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Welcome to the HVAC-Talk: Heating, Air & Refrigeration Discussion.

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our favorite cities - Nashville, TN on September 9-11. We'll be headquartered in the Nashville
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registration issues with the site software. Post here for answers.

If you have posting or

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you will find a link to an interactive global map. Click on this link and find your area. There will be
more Contractors added as time carries on.

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discussions pertaining to HVAC for the home. No pricing, no DIY, please read Site Rules Register

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OWNERS ONLY Questions and discussions regarding Commercial Buildings

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**HOMEOWNERS, Please ask your questions in the AOP forum**

Any topic.

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and general discussions about jobs. No Unauthorized Recruiters may post.

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updates on HVAC-Talk's Forum and Industry News.

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For posting resumes

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Your HVAC-Talk Contest

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manufacturers join the HVAC-TALK forum to discuss products, services and solutions.

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Technical Chat in the Residential Industry and only within the limits of the Open area Rules
concerning DIY. Any technical chat that goes too far will be removed or moved to the Pro Area.

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BETWEEN INDUSTRY WORKERS ONLY. NO AOP OR DIY** This forum is for Technical Chat in the
Commercial Industry and only within the limits of the Open area Rules concerning DIY. Any
technical chat that goes too far will be removed or moved to the Pro Area.

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Display cases, Ice Machines and other refrigeration equipment

Topics about Walk-ins,

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This is where our
Members may share their invented products. These products do not necessarily need to be in our
HVAC/R industry. Please view the rule sticky before posting a new thread.

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automation, DDC and pneumatics.

Discussions about HVAC controls in general including

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discuss all about chillers.

Use this forum to

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and Prep Equipment to Hood Fans and Make-up Air.

Discussions on Cooking

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"green". Please note, all forum rules will apply.

A place to talk about going

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homes, carbon monoxide, soot and duct cleaning

Discussions about mold in

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fireplaces? This is the place.

Questions about

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that you want to know about HVAC/R tools.

Anything & Everything

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and Outdoor Grilling

Area for Recipes, Food

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shooting, personal defense, etc. NO anti firearms posts!

Firearms, collecting,

Forum Actions: Forum Statistics: Pictures of work done right!

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gone bad.

Pictures of installations

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How to become a
Pro Member. Watch this area for the latest information on
Administration updates and H-Talk site news.

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Discussion are to be placed here.

For when it just doesn't fit in any other Forum. General

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This section would be a good

place to discuss pricing, business problems, and sales techniques. Use this link to Apply for Pro
B&M Membership

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Pro-to-Pro, Tech-t-Tech, this is where to talk about Residential and Commercial Sales Promotions and Tall tales. What
works and what FLOPPED!!. Remember all Pro Rules apply. Use this link to Apply For Pro Technical
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2,388 Posts: 23,231
water source, etc.

A place to discuss the technical side of anything green...geothermal,

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OK Refrigeration Pro's Here
is your very own private forum so you can share links and downloads. Enjoy

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Only. Chiller Forum. Closed to the public

Professional Members

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discuss your oil burner techniques and experiences.

This is a good place to

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We've added a new forum
for all of you rusty wetheads out there. This is the perfect place to discuss Hydronics and Boilers.

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For the discussion of
Green building development, insulation values and the upgrade/new construction techniques.

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HVAC/R Technicians and personnel to better the HVAC/R Industry.

Created to aid in training

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making our job easier and better.

Those special ways of

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Comanche Marketing is

where you can post questions about marketing techniques and share your own innovative marketing

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A Forum to cover the
foundations of HVACR. Whether you want to learn something new or simply brush up on some of the
basics, this is the place for you

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components and related accessories.

This area deals with the HVACR equipment, system

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Here we present airflow and duct design information.

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whether it's for refrigerant, water or gas.

This is the place for everything about HVACR piping

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controls and control systems.

Here's the place to go to be in the know about HVACR

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This sections contains links to many load calculations
programs, on-line calculators and other nifty tools along with articles to read up methods and news
pertaining to HVAC and Refrigeration system design.

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This forum is for the guys in the trenches. Find info on
keeping systems running smoothly and help to diagnose a problem and fix it when they're not.
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Remembering our Colleagues and Friends

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Know something worth remembering? Put it here.

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This is the place for
members to sell and swap HVACR related items. NOTE*** This is a test forum and is subject to
modification. All forum rules apply. Email addresses should be placed in your profile only. NO

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For non HVAC topics that
include discussions about government, religion, politics, economics, philosophy and other volatile
topics. Please obey the Forum Rules and the ARP Rules . Disclaimer: The opinions here do not
reflect those of the owners or advertisers and neither assume any responsibility or liability for its

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to work the Topics and Replies to Topics - you can practice here!

If you are not sure how

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Plumbing discussions both Open and Professional areas

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As stated, this is where you can openly discuss Plumbing
items and issues. Please be aware of our DIY rules.

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This is the Pro Area Forum for your Pro to Pro

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