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Over than 13 years experience in warehousing, transportation, distribution, field

for expand Distribution Company ( Pigeon / Baby product), industry

manufacturing of packaging plastic( for P&G product, Unilever product, Phizer
product, Kalbe product, Salim Invomas Pratama product), intergrated with ISO
9001: 2008, ERP, AXAPTA, SAP, 5R/6S System
Project :
Implementation Quality Improvement Team (QIT) and Quality Improvement
Group (QIG) at PT.Abadi Adimulia ( 2007 - 2010 )
Expand the sorage capacity of finished goods in the finish goods warehouse at
PT.Abadi Adimulia (2008)
Implementation 5R / 5S at PT. Multi Indocitra ( 2013 - present)
Implementation allocation system at PT.Multi Indocitra ( 2012 - present)
My Personal Traits :
able to work under pressure, mantain teamwork and respect, always fascinated
to new challenge, having intention to develop and continuous improvement,
adoptable and flexible to any kind situation,experienced in conract logistic
(MoU),dynamic and highly motivated, excellent leader,responsible and trusty.
My Technical Competencies :
Good understanding of warehouse and distribution science
Good understanding Standard Good Warehouse Practice (SGWP)
Good understanding of Health, Safety & Security Enviroment (HSE)
Good understanding of Logistic functions and inventory system
Achievement :
Accuracy stock : 99,9%
Delivery on time : 99 %
Service Level : 97 %
5S / 5R score : 90
Warehouse and Distribution Department
Duties and Responsibilities :
Ensure acceptance, storing, and delivery Finish Goods follow procedures
accordance to ISO 9001: 2008.
I am responsible to oversee operation day-to-day basis, and ensure that work is
done safely, on time and with budget and to the right quality standards.
Lead team for handling/briefing before and after operation all division.
Assuring goods accepted, stored, and delivered free from handling breakage
and mistake of quantity.
Ensure storage of goods in warehouse in well condition, well organized, well
arranged and neat.
I will also ensure that work complies with health and safety regulation as well
as other legal requirements.
I am responsible to every month, coordinate with SCM team for Planning
Demand Product Order (OPB) that use for demand sales order and buffer stock
I am responsible to implementing and controling inventory record accuration
are done, to ensure of stock match between actual and system.
Responsible to monitoring and controling about return product from customer
direct or from distributor.
Responsible every six month, coordination with audit team submitted to the

directors of the damaged goods to be distroyed.

Arrange shifting schedule for distribution team (driver and helper) for every
Coordinate with sales team (RSM and ASM) to optimally about order goods and
delivery agreed.
Responsible to monitoring delivery for all region customer east indonesia, and
ensure delivered to the destination safely and timely manner.
Ensure the 5R/5S program well and correctly implemented.
Responsible for documenting activities, making improvement.
Make monthly report Key Performance Indicator (KPI) regarding Inbound report,
Outbound report, Delivery on Time report, Service Level report, IRA report,
warehouse employee overtime, employee productivity report, employee
attendance report, Aging stock report to Supply Chain and Logistic Manager.
Warehouse and Distribution Department
Duties and Responsibilities :
Ensure accaptance, storing and delivery goods follow procedures accordance to
ISO 9001 : 2008
Assuring goods , accepted, stored and delivred free from handling breakage
and mistake of quantity delivery.
Ensure storage of goods in warehouse in well condition, well organized, well
arranged and neat.
Implementing and controlling cycle account (IRA) weekly and monthly, to
assuring accuracy stock of goods and others supporting goods.
Make report operations earehouse daily ans weekly.
Coordinate with sales team ( area sales supervisor) to planning about goods
delivery agreed (customer request)
Monitoring delivery for direct selling and all region customer east indonesia,
and ensure delivered to the destination safely and timely manner.
Rensponsible for implementing the 5S / 5R program in Surabaya Warehouse
Provide monthly report KPI regarding inbound report, outbound report, delivery
on time report, service level report, IRA report, warehouse employee overtime
report, warehouse employee productivity report, warehouse attendance report,
aging stock report to Ass Manager Warehouse and Distribution East Indonesia.

Independent Coursework
Indonesia Supply Chain & Logistic Conference - Indonesian Logistics Association 2013
Export Import Procedure - Spectra Centre - 2013
Indonesia Supply Chain & Logistic Conference - Indonesian Logistics Association 2012
ERP System (MFG Pro - IRIS Consultant - 2011
Warehouse Management System (WMS) - Delloitte Consultant - 2010
Internal Audit ISO 9001:2008 - Premyses Consultant - 2010
Documentation ISO 9001 : 2008 - Premyses Consultant - 2008
5R Implementation - MAN Consultant - 2008
5R Internal Audit - MAN Consultant - 2008
Motivational Leadership Training - MDI Consultant - 2006
Quality Awareness Training - PQM Consultant - 2005
Managing of Change - PQM Consultant - 2004
Team Building (Team Work Management) - PQM Consultant - 2002

Demand Planning
Sales Performance, Sales & Operation Planning/SNOP), Sales Forecast/ROFO,
Forecast Accuracy.
Supply Planning
Order Calculation to Vendor, Vendor Service Level, Develop strategic Partnership
with vendors
(PT. Pigeon Indonesia, PT. Pigeon Singapore, PT. Multi Elok Cosmetics).
National Inventory Control
Inventory Management, Safety Stock, Re-Order Point, Days of Inventory
Warehouse & Distribution
Inbound, outbound, storage, picking, packing, Routing, Distribution (Central & DC
Customer Acomodation
Order Processing, Order Fulfillment, Customer Service Level
Export Import
Custom Clearance, BPOM, Depkes, IT, LS, strategic Partnership with PPJK
Inbound, Storage, Packing, Outbound, Warehouse Management System, 5R
System, Product Handling, Measure Warehouse Performance, Warehouse
Management Safety, Cycle Count
Delivery & Transportation
Transportation Management System, Routing, Measure Transportation Perform,
Safety Performance, Delivery on time
Order Fulfillment
Customer Service Level, Delivery Order Processing

Warehouse Management System

Bin Locater system and alocation product
Racking system
Distribution Mapping
Demand & Supply Planning
-Warehouse Operation
-Inventory Management
-Vendor Management
-Transportation (3PL) & Distribution
- Customs Clearance Process
- Sourcing Strategic
- Customer Service
The Manage of supply chain operations often provides both strategic direction
and daily tactical support for an organizations supply chain function. Typical job
duties include creating supply plans, monitoring sales forecasts to identify any
effect on the supply chain, implementing waste reducing strategies, and
developing supply chain management procedures. These professionals may also
be required to develop vendor relationships, negotiate with suppliers to minimize
raw materials and transportation costs, and develop processes to track
Reduce cost of man power (operations)
Cost saving Purchasing process (button price)

Order fulfillment base on Sales Forecast (KPI)

The red line changes to yellow track suit targets (Customs)
The build a network of Warehouse Management System
100% met the target given by the company
Get Certificate Supply Chain Professional from APICS
Get Certificate World Class Purchasing From ALI
Get Certificate Export-Import from Customs
Get certificate of CPOHB by ministry of Agriculture
Get certificate by Management Representative of ISO 9001 & 14001
Get certification by auditor for ISO 14001 ( HSE )
Sales & Operation Planning (S&OP)
ERP system of SAP BI & R3
Customs Clearance Process
Negotiate & Tender / Bidding Process
Inventory Management
Warehouse Management System
Forecasting method
Logistics Issue
Demand & Supply Planning
Customer Service Relations

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