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Local Advertising Definition

By Jazmin Ross, eHow Contributor

Companies can purchase

advertising time for commercials that will be seen by a target audience.

Companies who wish to advertise on TV may reach a targeted audience through local
advertising. With local advertising, the company will air their commercials exclusively in
a specific market.

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2. Roadmap of the PresentationCompany IntroductionBusiness

StrategyCRM Strategic ObjectivesCRM Softwares @ DellSocial Media

PresenceCRM TechniquesPre-salesCustomer Interaction & Education
Expert Advice & OpinionsPost-salesHome Users Small Businesses
Enterprise support
3. CEO: Michael Dell Registered as 'PC's Limited in 1984 From his

condominium in Austin, TX Capital: $1,000Sold IBM PCcompatible computersDell Inc.- Company Intro
4. Known for its innovative customer service and product custom

configurationDells collaboration with other computer software companies

has allowed it to become a leader in CRMIt is not an inside-out company
but outside-in
6. Missionto be the most successful computer company in the

world at delivering the best customer experience

7. SegmentationBackbone of Dell computersBased on

segmentation, company takes its positioning and modifies its offerings for
each segments customers.
8. An Important element of virtual integration with customers is

segmentation. The finer the segmentation, the better able Dell is to forecast
what customers are going to need and when. Then coordination of flow of
strategic information comes to stage all the way back to suppliers,
effectively substituting information for inventory
9. Dell Business Strategy Faster inventory turnover and reduced

inventory levels Incorporate new technologies and components into its

product offerings. Online support to onsite customer-dedicated systems
10. Dell Direct Model DELL GOES ONLINE- DELL.COM (July


11. Dell Direct Model Served its online customers with 12 sales
reps and 2 order processorsCost cutting by eliminating the retail stores and
spend those saved dollars on customer service and other after sale
services in order to build great relationships with customers500 million
page visits per quarter to

12. Highlights for direct model and crmContacting with the

customer directly & capturing as much information as possibleEliminating
middlemenBuilding computers based on customers needs. Engaging with
customer on each touch point as productive & efficient as possible.



15. CRM softwares @ DELLThree types of software that facilitate

Dells CRM: Marketing automation software: HotlinkCustom designed Web
pages containing purchase data: Premier PagesData mining system that
benefits the sales, marketing, financial and management segments of Dell:

16. HotlinkMarketing automation software Effective

targetingEfficient marketing communicationsReal-time monitoring of
customer and market trendsGives Dell free advertising word of mouth

17. Custom Internet sites, called Premier Pages, for various

corporate and institutional customers, allowing these customers to simplify
and accelerate procurement and support processes

19. In-depth analytical abilities, resulting in highlighting positive and

negative areas of businessEnables Dell to measure trends and
successesSales management can track activity within accounts and lapsed
quotes can be acted uponThe marketing department can track customer
activity, product sales and marketing mixes

21. i2 Plannere-Business software to meet it supply chain needs. i2

Supply Chain Planneri2 Collaboration Planneri2 Factory PlannerUsed to
coordinate the build-to-order processes from order placement to customer
supportProfile customers, target them using their medium of preference,
and also measure the results.

22. Enables Dell to pull material into its factories every two hours
based on real time customer ordersTracks backlog numbers, stock status
and supplier commitmentsLets the supplier know what parts to deliver to
which factories to meet customer demand

24. SaaS portfolio Provides customers with cloud-based

applications that help simplify and automate IT management

25. CRM Generate more leads, effectively market through multiple

channels, optimize lead management, convert leads into customers, view
all account-related information and activities, keep sales reps working
productively, analyze your sales pipeline

27. Social Media Presence

32. Techniques

33. Pre-Sales customer support

34. Customer Interaction

36. Customer Education

40. Expert opinions

41. Expert advice

42. Dell Financing options

43. Post-Sales customer support

45. Home users

46. Experience Sharing

47. Small businesses

48. Enterprise support

49. Success FactorsSuperior customer experience through direct,

comprehensive customer relationshipsCooperative research and
development with technology partnersComputer systems custom-built to
customer specifications Service and support programs tailored to customer

50. For large corporate and institutional customers, Pre-sale: the

Company works with the customer to plan a strategy to meet that
customers current and future technology needs Post-sale: direct
relationship by establishing account teams, consisting of sales, customer
service and technical personnelFor small-to-medium businesses and
individuals through account representativestelephone sales representatives
or Internet contact.

51. Paperless purchase ordersGlobal pricingReal-time order

trackingPurchasing history Account team informationSmall business
customers: Online virtual account executiveDomestic customers: Spareparts ordering system, and a virtual help desk featuring natural-language
search capabilities and direct access to technical support data

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