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2/22/2007 1:57:57 PM [EST] PWHS

To: The assembly in America. The NOW generation.
This word comes directly to you from hw hy , Yahuah, Elohim of
the Hebrews and the Awesome Set-apart One of the House of

hw hy might be pronounced (Yah-OO-ah). hw hy is found as

YHWH in Webster’s Dictionary and it is this signature that some
scholars agree upon as “Yahweh”. You know! “THE NAME” or
“The Shem” that was chiseled from His Book over 6,823 times.
This is how hw hy wrote His NAME on the two tables that He
inscribed with His finger and entrusted to His people, the House of
Yisra’el. This is how He will write it on our hearts and on our
foreheads in the last days. hw hy will be His refreshed NAME.

Who am I to express an urgent word from our Father WHO IS

THE Living Elohim? Because, hwhy has chosen someone close
to Him for His Desire. I am only one among you who is sweetly
suggesting that you REPENT for the Reign of hw hy is HERE! I
am only one of many who have prayed, as He taught us, and asked
that He LET/permit His Name be set-apart and LET/permit His
Reign to come and LET/permit His Desire to be done on earth as
it is in heaven. hw hy is the only One I have chosen to walk
after, to fear, to guard His Commands, to obey His Voice, to
serve Him and to cling to Him with ALL my strength and being.
This is my perfect purpose driven life and I Come In THE NAME of
hw hy !
Please consider and accept this WORD that has been delivered as
one that our Father has chosen to speak to you and to all His
people in this land of plenty. I am accountable to Him at all times
for the words that I relate and transcribe.
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It is a joy to do the very best I can for HIS PEOPLE to read and
acknowledge what HE wants you to SEE and UNDERSTAND so to
“provoke” or “goad” you into some kind of action.

Your actions will witness if you are smart enough to figure out His
Desire. Your actions will also regulate any other word to come. By
all means, have this entire letter judged by your prophets as it is
the proper procedure to be followed. CALL upon the NAME of
hw hy “IN ORDER” to KNOW TRUTH. The Spirit of the TRUTH
shall guide you into all the truth. For He shall not speak from
Himself but whatever He hears He shall speak and He shall
announce to you what is to come.

hwhy is ONE of ORDER!

hwhy is my Shepherd; I do not lack.
How will He know that you are His sheep, His people? He told us
when He said: “MY sheep HEAR MY voice and I know them and
they follow ME.’’ These 3 steps define “THE WAY”. These words
are in UNITY with Revelation14:4-5 The BESORAH Pages 1311-

Please humble yourselves and open your hearts to SEE and HEAR
what hw hy has to say.

Thus says hwhy:

I AM the ‘Aleph’ and the ‘Taw’, the Beginning and the End,
who is and who was and who is to come,

I AM hwhy and hwhy is MY NAME. Be afraid and begin to
KNOW a set-apart “FEAR” of ME. KNOW that MY NAME is the
beginning of knowledge and understanding.
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This is MY “WORD” to MY sheep so to announce the coming of MY
(reign~rain~rein) and THE hand that will be coming upon you.
I AM the First and Last and the Living One.
I became dead and you will soon SEE that
I AM living Forever and Forever.
I shall LET “it” be.
I possess the keys of the grave and of death therefore MY witness is
writing to you in LOVE-obedience. MY witness has seen both what
is NOW and what shall take place. Open your eyes to see and your
ears to hear what I AM saying directly to you.
Some of you that are reading this are sheep that are branded with
some other shepherd’s name.
Please do not seek MY witness for understanding or direction at
this point but seek MY face and only MY face with all your strength
and your “numbers” while I desire to be found.

I AM coming with the clouds and every eye shall see ME, even they
who pierced ME. All the tribes of the earth shall mourn because of
ME. Yes! It is MY desire to LET it be!
Get ready and get on your mark!

“ME” and “MY” Reign~Rain~Rein

Who is ME and who is MY? It is I AM. I AM jealous for MY
people! I AM very possessive. I AM one of many Covenants. I
AM trustworthy! I AM the Elohim of the Hebrews, and I AM the
Elohim of the House of Yisra’el and of your fathers Abrahim and
Isaac. I AM El Shaddai and the CREATOR of heaven and
I AM hw hy , YAHUAH
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IT is imperative for you to HEAR ME: “I say, HEAR!
LET your ears be opened, O Yisra’el, I AM hw hy your Elohim, I
hw hy AM ONE. You shall LOVE ME, hw hy your Elohim with
all your heart and with all your being and with all your mind and
with all your strength. This is MY first command. It is MY desire
that you follow MY commands and listen to MY voice so that I
may come and bless you.

I will show you that when you follow MY commands that every
place that I cause MY NAME, hwhy to be remembered I AM
shall come to you and bless you.

When you call upon MY NAME, hwhy , you loosen the restraints
that I have placed upon MYSELF so that I AM able to come to you
and be your El Shaddai.

At this moment I AM absolutely enraged with you. MY Hand is

raised up and flames of fire are in MY eyes. You have never seen
eyes such as MINE and those who have will never forget.

You have never felt the fury that will be coming upon the world to
vindicate MY people and protect MY sheep that call on MY NAME,
hw hy . I plan on bringing to ruin all those who oppose MY

I LOOK around once more and I SEE that you, MY people have
been taken away for naught. You were not redeemed with silver but
with MY blood. Now what do I HEAR? Those that rule over you
make you wail and MY NAME is despised all day continually.
Therefore MY people shall know MY NAME in that day for I AM the
One who is speaking. Don’t you SEE!

I AM the ONE!!!
This should be pleasant news to you that I AM, hw hy , your
Elohim reigns, but what if “ewe” are NOT a sheep in MY pasture?
What happens if you do not know MY NAME in times of danger?
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What happens if “ewe” do NOT qualify for MY protection and the
benefits of MY reign?
The witness relaying MY message to “you all” is a watchman and
this is the first cry (2/2007) to lift up your heads so that ALL will
shout for joy. Your eyes will see MY return to TSIYON. I AM rising
up and MY enemies will be scattered and those who hate ME will
flee before ME.

I AM returning to the countless thousands of YASAREL as was

spoken through Moses.

I AM hw hy, who shall comfort MY people and redeem

Yahushalayim and I shall lay bare MY set-apart arm in the eyes of
ALL the nations and ALL the ends of the earth shall see your
deliverance by ME, hw hy , your Elohim, I AM.

Turn aside! Turn aside! Come out of her MY people and touch not
the unclean. Come out of her midst and be clean you who are
vessels of hw hy . I SEE you as a whore in that you have left ME,
your first love and your Husband and whored after “other mighty
ones”. “Your festivals” are an abomination and worthy of the
CURSE. Your rebellion from MY WAY has resulted in plunder,
rape and murder.

But because of MY ancient pledge I shall return to you and

PERMIT you to know ME and teach you MY WAY.

MY precious sheep are being led astray and are blind to the
unnecessary slaughter that soon approaches.

You must return to ME and call on MY NAME and follow MY

instructions “IN ORDER” to be saved!

MY WAY is the only WAY!

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“The enemy”, who knows the curse, has conspired against you,
America. Your enemy, “evil” and the ones it possesses, has
infiltrated America and has defiled MY land. When MY blessed ones
COMPROMISE with wrong, it is evil in MY eyes.

Just like in the days of Lot, Joshua, Jonah, Moses, and Yahusha, I
AM coming to set a fire and bring complete devastation. BUT as I
promised MY people, remembering MY Everlasting Covenant: “If
MY people seek MY face with fasting and prayer and turn from
their evil ways and begin to call upon MY NAME, I then have the
option to relent and return unto them.”

What I require of you at this moment in time is to show ME how

much you LOVE ME and how serious you are by READING and

STOP sinning! STOP whoring! STOP committing adultery with


STOP sinning this very minute because MY “STOP WATCH” has

been started and you do not have a second to spare.

You have been grossly misled and MY harvest is near. Remember

who and what gets “snatched” up first?

You are expounding a “god-spell” and thee “GOOD NEWS” that

you have been taking to the nations is “FALSE”.

How can that be? You ask?

Is MY NAME and MY Living Word, MY Teaching and MY
BESORAH and MY Message: YAHUSHA! YAH SAVES! Ringing in
the ears of MY people so to EDUCATE and SAVE the desperate,
lost, forsaken and those worthy of a CURSE?

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Do you think it is your purpose in life to attempt to “save the world”
by shoving “GAUD” and “HE ZEUS” down the throats of MY people
as an antidote to the real poison that lurks behind those names?

That you have no idea what your purpose is!
So let’s put everything on the back burner and turn off the heat.
Let’s try to start from scratch because the potatoes that you have
been serving and feeding the world are HOT ~ HOT ~ HOT!

It is all about FOOD and what is IN THE FOOD!

The enemy knows this.
You are called to SERVE not be a HOST!!!!
Truth and Hope: It has been written by the prophets: “And they
shall ALL be taught by hw hy and everyone who has HEARD from
the FATHER and LEARNED comes to ME.” [Yohanan/John 6:45
The BESORAH Page 1131]

How can you be MY taught ones so I AM able teach the nations

and not read MY WORD? MY Set-apart Spirit and MY WORD
work in UNITY!

Can you begin to see your sin? Allow ME, THE LAWGIVER, to
point out just a couple.

1. You are not serving ME, hwhy , Elohim of Yisra’el who

brought MY people out of bondage with signs and wonders. I AM
the same El who disciplined MY people in the wilderness AND as
a result not one of the disobedient entered into the “promised


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If you were remembering MY Hand and obeying ME, it would be
evident each PASSOVER. PASSOVER is A specific Sabbath unto
ME and a “sign” for ME to KNOW that you KNOW who I AM and
what I DO with people who can not follow MY instructions and MY

2. You have out done yourself with MY second command. The

universal church (ROMAN Catholics) completely erased this one.
The fullness of the gentiles/pagans has come in and is at its
fullness. It is written that I WILL remove ALL signs of paganism,
witchcraft, steeples, towers, pillars, statues of gods and
goddesses and all those who oppose ME.

Best you do “it” before I do “it”. Search MY word to learn what an

image is. Look around, are there any to be found?

I AM not winking any more!

YES! You SEE them!

One of the strongest earthquakes ever recorded struck Chili this
SABBATH toppling homes, collapsing bridges and plunging
trucks into the fractured earth.

In Santiago (Santiago = “St. James” in English) the “Nuestra Senora

de la Providencia Church” (Our Lady of Good Fortune) was heavily
damaged and “HER” bell tower collapsed.


YASAREL: Yah is our EL

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Do not panic for YOU shall not come out in haste nor go in flight
because I have gone before YOU and I, your Elohim, I AM your
rear guard. As MY taught and trained SERVANT YOU shall work
wisely and be exalted and lifted up and very high.
There is a perfect procedure to exit and enter into MY school that I
will bring forth.

This is what they will say of YOU: In the past many were astonished
at YOU ~ so the disfigurement beyond any man’s and YOUR form
beyond the sons of men! YOU shall likewise startle many nations.
Sovereigns shall shut their mouths at YOU for what had not been
recounted to them they shall SEE and what they had not heard
they should UNDERSTAND.

Who have I revealed MY arm to?

Your elders and leaders who are highly respected lead MY people
astray and those who are guided by you are swallowed up. You are
the head and the tail is your prophet who teaches falsehood.
Any TEACHING that does not come in MY NAME and according to
MY WORD and in MY TIME is falsehood.
I SHALL cut off head and tail from Yisra’el, MY people,
Because you are “lawless” and “disobedient”, I do not rejoice over
you and have no compassion on your fatherless and widows for
everyone is “defiled” and “evil” and every mouth speaks
“FOOLishness”. You are feeding and giving care to other people
who belong to other gods.

MY limited commission was to make taught ones of all nations and

immerse them in MY NAME and in THE NAME of MY SON and MY
Set-Apart Spirit.


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Are you able to SEE this? Ask ME that you might see through MY
eyes or even better permit ME to see through your eyes. Your eyes
are also your prophets. If they were MY prophets they would be
shouting, HEADS UP!
Ask to SEE!
I AM displeased and MY Hand is cocked so to stretch it out
because wrongness burns as fire and it consumes thorn bushes
and weeds and sets the bushes of the forest a blaze and they roll up
like rising smoke.

The land shall be burned up by MY WRATH and the people shall be

fuel for the fire.

Who do you turn to in MY day of visitation? Once again I come to

light the ultimate bond fire.

Who are you going to call on, some NEW AGE deity or devil? Are
you going to be calling on “the lord” or “mother Mary”?

I say, call on “god” and see “who” or “what” shows up? Scream to
the top of your lungs because that is the FEAR that will be coming.

IF you follow “the lord”, by all means follow. I will not spare any
more breath coaxing you to return to ME but if you don’t chose
ME, prepare to meet your MAKER and I have a NAME!

IF you do not believe that I AM, hw hy , the Creator, then you

better hope and pray you are right.

What shall you do in the day of MY visitation and ruin comes to you
from afar? To whom or what will you run for help?

Where will you leave your wealth?

Without ME, you will all bow down among the prisoners and FALL
among the slain.
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Even then, MY hand will not have been turned back. MY Hand will
still stretch out.

Consider this letter the tip of MY rod of displeasure and the staff in
whose hand is MY displeasure.


I desire you, the remnant of Yisra’el to lean upon ME, hw hy , your
Elohim, in TRUTH. I will return to be your Mighty El so speedily
seek MY face while I can be found. Do it with humility, remorse
and true repentance as in the days of Jonah.

This is to ANNOUNCE that I shall set MY hand again a second time

to recover the remnant of MY people. I shall bring the two pieces of
the House Yisra’el together to be One I shall raise up a BANNER
for the nations and gather the outcasts of Yisra’el and assemble the
dispersed of Yahudah from the four corners of the earth.
I, hw hy, shall let it be.
I AM trustworthy and true to The Covenant of Yisra’el.
Soon, you shall say:
“Thank you hw hy , though YOU were enraged with me,
YOUR displeasure has turned back and YOU have comforted
See, YOU, hw hy, are my DELIVERANCE and I trust in
YOU and am not afraid of YOU.
For YOU, YAH, hw hy , YOU are my strength and my song
and YOU have become my DELIVERANCE.
Thank YOU hw hy, for YOUR water of DELIVERANCE
and I praise YOU, hw hy , for YOU have done
excellently. This is known in all the earth.

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I cry aloud and shout to the inhabitants of TSIYON, YOU,
hw hy, the Set-apart One of Yisra’el is in our midst.
Please hear our song, FATHER.”
I hw hy , have commanded MY set-apart ones and I have also
called MY mighty men for MY displeasure, MY proudly exulting
ones. Can you not HEAR the roar?

I, hw hy of hosts am gathering an army for battle. They are

coming from a distant land from the end of the heavens from ME,
hw hy , to destroy all the earth.
GO ahead! Howl! For the “DAY of hwhy” is here!
It comes as destruction from ME, the ALMIGHTY. All hands will go
limp and every man’s heart will melt because you will be afraid.
Pangs and sorrows will take hold of you and you will be in pain as a
woman in labor. You will be amazed at one another when you see
your faces a flame!

SEE, MY DAY is coming, fierce, with wrath and heat of displeasure

to lay the earth waste and destroy its “sinners” from it. Sinners
are “Lawless People”.

I shall punish the world for its evil and the wrong for their
crookedness and shall put an end to the arrogance of the proud
and lay low the pride of the ruthless.

I shall make mortal man scarcer than fine gold and mankind
scarcer than the gold in your banks and treasuries.

I shall make the heavens tremble and the earth shall shake from
her place in MY wrath and in the day of the heat of MY displeasure.

I have many more words to say to you but you are not able to bear
them now. Let’s SEE if you are able to READ MY lips and
understand this one.

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Have I got your attention?
Let ME tell you something about MY reign. LOOK in Joshua,
Yahusha, and the first book after MY TORAH/TEACHING, so to
give you a glimpse of what is happening today. I want you to
understand and be part of MY reign.

Choose ME! Choose LIFE!

Yisra’el’s history of redemption unfolded in MY TORAH. MY
redemption, deliverance, judgment and MY compassion for the
House of Yisra’el are braided together as a SCARLET THREAD.

Joshua’s story is a direct continuation of the story of MY people

and mankind. I reveal how I, hw hy , to whom the whole world
belongs, at that point in the history of redemption, reconquered a
portion of the earth from the “powers of this world” that men had
claimed for themselves. Those pagan nations defended their claims
by force of arms and the reliance on their false “gods”.

I, hw hy, commissioned MY people, under MY servant Joshua, to

take Canaan in MY NAME, hw hy . MY plan was to take the land
out of the hands of the idolatrous and dissolute Canaanites who
were completely full of sin. They were wretched and beyond
redemption (Gen 15:16).

I AM, hwhy , a Man of Battle and I reign forever and forever! I

employed a certain method and the victory obtained specific
conditions because, MY people, under the arm of Joshua, were in
COMPLETE OBEDIENCE, the victory resulted in fulfillment of MY
ancient pledge.

It is important to see into this story. It describes MY reign,

hw hy , Elohim of Yisra’el, breaking into the world of nations at a
time when national and political entities were viewed as the creation
of the “gods” “mighty ones” and living proofs of “their” power. Thus,
when I, hw hy, triumphed over the Canaanites, it testified to the

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whole world that I, hw hy , the Elohim of Yisra’el is the ONE
TRUE LIVING ELOHIM and MY claim on the world is ABSOLUTE!

That “war” also served as a warning to the nations that the
irresistible advance of MY reign would ultimately disinherit all those
who opposed ME, giving place on MY earth only to those who
acknowledge and serve ME, the Elohim of YASAREL,

At that time not only MY people but mankind could SEE that there
was an example of an act of redemption and of judgment that gave
notice of the outcome of future history and the anticipation of the
destiny of mankind and MY creation.

These battles for Canaan were MY set-apart wars undertaken at a

time in MY plan of redemption. I, hw hy, gave MY people under
Yahusha/Joshua no commission or license to conquer the world
with the sword but a particular, limited mission. The conquered
land would not become Israel’s national possession by right of
conquest but it belonged to, ME,

MY conditions at that time: First of all MY people were in
obedience to MY commands and right-rulings and all offenders
were left in the wilderness. You can see a command springing forth
that goes hand in hand with what MY people had been taught and

Before entering into this land of plenty they KNEW the rules and
the blessings and the curse that would result in their compliance or
their non-compliance to MY Voice.

Actions are the sign of belief and understanding. How do you say it?
Actions speak louder that words?

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MY land had to be cleansed of all remnants of paganism. Its
people and their wealth were for Yisra’el, MY people, to seize as
booty of war so to enrich them selves but were placed under MY
ban so to dispense of it as I pleased.

On that land, the House of Yisra’el was established as a

commonwealth believing in MY righteous rule and thus became a
witness and blessing to the nations. I sternly FOREWARNED
Yisra’el that if “she” became unfaithful and conformed to pagan
culture and practice “she” would in turn lose “her” place in MY land.

Yisra’el almost did lose her place in MY land in her days of the


America is the land of hw hy . The whole earth is MINE and
everything that is in it. Is there any one among you who disagrees?

Here is what you do not know: WAR is a terrible curse that the
human race brings upon itself as it seeks to possess the earth by its
own unrighteous ways. BUT it pales before the CURSE that waits
for ALL those who oppose MY rule, the rule of hw hy , and reject
MY offer of grace.

I AM hw hy , the Elohim of Yahusha, the Anointed One and also

the Elohim of the first Yahshua. I continue to reach out to all the
nations with the good news that I, hw hy , shall save MY people
from their sins. I do not want MY people to sin because I know I
must pour out MY wrath. I AM held by MY word, MY word is a two
edged sword!

“GOD is love? Is this the “good news” that is being sent to the
nations? NO! You babble “hey Zeus saves!” You tickle their ears and
tell them that they don’t even have to believe in ME they only have
to be a good person.

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You are also sending all these “godless’ people MY food and MY
blessings so that one day you are going to find yourself without. I
will snatch it away just as soon as I gave it.

Here is what I hear and see: Christians say: “Eat this, you don’t
have to obey those old food laws.” “Here, step aside so we can
rebuild foreign temples, towers, statues, villages and
countries because of war or “natural” disaster.”
How about reading what I have in store for the earth.
Job 38-39-40-41. Don’t be afraid to peek.

This is MY hand. I AM the one thinning and pruning and purifying
MY land and its inhabitants. Who are you to come against MY
hand? If you are not with ME you are against ME.

The BESORAH: Good News: Yahusha!

hwhy DELIVERS us!
I SHALL SAVE MY people from their sins not the world. I AM in
covenant with the House of Yisra’el and those who choose to be
adopted into MY house. They are the ones who will turn from their
wicked or wrong ways and return to ME and walk in MY commands
and right rulings. They will know The NAME
I will be coming in so to find shelter from MY wrath.

Some of MY last words, that should be remembered at this time is:

“You are commissioned to make taught ones of MY people and
immerse them in MY NAME, the NAME of the Son and the Set-
apart Spirit.

ONE NAME, ONE Assembly, ONE Teacher, ONE Master, ONE!

What is the NAME of the Father and what is the NAME of the Son
if you know it?

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The BESORAH/message/report above is what shall be announced
to all mankind and not the god-spell that is being “preached” all
over the world. The good news or commission has not changed but
goes hand in hand together as one READS and LEARNS from the
Living Word.

Can you see what you are doing? If you have substituted any other
message for: hw hy Reigns! or hwhy Saves! You are worthy of a
You MUST not deny MY NAME!
If any other “god-spell” is brought: Maranatha!
They will be accursed.
Consider Psalm 78 and then what I did when MY people were on
the edge of the wilderness headed for the “promised land”. I once
again split the waters and they walked over on dry land. How many
of you know I split it two times? MY people were circumcised,
taught and immersed (covered all over) with MY NAME and I shall
once again claim what belongs to ME. This time I shall circumcise
their hearts with MY commands.


1. Remove all other names of any other god from this country and
restore MY NAME to MY rightful place.
2. Keep MY Sabbaths beginning with Passover 2007.

3. Understand real FEAR for you lives and seek forgiveness, fresh
teaching (MANNA) and living water from MY loving hands.

4. Set-apart the seventh day Sabbath and rest in your homes.

Sundown Friday to the next sundown. Sunday is not the
Sabbath! Learn about ME and from ME. Do not work, do not
work, do not work! Give ME the time that you want from ME.
FIRST LESSON: Figure out why I want you to do this.

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5. Remove all evidence of idolatry or pagan traditions or customs
from your body, homes and businesses and at this point I don’t
think I have to tell you why.

Flee idolatry~idiot-ry!
Be smart: Review your fundamentals: Flip to Exodus 20 and
Deuteronomy 5 and KNOW MY commands. Read MY Commands
for yourself. They are not suggestions. If there are any that you
overlooked or are in disobedience to, TURN to ME. I AM ready to
forgive you because the penalty of your sin has been paid.

Continue to Deuteronomy 28 and read to your family exactly what

is headed in your direction and why.

Deuteronomy 28: 14, 15, 20, 28, 34, 45, 47. That’s it in a nutshell.

At this point I AM justified to completely wipe you off this land but
I AM merciful and I do have A PATTERN AND A PLAN.

I NOW commission you MY people to “URGENTLY” carry MY

OFFER OF PEACE to all nations by calling on MY NAME and
seeking MY Face to learn MY WAYS.

The SWORD of MY judgment waits in the wings and MY Yahushua

will wield it.

He has been commissioned and knows who he is.

(REV 19:11-16) 2/23/2007 6:56:22 AM [EST] PWHS
DDDD 2/27/2010 3:38:50 PM [EST] PWHS DDDD

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