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Runice Governale

324 Pine Grove Rd

Picayune, MS 39466
I am a very commiued and hard worker individual that loves to interact with the public and
opportunity to once again help local businesses thrive.
is seeking an

Dollar General
Carriere, MS 39426
Stock Clerk and Cashier
rvv to
L\, 2010
<.\, I
' 3l-11t::11111"1!1 *t:.d
merchandise to identify
and restocked. merchandise displays in retail store. Took inventory
and examined
items to be reordered.
o Received, opened and unpacked cartons and crates of merchandise,
checking invoice against items received.
o Stamped, attached and changed price tags on merchandise, referring
to price list. Stockid storage areas and
displays with new and transferred mercliandise.
r Set up advertising signs and displayed merchandise on shelves,
counters, and tables to altractcustomers and
promote sales. cleaned display cases, shelves and aisles.
I Itemized and totaled customer merchandise selections at check out
counter using cash register. Accepted
cash or charge card for purchases.

Cafe LaBlance
Chalmette, LA
Head cook
r Prepared, seasoned and cooked soups, meats, vegetables, desserts and other foodstuffs. 2000 to 2005
.) Assisted subordinates and supervisors in identifuing and resolving problems.
Measured mixed ingredients according to recipe, using u rr*i.ty of kitchen
' as blenders,andmixerso grinders, slicers and tenderizers.-Baked, roastei, broiled
utensils and equipment, such
and steamed meats, fish,
vegetables and other foods. )

Added seasoning to foods during mixingand cooking, according

' observed and tested to personal judgment and experience.
foods being cooked by tasting, Jnelling u"i pi.r"i"j*itn
t Carved meats, portioned food on serving plates, und udd.d gravies, sauces and gamishes.
Rusty's Cafe
Chalmette, LA
r Prepared, seasoned and soups, meats, vegetables, desserts and other foodsfuffs.
1998 to 2000
: l:?:"T:1llT::'f.T3* y't'T*T and oriered g,od rrom suppi;;;r;ro"ured rood rrom
. *-4j::::i,tTTl,1h',..o*-ls to regulate.temperature of ovens, broilers, grills, roasters and
acc ordils to recipe, ;;;iil; filil;; ffi;' steam kettles.
#; !ffl'il#,".n
as blenders, mixers, grinders,"Tl
slicers and tenderizers. ",id
I Baked, roasted, broiled and steamed meats, fish, vegetables
and other foods.
I Added seasoning to-foods during mixing and cookiig,
according to personal judgment and experience.
r observed and tested foods being cookeJby tasting, Jrrltt"g
ani piercing *itn rort
P.G.T. Beauregard High School
St. Bernard, LA
Excellent references available upon request