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Calculator for Engineers - Moment of Inertia of T section

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CE Calculators >> Moment of Inertia

Calculator for Moment of Inertia of T section

Please enter the values in the form given below and click "Calculate". You should enter all the values in same unit
and the calculated values will be in the corresponding units (unit2 , unit3 , unit4 etc.)
This calculator gives maximum as well as minimum values of section modulus about x-axis. This will help in deciding whether
the failure will be on the compression face or on the tension face of the beam.
Section Type

Input Values

Results CE QUIZNew
A collection of quiz in different areas of civil

Area of section (unit^2):

Position of centroid - X (unit):
Position of centroid - Y (unit):
Moment of Inertia Ixx (unit^4):
Moment of Inertia Iyy (unit^4):
Max. Section Modulus Zxx (unit^3):
Min. Section Modulus Zxx (unit^3):
Section Modulus Zyy (unit^3):
Radius of gyration rxx (unit):
Radius of gyration ryy (unit):

T section

Flange width (unit):

Flange depth (unit):
Web Thickness (unit):
Web height (unit):

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