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Dear Sir,

Respectfully i want your notice towards a matter in which the Owner and
president of CECOS university Peshawar Hayatabad looted a huje amount of money from
92 students which were admitted in civil and Electrical Engineering diciplines in CECOS
college of engineering which were then the affilliated college of Alkhair university . but
from beginning to End the president (owner) and regisrtrar of CECOS have been telling
lie to get the acceredititation from Pakistan Engineering Council .
but these all promises were consist of lie and fraud as there was ZERO visit from Pak
Engineering council to CECOS for to check and inspect the facilities which are
nenecessary for Engineering program . When we reached in the 4rth year i.e our final
year ,Then upon our protest and insist then they called Pak Engg Council for the first
time . and after visit of the university the Pakistan Engineering counsil clearly denied to
acceredet the university with the observation of 18 defficiencies .
But it is worth notice that before this visit The Pak: Engg Counsil had rejected the
different branches opened by Alkhair University ( Adaz Kashmir) in vareous cities of
Pakistan like Lahore ,faisalabad ,abbattabad etc Including Main branch of Azad Kashmir
(was rejected) ,that is why the owner and registrar of CECOS university were hesitating
to bring the inspection visitation team to Alkair univesrity ..
and when the president of CECOS noted that their branch is also rejected by Pakistan
Engineering Counsil , he using the money approach and power ,,Got the charter of
university from the then governrer KpK iftikhar Hussain through an ordinance .
andt hen after few months when we were ( 1st batch of Engineering) passed out from the
university,,the owner of CECOS and registrar againg appplied to Pakistan Engg counsil
to check the university under the umbrella of CECOS University (when now they got
charter of Uniersity ,they emerged the CECOS college of engineering which was the
constituent(affilliated) colege of Alkhair university to sCECOS university ) .and our
names(92 students) and biodata of couses and exames were also given to them before 2nd
visit of Pak Engg Counsil . But when Pakistan Engineering counsil came and visited
university and us the 92 students and went satisfied. But they (PEC) acceredited only the
premises of CECOS university ,while leaving us without any desitination and abut us it
was commented in the minutes of Pak Engg Counsil that because these 92 students are
the part of Alkhair university therefore they are not able to get registration .
so we were drowned by the president of CECOS Tanveer javed ,,and after that the
president of CECOS has been decieving us for more one year ...but at last we went to
Peshawar High court ,,and after litigation of 4 years , the High court ordered the Pakistan
Engineering counsil to register us 92 students ...

we were then registered , but what was our fault to indulge us in such a severe mental
tortour ,and long litigation and time wastage ,due to which i was overaged i.e i crossed
the 35 th years,,and when the high court decesion came in our favour in 2004 ,at that time
i was of the age of 36 years and most of the govt jobs age limit is 35 years including
army and airforce .so i lost many opportunities of fresh condidate jobs . and still jobless
having three children and a wife but survive life anyhow.. i sued a damages and
compensation case against CECOS university and bieng on right and bieng on merit ,my
case is dischaged.
i was very aggreied with this crucial unmerit decesion by civil court ,by the civil judje
Muhammad Wali .
the aim of the owner of the CECOS Tanveer javed is only to make money on the basis of
education i.e he is not sincere with education ,knowlede and education quality .he even
play with the career of the students in the desire of making money . He had only a small
rented college in peshawar Saddar near greens hotel on the name of CECOS DATA
institute ,,then he opend a premises of 6 kanals in phase 2 hayatabad in 1986 and
affilliated this campus with Alkhair university ,and started MBA and computer science
etc. and the in 1997 he started civil Engineering and Electrical Engineering in the same
campus of phase 2 where already MBA and computer science were taught. Then at 1999
when we were in 3rd year ,he opened new campus of 12 marlas in phase 6 hayatabad
Peshawar and we were shifted there ,and in the same year the president of CECOS
tanveer javed opened a college in LONDON (UK) on the name of CECOS london
college .
The owner of CECOS took amount of 4 lac R.S ( 4,00000 RS) from one student . i.e it
makes 3,68,00000 RS / ,,which is a huge amount of money to open a new brach of 12
mkanals and also to open a computer college in LONDON .
but to leave the18 defficiencies in newly opened campus with deficiencies of lab
equipments too pointed ot by Pakistan Engineering counsil and also the defficiencies of
low salaries to the lecturers with the burden of more than two subjects upon one
lecturer ,clearly shows the fraud , dishonesty , crualty , and playing the career of the
students .
That firstly he has been earning on the name of Alkhair from 1986 to 2000 i.e upto 15
years and when he knew that the Pakistan Engineering council rejected his Engineering
program ,then he got seperate from Alkhair and got Charter of University through an
ordinance on emergency basis ,may be used the power of money ....and then merged his
whole setup from Alkhair to CECOS ,leaving the careers of the students hung up ....It is
more than the GATZ university scandal ,,,it is like the APS incident ,,there the lives of
miners and children are finished ,,here the career and hopes of the sudets are killed.
So i requested from the Authorities of Ahtisab Commission of khyber pukhtoonkhwa that
put Thier iron Hands upon the corrupt president of CECOS University Peshawar ,while
his cell number is 03459003009,,(if is not changed) .

and give me full justice ,..If any services or eidences agaisnt the president of cecos you
require ,i can provide you every stuff.
I shall be heartly thankful to you on acceptance of my this application .

Regards ,

Engr Munir Hussain

House 85 , Muhallah Behram

Abad O/S Kohati gate

Peshawar City .

Cell: 03109827070,,03153399678