossil fuel and nuclear power plants

We supplied numerous
generator step-up
transformers up to
725 MVA and generator
circuit breakers


Alstom Grids tailor-made

solutions range from
individual key component
deliveries up to complex
turnkey projects, making
us a preferred partner


Numerous eBoP
contracts for large coal
fired power plants


We supply 10 GIS bays

500 kV for Taishan
nuclear power plants
which has the biggest
reactors in the world. We
also supply all the GIL
systems for three other
nuclear power plants


Alstom Grid supplied

various product packages
to several power plants,
such as Blue Waters II
860 MW, Wallerawang 2
x 500 MW


We provided the 345

kV AIS substation for
UTE Viana heavy fuel
oil (HFO) power plant
for Tevisa, including
protection and control
systems and also the
extension of Vianas
substation for Furnas.
We also supplied all
245 kV equipment for
five HFO power plants
including UTE Ituitaba,
Campina Verde, Platina
and Itumbiara for WEG


We supplied numerous
power plants with
step-up generator
transformers, auxiliary
transformers, generator
circuit breakers and
insulated phase busducts


Alstom Grid supplies

power transformers and
GIS substations worth
80 million to the Turkish
energy company Calik
Enerji who are in charge
of the construction of
two power plants in Iraq

Technical training and

competence development
Our customised training programs help your
employees handle your operations more
effectively. Our hands-on courses enable
your staff to apply their new expertise
from day one. Most training programs are
certified by national institutions and carry
the ISO 9001 certification. The high value
courses encompass all aspects of electricity
from fundamentals to in-depth equipment
and solution knowledge. The Technical
Institute Centre provides personalised
competence development programs with
knowledge certification.

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