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58938 Federal Register / Vol. 72, No.

200 / Wednesday, October 17, 2007 / Notices

The Coast Guard is still working with 26844–135 ......... Dear Interested Party Let- pending reconsideration. Petitions to
the FDMS to correct some document ter. stay that do not involve environmental
numbering and order issues caused by 26844–136 ......... Public Notice. issues,1 formal expressions of intent to
the migration to the new system. In 26844–137 ......... Notice of Intent; Notice file an OFA under 49 CFR
of Public Meeting; Re-
particular, some application documents quest for Comments.
1152.27(c)(2),2 and trail use/rail banking
are out of sequence. The correct 26844–138 ......... Start of Comments. requests under 49 CFR 1152.29 must be
chronological order and application filed by October 29, 2007. Petitions to
document sequence as of this notice for Dated: October 12, 2007. reopen or requests for public use
the documents is as follows by By order of the Maritime Administrator. conditions under 49 CFR 1152.28 must
document ID number: Christine Gurland, be filed by November 6, 2007, with:
26844–1 ............. Notice of Application. Secretary, Maritime Administration. Surface Transportation Board, 395 E
26844–2–6 ......... License Application [FR Doc. E7–20492 Filed 10–16–07; 8:45 am] Street, SW., Washington, DC 20423-
Parts 1–5.
26844–54 ........... City of LA Pipeline Fran- A copy of any petition filed with the
chise Application. Board should be sent to UP’s
26844–7 ............. Exhibit A Project De- representative: Gabriel S. Meyer,
26844–13 ........... Exhibit B Environmental
Assistant General Attorney, 1400
Surface Transportation Board Douglas Street, STOP 1580, Omaha, NE
26844–14 ........... Exhibit C Health, Safety, [STB Docket No. AB–33 (Sub-No. 247X)] 68179.
Security, Environment. If the verified notice contains false or
26844–15 ........... Topic Report 1 Aes- Union Pacific Railroad Company— misleading information, the exemption
thetics. Abandonment Exemption—in Malheur is void ab initio.
26844–16 ........... Topic Report 2 Water County, OR UP has filed a combined
Quality. environmental and historic report
26844–17 ........... Topic Report 3 Biologi- Union Pacific Railroad Company (UP)
addressing the effects, if any, of the
cal Resources. has filed a notice of exemption under 49
26844–18–19 ..... Topic Report 4 Cultural abandonment on the environment and
CFR 1152 Subpart F—Exempt
Resources. historic resources. SEA will issue an
Abandonments to abandon a 9.4-mile
26844–20–21 ..... Topic Report 5 environmental assessment (EA) by
line of railroad known as the Homedale
Industrial Lead, extending from October 22, 2007. Interested persons
26844–22–31 ..... Topic Report 6 Geologi-
milepost 2.0 near Nyssa to milepost 11.4 may obtain a copy of the EA by writing
cal Resources. to SEA (Room 1100, Surface
26844–58 ........... Topic Report 6 Geologi- near Adrian, in Malheur County, OR.
The line traverses United States Postal Transportation Board, Washington, DC
cal Resources. 20423–0001) or by calling SEA, at (202)
26844–32–38 ..... Topic Report 7 Land Service Zip Code 97901.
UP has certified that: (1) No local 245–0305. [Assistance for the hearing
26844–39 ........... Topic Report 8 Air Qual- traffic has moved over the line for at impaired is available through the
ity. least 2 years; (2) there is no overhead Federal Information Relay Service
26844–40–41 ..... Topic report 9 Traffic. traffic on the line to be rerouted; (3) no (FIRS) at 1–800–877–8339.] Comments
26844–42 ........... Topic Report 10 Noise. formal complaint filed by a user of rail on environmental and historic
26844–43 ........... Topic Report 11 Public service on the line (or by a state or local preservation matters must be filed
Services and Utilities. government entity acting on behalf of within 15 days after the EA becomes
26844–44 ........... Topic Report 12 Haz- available to the public.
such user) regarding cessation of service
ardous Materials and Environmental, historic preservation,
Waste. over the line either is pending with the
Surface Transportation Board or with public use, or trail use/rail banking
26844–45–52 ..... Topic Report 13 Alter-
natives. any U.S. District Court or has been conditions will be imposed, where
26844–53 ........... Topic Report 14 Cumu- decided in favor of complainant within appropriate, in a subsequent decision.
lative Impacts. the 2-year period; and (4) the Pursuant to the provisions of 49 CFR
26844–8 ............. Appendix A to Exhibit requirements at 49 CFR 1105.7 1152.29(e)(2), UP shall file a notice of
A. (environmental reports), 49 CFR 1105.8 consummation with the Board to signify
26844–12 ........... Appendix B through O (historic reports), 49 CFR 1105.11 that it has exercised the authority
to Exhibit A. (transmittal letter), 49 CFR 1105.12 granted and fully abandoned the line. If
26844–57, 59 ..... Appendix K to Topic Re- consummation has not been effected by
(newspaper publication), and 49 CFR
port 6.
26844–60–62 ..... Appendix K to Topic Re- 1152.50(d)(1) (notice to governmental UP’s filing of a notice of consummation
port 6. agencies) have been met. by October 17, 2008, and there are no
26844–63–70 ..... Appendix L to Topic Re- As a condition to this exemption, any legal or regulatory barriers to
port 6. employee adversely affected by the consummation, the authority to
26844–71–75 ..... Appendix M to Topic abandonment shall be protected under abandon will automatically expire.
Report 6. Oregon Short Line R. Co.—
26844–76–81 ..... Appendix N to Topic Re- Abandonment—Goshen, 360 I.C.C. 91 1 The Board will grant a stay if an informed
port 6. (1979). To address whether this decision on environmental issues (whether raised
26844–82–94 ..... Appendix O to Topic Re- condition adequately protects affected by a party or by the Board’s Section of
port 6. employees, a petition for partial
Environmental Analysis (SEA) in its independent
26844–95–129 ... Appendix P to Topic Re- investigation) cannot be made before the
port 6.
revocation under 49 U.S.C. 10502(d) exemption’s effective date. See Exemption of Out-
must be filed.
sroberts on PROD1PC70 with NOTICES

of-Service Rail Lines, 5 I.C.C.2d 377 (1989). Any

26844–130–133 Appendix V to Topic Re-
Provided no formal expression of request for a stay should be filed as soon as possible
port 9. so that the Board may take appropriate action before
26844–134 ......... Appendix Y to Topic Re- intent to file an offer of financial the exemption’s effective date.
port 12. assistance (OFA) has been received, this 2 Each OFA must be accompanied by the filing
26844–55–56 ..... Appendix AA to Topic exemption will be effective on fee, which currently is set at $1,300. See 49 CFR
Report 12. November 16, 2007, unless stayed 1002.2(f)(25).

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Federal Register / Vol. 72, No. 200 / Wednesday, October 17, 2007 / Notices 58939

Board decisions and notices are community. When so utilized, such a DATES: Comments should be submitted
available on our Web site at http:// committee is recognized to be an electronically and received by
www.stb.dot.gov. advisory committee under 5 U.S.C. App. Wednesday, November 21, 2007.
Decided: October 10, 2007. 2, § 3. ADDRESSES: Please submit comments
By the Board, David M. Konschnik, Although the Treasury’s final electronically through the Federal
Director, Office of Proceedings. announcement of financing plans may eRulemaking Portal—‘‘Regulations.gov.’’
Vernon A. Williams, not reflect the recommendations Go to http://www.regulations.gov, select
provided in reports of the Committee, ‘‘Department of the Treasury—All’’ from
premature disclosure of the Committee’s the agency drop-down menu, then click
[FR Doc. E7–20280 Filed 10–16–07; 8:45 am]
deliberations and reports would be ‘‘Submit.’’ In the ‘‘Docket ID’’ column,
likely to lead to significant financial select ‘‘TREAS–DO–2007–0018’’ to
speculation in the securities market. submit or view public comments and to
Thus, this meeting falls within the view supporting and related materials
DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY exemption covered by 5 U.S.C. for this notice. The ‘‘User Tips’’ link at
552b(c)(9)(A). the top of the Regulations.gov home
Departmental Offices; Debt
Treasury staff will provide a technical page provides information on using
Management Advisory Committee
briefing to the press on the day before Regulations.gov, including instructions
the Committee meeting, following the for submitting or viewing public
Notice is hereby given, pursuant to 5 release of a statement of economic comments, viewing other supporting
U.S.C. App. 2, § 10(a)(2), that a meeting conditions, financing estimates and and related materials, and viewing the
will be held at the Hay-Adams Hotel, technical charts. This briefing will give docket after the close of the comment
16th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, the press an opportunity to ask period.
NW., Washington, DC, on October 30, questions about financing projections Please include your name, affiliation,
2007 at 11:30 a.m. of the following debt and technical charts. The day after the address, e-mail address and telephone
management advisory committee: Committee meeting, Treasury will number(s) in your comment. Where
Treasury Borrowing Advisory release the minutes of the meeting, any appropriate, comments should include a
Committee of The Securities Industry charts that were discussed at the short Executive Summary (no more than
and Financial Markets Association. meeting, and the Committee’s report to five single-spaced pages). All
The agenda for the meeting provides the Secretary. statements, including attachments and
for a charge by the Secretary of the The Office of Debt Management is other supporting materials, received are
Treasury or his designate that the responsible for maintaining records of part of the public record and subject to
Committee discuss particular issues, debt management advisory committee public disclosure. You should submit
and a working session. Following the meetings and for providing annual only information that you wish to make
working session, the committee will reports setting forth a summary of available publicly.
present a written report of its Committee activities and such other FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT:
recommendations. The meeting will be matters as may be informative to the Jeffrey Stoltzfoos, Senior Advisor, Office
closed to the public, pursuant to 5 public consistent with the policy of 5 of the Assistant Secretary for Financial
U.S.C. App. 2, § 10(d) and Public Law U.S.C. 552(b). The Designated Federal Institutions, (202) 622–2610 or Mario
103–202, § 202(c)(1)(B) (31 U.S.C. 3121 Officer or other responsible agency Ugoletti, Director, Office of Financial
note). official who may be contacted for Institutions Policy, (202) 622–2730 (not
This notice shall constitute my additional information is Karthik toll free numbers).
determination, pursuant to the authority Ramanathan, Director, Office of Debt SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The
placed in heads of agencies by 5 U.S.C. Management, at (202) 622–2042. Treasury Department is currently
App. 2, § 10(d) and vested in me by Dated: October 10, 2007. engaged in a number of initiatives
Treasury Department Order No. 101–05, Anthony W. Ryan, associated with maintaining the
that the meeting will consist of competitiveness of United States capital
Assistant Secretary, Financial Markets.
discussions and debates of the issues markets. One of those initiatives is
[FR Doc. 07–5106 Filed 10–16–07; 8:45 am]
presented to the Committee by the evaluating the regulatory structure
Secretary of the Treasury and the associated with financial institutions.
making of recommendations of the The regulatory structure for financial
Committee to the Secretary, pursuant to institutions in the United States has
Public Law 103–202, § 202(c)(1)(B). served us well over the course of our
Thus, this information is exempt from Review by the Treasury Department of history. Much of the basic regulatory
disclosure under that provision and 5 the Regulatory Structure Associated structure associated with financial
U.S.C. 552(b)(c)(3)(B). In addition, the With Financial Institutions institutions was established decades
meeting is concerned with information ago. While there have been important
that is exempt from disclosure under 5 AGENCY: Department of the Treasury, changes over time in the way financial
U.S.C. 552b(c)(9)(A). The public interest Departmental Offices. institutions have been regulated, the
requires that such meetings be closed to ACTION: Notice; request for comments. Treasury Department believes that it is
the public because the Treasury important to continue to evaluate our
Department requires frank and full SUMMARY: The Treasury Department is regulatory structure and consider ways
advice from representatives of the undertaking a broad review of the to improve efficiency, reduce overlap,
financial community prior to making its regulatory structure associated with strengthen consumer and investor
sroberts on PROD1PC70 with NOTICES

final decisions on major financing financial institutions. To assist in this protection, and ensure that financial
operations. Historically, this advice has review and obtain a broad view of all institutions have the ability to adapt to
been offered by debt management perspectives, the Treasury Department evolving market dynamics, including
advisory committees established by the is issuing this notice seeking public the increasingly global nature of
several major segments of the financial comment. financial markets.

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