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Fathi Mohamed Fathi al-bsomy

Phones: + (20) 2546347/mobile: 0107882987

Email: fathiesam@hotmail.com

Developing database applications in a software house to obtain more experiences and
knowledge by dealing with different industries, activities and customers
And also to weigh my skills

Personal Data
• Date of Birth: - 5-march-1985
• Address: - Mohamed Ali st. - Kafr Elzayat, Egypt
• Marital Status: - Single
• Military Service: - exempted
• Nationality: - Egyptian

• August 2009 – present zamil steel Egypt, oracle developer

Work responsibilities and major achieved tasks:-

1. participated in developing the planed preventive maintenance system-PPM- for
the factory machines and making a complete maintenance profile for each
2. developed the time sheet application and our in-house HR system to work on
client PCs that is operated by windows vista business X86 OS
3. developing on the fly quires for immediate or specific data inquiry
4. Developing new reports and forms and register it into the system to satisfy the
various needs of the work
5. Modify the current forms and reports to evolve with work changes
6. Developing procedures and functions using SQL and PLSQL
7. Tracing data for problem solving according to user or system errors and fix it
8. Technical supporting for system users
9. make documentation for systems and updates occurred

• -Postgraduate Diploma, Information Technology Institute (ITI) (July 2009)
Supervised and sponsored by the ministry of communication and information
-Software engineering platform (SWE)
-GPA: Very Good
Courses details attached

• -Bachelor of computer science and engineering (May 2008)

-Faculty of electronic engineering, Menufeya University
-GPA: Good
Courses details attached
Graduation project
Developing HR and inventory application and modules from a purchasing system that
covers the data of the supplies and the suppliers and the prices and payment bills and
purchasing orders and receiving forms for an importing and exporting medium scale
company using oracle 10g database engine, oracle 10g form builder and oracle 10g
report builder

• (July 2009) ITI training under the KTP (Knowledge transfer protocol) program at
ASCON for developing an electronic document management system EDMS
-Responsible for acquiring the electronic copy from the document to save it in both the
active storage and the archiving storage and the backup storage
-Acquiring meta-data for the document to simplify the process of browsing documents
and data about the storage places of the soft and the hard copies for the documents
-Tracing the document life cycle and status through the system operations and
modifications occurred and by whom
• (August 2006) Summer college training at the IT department in petroleum pipes
company In TANTA

• (May 2008) Private oracle 10G forms and reports course
• (March 2008) Private oracle 6I forms and reports course
• General English Conversation course from Berlitz levels (5 , 6)

Language Skills
• Arabic as Mother Tongue
• English Very Good TOEFOL score 542 in the AUC paper based test

Technical skills
• Database design and analysis
• Developing functions, procedures and triggers using SQL and PL/SQL
• Database applications developing using ORACLE form builder and report builder
10G and 6I versions

Personal Skills
• Ability to find the all parties satisfying solutions
• Ability to reuse the previous accomplished tasks to develop new tasks
• Ability to evolve with new circumstances quickly
• Looking for unexpected requirements to accomplish
• Variable team player, played different team roles
• Can work under pressure
Attachment 1


• C programming • Database theory

• Java programming • Advanced database

• Producing engineering • Computer vision using MATLAB

• Computer engineering(logic gates) • Security and encryption theories

• Mathematics • Compilers

• Engineering history • Distributed systems

• Descriptive engineering • Parallel processing

• Geometrical drawing • Computer architecture

• Dynamics • Micro processing (assembly labs)

• Statics • CISCO 802.x

• Chemistry • Networks theories

• VLSI • Advanced networks

• Semiconductor technology • Operating systems

• Communication engineering • Electronics engineering

• Control engineering • Advanced mathematics

• Electrical engineering • Environmental engineering

• Software engineering • Data transfer

• Physics • Logic circuits

Attachment 2
ITI courses:-
• operating system theory • SQL Server 2008

• Fundamentals of Database • ORACLE SQL/PLSQL

• Introduction to networks • ORACLE 10G FORM BUILDER


• Win XP • JavaScript

• Unix • ASP .NET

• C Programming Language • .NET Mobile Applications

• Data Structures Using C • XML & Allied Technologies

• Object Oriented concept • C# .NET Programming Using framework 3.5

• C++ • Language Integrated Query (LINQ)

• Communication Skills • Windows Presentation Foundation(WPF)

• Presentation skills • XML Web Services +Windows Communication

• Management skills
• Microsoft Share Point Server 2007
• Negotiation skills
• Java Programming
• Marketing skills
• Advanced Java Programming
• Problem solving skills
• Software Architecture
• buisness report writing

• software engineering